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      Rubottom Reminiscin'

      By Dr. Danene Brown Vincent
      © 1999


      In December 1993, I published the first edition of Rubottom Reminiscin' for my immediate family members. At that time, I knew I was premature in publishing because my search for the family history was far from complete. But, feeling a pressing need to get this information into the hands of my older aunts and uncles, I compiled what I had gathered to date and self-published the information. Since that time, I have printed additional copies for numerous persons interested in the Rubottom family.

      During the last few years, through the wonders of computers, the Internet, and e-mail, I have met many new cousins from all across the United States. Together, we continue to build a more complete history of this interesting and successful family.

      To forward this effort, I decided to publish electronically the majority of my book. This will make it accessible to many more persons and will save everyone much time and cost.

      The book is published exactly as it was in printed form with a few exceptions:

      • Updates have been included throughout the text, but are so noted.
      • The genealogy reports in Chapters 6 and 7 have been omitted for two primary reasons. First, they are quite outdated. I have gathered much new information on the family since those reports were developed. Secondly, the structure of the reports is very difficult to prepare in an HTML format. I now have an updated version of the genealogy reports that are available in a family group sheet type format. You can access the Family Group Sheets here and from the main page.
      • I have not had the time to scan and prepare all of the items in the Appendices. I will add those as soon time permits.

      My hope is that WE can collectively add to this family history and make it as rich and full as possible! If you have information you would like to contribute or corrections you want to make, please contact me at

      I hope you enjoy the book!

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