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Last revised November 18, 2010

Formed 1836 from Coffee, Warren, Wilson
DeKalb formed 1837-8 from Cannon, Warren, White


1840 Cannon Co. TN Census
Pg.111  Oliver Duncan         2000,01       - 0111,01
        Wm. Duncan            0010,0001     - 0001,0001
   116  Landen Duncan         1121,001      - 1200,01
   119  Lemuel Duncan         2000,01       - 0200,1
   129  Wm. D. Duncan         0000,0000,1   - 0000,0011
          (MAD: see 1844 affidavit in Coffee Co. TN for Rev. War
           Pension Appl. by Lucy Nelson, widow of John Nelson)

1850 Cannon Co. TN Census (and part from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Crofts, the 5th District
Pg.393, #21-27, Joel CHERRY 74 NC farmer $400
                  Sarah CHERRY 63 NC
                  Elisabeth A. CROFT 24 TN
                  Page WOOD 24 TN farmer $300
                  Milly E. WOOD 27 TN
                  James M. WOOD 1 TN
5th District
Pg.396 (791), #70, Oliver C. DUNCAN 43 SC waggon maker $600
                  Arrilla 40 NC
                  Sarah A. 16, John R. 14 TN
                  George J. 12, James E. 10 TN
                  Jasper J. 8, Margaret L. 5 TN
                  Danny J. 1 TN
                  Wm. D. B. 23 TN waggon maker
                  (MAD: Oliver Cherry? Duncan)
Pg.396 (791/792), #72, Irvin CHERRY 32 TN farmer $800
                  Serena 33 SC
                  Parmelia? L. (f) 11 AR
                  Anna 9 MO
                  Elisabeth 8 MO
                  Sarah F. 5 TN
                  James D. 3 TN
                  Joel B. 1 TN
                  (MAD: ?? 1840 Taney Co. MO; 1860 Warren Co. TN)
Pg.396 (792), #76, Larkin S. FORD 45 NC farmer $125
                  Francis L. 41 VA
                  Martha E. 18, Louisa H. 16 TN
                  Mary A. 14, Kessiah F. 13 TN
                  Orville H.S. 11, James K.P. 10 TN
                  Luanna J. 7, Nancy E. 4 TN
                  Larkin H.S. 1, TN
                  Francis DUNKIN (f) 60 SC
12th District, Bradyville
Pg.411 (822), #282, Jesse B. WILLIAMS 34 TN farmer $500
                  Mary 34 TN
                  Francis E. 8, Joseph O. 5 TN
                  James M. 2, Geo. W.F. 8/12 TN
                  Francis DUNKIN (f) 67 SC
                  (MAD: see 1848 Coffee Co. TN deed E-140)
Taken 9/26/1850
Pg.416 (831), #344, Elizabeth DUNKIN 50 KY $0 Can't read/write
                  Daniel 22 TN farmer
                  Owen 21 TN farmer
                  Rebecca J. 18, Lucinda 14 TN
                  Louisa E. 13, Eli 13 TN
                  John W. 10, Wm. A. 7 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Lawrence Co. AR census; Daniel 1870 Independence Co. AR census; one Owen Duncan, decd. or "left country," was heir of Levi Watson of 1862 will D-151 in Lawrence Co. AR)
2nd District
Pg.425 (849), #471, Jessee HOLLIS 53 NC farmer $240
                  Nancy 56 NC
                  Jesse R. 16 TN
                  (MAD: see Coffee Co. TN)
2nd District, Alexander, taken 10/12/1850
Pg.427 (854), #504, John W. DUNKIN 35 TN farmer $500 Can't read/write
                  Mary A. 33 TN
                  Elisabeth M. 16, Martha A. 14 TN
                  Sally H. 11, Lewis L. 9 TN
                  Lucy L. 7, Rebecca A. 5 TN
                  Eliza G. (f) 3 TN
                  (MAD: Eliza G. (f) age 3 was ? Gilmore (m) 12 TN in 1860)
Pg.427 (854), #505, Lemuel J. DUNKIN 46 SC farmer $200
                  Sarah 35 NC
                  Melissa 16, Mary A. 14 TN
                  Peter P. 12, Wm. M. 10 TN (in sch)
                  James 8 (in sch), Jackson 6 TN
                  Jasper 2, Oliver C. 1/12 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Madison Co. AR census)

