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James R. Abney 's land bordered Reuben Walden, Aaron Quigley and several Kinsall including William Montgomery Kinsall. Arraminta Walden, daughter of Reuben and Susanna, married Aaron Quigley. Susanna (Susan) Walden married James R. Abney after Reuben died. Their daughter Eliza Jane, married William Montgomery Kinsall.

Thus, Eliza Jane Abney Kinsall and Arraminta Walden Quigley were half sisters and the descendants from each are half cousins to each other.

The 2 of the 3 Kinsall migrants, Benjamin and David, are buried in the Blackard Cemetery, formerly the Lamb Cemetery. It is on what was once the Max West and once the William L. Blackard farm. See pictures from the Blackard Cemetery. pic1 - pic2 - pic3 - pic4

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