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William Atkinson Selby
What we know of Him, His Ancestors & His Descendants

Originally compiled by Ellen McKowen with additions from various other Was Descendants.  For a clearer picture of who goes with whom please check out our
Selby Maillist Members Page 2

Page 1: WAS--His ancestors
Page 2: WAS--His military record and immediate family
Page 3: WAS--Children--Barkley Townsend Selby & William Selby
Page 4: WAS--Children--Joshua Selby  & Hasty Selby
Page 5: WAS--Children--Rhoda Selby Tate [coming soon, when I get to it  :?)

Page 4: WAS--Children Joshua and Hasty Selby

Joshua Selby was for 17 Jul 1795 in Worcester Co., MD and died 15 Jul
1867 in Decatur Co., IN,  He married Mary Riggin 13 Nov 1816 in Nicholas
Co., KY.


1.  Joseph J Selby, born 1820, died 1910

2.  William M. Selby, born 18 Jan 1820  The two must have been twins but
I don't find that note in the bible.

3.  Nancy Selby, b 24 Jul 1821 Harrison Co., KY, died 28 Feb 1884 in
Decatur Co., IN

4.  America Selby, born 30 Aug 1823, died 6 Dec 1910

5.  Columbus Selby, born 1826, died 1915, married Sally Ann Billington
13 Oct 1844, Rush Co. IN.

6.  Emily Selby, born 9 Feb 1827, Rush Co., IN, died 10 Nov 1913, Gray
Co., KY

7.  Jesse Selby, born 1818, died 1829.

(data on these children came from sources other than the bible.

HASTY SELBY, born 26 Sep 1797 in Worcester Co., MD,and died 6 May 1854
in Willow Hill, Jasper Co., IL.  He married Rachel Johnston 16 Feb 1819
in Nicholas Co. KY  Both Hasty and Rachel are buried in Selby-Brown
Cemetery, Willow Hill, Jasper Co., IN.

Hasty is spelled "HAST" in the bible.

Children of Hasty and Rachel are:

1.  Joseph J. b. 21 Dec 1819, Nicholas Co., KY, died 8 Jun 1854.

2.  Laban (Laben), born 13 Mar 1822, KY, died 6 Mar 1856, married
Rebecca Jane Dale, 8 Jul 1849, Rush Co., IN.

3.  Sarah , bor 1 Feb 1825, died 6 Jun 1843, married James H. Dixon, 27
Dec 1843.  (Sorry but somehow is hit the wrong button and lost the place
of marriage will look for it later.)

4. John B (R) born 4 May 1827, died 16 Jan 1847

5.  Gabriel McDuffee Selby, born 28 Dec 1830, Rush Co., IN, died 25 Feb
1910.  Married (1) Elizabeth Stewart; (2) Hester A Baker, 1851..

(I will comment more on the McDuffee name at a later time.  We have
several of them in the bible.)

6.  William Bartlett Selby, born 11 Jun 1833, Rushville, Rush Co., IN,
died 9 Feb 1921, Willow Hill, Jasper Co.

7.  Ann Eliza  born 1 Dec 1836 Rushville, Rush Co., IN, died 11 Feb

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