1860 Cannon Co. TN Census
Pg.298 (30), #201, W.D.B. DUNCAN (m) 32 TN wagon maker $500-$500
                  Dovey 24 TN
                  Ann 5, John 3 TN
                  Nancy 1, Wm. A. 4/12 TN
                  J.E. (m) 19 TN
Pg.298 (30), #202, Wm. ALFORD 26 TN (blank) $0-$400
                  Sarah 24 TN
                  Sarah 3, Minerva 1 TN
Pg.299 (32), #213, Zadock DUNCAN 54 NC farmer $0-$1200
                  Saphira 44 TN
                  Louisa 25, Isham 20 TN
                  Wade 16, Jane 14 TN
                  James 12, George 10 TN
                  Sarah 7 TN
Pg.301 (36), #234, J.I. BYNUM (m) 29 TN farmer $3545-$3000
                  Sarah 29 TN
                  Wm. 12, Elizabeth 10 TN
                  Bartlett (m) 7, Monroe (m) 4 TN
                  Amanda 2, Granville 6/12 TN
                  Ivy BUSH (m) 18 TN farm laborer
                  Jasper DUNCAN 16 TN farm laborer
Pg.313 (60), #409, Peter DUNCAN 23 TN farming $0-$0
                  Eliza 20 TN
                  Wm. 3 TN
Pg.331 (95), #653, John DUNCAN 45 TN farmer $2200-$765
                  Mary 42 TN
                  Elizabeth 25, Martha 23 TN
                  Sarah 21, Lewis 19 TN
                  Lucy 17, Rebecca 15 TN
                  Gilmore (m) 12, Perelda (f) 9 TN
                  Marion (m) 5, Liberty (m) 1 TN
Pg.387 (207), #1430, O. DUNCAN (m) 28 TN farming $0-$250
                  Nancy 26 AL
                  James 6, Mary 4 AL
                  Martha 2, John 5/12 AL
                  (MAD: Owen Duncan 1870 Sharp Co. AR census)

1870 Cannon Co. TN Census
District 2, P.O. Woodbury
Pg.124, #83-83, DUNCAN, J. W. F/D?. 55 TN (white) farmer $2250-$600
                  Mary A. 52 TN keeping house
                  Sally H. (f) 28, Rebecca A. ("m") 22 TN
                  Eliza G. (f) 20, Purnbon? J. (f) 17 TN
                  Marion R. (m) 15, Liberty S? (m) 12 TN
District 4, P.O. Woodbury
Pg.139, #50-53, DUNCAN, Lewis 25 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 20 TN keeping house
                  John H. 2 TN
                  Mary A. 7/12 TN b.Dec.
Pg.140, #79-82, SIMMONS, Jethrow 27 TN (white) farmer $20-$350
                  Elizabeth 30 TN keeping house
                  DUNCAN, William J. 13 TN (white)
                  Peter 8 TN
                  SIMMONS, Elizabeth 3 TN
                  (MAD: Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons the widow of Peter B. Duncan)
Woodbury P.O., District No.12, 8/11/1870, pg.73 (indexed DURCAN)
Pg.248, #172-172, DUNCAN, Patrick 40 TN blacksmith $550-$700
                  Judy A. 41 VA keeping house
                  Randolph L. 13 TN
                  George L. 11 TN
                  James W. 10 TN
                  Ann L. 6 TN
                  William C. 3 TN
                  Floyd L. 1 TN
                  WILSON, Manley H?. 18 TN (blank occupation)
                  (MAD: 1850 Warren Co. TN, mar. Judy Ann Hall 1852 Rutherford Co. TN, 1860 Coffee Co. TN, 1880 Benton Co. AR)


Cannon Co. TN Marriages, Vol.A, 1838-1850; Vol.B, 1850-1866 (FHL film 898,442)
      Jesse Williams to Polly Duncan, 22 Sept. 1840, both of lawful age, #107, A-33 (MAD: mother Frances)
      James Duncan to Isabella D?. Botkins, 16 March 1843, #258, A-61 (MAD: 1850 Rutherford Co. TN)
      Isaac Lemmons (indexed but looks like "Simons") to Miss Minerva Duncan, 25 Oct. 1845, #510, A-84
      John R. Ashley to Miss Clarissa Duncan, lic. 11 Aug., m. 16 Aug. 1849, #803, A-126
      Ransom Todd to Matisa Duncan, 21 Nov. 1852, #88, B-21
      Owen Dunkin to Nancy Sidgley, m. 10 Dec. 1853, #112, B-24
      Wm. B.D. Duncan to R.D. Raines, lic. 15 April, m. 19 April 1854, B-32 (MAD: b. 1828, 1860 census)
      Wm. C. Alford to Sarah Ann Duncan, 30 April 1855, B-40
      Peter B. Duncan to Liza A. Sissom, 7/9 March 1856, B-78 (writing very faint)
      J.B. Davenport to Martha A. Duncan, license 11 July 1863, #37, B-110
      Joshua Davis to Elizabeth Duncan, 29 June 1865, #8, B-123
      Henry N. Finley to L.L. Duncan, 27 Sept. 1865, #53, B-129
      Jesse Simmons to Eliza A. Duncan, 24 Dec. 1865, #96, B-134


