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Index card files of Dorothy Davis Smith, with permission to share:

"Union Service Records, AR" 1st Cavalry:
      James M. Duncan, b. ca 1839, Co. C, sgt, E-wr July 62 Springfield MO. CDB: age 23, b. Warren Co. TN
      John C. Duncan, b. ca 1826-36, Co. H, E-7 Aug 1862 Green Co. MO. CDB: age 26, b. Gaskanade Co. MO; age 36 on 2 muster rolls.
      Lemuel J. Duncan, b. ca 1804-17, Co. C., E-24 July 1862 Madison Co. AR, DA 27 Mar. 1863, age 58, b. Greenville Co. SC; age show as 45 & 50.
      William H. Duncan (Wm. M.), b. ca 1837-40, Co. C, E-24 July 1862 Madison Co. AR, age 22 or 25, d. 1 Jan. 1863 Fayetteville.

"Union Service Records, AR" 2nd Cavalry:
      Charles C. Duncan, b. ca 1836, Co. H, enlisted 17 Sept. 1863 Fort Smith; CDB: age 27, b. Dyer Co. TN
      John W. Duncan, b. ca 1835-44, Co. C, enl. 1 April 1864 Batesville; CDB: age 29 b. Cannon Co. TN, Res. Washington Twp, Lawrence Co. AR.
      John W. Duncan, another CDB: age 18, b. Bedford Co. TN; also served in Co. D, 4th Iowa Cavalry.
      William A. Duncan, b. ca 1845, Co. C, enl. 1 Jan. 1863 Houston, MO; CDB: age 18, b. Cannon Co. TN; also in Co. L, 4th Iowa Cav.

"Union Service Records, AR" 3rd Cavalry:
      William Duncan (Dunkin), b. ca 1841, Co. I, E 21 Nov. 1863 Pope Co. AR, CDB: 2, b. KY
      Pinkney Dunkin, Co. K, E 11 Aug. 1864 Lewisburg.
      Stephine T. Dunkin, b. ca 1845, Co. K, E 10 Aug. 1864 Lewisburg, CDB: age 19, b. Colwell Co. KY, R(?)- Burrowsville, Searcy Co. AR, d. 21 Oct. 1864 Little Rock.

"Union Service Records, AR" 1st Infantry:
      William R. Dunkin, b. ca 1847, Co. C, E- 19 Mar. 1864 Ft. Smith, CDB: age 18, b. Gaskinadd (Gaskenade) Co. MO.

Confederate Service Records, AR, Misc. Roll 255:
      John Duncan, cpt. Co. F, 5th Ark. Cav., C-9/10/63 Little Rock

