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HISTORIES before 1923

1891 "Biographical & Historical Cyclopedia of Indiana and Armstrong Cos. PA" by Samuel T. Wiley, pub. by John M. Gresham (Memphis Public Library book 974.889 W676b; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1985)
      Pg.190: Wm. Duncan, Blairsville [Indiana Co.] Merchant, son of James and Sarah (Clark) Duncan, b. Cambria Co. PA March 27, 1838. The paternal grandfather, William Duncan, emigrated latter part of 18th century from Scotland to America with two of his brothers, settled in Dauphin Co. Father James Duncan was b. 1800 Dauphin Co., moved to Cambria Co. Sarah (Clark) d. 1889 at age 82.
      Pg.206: Snyder Gen. Antes Snyder, b. Snyder Co. Dec. 9, 1836, son of George A. and Ellen (Duncan) Snyder, grandson of Gov. Simon Snyder; ggfather Anthony Snyder came 1758 to America from Germany, d. 1774. Gov. Snyder b. Lancaster Co. Nov. 5, 1759, d. Nov. 9, 1819.
      Pg.247: Indiana Co., Conemaugh Twp. 1807 taxables: Thomas Duncan, shoemaker.

"History of Indiana County, Penn'a." by Celoron; pub. Newark, Ohio: J.A. Caldwell, 1880, 548 pgs. (LH11364, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.889 H2h v.1&2 and film 908,661 items 1-2)
      Pg.211: Conemaugh Congregation of the United Presbyterian Church. ... First place of worship ... next ... The first parcel of ground, two acres and 155 perches, was conveyed by an article of agreement from Nicholas Coleman to Samuel Lyons, Samuel Parr and William Coleman, trustees of Conemaugh branch of the seceeding congregation of Indiana, on the 22d of December, 1817, and was deeded by W. Coleman and John Coleman to James Coleman, James Duncan and Robert Thompson, trustees &c, on the 30th of June 1832 and acknowledged before Samuel Templeton, Esq. ...
      Pg.237: Kelly's Station Baptist Church, organized April 1, 1879, constituents were ... D.C. Duncan, Jane Duncan, ...
      Pg.253: List of all the taxable inhabitants of Conemaugh Township, Indiana County, for A.D. 1807. .... Thomas Duncan, shoemaker; John Duncan, laborer; ...
      Pg.291: Forty-First Pennsylavnia Volunteers - Twelfth Reserves. Company H - Andrew J. Duncan, July 24, '61; died of wounds received at Fredericksburg, December 13, '62.
      Pg.292: Forty-Sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers. ... Jas. Duncan, July 13, '63; discharged by general order May 26, '65.
      Pg.298: Sixty-Seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. Jos. J. Duncan, October 29, 1862, company K, mustered out with company. Alexander Duncan, March 31, 1862, company E., veteran; discharged by special order, August 10, 1864. (pg.299) Company B, George W. Duncan, sergeant.
      Pg.342: SAMUEL SEBRING was born in Lycoming county in 1813, son of William and Deborah Sebring nee Tallman. ... He died in 1867 in his eighty-fourth year. His first wife (Deborah) died in 1838, in her forty-sixth year. His second wife was Sarah Fyock. The children by the first marriage were ... Nancy, m. first to Wilson Long, d., and second to George Duncan; ...
      Pg.370: WILLIAM RANSON, the road supervisor ... was born in county Monaghan, Ireland, in 1823, and was a son of David and Mary Ranson nee Windrum. The former died in 1878, at the age of ninety-two; the latter about five years previous, about eighty years of age. Their children were: William, m. in 1846 to Mary J. Duncan, of Nova Scotia; Isaac, a soldier in the war of 1861; John and David - the two latter residing in Ireland. William's children were: David, in the three months' service of 1861; Alexander, m. to Emma Truby; John, Evaline, Mary and William. Our subject came to America in 1842, ...
