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Rubottom & Allied Families

The Robotham Family in Wales

As stated in Chapter Two of Rubottom Reminiscin', the Rubottom family in America is believed to be descended from their forebearers in Wales. Research on the family name indicates that Rubottom/Rowbotham/Robotham is actually an English name, and that the Welsh Robothams moved to Wales in the 1600s.

The late Thomas William Rubottom, who devoted much of his life to researching the Rubottom family, was convinced that our Rubottoms came from Wales. He claimed that his grandfather, Thomas Peyton Rubottom, stated that his grandfather came from Wales. According to Larry Rubottom, the late Mr. Rubottom published a copy of a photograph designated as the Rubottom home in Wales in one of the volumes of his Rubottom Family series. It states that the original was in an album owned by Lafayette Rubottom. It is possible that one of his descendents might still have the album. If so, the original photo may have some clues as to the location where the photo was processed and if there are old letters. There is indication that some line of communication existed between the family here in America and the family in Wales.

Finding our exact family ties to the Welsh family is our goal. Perhaps, together, we can begin to piece the family picture together by extracting and using primary and secondary source information. This page provides links to information on the Robothams of Wales. If anyone can locate additional information and would like to add it to the website, please e-mail Danene at

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