Confederate Service Records - AR Checklist; Index
      A. Duncan, C-27 Inf.
      A.C. Duncan, Old C-2 Inf
      A.G. Duncan, I-1 Vols
      A.S. Duncan, K-6 Inf.
      C.A. Duncan, G-10 Inf.
      C.G. Duncan, D-34 Inf.
      C.G. Duncan, D-1 Cav (Dobbins)
      Daniel Duncan, F-1 Cav
      Eli Dunkin, B-21 Inf.
      Eli Dunkin, F-14 Inf. (McCarver)
      F.M. Duncan, I-32 Inf.
      G.Dunkin, G-13 Inf.
      George G. Duncan, H-9 Inf.
      George W. Duncan, Dunnington's Battery Arty
      Geo. W. Duncan, G-5 Inf.
      Green Duncan, B-4 Inf.
      G.W. Duncan, 19 Inf (Dawson)
      G.W. Dunkin, E-7 Inf.
      J.A. Duncan, B-7 Mil.
      James Duncan, I-16 Inf
      J.C. Duncan, C-1 Cav (Dobbins)
      J.C. Duncan, 2 Inf.
      J.D. Duncan, 27 Inf.
      J.H. Duncan, C-Adams Inf.
      John Duncan, F-5 Cav.
      John Duncan, F-30 Inf.
      John Dunkin, I-15 Inf (NW)
      John O. Duncan, G-45 Mil.
      John P. Duncan, C-1 Vol.
      John W. Duncan, 10 Inf.
      John W. Duncan, F-36 Inf.
      John W. Dunkin, B-21 Inf.
      John W. Dunkin, I-14 Inf (McCarver)
      J.P. Duncan, K-24 Inf.
      J.W. Duncan, B-Gordon's Cav.
      J.W. Duncan, D-34 Inf.
      K.M. Dunkan, G-1 Mtd Rifles [MAD: see Van Buren & Searcy Cos. AR]
      King M. Duncan, B-31 Inf. [MAD: see Van Buren & Searcy Cos. AR]
      M.Duncan, C-2 Vols.
      M.Duncan, E-38 Inf.
      M.Duncan, E-38 Inf. (twice)
      Marshel Dunkin, Old D-8 Inf
      Moses Duncan, B-4 Inf.
      Pierce B. Duncan, G-3 Cav. [MAD: see Pierce B. b. 1834 in Anderson SC 1850]
      Presley Duncin, F-8 Cav [MAD: see Sharp Co. AR]
      R.A. Duncan, Lt. Col., 13 Inf.
      R.F. Duncan, E-Cocke's Inf.
      Richard K. Duncan, Gordon's Cav.
      R.L. Duncan, B/D 19 Inf. (Dawson)
      Robert Duncan, 27 Inf.
      R.Z. Duncan, C-5 Inf.
      Samuel J. Duncan, Traitor's Ark Cav.
      S.J. Duncan, K-24 Inf.
      S.K. Duncan, D-34 Inf.
      T. Duncan, K-11 Inf.
      Thomas J. Duncan, A-25 Inf.
      T.J. Duncan, New E-2 Inf.
      W.A. Dunkin, B-21 Inf.
      W.B. Duncan, C-36 Inf.
      W.C. Duncan, Zimmerman's Battery
      W.C. Duncan, Desha Co. Battn, Militia
      W.H.W. Duncan, I-31 Inf.
      W.J. Duncan, K-15 Inf. (NW)
      W.J. Duncan, K-36 Inf.
      W.L. Duncan, G-1 Cav (Monroe)
      W.W. Duncan, D-5 Inf.
      W.Z. Duncan, C-45 Mil.
      Wiley G. Duncum, F-36 Inf.
      Wiley C. Duncan, F-Cocke's Inf.
      William Duncan, B-Gordon's Cav.
      William Duncan, A-16 Inf.
      William Duncan, I-16 Inf.
      William Duncan, D-34 Inf.
      William A. Dunkin, F-14 Inf (McCarver)
      William C. Duncan, I-26 Inf.
      William L. Duncan, D-1 Inf. (Colquitt)
      William T. Duncan, New B-8 Inf.
      William T. Duncan, K-9 Inf.
      William W. Duncan, E-1 Mtd Rifles
      Z.R. Duncan, B-1 Cav (Monroe) [MAD: see Crawford Co. AR]


TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,650)
      #1407, C.A. Duncan, filed Nov. 21, 1893, rejected; applicant C.A. Duncan, native of MS, now res. Whiteville, Hardeman Co. TN, soldier from AR, member Co.G, 10th AR Volunteers, injured seige of Port Hudson, LA, partially paralyzed; born Tippah Co. MS (MAD: no year, b.1836 per age), enlisted April 8, 1861, Col. A.R. Witt, Capt. G.T. Merrick, 1st Lt. C.A. Duncan, 2nd Lt. W.B. Burnett, 3rd Lt. Kelly; family consists of wife and one adopted son; I am 57 years old, my wife 42 years old, son 19 years old; res. of TN since 1866; /s/ 13 Nov. 1893; wit. L.C. Moore, J.N. Tisdale; piece of shell struck his skull.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.

