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Page 1: Various Selby Lines and their researcher's
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Charline Cales   PLEASE  e-mail me
Here is my Selby info:  MAJOR SELBY b. 01-AUG1783 in Md. d. 13 NOV1861 (his parents unknown) m. HARRIET MESSICK/Mezick
b. 27 AUG 1798 (her parents:Elihu MEZICK Jr. and Leah DOUGHERTY) issue: Dickerson, Eleanor R. b. in Somerset Co., Md.  married Rev. Samuel Hart RHOADS., Esther E., Samuel F., James Tubman b. 16 Feb 1827 in Somerset Co.,Md. married 14 NOV 1925 Emily Jane RICHARDSON in Hamilton Co., Ind., John Francis Chipman married Ellen Dorcas GOE in Hamilton Co., Ind., George H. T., Joshua R. E., Martha H. A., b. in Ind. A total of 9 children, some born in Somerset Co., Md. one born in Indiana.

I have a xerox copy of their bible entries of birth and death.  2 other
children(twins) were listed, birth is before Major's marriage to Harriet.
I saw another marriage of a Major SELBY Maybe my Major's 1st marriage and maybe the twins were by a first marriage?  I am looking for Major's parents.

Thanks Charlene Cales <>

Dottie Austin   Please  e-mail me
Actually I have at least 2 Selby lines but here goes the first one:
William Selby b 1630, England
William Selby Jr, b 1680,  Prince Georges Co. MD
William 3  Prince Georges Co. MD
Nathan Selby b 1735 Prince Georges Co MD
Joshua Selby b1777  M RebeccaThompson
      Their children: John, Wilson, Mary, Agnes, Thompson and  Nellie
                P.S. Wilson had a son William T Selby - what goes around
                        comes around.

But I still have a stray from the Shore. (my 2nd Selby line)  William H Selby married Mary J(ane?) Austin 8 Oct 1832 in Somerset Co. Md.  Her brother writes of her visiting him in Mississippi in about 1858.  I haven't  even found her in a graveyard.  Where did they go?  When did he die?  Did they have any children?

Thanks Dottie Austin <>

Doris Winskie Please  e-mail me
My husband is descended from Tobias Selby of Accomack CountyVA.
According to the "Selby Families of Colonial America", Tobias was born
ca 1615 in England and died after 14 Feb 1680 in Accomack Co. His wife
was unknown, they had three daughters:
1. Elizabeth Selby who m William Fletcher bef 1663 (my husbands
2. Matilda Selby m Arnold Harrison
3. Clemency Selby m John Smalley
Is there anyone else out there descended from this Selby?

Thanks Doris Winskie <dwinskie@TRIAX.COM>

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Kathleen Franklin Please  e-mail me
I am descended from William Selby who settled in Prince George's County,MD c. 1659. I am collecting data on my direct line of ancestors starting with: I have basic information and I am now seeking to verify or obtain documentation for births, marriages, deaths, wills etc.

Most wanted information: William Selby,Sr's origins in England, transport and reason for transport,arrival/departureport, arrival/departure dates, etc.

Thanks Kathleen Franklin <>

Elizabeth Cearley-Moore  Please  e-mail me
I am seeking any information on the early life of Lucinda Jane Selby b.
March 4, 1822 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky. She married Samuel Sanford Hardin August 10. 1842. She died March 6, 1897 Van Buren Co., Arkansas. Lucinda had the following siblings: Isaiah b.October 11, 1803;  Jesse b. 1808;  William J. b. March 27, 1809;  John Milton,b. April 11, 1811; Assenith b. 1813; Hellina Anna b. 1815; James H. b. October17, 1816; Eliza S. b. 1818; Lewis V. b. August 1, 1820.

