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Kentucky Secretary of State's website (link from Ron Duncan 6/1/2008)

"The KY Land Grants" by Willard R. Jillson, 1925, and "Old KY Entries & Deeds" by Willard R. Jillson, 1926
      These books contain an excellent index to early land grants in Kentucky and should be consulted.

"KY Court of Appeals Deed Books A-G, H-N, O-U" Vol.1 to 3, and "KY Court of Appeals Deed Books V-Z, 1821-1835, and Supreme Court for Dist. of KY, State of VA, 1783-1792" Vol.IV, by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cook, 1985 (FHL book 976.9 R2c and other libraries)
      These volumes contain extracts from deeds from the KY Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, which are not found in the county court deed books, and may help to complete a chain of title to land where the Duncans lived.

VA State Land Office Surveys
   Book 3, 1780-1783 (FHL film 29,546)
      3-285: Surveyed Dec. 27, 1782, for James Duncan, 500 acres upon a treasury warrant, in Fayette Co. (KY) on head of a "drean" emptying into Stoners Fork of Licking on N.side, adj. Edward Wilson's land. Chain carriers Benjamin Couchman, Frederick Couchman; Marker: James Dunkin. (MAD: later Clark Co. KY)
   Book 4, 1780-1785 (FHL film 29,547)
      4-545: Surveyed 27 Dec. 1782 for James Duncan, 500 acres upon a treasury warrant, 500 acres in Fayette Co. (KY) upon the head of a drain emptying into Stoners Fork of Licken on N.side, adj. Edd. Wilson's land. Chain carriers Benjamin Couchman, Frederick Couchman; Marker James Dunkin. (plat has "No.323" in center) Rec. 18 July 1783, grant issued 15 June 1784. (MAD: later Clark Co. KY)
   Book 5, 1782-1786 (FHL film 29,548)
      5-407/8: Fayette Co. (KY), July 15, 1783, surveyed for James Duncan, 400 acres by virtue of a certificate for settlement entered Feb. 3, 1780, on N.fork of Lindsey's Run, a branch of S.fork of Elkhorn, adj. Fulton Lindsey's 1000 acre preemption; also 1,000 acres by virtue of preemption Warrant #853 entered Dec. 4, 1782, south of above, adj. William Lindsey's preemption, Stephen Lowary's line. Grant issd. April 1, 1785, 1,400. (MAD: later Scott Co. KY)
   Book 6, 1782-1786 (FHL film 29,549)
      6-458: Surveyed for Charles Duncan, 332 acres in Jefferson Co. (KY) by virtue of Treasury Warrant #2376 on waters of Beech Fork, at NE corner of John Wren's 500 acre survey (#1364 written in middle of plat). Dec. 7, 1783. Rec. 14 July '84, Grant issd 15 July 1785.
   Book 7, 1783-1785 (FHL film 29,550)
      7-155: Jan. 30, 1783, surveyed for John Constant assignee of James Duncan, on Treasury Warrant, land on Constances and Morgans forks? branches of Sarodes? fork of Licking in Fayette Co. (KY), adj. John Marshall corner, Morgan's Creek, Sterne's line, his preemption, Constances land (#218 in center of plat), 800 acres. Chainmen Isaak Clinkenbeard, Joshua Stamper; marker John Constant. Rec. May 24, 1783, Grant issd 15 June 1784. (MAD: later Clark ? or Bourbon ? Co. KY)
         (next document) May 20, 1780, James Duncan enters 800 acres upon a treasury warrant beg. at E. corner of John Constants preemption on E.branch of Strades (Strodes?) fork of Licking. I hereby assign my right etc. to above entry of 800a to John Constant for value recd. this 9 Dec. 1782. /s/ Js. Duncan. Wit. Edward Wilson.
   Book 9, 1784-1787 (FHL film 29,552)
      9-529: Jan. 27, 1783, surveyed for Nimrod Dunken, assignee of Geo. Slaughter, 325 acres (indexed 335 acres) by virtue of a Treasury Warrant entered #1605 in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of Hinkstons fork; chainmen John Sellers, John Bushong; marker Mathew Jeffries. This land assd by Nimrod Duncan to Christopher Summit. Rec. 9 Jan. 1784, Grant issd. (no date) (MAD: later Bourbon or Bath or Montgomery Co. KY; see Shelby Co. KY)
      9-630: Jan. 16, 1784, surveyed for James Duncan, on part of an entry made on Treasury Warrant #397 entered June 16, 1780, 255 acres in Fayette Co. (KY) on Stoners Fork of Licking on Sphars line. (plat shows #739 in center). Chainmen Isaac Constant, Isaiah Forster; marker John Donaldson. This land assd. by James Duncan to John Morgan. Retd. 27 July 1784, Grant issd. (no date). (MAD: later Clark Co. KY)
   Book 10, 1785-1791 (FHL film 29,553)
      10-45: Surveyed for Charles Duncan, 468 acres by virtue of part of a Treasury Warrant #2281 and part of #237 in Jefferson Co. (KY) on branch of Drenings Lick Creek adj. Valentine Harrison's 2000 acre survey on upper N. side. (#5262 in center of plat). Oct. 9, 1785. Chainmen William Drake and James Reeves, marker Thomas Reeves. 29 Jan. "1780". Ret. 16 Nov. 1786, Grant issd. 2 May 1788.
      10-256: Fayette Co. (KY), June 2, 1785, surveyed for Richard Gains, Esq., Charles Lee, Tilmon Hoofman and Charles Duncan, assignee of William McWilliams, 6615 acres agreeable to part of an entry made for 9106-1/2 acres on four treasury warrants #11385, #11386, #15572 and #15700, entered Nov. 21, 1783, on the Ohio River and Cabbin Creek. (plat of land #5538 shows this land surrounding 3 sides of James Brown's 325 acres on the Ohio River, and on two sides of a corner of Samuel Beall's 2,450 acres on the Ohio River.) Chainmen Giddeon Palmer, Robt. Gullion; marker Ellis Palmer. Retd. 23 March '87, Grant issd. 14 June 1788.
   Book 15, 1785-1786 (FHL film 29,558)
      15-98: July 22, 1784, surveyed for James Duncan assignee, 440 acres by virtue of entry 21 Dec. 1783 upon Treasury Warrant #11566, in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of a creek emptying into Licking on N.side, known as Johnson's fork, adj. SW corner of Montgomery's 500 acre survey, Graham's line and corner. (plat has #1891 in center). Chainmen William Clinkenbeard, Michael Cassiday; marker George Stocton. Rec. 13 Aug. 1784, Grant issd. 11 May 1786. (MAD: later Fleming or Mason Co. KY)

