Our FUNK's of:Switzerland; Strasberg PA.; Shenandoah Co., Va; Hardin/Nelson Co., KY; Harrison and Knox Co., IN; and Lawrence Co., IL

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Descendants of Henry Funk, Sr.

First of all I want to thank my genealogy cousin  Mac Elaine Elliot <TwigsNTX@aol.com>  for finding me many years ago and then for all of her many patient hours of helping me sort out MY Funk family.  Mac is incredibly knowledgeable about OUR Funk lines, as well as being a warm, caring, tender-hearted person.  She has a great sense of humor and I treasure the day we 'met'.  Ironically I have never heard the sound of her voice nor even seen her handwriting.  Ah the wonders of the Internet.

Secondly, thanks to Mac I NOW also know that there has been TONS of research done on this extensive family, complete with a family orgainization, a genealogy/history family book and a family reunion that has been held for decades.   The organization is primarily made up of descedants of Henry Jr., and some members from Jacob's line as well.  If you have an ancestor and you'd like to know if they connect to this line, please email me a query and I'll be happy to do a look-up.  I am NOT an authority on these families, and what research I AM doing is only on my particular lines.  I STRONGLY suggest that you order a copy of the Funk Family Book from their website at:

I do have SOME family info though.  In the next few pages I outline my two connections to the Funks are both thru Henry Jr., one through my great-grandmother LuLu Belle Cravens DeVore (Henry Jr., Peter, Scena Ann, Jesse) and the other line thru her husband (and distant cousin) Noah Monroe DeVore (Henry Jr., John, WilliamP., Nancy).

Generation No. 1


Henry Funk came to America in 1717.  It is believed that his family originated in Switzerland but might have spent some time in the Palatinate region of Germany before emigrating to America.
Children of HENRY FUNK, SR. are:

2. i. HENRY2 FUNK, JR., b. Unknown, Pennsylvania or Virginia; d. September 22, 1815, Harrison Co., IN.
3. ii. JACOB FUNK, b. Unknown.
4. iii. HANS/JOHN FUNK, b. Unknown.

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For my personal stuff see thomasearlwilliams.com where I am currently posting non-genealogy stuff like family gossip and pictures.

If you are might be a part of this family or are a fellow researcher please email me if you have any questions, notice any problems or so that we can share information. 

This work encompasses  hundreds of years of effort by myself and other contributors. The purpose of this site is to share our  history with our extended family and to exchange information between researchers.  It is NOT to be republished in commecial ventures. Feel free to copy these pages and share them with family and friends and add the info to your database, but  all materials are copyrighted and CAN'T BE REPRODUCED  FOR PROFIT. 

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