Our Greens of:  Henry Co., KY, Jefferson Co., IN and Jasper Co. IL

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Descendants of Frederick Green

Generation No. 2

2. BENJAMIN2 GREEN (FREDERICK1) was born Bet. 1816 - 1817. He married DARKY KELLEY May 13, 1837 in Switzerland Co. IN She was born Bet. 1819 - 1820.
Children of B

i. JAMES3 GREEN, b. Abt. 1841.
ii. RACHEL GREEN, b. Abt. 1846.
iii. MARTHA E. GREEN, b. Abt. 1849.

3. FREDRICK2 GREEN (FREDERICK1) was born Abt. 1830 in Indiana, and died Aft. 1900 in probably in Jasper Co., Ill.. He married (1) ELISABETH ???. She was born Abt. 1816 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1880 in probably in Jasper co., Ill..

Notes for F
Fredrick is with his new bride Elizabeth in the 1850 Census of Jefferson Co., IN. In it he is 20 years of age and she is 34. I believe Frederick was her third husband, see her notes. These ages are consistent with the 1880 Census of Jasper Co., where they are living next door to their son Isiah and his family. I am nearly certain that I have found this Frederick's father in the 1850 and 1860 Census of Jefferson Co along with a Hezikiah and Benjamin whom I believe are Frederick Jr's brothers. They are all only a few doors apart, and Frederick Sr, is living with Benjamin. Frederick Sr, and Frederick Jr listed their occupations as "Cooper". I think this is part of my Frederick Jr.'s family, but there are still several siblings unaccounted for and many more Greens in the area but I've yet to get them all sorted. However, I have finally found enough circumstantial evidence to list these few as family. \\

My current best estimate is that Frederick (Jr.) and Elizabeth left Jefferson County between 1860 and 1865. Frederick and Elizabeth had become members of the Milton Baptist Church in Nov. 1854 (they were living in Milton Twp of Jefferson Co which I suspect was in the eastern or southeastern part of the county near Switzerland Co.) The Church was located "on the East Fork of the Indian-Kentuck Creek north of Manville". They were then excluded from the church in April of 1859 for "allowing dancing in their home". An Elizabeth is mentioned again in the records shortly thereafter and then Frederick was reinstated in Nov. of 1860. They are NOT listed however in the 1865 membership list. I believe (see Isaiah's obit) that they came first to Effingham County near the village of Watson between 1860 and 1865 and then were in Jasper Co., Smallwood twp by 1870.

-In the 1880 Census Frederick claims that his father was born in Germany and his mother in Maryland. In the 1900 Census Frederick claims that his mother was born in Maryland and his Father was born "at Sea".

-I can find no record of Elisabeth after 1880 but I have found an obit that might be her (see her notes for this and more), and I have found Frederick with his daughter Mrs. Walter Lancaster in the 1900 Jasper Co Census for Fox Township.

The questions continue...

Notes for E
I believe that Elisabeth was married twice before she married Frederick (she was 34 and he 20 when they married). First to a ??? McMannus and second to a James Case. She had two daughters with her in the 1850 census Margaret 6 and Amanda 4. In the 1860 Census Amanda is still living with Frederick and ELisabeth and her last name is listed as McMannus (sometimes spelled McMannis). The Milton Baptist Church (which Elisabeth and Frederick attended) holds perhaps a tie to all of these MIlton Baptist Church records.  In 1847 an Elisabeth McMannis married a James Case in Washington Co., IN (just two counties over from Jefferson.) I suspect that this was her second marriage after ??? McMannis her first husband, died.  A "Mandy Mcmanice and a Margret McManice" (Amanda and Margaret McMannus?) were received into the church "after 3 Sundays in Nov 1860" and Frederick Green was "restored" to the church on the same day. Then Mandy was expelled in July 1862 for swearing and Margret in December 1870 when she moved. When Elisabeth married Frederick her name was Elisabeth Case, so I think this works. Isaiah's obit refers to his " two half-sisters Mrs. Abi McCormick and Mrs. Delphi Clagg" who survived him. Now which is which Amanda and which is Margaret and where they were living, I don't know. I can't find a record of their marriages and I have looked and looked for them in marriages and census.

There is an obit on the Jasper Co Trails website that reads:
Green, Mrs. Elizabeth - died February 22, aged 69 yrs 7 mo 13 da. Born in Garrard Co., KY; united with the Missionary Baptist Church early in life, and lived as a Christian lady. She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn the loss of a wife and mother. Peace to her memory. ..........A Friend. Newton Press, March 26, 1884 (contrib. by June Kessinger)

... is this her? The age is about right, but SEVEN children? I know there were Amanda and Margaret McMannus and Isiah, John and Sarah (Green). There is a Dillard Green mentioned as a half-brother to Isiah that I can't make fit anywhere, but he can't be ELisabeth's, Isiah's half-brother AND a Green. And that still leaves one child missing. As always, I'll keep searching ...

The 1880 Census of Jasper Co. indicates that Elisabeth's father was born in Ireland.

Children of ? MCMannus and Elisabeth are:

i. Margaret McMannus b. abt.1844        One of these two women was Mrs. Abi McCormick
ii. Amanda McMannus b. abt. 1846. And the other was Mrs Delphi Clagg. (per brother Isaiah's obit)

Children of F

4. iii. ISAIAH F.3 GREEN, b. January 18, 1849, Madison, Jefferson Co., IN; d. August 16, 1926, Jasper Co., Ill..
iv. JOHN GREEN, b. Abt. 1852, Illinois.Notes for JOHN GREEN:
According to the obituary for his brother Isaiah, this John was living in Urbana in August of 1926.
5. v SARAH GREEN, b. Abt. 1859.


vi. DILLARD3 GREEN, b. Unknown.Notes for DILLARD GREEN:
The only mention I have of Dillard is from Isaiah's obit. Dillard is mentioned as Isaiah's half-brother. When Isaiah died in August of 1926, Dillard was living in Canada. Although it is slightly possible that Dillard is an older brother, it is more likely that he is a younger brother.

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