Old KY Land Grants (FHL film 272,819)
      3-259: 30 May 1793, Isaac Shelby Esq., Governor of KY, in consideration of four Land Office Military Warrants #3047, #3102, #3238, and #3380, to Benjamin Duncan and Abraham Chaplain assee of said Duncan, 800 acres by survey 2 March 1792 in the Dist. set apart for officers and soldiers of the VA Continental Line, on the Middle Fork of Baye's Creek, on the W.side of Creek. Exd. & Deld. per order 22 Dec. 1795. (MAD: see Warren Co. KY)
      3-260: 30 May 1793, Isaac Shelby Esq., Governor of KY, in consideration of Land Office Military Warrants #2677, to Abraham Chaplain, 800 acres by survey 21 March 1792 on Big Barren River adj. lower corner to Abraham Chaplain's survey of 520 acres opposite mouth of Baye's Creek. Exd. & deld. 22 Dec. 1795.

KY Land Grants West of TN River (county from Rand McNally's Commercial Atlas)
      1-418: 10 Dec. 1829, Grant #1126 to William Duncan, assignee of James Riley, for $40, the NW 1/4 Sec. 36, Twp 4, Range 3E, 160 acres; Calloway Co. (FHL film 272,866)
      10-344: 25 Jan. 1849, Grant #8856 to E.F. Duncan, assignee of John Roberson assignee of Wiley Weatherspoon, for $40, NW 1/4 Sec. 29, T1, Range 5E, 160 acres; Calloway Co. (FHL film 272,868)

KY Land Office, VA Military Warrants, by Warrant Number (FHL film 272,980)
      See Warren Co. KY, Old KY Land Grant 3-259
      Warrant #3047: To Julius Hite, for his services as Corpl in VA Cont. Line, 400 acres, 5 May 1784.
      Warrant #3102: To William Reynolds, assignee of Peter Griffin, soldier in the VA Cont. Line, 200 acres, 26 May 1784.
      Warrant #3238: To Alexd. Tomlinson, heir at law of Littleberry Tomlinson decd, for 3 years soldier in VA Cont. Line, 100 acres, 29 June 1784.
      Warrant #3380: To James Fairs, assignee of Claiborne Dowdy, for 3 years soldier in VA Cont. Line, 100 acres, 5 Aug. 1784.

