Our  Fasnachts of:  Germany, Lancaster Co., PA, Ohio, and Illinois

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Descendants of Johannes Fassnacht

Generation No. 3

3. JOHANNES4 FASNACHT (JOHAN CONRAD3, JOHANNES2 FASSNACHT, SAMUEL1) was born September 30, 1776 in New Holland, PA, and died July 30, 1842 in Jonestown, PA. He married MARIA KEEN Abt. 1798. She was born January 14, 1778, and died April 16, 1851 in Jonestown, PA.

Children of J

i. CATARINA5 FASNACHT, b. July 26, 1798, Jonestown, PA; d. Unknown.
ii. DANIEL FASNACHT, b. Bef. 1800, Jonestown, PA; d. Unknown.
iii. CONRAD FASNACHT, b. 1801, Jonestown, PA; d. March 23, 1825, Jonestown, PA.
6. iv. JESSE FASNACHT, b. December 26, 1807, Lebanon Co, PA; d. June 23, 1883, Lebanon Co, PA.
v. LYDIA FASNACHT, b. October 08, 1809, Jonestown, PA; d. Unknown; m. THOMAS MILLER, December 20, 1836, Lebanon Co, PA; b. Abt. 1809; d. Unknown.
7. vi. CYRUS FASNACHT, b. April 27, 1811, Jonestown, PA; d. July 02, 1886, Jonestown, PA.
vii. LOUISA FASNACHT, b. March 03, 1813, Jonestown, PA; d. January 20, 1877, Jonestown, PA; m. SOLOMON SPITLER, December 18, 1836, Jonestown, Lebanon Co, PA; b. October 17, 1812, PA; d. September 18, 1863, PA.
viii. SABINA FASNACHT, b. Bef. December 11, 1814, Jonestown, PA; d. Unknown.
ix. SUSANNA FASNACHT, b. January 26, 1817, Jonestown, PA; d. March 25, 1835, Jonestown, PA.
x. SARA FASNACHT, b. April 25, 1821, Jonestown, PA; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE MOSSER, January 23, 1845, Jonestown, Lebanon Co, PA; b. Abt. 1821, PA; d. Unknown.

4. CONRAD4 FASNACHT (JOHAN CONRAD3, JOHANNES2 FASSNACHT, SAMUEL1) was born July 11, 1778 in New Holland, PA, and died December 08, 1838 in Lebanon, PA. He married (1) CHRISTINA STOVER October 04, 1801 in Lebanon Co. PA. She was born June 09, 1779, and died April 19, 1811 in Lebanon, PA. He married (2) CATHERINE HOHK November 30, 1817 in Lebanon, PA. She was born Bef. 1797, and died Unknown.

Notes for C

1830 census shows Conrad(50-60), wife(50-60), 2 boys(10-15), 1boy(5-10), 1 boy under 5, and 1 girl(5-10) in Lebanon Boro.
Conrad and wife Catharine cited on a deed dated 4/7/1832, as living in Lebanon Boro.
Died 12/8/1838.
Estate letters filed 12/21/1838. Resident of Boro of Lebanon. Executor was John Behm, husband of his sister Rebecca.
1840 census shows Catharine(50-60), and five children in Lebanon Boro.
1850 census shows Catharine(60) by herself in Lebanon Boro.

Notes for C

Died suddenly from a fall and convulsions.

Children of C

8. i. WILHELM5 FASNACHT, b. April 09, 1802, Lebanon Co. PA; d. Unknown.
ii. JOSEPH FASNACHT, b. March 11, 1804, Lebanon Co. PA; d. April 30, 1824, Lebanon Co. PA.
iii. CHARLES FASNACHT, b. October 16, 1806, Lebanon, PA; d. Unknown.
iv. ELIAS FASNACHT, b. October 20, 1808, Lebanon Co. PA; d. Unknown.
v. LOUISA FASNACHT, b. December 10, 1810, Lebanon Co. PA; d. Unknown.