      Pg.375: JOHN RICHARDSON was born near Huntingdon, Huntingdon county, in 1828 and was a son of William Richardson, born in Huntingdon county, in 1803, and Mary Hawkensburg, who died in 1855 at the age of forty-eight. William Richardson came to Blairsville in 1836, where he and three sons were for many years engaged in the cooper trade. His children were: ... John, m. to Jane Fleming, daughter of Robert Fleming, of Butler county; ... John was in company D, 206th Pennsylvania volunteers, for one year. He was a cooper for thirty-three years, a constable for fifteen years, and has been a grocer for four years. John's children were: Robert, m. to Lida Duncan; Mary Agnes, d., m. to Leonidas Huff; George, m. to Addie Kinter; and Elizabeth.
      Pg.439: JAMES DUNCAN - Our subject is a son of Thomas Duncan and Dorcas Todd, both native born, who came from eastern Pennsylvania to this county about 1800, and settled on the farm in Young township now owned by Dr. Murray. Their children were: Letitia, d.; Martha, d., m. to Samuel Hart, d.; James, our subject, b. in 1798, m. to Elizabeth Matthews, now deceased, and settled on present homestead in 1829; Isabel, d., m. to Daniel Rhea, d.; Henry, d.; John, m. first to Miss Reed, d., second to Miss Duncan, d.; Mary, d., m. to Mr. McLane, d.; and Dorcas, d. The children of our subject were: John M., b. in 1825, m. to Elizabeth Coleman, b. in 1829; Dorcas, d., m. to William McCurdy. John M. remains on the homestead with our subject, his father, and his children are: Jas Matthews, now a theological student at Allegheny U.P. Seminary, and graduate of Monmouth College; Mary E.; Mattie J.; Robert C., d.; Tirzah E.; E. Alma; D. Edith; A. Josephine, d.; John E.; E. Jessie; M. Alice; Archy Wallace. Our subject is now eighty-two years old, and retains his faculties well. His son John M. is an elder in Conemaugh U.P. church. The homestead of our subject was settled by John Matthews, pioneer, and included the Oliver farm, J. and M. Matthews farm and three Ewing farms.
      Pg.481-482: MRS. MARY HALL was born in what is now White township, on the 22d of October, 1793, and was the daughter of John and Sarah Arthurs nee Frederick. The former died in White township over 96 years of age. The children were: Mary, m. to William Hall, d. in 1853, sixty-four years of age; George, d., m. ----; Temperance, d.; Isaiah, d.; Jane, d. m. to John McNiel; Elizabeth, d., m. to John Drummond; John, d., Nancy, m. to John Duncan; Effie, and Sarah, d., m. to John McCurdy, d. ...
      Pg.488: W.T. HAZLET was born in what is now Clinton county in 1819, and was a son of Samuel and Sarah Hazlett nee Templeton, ... The former died in 1854, at the age of 66. Their children were: ... James, m. to Mary Duncan. James was a soldier in the war of 1861 in the 206th PA volunteers, and is now serving in his third term as justice of the peace. ... (MAD: Hazlet and Hazlett as spelled)
      Pg.489: JAMES W. HARLETT - In Indiana county, Pennsylvania, Montgomery township, April 15th, 1830, our subject was born. He married Miss Mary Duncan, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Duncan, in July 1852. They reared a family of eight children, viz: Sarah K., m. to William Tonkin; John H., m. to Miss H.F. Armstrong; Annie M., m. to I.C. Rank; Joseph L.; Maggie J.; George E.; Zelba B.; and Hattie B., d. He had followed farming and lumbering as his vocation. ...
      Pg.500: REUBEN S. BORING ... Isaiah Boring, married to Mary Eve Hartlein, came from Baltimore county, MD to this county in 1824, ... his children were ... Katie, m. to Reuben Boring, d. ... The children of Reuben Boring were: ... Reuben S., our subject, served in the war in battery G, 1st Pennsylvania light artillery, m. first to Sarah J. Duncan, and second to Eliza J. Imler; ...
      Pg.505: MRS. MARY ROSBOROUGH was born in 1800 on the farm now occupied by Alexander McConnell, Conemaugh township, and was a daughter of Frederick and Lydia Deemer nee Eberhart. ... Frederick Deemer's children were: ... Lydia, d., m. to Andrew Duncan, d.; ...