Thanks ElizabethCearley-Moore  <>

Christina Hunt Please  e-mail me  and  Visit My Site
I am searching for the parents/siblings of Ephraim SELBY. My best
information is that he was b. 1816 in KY. He purchased land in Galena, Jo
Daviess Co., IL in 1838. Ephraim married in 1841 and died in 1845. I have
found no clues as to his family other than that he was born in KY. He left
two daus so there are no males from his line. The closest Selbys in
distance were the families in Knox Co whose line contains a Philemon B. Selby. This line came out of OH. The next closest Selby family in IL were related to William Atkinson Selby. Some of his line were from KY and settled in the area around Shelby Co., IL. Have not found any Ephraims in this line either.  If anyone knows of any Ephraims in any of these families I would like to hear about it.
Thanks Christina Hunt  <>

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Patti Hanna-Thompson  Please e-mail me
I have two set of Selby's that I am researching in Hyde County, NC.  Most
likely they are the same line but as of yet I have not been able to make
the connection.

1.)John Selby married Sallie Davis (sorry no dates)son John Derosett Selby (3/4/1868 - 5/6/1950) married Martha Jane Swindell

2.)William Selby married Frances Elizabeth Rose ( again no dates)
daughter Nancy Elizabeth Selby (2/22/1843 - 4/21/1881) married Joshua
Vanvert Swindell

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Patti Hanna-Thompson  <>

Norma Nielson Please e-mail me
I  have experienced a number of road blocks while tracing the SELBY
line.  Nellie (or Nelly or Eleanor or Elnore) was my great-grandmother.  I
have some bits of information that go back one generation further, beginning with David SELBY.  I have more details on the BUCKNER and PARKER lines:
Descendants of SELBY David
A : David Selby, born in Wales, died in 1917, married Anna Evans, in 1876 (born in 1857 in Aberdeen, South Wales and died the 3 January 1935, daughter of David Evans and Eleanor ). He had 8 children :
 1. Elnore "Nellie" Selby, born the 2 June 1878, died in 1918, married
Oliver Ray Buckner, the 1 December 1918 (son of Sylvester Buckner and Nancy A. Powers). (Notes : Spelling also found as Eleanor)
She had 6 children : Esther Essie Selby, born the 3 August 1881, died the 27 January 1956, married (male) Gipple.
3 : Franklin Grover Selby, born the 9 November 1888, died the 9 March 1906.
4 : Andrew Selby, born in 1888.
5 : Maggie Selby, born in Adair, IA the 18 September 1891, died the 2 November 1965, married Cleveland Ellsworth Parker (born the 19 July 1888 innr Anita, IA and died the 20 October 1953, son of Benjamin Franklin Parker and Hannah Hendershay Akers).  She had 5 children : 6 : Edna Selby, born the 4 March 1894, died the 19 March 1959, married Arch Angel.  1 child : 7 : John Cleveland Selby, born the 18 July 1896, was christened the 3 May 1961.
8 : Ethelda Selby, born the 31 December 1896, died the 6 May 1961,
married (male) Moore.  She had 2 children : Thanks Norma Nielson  <>

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 KARLA COLLINSWORTH Please e-mail me
My earliest known ancestor is Nathaniel Selby b. 1814 in KY married to
Obedience Bunch (isn't that a great name!!) b. 1820 TN.  They married abt
1840 in Newton Co. AR and had to my knowledge 7 children:
*Sarah b. abt1842AR
*Mary Emeline b.1844
*John C.B. b.1847
*William Joshua b. 1850;
*Nathaniel; *Charles; and *baby girl.

