Our Runyan's from France, New Jersey, Steuben Co., NY and Jennings Co., IN

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Descendants of Vincent Rongnion

Generation No. 6

9. MARY ANN6 RUNYON (FRANCIS5, JOHN4, REUNE3, VINCENT2, VINCENT1 RONGNION) Was born abt 1805 in New Jersey. She married THOMAS GANNON bet 1821 and 1831, probably in NY and died July 17, 1877 in Jennings Co, IN. Thomas was born March 17, 1801 and died July 22, 1858. They are buried side by side with Abraham and Phoebe Gannon.  I believe Abraham and Thomas were brothers.

Notes for M
Mary Ann Runyon is the gateway individual for me to the Runyon family. She is descended from two differnet sons of Vincent, his son Peter AND his son Vincent (jr.)  Please see my first generation at Runyan1 for more information on my research and sources for the ancestors of Mary Ann Runyon.

More About T
Marriage: Bet 1821-1831 probably in Steuben Co NY
Children of M

i. Morris  GANNON, b abt 1832 in NY
vii. HARRIS GANNON, b. Abt. April 02, 1833, Jennings Co., Ind.; d. January 21, 1879, Morea, Crawford Co., Ill.; m. ELLINORE DAILEY, November 06, 1853, Jennings Co., Indiana; b. March 22, 1833, Dutch Co., New York; d. July 23, 1895, Crawford Co. Ill..
ii. FRANCIS R GANNON, b. abt 1835 in NY
iii. MARTHA or Mary(?) GANNON, b. abt 1840 in NY
iv. Lewis. GANNON, b. abt 1843 in Indiana
v. NORMAN GANNON, b abt 1845 in Indiana
vi. ALZORA A. GANNON, b. abt 1848

In the 1850 Census in Jennings Co., IN,  Harris Gannon is living with a Whitman family. He is 17. Possible parents close by and all born in N.Y. are:

Thomas A. & Mary A. Gannon
Abraham & Phoebe Gannon

In Sept 1998 I discovered that  Harris is alleged by some Runyon researchers to be the son of Thomas and Mary Ann Runyon Gannon. As I have continued my research I have come to believe this is true for several reasons.  Harris is mentioned as somehow being involved in Thomas' estate.  I believe that Thomas and Abraham were brothers who, along with their wives and many of their neighbors, moved to Jessnings Co from Steuben Co, NY. Mary Ann Mary Ann's mother's maiden name was Harris and she had a brother named Harris.More as I can confirm!!

I have some more information about Thomas and Abraham and their wives including when and where they bought land, a fire that burnt Abraham's home, a mention in the paper when Mary Ann died .... I will add more when I have time.

Harris' death certificate (Jan 1879) indicates that he was a resident of Illinois for 12 years before his death which would be about 1867, which fits with Harris and Ellinore, along with Ellinore's parents and siblings, 'disappearing' from Jennings Co about then. They almost certainly all came to Crawford Co, ILL together. His cause of death was 'not known' and the duration of diease was listed as '24 hours'. They were living in Morea at the time of his death. His estae indicates that he owned about 120 acres of land, and had some livestock and raised bees. Though he appears 'comfortable' there's nothing to indicate the apparent VERY comfortable situation of his wife at her death many years later.....

Harris is buried in what appears to be the oldest part of the Palestine cemetary, as far as you can get from the road and down the side of the hill in the farthest back corner. I can't help wondering why he and Elnora aren't buried anywhere near each other. Harris IS buried next to Silas Daily whom I now can confirm was Elnora's father!! However, Ellinore is buried near her children who died within a month of her, considerably after Harris died. Since their was no apparent estrangement at his time of death ('wife of Harris Gannon' was engraved on her tombstone when she died 16 years after him) I assume that what my Great Aunt Pearl Fitts told me applies here. After Harris was buried the area of the Cemetary where he was buried was constantly flooding. Presumably between the time Harris died and the time Elnora died the flooding was paricularly bad and that's why she and the later burials were closer to the road.

I had originally thought that the Gannon's and Dailey's met after they came to Indiana, but have since discovered that BOTH families were from New York, and almost PROOF POSITIVE Stueben Co. NY, in and around a small town called Wayne, and Tyrone. Silas Dailey (grandfather to Ellinore Dailey Gannon) was living in Wayne in 1818 when he applied for his revolutionary pension and inTyrone when he died in 1841. His son Sylvester was living in Tyrone in 1835. In 1830 an Abraham Gannon was living in Wayne, and two Thomas Gannon's were living in Tyrone. I have a lot more circumstantial proof, but you get the idea.

Ellinore was apparently a succesful business woman after Harris died.  See my Daily section for information on her and her ancestors.

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