Our  Fasnachts of:  Germany, Lancaster Co., PA, Ohio, and Illinois

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Descendants of Johannes Fassnacht

Generation No. 6

37. GEORGE7 KUTZ, SR. (ELIZABETH6 FASNACHT, JOHN FREDRICK5, FRIEDRICH4, JOHAN CONRAD3, JOHANNES2 FASSNACHT, SAMUEL1) was born April 1854 in Ohio, and died 1942 in Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL.. He married ANNA MURPHY. She was born 1854 in KY, and died 1934 in Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL..

Notes for A
1880 Census indicates that her parents were born in Ireland.
Children of G

i. FRANK8 KUTZ, b. June 1880; d. 1918, Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL.; m. MINNIE HOUSER.
ii. GEORGE W. KUTZ, JR., b. February 1883; d. 1958, Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL.; m. DEBRA J. HOUSER; b. 1884; d. 1963, Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL..
iii. CHARLES KUTZ, b. December 1884; d. 1964, Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL.; m. MARY REICH; b. 1903; d. 1963, Calhoun, Richland Co., ILL..
iv. EARL KUTZ, b. February 1891; d. September 16, 1968.
Notes for EARL KUTZ:
According to Darlene Davis, Earl had no children and no (apparent) wife.
v. BESSIE KUTZ, b. July 1886.
vi. JERRY KUTZ, b. January 1894.

38. JOHN FREDRICK7 FASNACHT (ABRAHAM6, JOHN FREDRICK5, FRIEDRICH4, JOHAN CONRAD3, JOHANNES2 FASSNACHT, SAMUEL1) was born September 11, 1866 in Richland Co., Ill., and died January 30, 1934 in Jasper Co., Ill.. He married (1) MINNIE MAE LEWIS April 24, 1887 in Jasper Co., Ill., daughter of JAMES LEWIS and SARAH FOUST. She was born May 18, 1872 in Rose Hill, Ill., and died July 26, 1960 in Newton, Ill.. He married (2) MINNIE MAE LEWIS April 24, 1887 in Jasper Co. Ill., daughter of JAMES LEWIS and SARAH FOUST. She was born May 18, 1872 in Rose Hill, Ill., and died July 26, 1960 in Newton, Ill..

Notes for J
According to their marriage certificate, John Fasnacht and Minnie Lewis were both residents of Rose Hill at the time of their marriages. They were very young. Although John's death certificate says that he died by accident, many of the family believe that he committed suicide. After having read the inquest papers I believe accident. John's oldest son Frank, who found his father, testified as follows at the inquest (exact spelling etc,):
"I went to fathers home to borrow a pitch fork. Went to the house & they told me there that father had just gone out. I waited ? [could be 10] minutes & when he didn't return I went to the barn & found him lying behind some boxes. I talked to him and & he was conscious. I tried to move him to the house and he was in pain. He asked me to cover him up. I called or went after mother. He ask me to take care of mother. In my opinion he knew he was going to die. He told mother and I he fell from the mow. He expired in about 5 minutes after I found him."

John's wife testified that John had had "sick or fainting spells". The coroner testified that he died:
"From injuries received from fall from hay mow."

Notes for M
According to her marriage 'return', her gravestone and her son's birth cert., Minnie was only 14 years old (almost 15] when she married John.

Minnie's mother is mistakenly listed as Sarah Fasnacht on Minnie's marriage cert., but per Sarah's marriage cert. to William Yingst [which lists her as Sarah Lewis, maiden name Foust, and parents names Joseph Foust and Isabelle Kibler, there is no doubt about this line. Now Minnie's father James Lewis...that's a mystery!!!

In her later years, Minnie's grandchildren remember her as a smiling woman, always ready with popcorn or some other treat. She would hold them, and hug them, but never hear them.....Minnie was deaf, at least in later years.
Children of J

i. CHARLES FREDRICK8 FASNACHT, b. October 09, 1887, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. March 29, 1958, Richmond, Wayne Co., IN; m. WAUNETTA A PICKETT, April 15, 1911, Erie, Kansas.
ii. HARRY FASNACHT, b. Bet. 1888 - 1891.
Harry was supposedly born between Fred and Walter and died in infancy.
iii. WALTER WILLIAM FASNACHT, b. February 02, 1891, Rosehill, Ill.; d. October 06, 1978, Robinson, Ill.; m. (1) ETHEL NORA TATE, December 22, 1912, Jasper Co., Ill.; b. July 28, 1894, Bogota, Ill.; d. September 09, 1963, Olney, Ill.; m. (2) ELLA GILLESPIE, April 03, 1953; b. Abt. 1894; d. May 1972; m. (3) GOLDIE LUCILLE FINCH, January 07, 1973, Crawford Co. Ill..
First home after marriage, per Centennial History of Merom, was in the Northern part of Perry Co., IL. After 3 years he came back to Jasper Co. and began attending the Fairview Christian Church in the sspring of 1916. On the third Sunday in August, he preached his first sermon at the Fairview Church. He decided to quit farming and take up the ministry. He was licensed by the Illinois Christian Conference, August 1919, and Sept moved to Merom to "prepare himself for the task". In August 1920 he "was ordained to the full work of the gospel by the Illinois Christian Conference."

