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      Rubottom Reminiscin'

      By Dr. Danene Brown Vincent
      © 1999




      Chapter 1: Introduction

      Reading the Registry Report
      Abbreviations Used
      Understanding Quaker Traditions

      Chapter 2: The Rubottom Name

      Chapter 3: Thomas Rubottom--A Welsh Immigrant

      Chapter 4: Simon Rubottom--The Eldest Son

      The Northwest Territory Calls
      An Account of the Journey from North Carolina to Indiana Land in Orange and Lawrence Counties
      Lick Creek Monthly Meeting
      Early Marriages
      Conscientious Scruples
      Establishing A New Home in Parke County
      A Division in the Church
      The Rubottoms--Their Land and Their Work
      A New School and A New Church
      In Other Counties
      The Passing of Simon Rubottom
      A Concern for Education
      The Underground Railroad
      The Second Wave of Migration
      The Civil War
      Samuel E. and Sarah Jane (Spivey) Rubottom

      Chapter 5: Ezekiel Rubottom--The Second Son

      Chapter 6: Descendants of Thomas and Phebe Dixon Rubottom

      Chapter 7: Allied Families

      The Dixons
      The Hindmans
      The Spiveys

      Chapter 8: A Personal Perspective



      Map of Original Settlements in Delaware
      Map of North Carolina--Present Day
      Map of Chatham County, North Carolina
      Land Transaction Between Thomas Rubottom and James Underwood
      Map of Parke County, Indiana
      Marriage Record of John Rubottom and Anna Fisher
      Marriage Record of Samuel Rubottom and Sarah Spivey
      Samuel E. Rubottom's Land in Benton County, Arkansas
      Family Pictures

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