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Steven Robert Selby,  Please E-mail Me

I would appreciate any information on my great-grandfather Thomas Tresham Selby born Dec 10, 1854 in Peterborough, England.
I know that he came to Canada in 1882 with his brother Gerrard, but I know nothing before then.
Steven Robert Selby
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


I would like to find the parents and siblings of Jane Selby who married
William Strother.  Both I believe were from England.  He was born in 1598
and died in 1657 to give you a frame of reference.  I'm hoping someone will be
able to help me...

From: "Keith Kinne" <>
I am looking for information on a John S. Selby who was born in 1836 in
Missouri and had a daughter (wife's name was Sarah) named Mary Selby who
was born in California on June 27, 1865.  Any information would be greatly
"Keith Kinne" <>

From:  JuliaR <>
My maternal grandmother, Alberta Irene Selby Sherier, moved from a small town in Howard(?) County to Washington DC at age 14 in 1893 with the rest of her family to join their father who had taken work at the Navy Yard a year or so earlier.  Her siblings included Lillian Selby (blocking on her married name) and Rutherford, and probably several others whose names elude me at this moment.  Selby appears to be a fairly common surname in Montgomery County, MD.  I do not know if we are related but would be pleased to find out.
 JuliaR <>

  Carol Stultz  Please E-mail me
I just worked my way through to your web-page and decided I should give you information on the line I am working.  It is my husband's line.  It seems that Josiah Selby, born c1776 in Maryland, married Mary Johnson, daughter of James & Eliz (Lindsey) Johnson, at Knox Co, IN. Dec 20, 1809.  As for documentation, I am just now trying to prove information on this, as data sent by a
cousin.  Their son, Lorenzo Dow Selby married at Knox Co, IN in 1847 to Mahala Pincard, also spelled Pinkard and they had a son and daughter. I am told that both Eveline and her brother, William are both living with their uncle, Robert Pinkard in Lawrence County, IL in 1860.  Eveline married at Cumberland Co, IL, to James Morris.  This marriage took place in 1869.  I need lots of
verification on this information.  Thank you!
Carol Stultz, C. G.
Genealogical Research & Publications
Danville, Hendricks County, IN.

Rich Cullen  Please E-mail me
Looking for info on Daniel SELBY (*-1694) mar. Mary Parker in Somerset Co.
children: Parker, Daniel, Phillip (1680-*), William and Mary. Mainly
interested in son Phillip's line.

Rich Cullen

Rowena Selby  Please E-mail me
I am researching the Selby family for my children.  This family came
from Ashland County Ohio, starting with Thomas in 1782.  They moved to
Kansas  and settled in and around Pomona in Franklin County. I would
like to hear from you to see if there is a connection anywhere.  In my
looking, I have found that it is a rather comon name.   Thanks.
Rowena Selby <>

Donna Blus Please E-mail Me
My Mother has been gathering the family history of the Selby side of our family. My Mother does not have e-mail but I do so I am writing for her in hopes that you can help.  This is the history that we have that was given to us by my GreatAunt Janet L. Leon.  I shall start with my name and work backwards to the Selby name.We do not have a lot of dates for you, I am sorry.
   Donna Darlene Weil Blus born 01-04-41 in North Platte, Nebraska.
   Donna's Mother- Norma Maxine Lawrence Weil Boeh born 11-15-1921
   Norma's Father-Dewey McKinly Lawrence born 06-15-1898 died 06-15-1969
   Dewey's mother- Lenora Townsend Moyer born 08-24-1865 died 12-22-1959
   Lenora's parents Samuel Moyer (born in Ohio, no date, buried in Lincoln, NB,no date)
    and Mary Elizabeth Martin Selby (birth date and birth   place not available) were married  on
   11-28-1860 (place unknown). Besides       Lenora, other children were Lucretia (a.k.a. Lucy),
    Hattie, Ian, Mary  Rosetta.  Mary Elizabeth Selby's parents were Jeremiah Selby and Mary Sarah
    Cunningham (no dates or places available).
My great aunt indicated the Selby family gave land for the cemetery, a church, and school.  She indicated that the Selby Abbey in England was connected with the family, and that Shelbyville was named after the Selbys, but she had no idea how or why the "h" was inserted into the name of the
town and county.  If you can fill in questions regarding the date, place, names, or the addition of the "h", we would be most grateful.
                            Thank you very much,
                          Donna Blus      Larry & Donna <>

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