      Duncan, Andrew J.; C 1 ARK Cav.; 1882 April 21, Invalid Appl. #447172, Cert. #299226, Ark. (MAD: 1860 Madison Co. AR census)
      Duncan, Andrew J.; A 65 En. MO Mil., Chester's Prov. Co., Johnson County En MO Mil.; 1909 April 1, Invalid Appl. #1382377, no cert., Ark. (MAD: Carroll Co. AR)
      Duncan, Berton B.; D 2 ARK Inf.; 1899 April 8, Invalid(S) Appl. #1224040, no cert., Ark.
      Duncan, Charles B., widow Duncan, Sarah C.; B & C 34 Iowa Inf.; 1880 June 14, Invalid Appl. #376259, Cert. #365057; 1904 Jan. 27, Widow Appl. #798717, Cert. #600201, Ark. (MAD: ? 1860 Monroe Co. IA census; see also Jasper Co. IA)
      Duncan, Charles C., widow Duncan, Fannie D.; H 2 ARK Cav.; 1880 May 14, Invalid Appl. #365306, Cert. #510856; 1910 Jan. 14, Widow Appl. #933760, Cert. #707745, Ark. (MAD: 1860 Sebastian Co. AR census)
      Dunkin, Damon D.; F 3 MO Inf.; 1933 Jan. 3, Soldier(S) Appl. #1729550, Cert. #A-2-16-33, Ark.; remarks XC2654860.
      Duncan, David; B 4 ARK Inf.; 1891 Sept. 24, Invalid Appl. #1061769, no cert. (MAD: ?? Daniel David Duncan, 1860 Lawrence Co. AR census; 1870 Independence Co. AR census; 1880 Sharp Co. AR census; from Cannon Co. TN)
      Duncan, Francis M., widow Duncan, Mary A.; K 112 Ill Inf.; 1886 April 12, Invalid Appl. #569562, Cert. #417357; 1891 Feb. 18, Widow Appl. #498877, Cert. #585780, S.D. (MAD: mar. Mary Alice Grey 12/1861 in Henry Co. IL; ?? 1870 Jackson Co. AR ??; James Duncan & wife Mary in 1880 Henry Co. IL census; she ?? 1900 Davison Co. SD, son Burdett J. b.1876 IL)
      Duncan, George O.; L 3 MO Inf.; 1930 June 11, Invalid(S) Appl. #1670359, Cert. #A-11-19-30, Ark.; remarks C2591288.
      Duncan, Henry, widow Duncan, Harriet; A 57 US C. Inf.; 1898 Jan. 3, Widow Appl. #668266, no cert., Ark.
      Duncan, Hiram, widow Duncan, Phoebe J.; B Stone Co. MO H. Gds; 1892 June 15, Widow Appl. #552544, no cert., Ark. (MAD: 1860 Carroll Co. AR census)
      Duncan, James C., widow Duncan, Jennie B.; L 1 Tex. Cav.; 1920 Sept. 17, Invalid(S) Appl. #1441163, Cert. #1191284, Ark.; 1928 Nov. 14, Widow(S) Appl. #1628021, Cert. #A-8-12-29, Ark.
      Duncan, James L.; C 48 MO Inf.; 1905 Jan. 9, Invalid Appl. #1329955, no cert., Ark.
      Duncan, James M.; C 1 Ark. Cav.; 1888 May 7, Invalid Appl. #654774, Cert. #869339, Ark. (MAD: 1860 Madison Co. AR census)
      Duncan, John; F 4 Ark. Cold. Inf., F 57 US C. Inf.; 1890 Aug. 30, Invalid Appl. #890262, Cert. #1053232, Ark.; remarks C2532465.
      Dunkan, John, widow Dunkan, Julia A.; G 1 Ark. Cav.; 1873 Dec. 4, Widow Appl. #212753, no cert.
      Duncan, John C., widow Duncan, Malisa G?, Capt? (Con?) Widow? (written over "minor") Duncan, Sarah; H Ark. Cav. & Mexican War; 1880 June 17, Invalid Appl. #380028, Cert. #322465; 1890 Sept. 1, Widow Appl. #471710, no cert., MO; 1890 Dec. 20, Con?. widow Appl. #521611, no cert. MO. (MAD: enr. Greene Co. MO, b. 1826-36 Gasconade Co. MO; ? 1860 Newton Co. AR census)
      Duncan, John P.; Major 13 KY Inf., F 13 KY Inf.; 1897 July 24, Invalid Appl. #1195248, no cert., Ark. (MAD: orig. mustered in at Camp Hobson, KY, near Greensburg, KY; Men were recruited from Casey, Green, Taylor, Hart, Nelson, Hardin, Grayson, Breckinridge and Meade Cos.)
      Duncan, John W., widow Duncan, Liddy; C 2 Ark. Cav., L 4 Ia. Cav.; 1890 July 31, Invalid Appl. #976729, Cert. #1054178, Ark.; 1903 Nov. 11, Widow Appl. #794528, Cert. #572909, Ark. (MAD: b.1846 Bedford Co. TN; ?? 1860 Lawrence Co. AR census)
      Duncan, Joseph, widow Duncan, Adelia; H 31 US C. Inf.; 1893 Feb. 14, Invalid Appl. #1146196, Cert. #915516, Ark.; 1905 March 29, Widow Appl. #824933, Cert. #596227, Ark.
      Duncan, Martin V., widow Duncan, Hattie A.; Band & I 22 Ind. Inf., K 1 Ind. H.A.; 1890 July 22, Invalid Appl. #848541, Cert. #605638, ARK; 1913 May 3, Widow Appl. #1007008, Cert. #760634, Ark. (MAD: 1850 Monroe Co. IN census; 1900 Washington Co. AR census)
