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All on this page are descendants of William Atkinson Selby (Nov 17, 1757-Aug 2, 1809) For this line you might also want to view our 5 Page Bio of  his ancestors, descendants and a little about William Atkinson Selby.  This can also be accessed from our Selby homepage in our 'tidbits' section.

 Nancy DeVore Williams PLEASE  e-mail me  or Visit My site

For more on this line see:William Atkinson Selby

This early line is centered around Somerset and Worcester Co., Md.  William Atkinson Selby and his wife Sarah White Townsend are said to have died in 1809 in either Worcester Co., MD or Bourbon Co., KY.  Most, maybe all, of their descndants migrated to Bourbon Co., KY, many of them continuing on to Indiana, Illinois and points west.  The following  4 researchers  are 'cousins' of mine, as they are also descendants of William Atkinson and Sarah White Townsend Selby and their posting follow: 

Ernie Grubb, Bill Willbanks, Bob Crum, Janet Selby

My Most Wanted is WAS' {frequently substituted for William Atkinson Selby} daughter RHODA SELBY TATE b. April 17, 1800.   She married William Tate and lived in Harrison and Bourbon Co.'s in Ky, Decatur and Rush Co.'s in IN and settled in Jasper Co., ILL. 

Thanks {listowner} Nancy DeVore Williams <>      

 Ernie Grubb Please  e-mail me

I descend from John Atkinson Selby, son of William Atkinson Selby  Mainly through the efforts of others, I have collected about 600-700 names of Selby descendents back to Thomas Selby b. 1630 IRELAND/ENGLAND?  I would be happy to share any or all of this collection via gedcom or other. 

* William Atkinson SELBY (17 NOV 1757) - (02 AUG 1809) 
            m. (28 FEB 1782) Sarah White TOWNSEND (1762) - (02 Sep 
. *John Atkinson SELBY (10 FEB 1783) - (26 OCT 1871) 
                 m. (22 OCT 1807) Annie McCALLIE (25 FEB 1785) - (CA 1824) 
. . *Sarah SELBY (30 JAN 1812) - (05 MAY 1893)   m. (17 NOV 1836) 
                 William Drummond ROBERTS (17 MAR 1808) - (07 SEP 1886)
. . . * Elizabeth Selby ROBERTS (26 MAR 1843) - (07 AUG 1923) 
                m. (24 NOV 1864) Oliver Job GRUBB (15 OCT 1836) - 
. . . . * Nola Selby GRUBB (14 OCT 1865) - (11 NOV 1933) 
                m. (26 DEC 1888) Emma Etta BEARD (27 OCT 1869) - 
. . . . . * Burris Stanley GRUBB (20 JUN 1899) - (25 JUL 1979) 
              m. (27 SEP 1922) Leta Earnestine GRIFFITH (21 JUN 1899) - 
. . . . . . * Ernest Harry GRUBB (14 OCT 1929) - 
                    m. (AUG 1963) Gloria Hall DAVIS (MAIER) (ABT. 1939) - 
. . . . . . .       m. (13 NOV 1977) Elizabeth "Ann" GILCHRIST (17 MAY 1939) 

Thanks Ernie Grubb <> 

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Bill Willbanks Please  e-mail me

I also share Nancy and Ernie's ancestry through William Atkinson Selby.  I also share John Atkinson Selby with Ernie Grubb, previous, as follows: 

* William Atkinson SELBY (17 NOV 1757) - (02 AUG 1809) 
            m. (28 FEB 1782) Sarah White TOWNSEND (1762) - (02 Sep 
. ** John Atkinson SELBY (10 FEB 1783) - (26 OCT 1871) 
                 m. (22 OCT 1807) Annie McCALLIE (25 FEB 1785) - (CA 1824) 
     ***Benjamin F. Selby 1833-?? IN 
            *John Franklin Selby 1854-1926 IN-OK 
                  *Aciel Elsworth Selby 1879-1925 IL-MO-Ok 

I am seeking information on BENJAMIN F. SELBY, b June 7,1833 Rush County  Indiana. 17 Oct 1853 married MALINDA RADER in Rush County, Indiana.  I  Last I could locate him(Benjamin) was in Frankford Indiana on 13 September 1854 when his son JOHN F SELBY was born.  

UPDATE {4/9/98] A distant, distant, distant, cousin died earlier this year.  While a relative was going through some of her notes found data indicating Benjamin F. Selby died at 2:00 O'Clock Dec 7, 1857.  No indication if A.M. or P.M. nor did it indicate where the death occur.  In other notes Benjamin's son, WILLIAM A. SELBY was seriously ill on Feb
28, 1926 in Kansas City, Kansas. William A. Selby was 71 years of age at that time. Records indicate he was employed at the Stockyards.

