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Misc. SELBY Census, Marriage and other vital records

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Some Misc. Selby's from the 1880 Federal Census Following is all the SELBY information contained in a 1% sampling of the 1880 Federal census. compiled by the history department at the University of Minnesota.  The header line for each file includes County, State, Enumeration District Number, Reel Number, Page Number and Date. The
information included for each individual is Last Name, First Name, Race, Sex, Age, Relationship to Head of Household, Marital Status, Birthplace, Father's Birthplace and Mother's Birthplace.
submitted by Norma Nielsen   <>

Dakota Territory
TURNER Co., DT                Enum. Dist. 36   Reel 114  Page 304 Date:06/26
SELBY, WILLIAM                W M  37 Head           M Illinois               Indiana              Illinois
SELBY, MATILDA                W F  33 Wife             M Ohio                 Ohio                 Ohio
SELBY, FRANCIS M            W M  15 Child          S Wisconsin           Illinois                Ohio
SELBY, WILLIAM M.           W M  14 Child          S Wisconsin           Illinois                Ohio
SELBY, HARRISON E.          W M  12 Child         S Wisconsin           Illinois                Ohio
SELBY, SAMANTHA A          W F   7 Child          S Wisconsin           Illinois                Ohio
SELBY, CORA B.               W F   5 Child          S Dakota Territory      Illinois                Ohio
SELBY, ARTHUR D.             W M   2 Child      S Dakota Territory      Illin

FAYETTE Co., IN               Enum. Dist. 147  Reel 276  Page 117 Date:00/00
SELBY, JOHN                     W M  35 Head         M Kentucky       Virginia                Virginia
SELBY, ELIZABETH           W F  30 Wife           M Ohio                Indiana               Pennsylvania
SELBY, MINORA                W F   9 Child          S Indiana             Kentucky                Ohio
SELBY, HENRY                   W M   8 Child         S Indiana            Kentucky                Ohio
SELBY, CHARLES               W M   6 Child         S Indiana             Kentucky                Ohio

BALTIMORE Co., MD             Enum. Dist. 219  Reel 495  Page 323 Date:06/10
SELBY, WILLIAM H          W M  39 Head          M Maryland        Maryland                Maryland
SELBY, MARY E.               W F  38 Wife            M Maryland        Maryland                Maryland
SELBY, EDWIN C               W M  12 Child          S Maryland        Maryland                Maryland
SELBY, WALTER S.             W M  10 Child         S Maryland        Maryland                Maryland
SELBY, MIRA H.               W F   2 Child              S Maryland         Maryland                Maryland
MONTGOMERY Co., MD            Enum. Dist. 113  Reel 512  Page 345 Date:06/17
SELBY, ELIZA                 W F  63 Missing        S Maryland        Maryland                Maryland
MONTGOMERY Co., MD            Enum. Dist. 118  Reel 512  Page 436 Date:06/25
SELBY, ISAAC                 B M  35 Missing        S Maryland     Maryland                Maryland

CLERMONT Co., OH              Enum. Dist. 51   Reel 1000 Page 317 Date:06/01
SELBY, JOHN T                W M  52 Head           M Ohio   Maryland                Maryland
SELBY, EMMA                   W F  41 Wife            M Ohio   Maryland                Maryland
SELBY, JAMES E               W M  27 Child          S  Ohio     Ohio                    Ohio

ASHLAND Co., OH               Enum. Dist. 94   Reel 991  Page 240 Date: 06/05
SELBY, RICHARD               W M  23 Boarder        S  Ohio   Ohio                    Ohio

BRACKEN Co., KY               Enum. Dist. 10   Reel 404  Page 478 Date:06/07
SELBY, HENRIETTA             W F  50 Missing        S Kentucky      Blank                   Blank

BRANCH Co., MI                Enum. Dist. 32   Reel 573  Page 608 Date:06/14
SAYEMBY, THOMAS              W M  40 Head           M Indiana    England                 England
SAYEMBY, LORETTA             W F  36 Wife           M Indiana      Maryland                Ohio
SAYEMBY, GEORGE              W M  17 Child          S Indiana        Indiana                 Indiana
SAYEMBY, MAGGIE              W F  13 Child          S     Indiana     Indiana                 Indiana
SELBY, REBECCA               W F  76 Parent-in-law  W    Ohio        Virginia                Virginia

* Because of the "Parent-in-law" relationship listed, the other members of
this record appear to includ SELBY descendents, even though they were not
recorded with the SELBY name.

South Carolina
CHARLESTON Co., SC            Enum. Dist. 88   Reel 1223 Page 259  Date:06/08
SELBY, JOHN A            W M  62 Head    S     North Carolina  North Carolina      North Carolina

West Virginia
PLEASANTS Co., WV             Enum. Dist. 175  Reel 1411 Page 109 Date: 06/03
SELBY, JERAMIAH              W M  36 Head         M    Ohio              New York                Ohio
SELBY, CAROLINE              W F  31  Wife          M    Ohio              West Virginia           Ohio
SELBY, VINTON A.             W M   8  Child          S     Missouri              Ohio                  Ohio
SELBY, LENNET J                W F    2  Child          S     West Virginia       Ohio                 Ohio

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