      Duncan, Oliver P., widow Duncan, Laura J.; B 46 Ill. Inf.; 1890 July 28, Invalid Appl. #841673, Cert. #643093, Nebr.; 1897 April 13, Widow Appl. #652815, no cert., Ark. (MAD: 1860 Stephenson Co. IL; 1870 Black Hawk Co. IA, wife Laura J.; 1880 Hamilton Co. NE)
      Duncan, Pinkney, (alias)? Littleton, John P. (now Jouneth? ad); naval service, 1 Cl. Boy, Romeo; 1883? (1885?) July 28, Invalid Appl. #13485, Cert. #41973; remarks Died July 16? (11?), 1923, Arkansas City, Ark.
      Dunkin, Randall, minor Dunkin, Joseph et al; I 103 US C. Inf.; 1892 March 18, Minor Appl. #545362, no cert., Ark.
      Duncan, Reuben; D 63 US C. Inf.; 1890 July 26, Invalid Appl. #858250, Cert. #628725, Ark.
      Duncan, Robert, widow Qualls, Sarah H.; K 1 ARK Inf.; 1888 June 9, Widow Appl. #374109, no cert., Ark. (MAD: ? 1860 Benton Co. AR or Newton or Washington Co. AR census; see ? Sarah Duncan mar. Henry Qualls 1872 Perry Co. TN)
      Duncan, Thomas C.; D 1 Ark. Inf.; 1912 Dec. 27, Invalid(S) Appl. #1407512, Cert. #1206006, MO; remarks C2433864.
      Duncan, Virgil H., widow Duncan, Clara; M 2 Tex. Inf.; 1927 Oct. 8, Widow(S) Appl. #1593713, A-3-10-28, Ark.; remarks XC3000182.
      Duncan, Walter; H 2 Ark. Inf.; 1899 Aug. 17, Invalid(S) Appl. #1234460, Cert. #1293990, Ark.; remarks C2362540.
      Duncan, William; B 42 US C. Inf.; 1904 March 1, Invalid Appl. #1309404, Cert. #1158310, Ark.; remarks C2470323.
      Duncan, William, widow Duncan, Lydia; F 60 US C. Inf.; 1888 Nov. 17, Invalid Appl. #678858, Cert. #490206, Ark.; 1891 April 2, Widow Appl. #508337, Cert. #505618, Ark.
      Duncan, William A., widow Duncan, Eliza A.; C 2 Ark. Cav., L 4 Iowa Cav.; 1879 July 30, Invalid Appl. #300810, Cert. #477419; 1916? Feb. 23, Widow Appl. #1061248, Cert. #807405, Okla. (MAD: b.1845 Cannon Co. TN, son of Elizabeth; enrolled Houston, MO; "Alex" 1860 Lawrence Co. AR census)
      Duncan, William B.; F 16 Kans. Cav.; 1883 March 27, Invalid Appl. #477310, no cert., Ark. (MAD & GW: 1860 Brown Co. KS; 1880 Madison Co. AR)
      Duncan, William M., mother Duncan, Sarah M.; C 1 Ark. Cav.; 1882 March 8, Mother Appl. #290529, Cert. #230370. (MAD: b.1840, son of Lemuel 1850 Cannon Co. TN census, enr. Madison Co. AR; 1860 Madison Co. AR census)
      Duncan, William P.; C 21 Kans. Inf.; 1898 Dec. 27, Invalid(S) Appl. #1214971, Cert. #1287793, Ark.; remarks C2363644.
      Duncan, William R.; C 1 Ark. Inf.; 1902 Sept. 16, Invalid Appl. #1291096, Cert. #1156112, Ark.; remarks C2471821. (MAD: b. Gasconade Co. MO; 1850 Osage Co. MO census; 1860 Newton Co. AR census)
      Duncan, William R., widow Duncan, Nancy J.; A & C 18 Ill. Inf.; 1890 March 27, Invalid Appl. #764300, Cert. #568497, Ark.; 1915 Jan. 23, Widow Appl. #1040369, Cert. #805728, Ark.; remarks XC2690318. (MAD: ? Union Co. IL; 1910 Franklin Co. AR, William R. Duncan b.1847 AR, wife Nancy "I." b.1845 AR; ?? 1880 Franklin Co. AR, Wm. R. Duncan 34 AR, wife Belle 36 AR, or William Duncan 42 IL, wife Nancy J. 24 AR; W.R. Duncan, age 40, mar. Nancy J. Moffett, age 22, in 1879 in Franklin Co. AR)
      Duncan, William Z., widow Duncan, Margaret B.; I 3 Ark. Cav.; 1890 Aug. 23, Invalid Appl. #905344, Cert. #746181, Ark.; 1904 June 22, Widow Appl. #808970, Cert. #586692, Ark. (MAD: 1860 Searcy Co. AR census)
      Duncan, Willis; B 64 & B 69 US C. Inf.; 1887 Sept. 8, Invalid Appl. #621749, no cert., Ark.


Several volumes have been published by Desmond Walls Allen with information on Union and/or Confederate Soldiers in the Civil War, including Confederate pension applications. These frequently give places of birth and sometimes death, as well as enrollment.

"AR 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans" 3 vols., by Bobbie J. McLane and Capitola Glazner (FHL book 976.7 X2m and fiche 6,019,335; from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983 and Annetta Gibson 10/1986)
      This book contains a great deal of information about the men listed


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