      Pg.517: WM. L. MAHAN was born in 1829, on the McCune farm, and was a son of Patrick and Nancy Mahan nee Laughlin. The former was born in 1792, in county Donegal, and the latter in 1797, in county Tyrone. They located on and opened up what is now known as the McCune farm in 1819. (MAD: info on three of Patrick's brothers). Patrick's children were: Eliza, d., b. in 1817, m. to Moses Miller; Rebecca, d., b. in 1819, m. to Andrew McFeeters; Lillie, b. in 1821, m. to Samuel Stuchell, d.; Nancy, b. in 1823, m. to Christopher Stuchel, d.; Margaret, b. in 1824, m. to A.A. Lydick; Jane, b. in 1826, m. to John R. Carnaham; William L., b. in 1829, m. to Mrs. Sarah Duncan nee Walker; John, b. in 1831; Angeline, b. in 1834, m. to John S. Flemming; Isabella, d., b. in 1830, m. to Andrew Weamer, d.; and Martha, d., b. in 1839. (MAD: also lists children of Wm. L. Mahan, not copied) (MAD: Stuchel and Stuchell as spelled)
      Pg.532: R.H. DUNCAN, son of James and Letitia Duncan nee Cook, was born in Canada, March 12, 1827. The names of parents' children were as follows: Mary J.; Thomas, d.; Charles, d.; Letitia, d.; Robert H.; William, d.; Andrew, d., and Samuel. Our subject was educated in the common schools, worked on a farm in early life, and has been engaged in railroad work for the last twenty-seven years. He settled in the county at Black-lick station in 1860, and is section foreman on the Indiana branch of the West Pennsylvania railroad. He was married to Mary, daughter of Joseph Gray, of Westmoreland county, in 1852. They have a family of ten children: Josephine, Thomas M., Mary, Andrew, John, Sarah, Letitia, Ella, Hettie, and Charles.
      Pg.541: Stumpf's Mills. JOHN GRAHAM was born on the farm now occupied by him in 1835, and was a son of William and Mary Graham nee McFeaters. The former was a son of John and Ann Graham nee Henry. John Graham, the pioneer, was an early settler of the township, and made the first improvement on the tract occupied by our subject. His children were: James, d.; Samuel, d., m. to Mary Marshall, d.; John, d., m. to Rebecca Stephens, d.; Jane, d., m. to William Duncan, d.; Ann, m. to John Duncan, d.; Mary, d., m. to Major John Stewart, d.; Margaret, d., m. to John Lemon, d.; William, b. in 1805, d. in 1853, m. to Mary McFeaters, d. in 1871 in her sixty-third year; and Sarah, m. to Samuel Duncan, d. Wm. Graham's children were: William, d., m. to Jane Duncan, d.; James, m. to Zilla Lydia John, m. to Ann Davis (MAD: as given); Andrew, d.; Samuel, m. to Sarah Blade; Jane, d., m. to Wm. H. Robertson; Hannah, d.; Robert, m. to Jemima Empfield. William was in company I, 67th PA Volunteers, and was killed at the Wilderness. James was in company I, 67th PA volunteers ...
      Pg.542: JOHN DUNCAN was born in Dauphin county, Pa., in 1790, and migrated to Indiana county, prior to the war of 1812, and served several months in the war. He followed farming and wagoning as his vocation. He wagoned for fourteen years, between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and farmed during the remainder of his days. He was married in 1817, to Miss Ann Graham, born in 1794, daughter of John and Ann Graham. They settled in Buffington township, and lived in same township until he deceased, in 1857. His wife is in Marshall county, Illinois, and is eighty-six years of age. Their children were: William J.; James J.; John J.; Joseph J.; Jane, d.; Margaret; and David, d.
            JAMES J. DUNCAN, son of John and Ann Duncan, was born March 27th, 1823, in Indiana county. He married Eliza Bracken, in 1844, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bracken. They settled near the Black Lick furnace, and remained until 1868, when they moved on the farm in Buffington township, where he is now living. His wife deceased, May 8th, 1878. They reared a family of eight children, three sons and five daughters. His son John, served nearly three years in the 13th Pennsylvania volunteers, in the war of 1861 - came home at the close of the war, went west, and deceased in 1868.
      Pg.542: WILLIAM DUNCAN was born in Dauphin county, in 1796. He migrated to Indiana county, with his father, William Duncan, 1810 or 1811, and located on the farm now owned by James W. Duncan, in Buffington township. He married Jane Graham in 1817 or 1818. She was a daughter of John and Ann Graham. They settled in Buffington township, where they remained until death took them away. His wife deceased in 1864, and he in June, 1874. His occupation was that of a farmer. They reared a family of six children: Elizabeth, d.; Jno. W.; William, d.; Anna; James W.; Samuel, d.