TN Death Certificates (copy of death certificates from Laura Jones 3/1985)
      W.J. Duncan, #11608, d. 6/22/1938 Cannon Co. TN, white male widowed, born 1/1/1857 Cannon Co. TN, age 81 years 6 months 21 days; father Peter B. Duncan b. Cannon Co. TN; mother Ann Sissom b. Cannon Co. TN.
      Peter B. Duncan, #16252, d. 8/21/1944, Cannon Co. TN, white male married, age 82 years 4 months 12 days, b. April 9, 1862 Cannon Co. TN; wife Bettie Williams, age 70; father Peter Duncan b. Warren Co. TN; mother Ann Sissom b. Cannon Co. TN.


Cannon Co. TN Wills, Vol.A-B, 1836-1926 (FHL film 898,452; Vol.A, SLC 9/16/1983; Vol.A & B, SLC 9/6/2010)
      Vol.A, 1836-1895 - no Duncan indexed
      Vol.B, 1895-1926 - no Duncan indexed

Cannon Co. TN Settlements, Guardianships
   Vol.B, 1854-1872 (FHL film 898,431)
      B-140: 4 Dec. 1856, W.D.B. Duncan and Ervin Cherry of Cannon Co. TN, bond $50 for benefit of children committed to the trust of W.D.B. Duncan; W.D.B. Duncan guardian of J.R. Duncan, minor heir of O.C. Duncan decd.
      B-146: Report of W.D.B. Duncan, guardian of heirs of O.C. Duncan decd, from 4 Dec. 1854 to Dec. 1856; guardian of Jehu Duncan, recd. $112 as part of his share of O.C. Duncan's estate.
      B-413: 23 Sept. 1867, W.D.B. Duncan's report, guardian of John R. Duncan, heir of O.C. Duncan.

Cannon Co. TN Insolvent Estates 1858-1926 (FHL film 898,437)
      Poor index; no Duncan

Cannon Co. TN Inventory of Estates 1848-1859 (FHL film 898,430)
      No Duncan

Cannon Co. TN Inventory Book 1849-1859 (FHL film 898,437 item 2)
      1-285: Aug. 1853, Oliver C. Duncan is dead, no will, application by James L. Pendleton for letters of admin, 1st Monday, August 1853. Recorded 28 Oct. 1853. Returned list of notes include I/J. L. Duncan; purchasers include William D.B. Duncan, report 25 Nov. 1853 & later; inventory goes to page 290, 5 Dec. 1853.
      1-362: 6 Aug. 1855, bond of John Ashby, Anuel Rains and L.J. Duncan; John Ashby gdn. to James Duncan, minor heir of Olliver C. Duncan decd. (indexed S?. H. Duncan 1855)
      1-424: Guardian reports, Ervin Cherry gdn, A. Rains gdn, John R. Ashley gdn, Isaac Lemmons (does not say "gdn"), W.B.D. Duncan gdn; reference to comr. for selling land Jan. 1857; reg. 6 Feb. 1857. No guardianship indexed except under Ashley, to find out if other minors were named. (indexed O.C. Duncan 1857).