Walter's birth cert. states that his father, John, was 22 and his mother Minnie was 18 when he was born. John was actually 24. Walter was their 3rd child. It also states that John was "German American" and Minnie "American". Funny, the daughter of Sarah FOUST Lewis Yingst and the granddaughter of Isabele KIBLER FOUST, but no longer mentioned as "German".
iv. BESSIE FASNACHT, b. April 26, 1894, Jasper Co., Ill.; m. MILTON E. BILLINGS, October 05, 1915, jasper Co., Ill..
They lived in Owasso, MI
v. LILLIE MAE FASNACHT, b. July 12, 1896, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. June 11, 1983, Jasper Co., Ill.; m. HAROLD NEWBERRY TATE, December 21, 1917, Jasper Co., Ill.; b. August 17, 1900, Saint Marie, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. August 27, 1990, Jasper Co., Ill..
vi. ROSCOE FASNACHT, b. March 16, 1898, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. December 24, 1977; m. (1) GOLDIE PICKETT; m. (2) EDNA ???.
Lived in Richmond, Indiana.
vii. DAISY ALICE FASNACHT, b. August 24, 1901, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. 1978; m. ROY EDWARD KATRO, February 21, 1921; b. 1891; d. 1981.
viii. DOLLY FASNACHT, b. August 24, 1901, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. 1901, Jasper Co., Ill..
ix. JENNIE OLIVE FASNACHT, b. April 25, 1904, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. July 26, 1997; m. RUSSELL DALE SWISHER, February 05, 1928, Clay Co., ILL.
x. JAMES FRANKLIN FASNACHT, b. December 18, 1906, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. May 19, 1975, Olney, Ill.; m. GOLDIE LAPEARL EVELAND, December 31, 1930, Clay Co., ILL; b. June 05, 1909, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. August 11, 1997, Jasper Co., ILL.
xi. NELLIE GERTRUDE FASNACHT, b. July 25, 1909; m. RAYMOND HUSTON BROOKS, January 23, 1927, Jasper Co., Ill.; b. December 06, 1908; d. August 31, 1996, Jasper co., ILL.
xii. INFANT FASNACHT, b. Aft. 1913.
xiii. INEZ ESTALINE FASNACHT, b. March 21, 1913, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. 1984; m. (1) ORVILLE GUY FRENCH, September 08, 1929; m. (2) HERMAN EVERETT SCHACKMAN, September 17, 1945.


39. CHARLES7 FASNACHT (ABRAHAM6, JOHN FREDRICK5, FRIEDRICH4, JOHAN CONRAD3, JOHANNES2 FASSNACHT, SAMUEL1) was born November 1869, and died 1939 in Jasper Co., Ill.. He married LILLIE ???. She was born 1870, and died 1922.

Notes for C
According to Darlene, they had adopted one child. Lillie is buried with Abraham, et al in Riverside Cemetary. Charles may or may nor be there also.
Child of C

Wallace and Marjory are said to have had four children, but only Evelyn's name has been remembered.

40. LYDIA ISOBEL7 FASNACHT (ABRAHAM6, JOHN FREDRICK5, FRIEDRICH4, JOHAN CONRAD3, JOHANNES2 FASSNACHT, SAMUEL1) was born March 29, 1877 in Newton, ILL., and died June 06, 1916 in Newton, ILL.. She married CHARLES EVERETT DAVIS February 09, 1899, son of VAN DAVIS and MARJORY WEST. He was born March 22, 1873 in Iuka, ILL., and died March 11, 1955 in Richland Memorial Hosp., Olney, Ill..

Notes for L
Lydia is buried just down the row from MY DeVore grandparents, not too far from her parents and siblings. Most of them are buried here, close together.
Children of L

i. ADA LEONA8 DAVIS, b. January 24, 1900, Newton, ILL.; d. October 27, 1970, Olney, Ill..
ii. RUBY DAVIS, b. March 04, 1901; d. 1902.
iii. HAROLD EVERT DAVIS, b. June 29, 1903; d. June 16, 1962; m. (1) IONA CALLAHAN; m. (2) LAURA FAYE ???, Bef. 1936; m. (3) JENNIE KRUPA, 1936; b. March 18, 1907, Warsaw, Poland; d. October 16, 1967, Flint, Mich..
iv. MILLARD DAVIS, b. August 27, 1908, Newton, ILL.; m. DARLEAN FERN BYRNE, August 27, 1930, Olney, Ill.; b. July 01, 1912, Momeny Place, Olney, ILL..
Millard's middle name is Van, but this computer keeps changing his last name to Van Davis so I have to leave the Van out!!


-Most of my information on these first three Fasnacht generations come from the works of my many different cousins. I am particularly indebted to David and Bruce Fosnacht (genealogically speaking my fairly close cousins, also descendants of Fredrich (1784-1823)). Their extensive work has been critical in the quest for getting to know our early Fasnacht ancestors. -About the mentions of Samuel1.  I have included a Samuel in my database as our earliest ancestor because I believe in Bruce's instincts that he is 'ours', however I didn't include his line HERE because it isn't yet proven. HOWEVER, Familytreemaker insisted on adding his name as an ancestor for these reports.  SO consider Samuel to currently be a possibility.
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