The family story is that William Joshua signed up to fight as a young boy
in the Confederate Army and when he came home afterwards he could never find his parents.  Thus, all trace of them was lost.
Can anyone help put this family back together??  I would welcome any help.
Thanks Karla Collinsworth

Diane GOOD  Please e-mail me
My Selby connection is through my great great grandmother, Lovica Selby, who married Charles J. Good in Wisconsin.  Charles and Lovica lived in Lafayette county, Wisconsin, moved to Adams county, Iowa, and finally settled in Bates county, Missouri.  They are both buried at West Point cemetery in Bates county. I have little information about Lovica, but have been able to piece together bits from a variety of sources.  The most recent link I found while researching at the National Archives in KC.  This is the Selby link as I know it:

John N. Selby married Elizabeth Roberts in Knox co, OH on 16 Mar 1837.
Lovica was their first-born, arriving on 30 Mar 1837 (date from her
tombstone--short honeymoon?).  She is listed in the 1850 Morrow co, OH census as Louisa.  Other siblings include: Ophelia (b ca 1840 in OH), Felicia (Pelissa b ca 1843 in OH), Lloyd B (Lloyd Benson b 4 Aug 1847 in Licking co, OH), Isaac M (Isaac Milton b ca 1849 in OH) and Byram (or Byron b ca 1850 in OH).  Apparently Elizabeth died and John N. married Mary Casey on 23 June 1853 in Morrow co, OH.  The 1860 census for Lafayette co, WI lists John N. (age 46?) and Mary (b ca 1825) with children Ophelia, Felicia (Philessa), Marshall (b ca 1844), Clarinda (b ca 1846), Lloyd, Milton (Isaac Milton), and Margaret (b ca 1855).  From another source I have additional children of John N. and Mary that
include Rollin Watson Selby (b ca 1861) and Seymour D Selby (b ca 1863).

Charles J. Good (whose father was Richard Good) and Lovica Selby Good can be found in the 1870 Montgomery Co., IA and the 1880 Adams Co., IA with the following children:
John Byron (b 1858) who "disappeared" one day while riding his horse
  Thomas B. (1860-1878) who died when bit by a rattlesnake
  Fran Sigal (1863-1953)
  Richard Warner (1866-1953) my great grandfather
  Harriet Jane (1869-?)
  Charles Benjamin (1872-1942)
  Sarah (Sadie) (1874-1965)
  Margaret Ophelia (1878-1886)

Richard Warner (1866-1953) was the father of several children, including Richard Warner Good, M.D., who was my grandfather.  I would greatly appreciate any information that can supplement what I have, including the Selby ancestors of John N. Selby and Lovica's birthplace.
Thanks Diane Good <>

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Jim Herald   Please e-mail me and Visit My site
I only recently started researching my Selby line (which is the branch my
maternal grandmother).  I received an e-mail from someone who saw my
Rootsweb file and it sparked my interest in that direction.

I'm currently trying to find info on the line of Ruth Elizabeth Selby
b.06/03/1902 d.~11/1992.  Married to a Harry Estern Rudasill.  They both
lived in the the Virginia/Maryland area.  Ruth & Harry had children, one of
them being my grandmother - Dorothy Marie Rudasill b.06/18/1934 still
living.  She currently lives in Dundalk, MD.

If you need more information, you can visit my web page (I'm still tweaking
it) at:

Jim Herald (
Topeka, KS

 Lisa Selby Davis   Please e-mail me
 MANY Selby's are still here in southern Indiana (esp Pike Co.)  Here's the
info I have as far back as I have it:

John Overlin McGrooder Selby   b. 2 Mar,1774    ?where  d.16 Apr,1834
buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery  m. Sarah M. ?    He came from NC to IN prior to 1807 looking for place to settle, but too many Indians here.
Moved to KY instead for a few years.  Later  moved his family; to Pike Co,
IN  Madison Twp small community called White Oak Springs. (info obtained from Pike Co History by McClellan 1976).

Children of John and Sarah:
1. Richard   b.29May1804  d.11 Aug,1869  m.Betsy Ann Gladdish
2. Katherine  b.? d. ? m. James R. Kinman
3. John O. M. Jr.  b. 2 Sept,1808   d.9 July,1871  m.Nancy Brenton (dtr of
Peter Brenton founder of Petersburg, IN)-------- my line.