            JOHN W. DUNCAN, a son of William and Jane Duncan, was born in Indiana county, May 9th, 1831, on the farm now owned by James W. Duncan. He married on the 7th of March, 1843, for his first wife, Sarah Weagley, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Weagley. They settled near Duncan mills, in the edge of Cambria county, Pa. They remained three years, and in 1846, removed to Indiana county, where they are now living, near the same mills. He is the owner of the grist and saw mill, known a the "Red mills," located a few rods from the Indiana county line, in Cambria county, on the old state road. They reared a family of seven children, three sons and four daughters. His wife deceased in 1856. He married March 30, 1858, for his second wife, Miriam Griffith, daughter of Evan and Sarah Griffith. Their children were six sons and three daughters. He owns a farm in Buffington township, and has made farming, lumbering and milling, his occupation.
      Pg.542-543: SAMUEL GRAHAM, son of John Graham, sr., d., was born in 1794, migrated to Indiana county with his parents and settled in 1804 on land now owned by Samuel Graham, in Buffington township. He married Mary Marshall in 1820, and settled on farm now owned by their son James Graham, where they remained until he deceased, in 1860, and his wife in 1871. Their union resulted in four children: Mary A., m. to James Grove; Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Shultz; Sarah J., m. to Joseph Duncan; and James Graham, born August 4th, 1825, married to Susan Mock, daughter of John Mock. They settled on the old home farm. Their children are three sons.

1880 "History of Page County, Iowa : containing a history of the county, its cities, etc.; a biographical directory, war record, history of Iowa" pub. by Western Historical Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.71 P13Hi)
      Pg.623: Duncan, John, farmer and stone-mason, section 14, 90 acres of land, P.O. College Springs; born in Indiana Co. PA, March 4, 1807. In April, 1867, he came to Page county with his family. Volunteered June 27, 1863, ... PA Volunteers .... He was married to Miss Lettie Reid, of Alleghany Co. PA, in February, 1832, by whom he has eight children, of whom only two are living: Belle and John R. His wife died February 20, 1867. He married Miss Mary A. Duncan, of Clarinda, September 14, 1869; this wife died on February 27, 1879. For fifty-three years of his life Mr. Duncan has been a member of the U.P. church. ...

"Biographical history of Page County, Iowa : containing portraits of all the presidents of the United States from Washington to Harrison, with accompanying biographies of each, a condensed history of Iowa, with portraits and biographies of the governors of the state, engravings of prominent citizens in Page County, with personal histories of many of the early settlers and leading families, and a concise history of the county, the cities, and the townships." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Lewis & Dunbar, 1890, 898 pgs. (LH11539, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.783 D3b and film 934,958 item 1 and 528,770)
      Pg.834-835: JOHN W. DUNCAN is descended from a family of Scotch-Irish ancestry. His grandfather, Adam W. Duncan, was a farmer in Guernsey County, Ohio. John and Andrew, his sons who still survive, are residents of Guernsey County. Robert M. Duncan, the father of John W., was born in Londonderry, Guernsey County, Ohio, and was a blacksmith by trade; he was also interested in agricultural pursuits. He married Mary A. Alexander, a daughter of John Alexander, and they were the parents of four children: Jennie, Elizabeth, John W., and Robert Alexander, the youngest son. Mr. Duncan came to Iowa a few years after his marriage, and in 1858 he settled in Page County and began farming in Tarkio Township. He was a soldier in the civil war, and was killed at Vicksburg by the bursting of a shell before the siege began. His widow survived until February 27, 1879. They were both members of the United Presbyterian Church, and were honorable, industrious people.
            John W. Duncan, the subject of this brief biography, was born in Page County, Iowa August 6, 1860, and was but two and a half years old at the time of his father's death. ... In 1869 his mother was married a second time to John T. Duncan, a native of Indiana County, Pennsylvania. (MAD: originally spelled "Pennsyvania.") He was also a soldier in the civil war, and was a member of the company that captured John Morgan in Ohio. ... member of United Presbyterian Church. He died in 1885, at the age of seventy-eight years.