vi. SAMUEL5 FASNACHT, b. August 26, 1818, Lebanon, PA; d. Unknown.
9. vii. EDWARD FASNACHT, b. November 12, 1819, Lebanon Co. PA; d. Unknown.
10. viii. ANDREAS RICE FASNACHT, b. March 25, 1821, Lebanon, PA; d. November 29, 1905, Lebanon Co, PA.
ix. SARAH SYBILLA FASNACHT, b. June 18, 1824, Lebanon, PA; d. Unknown; m. JOHN OLIVER, January 19, 1847, Lebanon, PA; b. Abt. 1824; d. Unknown.
x. ROSINA CATHARINA FASNACHT, b. February 08, 1826, Lebanon, PA; d. Unknown.
xi. HENRICH ANTHONY FASNACHT, b. March 25, 1828, Lebanon, PA; d. April 18, 1845, Lebanon, PA.
xii. CATHARINA ROSINA FASNACHT, b. October 13, 1830, Lebanon Co. PA; d. Unknown.

5. FRIEDRICH4 FASNACHT (JOHAN CONRAD3, JOHANNES2 FASSNACHT, SAMUEL1) was born February 27, 1784 in Lebanon, PA, and died December 04, 1823 in Lebanon, PA. He married ANNA MARIA YENSEL August 04, 1803 in Lebanon, PA. She was born September 26, 1782 in Lebanon Co, PA, and died Abt. 1831 in Lebanon, PA.

Notes for F
According to David Fosnacht, a not too distant cousin and NOTED family genealogist:
On Friedrich (Frederick) Fasnacht's (1784-1823) service in the War of
1812: he was an Ensign in "Captain Henry Doebler's Company of Infrantry, 1st
Regiment (Kennedy's), Pennsylvania Militia." The contents of the military
records file at the National Archives, however, are very slim: only the
Muster Rolls and a few pay records. It does confirm that his place of
residence was Lebanon, PA. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the file
that gives any family information, such as affidavits, etc.

David Fosnocht
Washington, DC

Notes for A

Assumed she is the unknown child of Martin Yensel and wife Catharina(whose birth is recorded at Salem Lutheran on this date), by elimination of two named siblings before her, and two after.

Children of F

i. MARIA ELISABETH5 FASNACHT, b. October 23, 1803, Lebanon, PA; d. Unknown; m. JOHANNES HANNEFIUS, November 29, 1821, Lebanon, PA; b. Abt. 1803; d. Unknown.
[FosBruceDavid.FTW] Cited as wife of John Haineffius on a deed dated 4/7/1832, living in Lebanon Boro.
11. ii. JOHN FREDRICK FASNACHT, b. December 13, 1805, Allentown (??), Berks Co., Penn; d. May 01, 1891, Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL..
iii. JACOB FASSNACHT, b. January 05, 1808, Lebanon, PA; d. Bef. April 07, 1832.
12. iv. MARGRETA FASTNACHT, b. March 10, 1810, Lebanon, PA; d. August 17, 1851, PA.
13. v. PHILIP FOSNOCHT, b. October 31, 1811, Lebanon, PA; d. April 20, 1889, Elverson, PA.
14. vi. LEONHARD FASNACHT, b. October 10, 1813, Lebanon Co. PA; d. Unknown.
vii. MARIA MAGDALENA FASTNACHT, b. December 28, 1815, Lebanon Co. PA; d. Unknown.


-Most of my information on these first three Fasnacht generations come from the works of my many different cousins. I am particularly indebted to David and Bruce Fosnacht (genealogically speaking my fairly close cousins, also descendants of Fredrich (1784-1823)). Their extensive work has been critical in the quest for getting to know our early Fasnacht ancestors. -About the mentions of Samuel1.  I have included a Samuel in my database as our earliest ancestor because I believe in Bruce's instincts that he is 'ours', however I didn't include his line HERE because it isn't yet proven. HOWEVER, Familytreemaker insisted on adding his name as an ancestor for these reports.  SO consider Samuel to currently be a possibility.
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