Cannon Co. TN Settlements, Etc. 1859-1868 (FHL film 898,430)
      No Duncan


Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      William B.D. & Zadock Duncan & Irwin Cherry, 10295, 640a, 8/25/1849, Cannon, W-813, Mountain

Tennessee Mountain District Land Grants (FHL film 1,013,041; SLC 9/15/1983 and recheck SLC 8/30/2010; filled in form)
      W-813: 25 Aug. 1840, Grant No.10295, in consideration of Entry No.3755 made in the office of the Entry Taker of Cannon County and entered on 27 Feb. 1834, pursuant to provisions of Act of General Assembly passed 9 Jan. 1830, there is granted by State of TN to Irwin Cherry, Zaddock Duncan and William "D.B." Duncan assignee of William Duncan, a tract of land containing 640 acres by survey 1 March 1834 lying in Cannon County "(in that part stricken off of Warren)" on the head waters of Barren Fork of Collins River on the creek above where George Springton (blank), beginning on the SW corner of a 50 acre entry entered by William Williams? (Holliams?), running then S 240 poles to a forked red oak on the north side of the waling? branch on William Andersons line, then west with his line and Websters line 452-1/4 poles to a black oak, then north 220 poles to a small black oak, then north 20 poles to a stake, then E 34 poles to the beginning. ... To have and to hold said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Irvin Cherry, Zadock Duncan and Wm. "B.D." Duncan and their heirs forever.

Cannon Co. TN Land Entries, 1836-1897 (FHL film 898,463 Item 2; SLC 8/30/2010)
      No Duncan indexed

Cannon Co. TN Surveyor's Book 1836-1860 (FHL film 898,463 item 3; SLC 8/30/2010)
      No Duncan indexed

Cannon Co. TN Deed Index by Cannon Co. TN Register of Deeds; copied to Book Y (FHL film 898,462; SLC 9/4/2010)
      No Duncan indexed in deed books N, O, or P
      Q-129: 1872, Duncan, P.L. from B.F. Hoover
      Q-130: 1872, Duncan, P.L. from S.M. Patton
      Q-424: 1874, Duncan, John W.D. (indexed: to Wm. Lenoris) from Rayford Cannon
      R-30: 1875, Duncan, M.R. from W.W. Gray
      R-41: 1875, Duncan, J.W.D. & wife to J.W.L. Duncan
      R-159: 1876, Duncan, W.R. and W.R. Akers to Allen Bowman
      R-250: 1877, Duncan, L. from Arther Gaither & wife
      R-346: 1878, Duncan, L.T. to Nancy A. Scott
      T-278: 1883, Duncan, L.T. from James Jemerson & others
      T-279: 1883, Duncan, L.T. from J.E. Parker & others
      U-270: 1885, Duncan, John W.D. & wife from Sam Penalton
      U-272: 1885, Duncan, J?.H.L. & wife to J.W.D. Duncan
      W-602: 1891, Duncan, L.T. & wife to James Taylor
      X-391: 1893, Duncan, L.S. to John H. Gordon