            In 1882 John W. Duncan was united in marriage to Miss Annie Berry, a daughter of George Berry of Amity Township (see sketch), and they have had born to them three children: George W., was born October 7, 1883; Robert L. was born August 12, 1885, and Agnes J. was born January 10, 1890. The parents are members of the United Presbyterian Church ...

1884 "History of southern Oregon : comprising Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Curry and Coos Counties" Albert G. Walling (from Kathy D. Cawley 9/2006)
      Appendix Pg.508. JOSEPHINE COUNTY.
      CHARLES DUNCAN: lives near Kerbyville; is a farmer; was born in Indiana county, Penn., 1845; came to state in 1860 and to the county in 1866; married April 24, 1867, to Sophia Horner. Children, Ida M., Ella A., George, Fred, Sophia, Charles and infant.

1880 "Records of the olden time, or, Fifty years on the prairies : embracing sketches of the discovery, exploration and settlement of the country, the organization of the counties of Putnam and Marshall [Illinois], incidents and reminiscences connected therewith, biographies of citizens, portraits and illustrations" by Spencer Ellsworth; pub. Lacon, Ill.: Home Journal Steam Printing Establishment, 1880 (HeritageQuest image 3/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4479; FHL film 1,000,510 item 4)
      Pg.752, Steuben Township: JOHN J. DUNCAN. Mr. Duncan was born in Indiana county, PA, in 1825, his father being a soldier in the war of 1812. He came to Marshall county in October, 1869. His wife was a Miss Eliza A. Davidson, whom he married in April, 1863. Their children are Thomas, Annie, Robert, John, Agnes, James, William, Dollie and George. They are members of the U.P. church. He owns 158 acres of very choice land, beautifully located, with fine improvements. Mr. Duncan desires to sell his elegant home, with a view to purchasing a larger place, as he has a large family for whom he wishes to provide.
      Pg.753, Steuben Township: WILLIAM J. DUNCAN. Mr. Duncan is a farmer, living on section 6, who was born in Indiana county, PA, in 1820. He entered the service of the US during the war of the rebellion, and served until disabled in the Signal Corps. On one occasion he got within the rebel lines and encountered a "gray back," who presented his shooting-iron and told him to "come in." Suspecting the Dutchman couldn't read, he told him he was a spy going through the lines, and showed an old letter as his authority. The intelligent soldier turned it upside down, looked it carefully over, "hefted" it, and drawling out, "Yas, dat ish goot," allowed him to pass on. In 1842 he married Elizabeth Clark, and there was born to him A. Jackson, George, Matilda, Sampson, Annie, Estep, Watson and Mary. Jackson enlisted in a Pennsylvania regiment when 15, and was killed at the battle of Bull Run. George also enlisted and lost a leg in the service. His wife having died, he married Martha Parks in 1864, by whom he has one child, Maggie.

"Warner's history of Dakota County, Nebraska : from the days of the pioneers and first settlers to the present time, with biographical sketches, and anecdotes of ye olden times" by M.M. Warner; pub. Lyons: Lyons Mirror Job Office, 1893, 376 pgs. (LH12409, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 1,000,186 item 3)
      Pg.274-275: Settlers of 1868 ... JOSEPH McPHERSON was born in 1828, North Carolina. Married to Nancy Ann Deer in Morgan county, Indiana, and came to Dakota county, in the spring of 1868 where he opened up a brick yard. In July 1861 enlisted in the 7th Iowa Infantry, and was mustered out in 1864 at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Moved to Hitchcock county, Nebraska, August 1884, being one of its pioneer settlers. Has eight children, two sons - Wesley and Samuel J.; six daughters - Mrs. Thena Ream, Mrs. Lydia Phillips, Mrs. America Duncan, Mrs. Nettie Hammond, Mrs. Mary Smith and Mrs. Jessie Little.
      Pg.284: Settlers of 1869. SCOTT DUNCAN was born in 1849 in Pennsylvania and came to Dakota county March 11, 1870, settled in Dakota City where he has lived to the present time. Married to America McPherson in 1877. Has two children, both daughters. Rendered valuable assistance to the people in the great flood of 1881. (MAD: 1860 Indiana Co. PA census)

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