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William Atkinson Selby
What we know of Him, His Ancestors & His Descendants

Originally compiled by Ellen McKowen with additions from various other Was Descendants.  For a clearer picture of who goes with whom please check out our
Selby Maillist Members Page 2

Page 1: WAS--His ancestors
Page 2: WAS--His military record and immediate family
Page 3: WAS--Children--Barkley Townsend Selby & William Selby
Page 4: WAS--Children--Joshua Selby  & Hasty Selby
Page 5: WAS--Children--Rhoda Selby Tate [coming soon, when I get to it  :?)


Page 1: WAS--His ancestors

A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature by Papenfuse, Day,
Jordan, and Stiverson Vol 2, I to Z says in part:

William Atkinson Selby [1757-?], son of John Selby of Nassawadux, Pocomoke
Hundred, Worcester Co., was indicted by the Warcester County Court in June
1779 for "going over to the enemy".  He was a great-great-grandson of
Thomas Selby [?-1702], who immigrated to Maryland from Accomack County, Va. by
1674. His grandfather was John, son of Thomas [?-1758], and his wife Margaret
Scholfield.  His mother was Mary Atkinson, daughter of Angelo Atkinson.
submitted by Evea Bachnak <>

It would appear that Donna Valley Russell is her book on Colonial Selby's outlined this ancestry as follows (Abstracted by Bill Willbanks:

* Thomas SELBY, Sr. (1623) - (1701-1702) m. *unknown
 * Thomas SELBY, Jr. (1649) - (bfr.12 OCT 1725) m. * unknown
   * Thomas SELBY I. (ABT.  1701) - (ABT.  1757)
       m. (ABT.  1715) Margaret SCHOOLFIELD (1689) - (aft.  1780)
.  .  * John SELBY Sr. (ABT.  1723) - (ABT.  1796)
         m. (24 SEP 1750) Mary ATKINSON (24 SEP 1730) - (10 DEC 1757)
.  .  .  . * William Atkinson SELBY (17 NOV 1757) - (02 AUG 1809)
              m. (28 FEB 1782) Sarah White TOWNSEND (1762) - (02 SEP 1809)

John Selby (descendant of  above Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, unknown) was born
10 Sep 1732 in Somerset Co., MD,and died Aft 1796 in Somerset MD.  He married
(1) Mary Atkinson, 24 Sep 1750 in Somerset Co., MD who was the daughter of
Angelo Atkinson and Rachel.  He married (2) Grace Fleming, 22 Oct 1758,
who was the daughter of John Fleming and Grace Milbourne.
( Notes for Grace Fleming: Widow of Stephen Fleming)

Children of John Selby and Mary Atkinson:
    Sarah Selby, born 3 Feb 1751/1752, Coventry Parish Co., MD, died unknown.
    John Selby, born 21 Aug 1754, Somerset MD, died unknown. [This John Selby
        was  the residuary legatee in 1779 of his uncle John Atkinson's will]
    William Atkinson Selby, born 25 May 1757, Somerset Co., MD, died 2 Aug
        1809, Worcester Co., MD. [also a residuary legatee in 1779 of his uncle  John
        Atkinson's estate]

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