Cannon Co. TN Deeds (Index on FHL films 898,462 and 24,607)
      A-9: 4 Nov. 1835, Thos. W. Duncan of Smith Co. TN to Wells Adamson, $50, 1/10 part undivided tract of land in Smith Co. on Smith's Fork, heir of Josiah Duncan decd, where Josiah lived and died. Wit. Samuel J. Garrison, L.S. Gilian?. (FHL film 898,453)
      A-9: Same, Henry Frise? 1/10 part.
      A-128: 2 March 1831, Cantrell Bethel of Smith Co. TN to Thomas W. Duncan of same county and state, for $100 paid, sell parcel of land in Smith Co. TN on north side of Smith's fork of the Cany fork beg. 20 poles east of said Bethell's SE corner, then W 51-1/2 poles to a stake, then N 82 poles to a sugartree, then E 33 poles to a stake, then S 9 poles to a stake, then S 42 deg. W 25 poles to a stake, then S 36-1/2 deg. E 26-1/2 to a stump, then S 30 deg. E 40-1/2 poles to the beginning, containing 15 acres 44 poles. /s/ Cantrell Bethell. Wit. Tilmon Bethell, P.W. Brien. Recorded 21 Oct. 1836. (FHL film 898,453; SLC 9/15/1983; rechecked SLC 9/4/2010)
      A-317/318: 14? Aug. 1837, Lemuel "Dunkin" of Cannon Co. TN to James Essary of same, for $150 paid, sell parcel of land containing 235-1/2 acres in Cannon Co. TN on waters of the Barren fork of Collins River bounded beginning on north boundary line of Joel Cherrys old place begining? on a post oak, running then E 229-1/2 poles to a stake, then N 126 poles to a stake on the bank of the creek, then down the current?? of the creek to the mouth of the branch below the said Essary's lower field, then up the branches the sarzed?? courses to a dogwood on the original west? boundary line of a 640 tract that is a part of, then south with the same 170? poles to the beginning, including the house and improvements, also five acres that was leased by contract? in the name of Joel Cherry and all the improvements where William Phillips formerly leased and all the estate and title etc. of said Lemuel Duncan. /s/ Lemuel Duncan. Wit. M?.R. Phillipse, John Smithson. Recorded 21 Nov. 1839. (FHL film 898,453; SLC 9/4/2010)
      A-382: 6 Feb. 1838, S.H. Duncan of Maury Co. to Wells Adamson of Cannon Co., $50, land in Cannon Co. of Josiah Duncan, 100 acres (called H.S. Duncan in body of deed). Wit. L. Whaly, R.R. Evans. (FHL film 898,453) (MAD: Lemuel H. Duncan)
      B-120: 15 Oct. 1838, Mark? Adcock, asinee? for John Adcock his father, to Stacy H.D. Duncan of Cannon Co., $126, "land in Cannon County which was Warren County" on B...ran (smeared ink) Fork of Collins River. (no acreage). Wit. John W.H. (X) Duncan, William Emsy, John Nelson. (FHL film 898,453)
      B-272: 21 March 1839, William Anderson? to Stacy H.D. Duncan, both Cannon Co., $8.25 (sic), 150 acres on head waters of Barren fork of Collins River, corner William William's line. Wit. Thomas Parker, Isaac Cooper. (FHL film 898,453)
      D-253: 13 Feb. 1843, William Duncan to William Smith, trust deed of horse, $21.35. No wit. (FHL film 898,454)
      D-267/268: 13 Feb. 1843, William Duncan to Clarey Duncan and her heirs forever for $100 paid, a tract of land in Cannon Co. TN, District No.5, containing by estimation 640 acres more or less, bounded beg. on a post oak on the south side of the ?borg? of the Barren Fork and on the south boundary line of Jonathan Marchbanks plantation, then south to Wm. Anderson's line, then west to a black jack, then north to a stake, then east to the beginning. Warrant title. /s/ William Duncan. No witnesses. William Duncan appeared February 16, 1843. Recorded March 14, 1843. (FHL film 898,454; SLC 9/16/1983 copied as C-448, but Book C ends pg.430; rechecked SLC 8/30/2010; original page numbers at top of page were crossed out, and "(267)" and "(268)" written in) (MAD: John R. Ashley mar. Miss Clarissa Duncan, license 11 Aug., mar. 16 Aug. 1849, #803, A-126)
      F-37: 29 Jan. 1838, Lemuel S. Duncan to William Cummings, $100, 135 acres on head waters of Barren fork of Collins River, beg. ... house where Joel Cherry formerly lived, Cherry's old place. Wit. Littlebery White, P.D. Cummings. (FHL film 898,454)
      F-136: 13 Sept. 1845, Larkin (X) Rains of Cannon Co. to Charles Espy, $50, 50 acres on waters of Barren fork of Collins River. Wit. Levi Craft, J.T. Douglas. (FHL film 898,454)
      F-146: 4 Nov. 1847, Evin Chery to Oliver C. Duncan, deed of trust of farm animals and land. No wit. (FHL film 898,454)
      G-72: 5 June 1848, Lemuel J. Duncan to Caleb Cox, $100, 25 acres in Dist. 2, line of John Patan. Wit. R. Fowler (Clerk of Court), B.B. Spicer (Registrar). (FHL film 898,455)
      K-444: 3 Sept. 1855, John Teague to Lemuel J. Duncan, deed of trust. (FHL film 898,456)