Children of Richard and Betsy Ann Selby: 12 children born only 9 lived to
1. John O. M.;    2.Jeremiah;   3. Nancy  ; 4. George W;   5. Henry G;
6. Katherine;  7. Jane;  8. Lowery;  9. Betsy Ann
Children of Katherine (Selby) and James Kinman
1. John;   2. George;   3. Richard;   4. Jay;   5. William
and four daughters first names unknown to me
Mrs. Joe Brenton, Mrs Al Hollen, Mrs. Sye Morton, and Mrs. Joe Fettinger
Children of John O. M. and Nancy Brenton Selby
1. Peter B.  b.25 Sept,1825  d. 3 Dec, 1865  m. Eliza J. Butler---my line
2. John Hood; 3. Richard; 4. Sally; 5. William H. ; 6. Katherine; 7. Jane
8. Winfield S.; 9. Nancy; 10.Ellen; 11.Abb; 12.Betty
 I have my line
on down from Peter B. Selby  to myself if anybody is interested.  I thought
it too much information to place here.

Thanks Lisa Selby Davis <>

Peter Fulton Ordway Please e-mail me
 My Selby ancestors are summarized below. Note that the information is as yet unconfirmed (at least by me) from primary sources. Any help with additions, corrections and particularly citation of primary documentation would be MOST appreciated.  I also have other collateral Selby information from a variety of sources, Belle Rowena SELBY married William Newlan FULTON in November 1864 in Newark, Ohio. (Licking County). They were my maternal g-grandparents. Belle SELBY's parents were Milton SELBY and Emily CONDICT. Milton SELBY, b. Nov. 15, 1809 in Anne Arundel Co., MD d. 1846 in Knox or Licking Co. OH.

Milton SELBY's parents were Caleb SELBY b.Apr. 7, 1780 in Anne Arundel Co. MD, d. 1858 in Licking Co. OH and Nancy LONGSWORTH, b. Apr.7, 1787 in Frederick Co. MD,d. 1856 in Licking Co. Ohio.

Caleb SELBY's parents were Nicholas SELBY, b. Abt. 1750, d. 11 August 1825 and Lucretia EVANS.

Nicholas SELBY's parents were Mordecai SELBY,b. abt. 1750, d. August 1825 and Hannah BARNES

Mordecai SELBY's parents were Samuel SELBY b. abt 1668, m. Dec. 12, 1717 and Sarah SMITH, de. abt 1720

Samuel SELBY's parents were William SELBYd. abt 1699 and Mary (?)

Thanks Peter Fulton Ordway  <>
Bokeelia, FL

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Sandy (Neely) Peterson Please email me  Or Visit My Site
My SELBY connection is Amee (or Amy) Selby, born before 1682.  Her father was William Selby, born about 1640 in Prince George County, MD, died about 1699 in Prince George County, MD.  He married Mary (?) ca

William and Mary's daughter, Amee (Amy) married Robert HAWKER.  Both Robert and Amee (Amy) SELBY, were born about 1682, had one *known* child named Elizabeth who was born on December 14, 1701.  Elizabeth married my 6th great grandfather, Samuel PRUITT, Sr., in 1720.  Samuel was born about 1684 in Northumberland County, MD, and died in 1760 in Montgomery County, MD.

According to my records, Samuel and Elizabeth Pruitt had three *known* of the children was my  5th great grandfather, Samuel
PRUITT,Jr. who was born about 1735 in MD and died in 1760 in Montgomery County, MD. He and my 5th great grandmother, Lucy OWEN (born 1736, died 1801 in Pittsylvania County, VA) married in 1754 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

Samuel PRUITT Jr. and Lucy OWEN had ten (known) children.  My 4th great grandfather, Benjamin PRUITT, was born about 1765 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died in Gwennett County, GA in 1840.  Benjamin married my 4th great grandmother, Mary WALTERS who was born in 1777 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Mary died before 1840 in Gwennett County, GA.  Mary's parents were Robert WALTERS and Mary (unknown last name).