Index to Green River (KY) Settlers' Records, at Lexington, KY (FHL film 174,984)
      (DMN: Green River is in western KY, flows north into the Ohio River, emptying around Paducah.)
      (MAD: no explanation of headings, probably acres, Warrant #, Volume 2 if "2" noted, page(s); see books by Jillson for similar info)
      Reuben Dunbar, 200a, Warrant #1349, Vol? 2, pg.? 138
      Joseph Duncan, 200a, #2377, 2, pg.? 61, 105
      Joseph Duncan, 200a, #3377, 2, 105
      Jos. Duncan, 310a, #53, 128
      Jos. Duncan, 200a, #63, 128
      Townsend Duncan, 200a, #3317, 2, p.131, 144
      Geo. Duncan, 111a, #668, 2, 136
      Joseph Duncan, 200a, #190, 2, 144
      Joseph Duncan, 100a, #977, 221
      Rice Duncan asee, 200a, #2048, 2, 222
      Jos. Duncan asee, 200, #1589, 222
      Rice Duncan asee, 200a, #2050, 2, 281
      Prior Duncan, 260a, #979, 284
      Prior Duncan, 200a, #992, 303
   2nd Item, same title; Land, "No.Let", folio
      Duncan, John, 293a, #238, 202
      Duncan, William, 200a, #1088, 205
      Duncan, William, 100a, #48, 4, 13
      Duncan, Wm., 200a, #1088, 59
      Duncan, William, 100a, #48, 98
      Duncan, Marvel, 150a, #34, 156

Treasurer's Land Records of Green River Settlers (KY), 1796-1806; at KY State Land Office; arranged by date, certificate number listed (FHL film 174,986; and from Dixie Normandy 10/1993)
      (DMN: Green River is in western KY, flows north into the Ohio River, emptying around Paducah.)
      Reuben Dunbar, grant Nov. 13, 1799, in Green Co. KY, #1349 (not Duncan)
      Joseph Duncan, assee, Oct. 10, 1800, Warren Co. KY, 200a, #2377; pg.38
      James Deacon, Oct. 10, 1800, Livingston Co. KY, 200a
      Joseph Duncan, Nov. 29, 1802, 200a Warren Co. KY #2377; pg.77
      Joseph Duncan, Dec. 21, 1803, Logan Co. KY, 310a (not found)
      Joseph Duncan, Dec. 21, 1803, Knox Co., 200a, #63, and 310a #53; pg.87
      George Duncan, Aug. 21, 1804, Wayne Co. KY, 111a #668; pg.93
      Towsend Duncan, Jan. 13, 1804, Muhlenberg Co. KY, 200a #3317; pg.88
      Townsend Duncan, March 23, 1805, 200a Muhlenberg Co., #3317; pg.99
      Joseph Duncan assee, Aug. 24, 1804(5), 200a, Knox Co., #190; pg.101
      Joseph Duncan, Nov. 24, 1805, 200a Knox Co. KY
   Part 2, Receipts, to 1806: Date, name of proprietor, #Cert, acres, county
   Part 3, 1807-1808
      Pg.6, Aug. 21, 1807, Harry Hodges assee of Isaac Titsworth, 200a Livingston Co., #79 (MAD: Hodge and Titsworth families in Sullivan Co. TN; unknown if any connection)
      Pg.8, Aug. 25, 1807, Fielding Wolf assee of J. Watson, 30a Christian Co., #1447 (MAD: see Calloway Co. KY)
      Pg.8, Aug. 25, 1807, Henry Wolf Junr., 200a Christian Co., #3348
      Pg.8, Aug. 25, 1807, Fielding Wolf, 40a Christian Co., #254
      Pg.15, July 22, 1807, Thos. J. Chilton, assee of Elijah Duncan, 120a Adair Co. #263
      Pg.36, Oct. 19, 1807, Rice Duncan, assee, 200a Warren Co. #2048
      Pg.36, Oct. 19, 1807, Joseph Duncan, assee, 200a same (Warren) Co. #1589
      Pg.37, Oct. 19, 1807, Joseph Duncan, 400a Warren Co. #977
      Pg.82, Nov. 13, 1807, Rice Duncan, assee, 200a Warren Co. #2050
      Pg.83, Nov. 13, 1807, Prior Duncan, 260a Warren Co. #979
      Pg.99, Nov. 18, 1807, Prior Duncan, assee, 200a Warren Co. #992
      Pg.113, Nov. 24, 1807, Wm. Duncan, assee, 200a Lincoln Co. #28
      Pg.125, Nov. 25, 1807, Marshall Duncan, 100a Warren Co. #41
      Pg.127, Nov. 25, 1807, Jno. Duncan, assee, 200a Logan Co. #2503
      Pg.129, Nov. 25, 1807, John Duncan, 100a Logan Co. #2441
      Pg.134, Nov. 26, 1807, John Duncan, 100a Lincoln Co. #279
      Pg.154, Nov. 28, 1807, Samuel Duncan, 94a Pulaski Co. #147
      Pg.154, Nov. 28, 1807, John Duncan, 150a Pulaski Co. #98
      Pg.154, Nov. 28, 1807, David Duncan, 273a Pulaski Co. #371
      (looked to pg.157, quit; film covers to 1825)


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