      L-119: 5 Feb. 1856, John R. Ashley mortgage to Ervain (Ervin) Cherry, 49 acres on Brawlies' fork of Stanes? River adj. Thomas Hopkins; trust deed; Ashley is guardian of James Duncan, a minor heir of Oliver C. Duncan decd; he was appointed 1st Monday of Aug. 1855, Anuel Rains is security for him, the mortgage is to protect Rains. Wit. J.L. Pendleton, L. L?. S. Ford. (FHL film 898,456) (MAD: Looking for Comr. deed ca 1857 for heirs of Oliver C. Duncan)
      L-506: 28 July 1855, Zadoc (X) Duncan to Ervin Cherry, $100, "an inclusive interest in a tract of land of 640 acres granted to myself the sd. Cherry & Wm. D.B. Duncan in the State of Tennessee Cannon County District No. 5" containing by estimation 213-1/3 acres, beg. southwest corner 50 acre entry by William Williams, Wm. Anderson's line. Wit. Wm. Catheys, John R. Duncan. Ack. in court 6 April 1857. (FHL film 898,456)
      L-579/580: 3 Oct. 1857, John R. Ashley to Wm. D.B. Duncan for $175 paid, tract of land in Cannon Co. TN District No.10 containing by estimation 50 acres more or less, bounded beginning on a stake 2 poles east of Thos. Hopkins SE corner of a 50 acre survey, then south 12 poles to a stake, then east 80? poles to a stake, then north 127 poles to a white oak then west 62 poles to the beginning, except 2 rods square in the NW corner of sd tract; warrant title except the above 2 rods square. /s/ John R. Ashley. Wit. E. Cherry, A. Rains. Witnesses appeared 5 Oct. 1857. Recorded 6 Oct. 1857. (FHL film 898,456; indexed as L-553; SLC 9/16/1983; rechecked SLC 9/4/2010)
      L-605/606: 3 Nov. 1856, Wm. D.B. Duncan to Ervin Cherry for $110 paid, 1/3 part of a 640 acre tract in Cannon Co. TN Dist. No.5 containing by estimation 213-1/3 acres more or less, bounded beginning on SW corner of 50 acre tract entered by Wm. Williams, then south 240 poles to a forked red oak, then west 452-1/4 poles to a black jack, then north 240 poles to a stake, then eastwardly with the south bondary lines of the lands of Alferd Whitfield and J.M. Kuykendall to the beginning. /s/ Wm. D.B. Duncan. Wit. John A. Shersel, Isael Cooper. Wm. D.B. Duncan appeared 5 Oct. 1857. Recorded 15 Oct. 1857. (FHL film 898,456; SLC 9/16/1983, rechecked SLC 9/4/2010)
      M-157/158: 6 Sept. 1857, William D.B. Duncan to James L. Pendleton for $1 paid and other considerations, a tract of land in Cannon & Coffee Co., Dist. #12 in Cannon and District #1 in Coffee, containing by estimation 100 acres, beg. on a stake in Cannon Co. 8 poles west of Hopkins SE corner, then south with Simeon Gilleys east boundary line 270? poles to a stake, then east 72 poles to a post oak, then north 94-1/2? poles to a stake the SE corner of a 50 acre tract sd. Duncan bought of J.R. Ashly, then running north 127 poles further to a white oak, then west and around to the beginning, including two 50 acre tracts that sd Duncan bought of J.R. Ashley and R. Bynum; this deed is made for the following uses and trust and for no other purpose, that is to say Anuel Rains is my securities in a bond of $300 as guardian to James Duncan miner heir of O.C. Duncan deceased for his proportional part of the estate of the sd O.C. Duncan which is or is to come in to my hands & am desirous to secure and make certain the payment of the same in 2 years from this date; if I should pay the same at the time said, then this deed is void, but if I should not, then the sd J.L. Pendleton as trustee after giving 20 days notice in writing ... expose the sd land to public sale. /s/ William D.B. Duncan. Wit. J.A. Gooding, E. Cherry. W.D.B. Duncan appeared 6 Sept. 1858. Recorded 6 Oct. 1858. (FHL film 898,457; SLC 9/16/1983; rechecked SLC 9/4/2010; date signed is 6 September 1857, appearance and recording are 6 Sept. 1858 and 6 Oct. 1858.)
      Q-129: 1 Oct. 1870, B.F. Hoover to P.L. Duncan, three town lots in town of Bradyville, Cannon Co. TN, for $372.57 paid, bounded beginning on a rock the NE corner of lot No.21 then S 29 deg. E 12 poles to NE corner of Lot No.25, then S 61 deg. W 12 poles to a stake the NW corner of Lot No.25, then N 29 deg. W 12 poles to a rock the SW corner of Lot No.21 then North 61 deg. E to the beginning, including lots number 22-23-24 & as numbered in the plat of Bradyville. /s/ B.F. Hoover, Wit. A.G. Bransten, B.A. Ring. B.F. Hoover appeared 13 Nov. 1871. Recorded Sept. 28, 1872. (FHL film 898,459; SLC 9/6/2010)
      Q-130: 15 Feb. 1870, S.M. Patton to P.L. Duncan for $50 paid, one lot in Bradyville No.25 in Cannon Co. TN bounded beg. on a rock the corner of lot No.24 then S 29 deg. E 44 poles to a rock, the NE corner of lot No.26, then W 12 poles to a rock, then N 29 deg. W 4 poles to a rock, then N 61 deg. E 12 poles to the beginning, containing by estimation 48 rods. /s/ S.M. Patton. Wit. E.J?. Taylor, A.G. Bransten. S.M. Patton appeared Oct. 3, 1870. Recorded Sept. 28, 1872. (FHL film 898,459; SLC 9/6/2010)