Benjamin PRUITT and Mary WALTERS had one (known) child, Mary "Polly" Pruitt who was born on May 4, 1812 in Gwennett County, GA.  Mary died May 26, 1863 in the state of Texas.  She married my third great grandfather, Joseph Naler who was born April 26, 1808 in Gwennett County, GA.  Joseph died August 31, 1882 in Moody, TX.

Mary "Polly" PRUITT and Joseph NALER had several children, one of whom was my 2nd great grandmother, Mary NALER.  According to information that I have, Mary never married, but gave birth to my great grandmother, Amanda NALER.  Amanda was born on October 22, 1853 in Bland, TX and died in Moody, TX on August 31, 1947. It was Amanda NALER who married into my NEELY line (I have a great deal of information on my NEELY line).

Sandy (Neely) Peterson

Cindy Moynan Please e-mail me
Hi, looking for Thomas Selby born 1866 in Norton, England.  He served
aboard the clipper ship the Cutty Sark, first as 2nd mate later as 1st mate.  He then served aboard the Titania as master.  We don`t know what happened to him after that.  His wife left and came to Canada with her daughter her son-in-law (Osborn) and their son Thomas Osborn.  Also
looking for any other relatives to Thomas Selby.
 thanks Cindy Moynan <>

 Edna Bowman Dillon  Please E-mail me
My oldest known Selby is John Selby b. (?) Md. m. Rebecca Jones,
settled in Bourbon Cty., KY 1806, removed to Calloway Cty., 1804.
This family had 11 children:Isaiah, Jesse J., Assinith, William J., Anna,
John M., James H., Louis V., Eliza, Lucinda, Henry B.

Fifth child Anna Selby was my G-grandmother who married Joshua Selby
(cousin) march 04, 1832. Boone Cty., MO.

This information is from publication: PIONEER FAMILIES OF MISSOURI.

I have documented from census records:  1850 MO, Callaway Cty.,
Joshua Selby b. 1804. MD (my G-grandfather) md. Anna (Helina) Selby
John Selby b. 1776 MD, living in Household.

George M. Selby (son of Joshua) b. 1856 MO (my grandfather) md. Mary
Jane Breazeale (m. June 02, 1875, Cooke Cty., TX)

Will certainly appreciate any information that you may provide relating
to ancestory of John Selby b. MD, md. Rebecca Jones....also information on Joshua Selby b. 1804 MD.

Edna Bowman Dillon <>
Duncan, OK

Lois Selby Turner in Maryland Please  Email me
My earliest known Selby is:
William Henry Selby b. Sept. 11, 1814
    married Hannah Delphey b. July 14, 1821
    John W. Selby b. 1844  died in Civil War
    Annie Elizabeth Selby b. June 28, 1846
    George W. Selby b. Sept, 1847
    William M. or T. Selby b. Jan 3, 1849
    Mordecai Selby b. 1851
    Franklin Eugene Selby n. Nov 18, 1853
    Levi Selby b. Jan 16, 1855 --- My gg grandfather
    Noah P. Selby b. Sept 1856
    Marshall Newton Selby b. 1859
    Joseph Selby b. June 8, 1861
    Margaret N. Selby b. 1864
   I have all of the childrens spouses and children down to present time.
Looking for Wm's parents.
   There is a Sarah Selby who married Levi Fleagle in Carroll Co and I'm
wondering if she might be his sister and my gg grandfather is named Levi
after her husband. The Fleagle's lived in the same area of Carroll Co as Wm and
Hannah and the Fleagle names are similar to Wm's children's names. William
and Hannah lived in New Windsor. They are buried at the Presbytarian Church
Cemetery in New Windsor. Levi lived in Union Town and is buried in Church
of God Cemetery in Uniontown.
   Happy to share my info with any relatives.!!!!!
 Lois Selby Turner in Maryland   <>

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