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      Rubottom Reminiscin'

      By Dr. Danene Brown Vincent
      © 1999


      Chapter Five


      Ezekiel Rubottom, the second son of Thomas and Phebe Dixon Rubottom, was born in Chatham County, North Carolina in 1770. He grew to manhood in Moore and Chatham Counties, and was enumerated with his father in the 1790 census. Ezekiel married Eleanor Bettis, the daughter of Elijah Bettis of Moore County, in 1791. 1 They were the parents of four children: Pleasant, Civility, Elijah, and William Wiley. 2 The first three of their children were born in Moore County, North Carolina, while the fourth was born in Wayne County, Missouri.
      Between 1803 and 1806, Ezekiel Rubottom and his family migrated from North Carolina with Elijah, Ransom, and Overton Bettis. 3 The wagon train that carried them was said to have consisted of twenty wagons. Their travels took them through the Cumberland Gap across Tennessee into southwestern Missouri. In 1806 Ezekiel Rubottom entered land on the south bank of Lake Creek in what is now Wayne County, Missouri. 4
      Ezekiel's wife, Eleanor (Bettis) Rubottom, died around 1809. 5 He married, second, to Parmelia Parish, daughter of Joseph Parish of Wayne County. 6, 7 They were the parents of eight children: David, Lafayette, Frances, Thomas P., Polashan, Simon Noel, Ezekiel and Charnelsa. 8
      Ezekiel Rubottom was trained as a blacksmith and a gunsmith9 as was his brother Simon. He was also active in establishing the local government in his area. The founding law that established Wayne County, Missouri, identified Ezekiel Rubottom as one of the commissioners who laid out the precinct boundaries. 10 On May 1, 1819, he was appointed the first Justice of the Peace in Cape Girardeau County, Territory of Missouri by Territorial Governor William Clark. 11 The term was for four years. He served an additional four terms intermittently from 1823 through 1838. 12 His son Ezekiel C. Rubottom, Jr. would follow him in governmental work by serving as County Court Judge13 and Probate Judge14 in Wayne County, Missouri. Ezekiel Rubottom, Sr. was also a Baptist minister. In 1840, at seventy years of age, he was moderator of the fifth meeting of the Black River Association. 15
      Parmelia (Parish) Rubottom died in 1844 and was buried in a cemetery near their home. Ezekiel Chandler Rubottom died in 1857 at the age of 87 years. He was buried near his wife in the cemetery behind their home. 16
      The identified descendants of Ezekiel Chandler Rubottom are found listed in Chapter Four, the Descendants of Thomas and Phebe (Dixon) Rubottom.

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