Cannon Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes (FHL film 898,423)
      Book A, 1840-1852 - no Duncan
      Book B, 1853-1861 - no index

Cannon Co. TN County Court Minutes Book A, 1836-1841, Index (partial; from Steven D. Fiser 12/1992)
      Daniel Duncan, pg. 270
      Elijah Duncan, pg. 29, 76, 93, 94, 114, 152, 317
      Lemuel Duncan, pg. 12
      Oliver C. Duncan, pg. 107
      T.W. Duncan, pg. 2, 4, 10, 11

Cannon Co. TN County Court Minutes (FHL film 898,444; also extracts of some pages from Steven Fiser 12/1992)
   Book A, 1836-1841 (from index from Steven Fiser 12/1992; no index in book)
      A-2: May 2, 1836, T.W. Duncan, Tilman Bethell, L.S. Gilliman?, Benjamin Blades, Ben J. Aventh & Reuben Evans, bondsman for Saml. J. Garrison to be Clerk of Cannon Co. Court for 4 years.
      A-4: May 2, 1836, T.W. Duncan, Tilman Bethell, L.S. Gilliman?, Benjamin Blades, Ben J. Aventh & Reuben Evans, bondsman for Saml. J. Garrison to be Clerk of Cannon Co. Court for 4 years. (two bonds filed)
      A-10 to 11: May 3, 1836, T.W. Duncan and others elected commissioners to superintend the laying off and selling lots of the County Sibe?; T.W. Duncan declining to serve.
      A-12: 3 May 1836, transfer of Plat of Certificate of 40-1/4 acres from Lemuel Duncan to Hiram Smithson, land in Cannon Co., (recorded 15 March 1836?)
      A-29: 6 June 1836, Thomas Lawrence appointed guardian of Elijah Duncan who it has been represented to this court is so far impaired with old age that he is not capable of taking care of his estate; Laurence posted bond with securities John Davis and Soloman Davis for $500. (MAD: Elijah Duncan of DeKalb Co. TN)
      A-76: 1 Aug. 1836, Thomas Lawrence, guardian of Elijah Duncan, came into court and reported that said Duncan has recovered his proper mind and wishes to take charge of his estate and effects again; court appointed John Reynolds and Peter Reynolds as commissioners to settle with said Lawrence and report to the next or succeeding term of the court.
      A-93: Sept. 1836, Peter Reynolds and John Reynolds commissioners appointed at the last term of this court to settle with Thomas Lawrence, guardian of Elijah Duncan, have made report which was received by the court and ordered to be spread upon record in the Guardians Book, and the original filed in the office; and on motion of said Thomas Lawrence, he was released of his guardianship for the said Elijah Duncan, holding himself accountable for all arrearages in his hands of the said Duncan's effects.
      A-94: Sept. 1836, On motion and upon the application of John Davis, ordered that the Sheriff summon twelve men, to wit, James Tabb, William Williams, Reuben Evans, James Baly (Baty?), Peter Reynolds, Faris Lawrence, Jonathan Fuson, John Tate (Fate?), Thomas Evans, John Reynolds, Abner Self and James Pistoll to proseed to Elijah Duncan's and examine said Duncan with regard to the state of his mind and see whether or not in their opinion he is capable of taking care of his own estate as also his person, and report to the next term of court.
      A-107: Oct. 1836, (appointed) Solimon Long overseer of Lebanon Road running from Hollow Springs to Coffee Co. line, and have hands: James McLean, John Williams, Oliver C. Duncan, Dennis R. Hawkins, and Aaron R. Thomas.
      A-114 to 115: Oct. 1836, John Davis represents to the court that one Elijah Duncan of this county is very much in the decline of life and impaired in mind and in his opinion incapable of taking care of his person or estate; the court ordered that the sheriff summon a jury of 12 men to ascertain from the best means in their power the true state and condition of said Duncan and report to the present term of this court; which being done, the jury of inquist reports as follows: the undersigned after hearing all the testimony in our power to collect, believe that said Duncan is incapable of either taking care of his person or property; we also understand from the witnesses that the said Duncan has the following property, that is to say, about four acres of corn, one horse, 6 head of cattle and between 20 and 30 head of sheep, some 15 or 20 head of hogs, two beds and some other household furniture, and 124 (last digit in fold of book) acres of land, /s/ Joseph Clark, David D. Hipp, Jacob Berger, Moses Cummings, John Eddings, William F. George, Arthur Warren, Thos. Cavatt, Daniel M. Stewart, James Smith, and Robert Baily, jury of inquest. Whereupon the court ordered that John Davis be appointed guardian of the said Elijah Duncan with power to sell (by Giving the legal notice) the whole or so much of the perishable property of said Duncan as he thinks necessary; whereupon the said John Davis together with his securities Soloman Davis and Joseph Davis, gave bond for $1,000.
      A-152: Feb. 1837, John Davis, guardian of Elijah Duncan, returned at account of his guardianship and qualified same; the court ordered the same do spread upon accord in the proper Book.
      A-270: March 1838, Application of Therut- Pendergrass, he is appointed guardian to Pleasant H. Roberts, William Roberts, Henry Roberts and John Roberts, orphan children of (blank) Roberts decd, security Daniel Duncan "(approved by the court)".
      A-317: Oct. 1838, Saml. J. Garrison, clerk of the court, presented to the court a statement of settlement made by himself with John Davis, Guardian of Elijah Duncan, from 3 Oct. 1836 up to 3 Oct. 1837; also a statement of settlement with William Bates Guardian of Barkly Creek (pauper) from 3 April 1837 to 3 April 1838, also a settlement ...
   Book B, 1841-1850 - no Duncan in direct index