Thanks for any and all information

William  A.  Willbanks<>   

Robert (Bob) Crum  Please e-mail me

I descend from Barkley Townsend Selby, son of William Atkinson Selby  Most of my Selby genealogy was received through the generosity and efforts of others, and I will be happy to share any of the Selby information.

*William Atkinson SELBY  b. Nov 17, 1757-Worcester Co.,MD  
                                         d. Aug 2,1809-Bourbon Co Ky
         m. (Feb 28, 1782) Sarah White TOWNSEND b. 1762--Worcester Co MD
                                                                            d. Sept 1809--Bourbon Co KY
  **Barkley Townsend SELBY b. Nov 21, 1784--Worcester Co. MD
                                              d. May 14, 1874--Shelby Co. IL
     m. Aug 20, 1807--Bourbon Co KY Elizabeth DRUMMOND  b. Dec 12,1785--KY
                                              d. July 15, 1816--Shelby Co IL
  *** William Atkinson SELBY II   b. Feb 19, 1810--KY  d. Oct 27, 1834--Shelby IL
           m. Jan 1, 1833--Shelby Co IL Eliza WILLIAM 
  ****James B SELBY  b. Oct 18,1833--IL    d. Oct 8, 1905--Tower Hill, ILL
             m. Sept 16, 1858--Shelby Co IL  Elizabeth HARMON b.Sept 7, 1839--IL
                                                            d. Mar 23, 1890--Marionville, MO
  *****John William SELBY b. Nov 8, 1865-Shelby Co IL d. Mar 1, 1929-Tower Hill, IL
             m. Dec 23, 1900--Tower Hill, IL  Mattie Butzer WISE 
               b. Jan 13, 1874--Rockport, Spencer Co, IN  d. Dec 13, 1905--Tower Hill, IL
  ******Ernest Lee CRUM b. July 3, 1901--Shelby Co IL  d. June 02,1996--Boulder,CO
                  m. Dec 6, 1923--Shelbyville, IL  Leah Enola SELBY 
                               b. Sept 22, 1902--Tower Hill, IL  d. Feb 19, 1998--Boulder, CO  .*Robert John CRUM --Pana, Christian Co, IL    m.--Chicago, Cook Co, IL                       Betty Elizabeth LEPPER Most wanted information:  The transport and origin from Ireland/England(?)  of Thomas Selby I
Thanks  Robert (Bob) Crum

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Janet Selby  Please e-mail me

I am descended from William Atkinson SELBY and Sarah White (TOWNSEND) SELBY through their son Joshua A. SELBY, b. 17 Jul 1795, MD, d.15 Jul 1867 Decatur Co. IN. Joshua A. married Mary RIGGEN 13 Nov 1816 in Nicholas Co.KY.
MY MOST WANTED: It is their son Jesse, b. abt 1828, probably Rush Co. IN, who is giving me some trouble. Jesse SELBY married first Francis A. ? who died with her infant daughter in 1858. Jesse then married Comfort L. MITCHELL in 1860 in Shelby Co. IN. I found land records for Jesse and Comfort in Decatur Co. and Shelby Co. IN
until about 1881. Then I have nothing and I don't know where they went, where they died or where they are buried. Jesse and Comfort may have gone somewhere with Comfort's parents, Fielding and Mary (ALLEY) MITCHELL, who would have been in their 70s. I don't have death information on them either.
 My grandfather Joshua Norman SELBY, b. 1867 in Decatur or Shelby Co. IN, appeared in Kansas by 1898 when he married my grandmother Eva May JONES in Washington Co. KS. They lived first in Effingham near Atchison and then in Kipp, Saline Co. KS.
If anyone has come (or does come) across my elusive pair, Jesse and
Comfort, please let me know.
Thanks, Janet  Selby<>


I am a descendant of Wm. Atkinson Selby who married Sarah White Townsend,
28 Feb, 1782.  Wm.'s father was John Selby, his mother was Mary Atkinson. I descend from WAS' son Joshua Selby.  His dau. Eliza Jane was my greeat-grandmother.

A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature by Papenfuse, Day,
Jordan, and Stiverson Vol 2, I to Z says in part:
William Atkinson Selby [1757-?], son of John Selby of Nassawadux, Pocomoke
Hundred, Worcester Co., was indicted by the Warcester County Court in June
1779 for "going over to the enemy".  He was a great-great-grandson of
Thomas Selby [?-1702], who immigrated to Maryland from Accomack County, Va. by
1674.  His grandfather was John, son of Thomas [?-1758], and his wife Margaret
Scholfield.  His mother was Mary Atkinson, daughter of Angelo Atkinson.

My 'most wanted'  info is documentation of this lineage from Thomas to Thomas to
John to John?  There are so many John Selbys in the early county records that I
can't tell who belongs to whom!

I have research papers of Charles L. Stewart, concerning the family of Wm.
A. Selby.  I am happy to copy and mail for costs.  Consists of 15 pages.

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