Cannon Co. TN Enrolling Dockets, Chancery and County Courts, Vol.B, 1848-1916 (FHL film 898,433; SLC 9/7/2010)
      No index; 1st case in 1848, others in 1870's and later, not looked at.


TN Confederate Pension Applications
      Indexed: 812 Duncan, L.S., Coffee, 4th Inf.
      #812, L.S. Duncan, filed Dec. 18, 1891, accepted, died Feb. 19, 1922, Wid. #7734 (MAD: widow Margaret J. Duncan, Coffee Co. TN, widow of Liberty Stephen Duncan); applicant L.S. Duncan, native of TN, res. at Noah, Coffee Co. TN; Co.I, 4th TN Cav. Reg. commanded by Col. W.S. McLemore; wounded at Dalton, GA, 14 Aug. 1864, lost a leg; b. Cannon Co. TN June 17, 1839; enlisted May 1861, Capt. McCutcheon Co., W.S. McLemore Col., lost left leg just above the knee; married, family consists of 5 people living with me, wife age 42, children 4 to 15 years of age; 5 boys; have small place in the hills worth 600-700, very rough land; res. TN all my life; /s/ 9 Dec. 1891; wit. E.H. White, J.N. Modrall. I own 187 acres valued at $200, present size of family 3, myself, wife and one boy age 15; /s/ 27 June 1903. I am L.S. Duncan's lawful widow and since his death on 19 Feb. 1922 make application for pension, 3-22-22 (22 March 1922), /s/ (Mrs.) Maggie Duncan. Letter, Liberty Stephens Duncan who signed his name as L.S. Duncan ... need the information to obtain a tombstone or headstone; L.S. Duncan's widow Margaret Duncan drew pension, she sometimes signed her name Maggie Duncan; /s/ May 20, 1936, Bascum Duncan. Application 4 April 1894, I have 70 acres valued at $700; present family size 7, 5 boys oldest 16 years old and youngest 6 years old. (FHL film 969,645)

TN Civil War Questionnaire, Confederate (FHL film 975,594)
      These questionnaires were sent by TN Historical Committee to all living Civil War Veterans about 1914-1915, and vary a little in format. Not all were returned by the veterans. They are about four pages long, a printed form to fill in the blanks. A name index was printed in Ansearchin News, Vol. 25, sent by Evelyn Sigler; the TN State Library & Archives has either the originals or a copy.
      This questionnaire contains 44 questions, many about his parents' home and work, many about his own home and work as a boy, some about servants and the feeling in his area about slaves and slave-holders, his schools, and his service in the War, such as experiences in battles, and the names and addresses of other men in his company.
      TN Historical Committee Questionnaire, Recd. 6 May 1922, filled in by Liberty Stevens Duncan, of RFD No. 4, Manchester, TN, age 83, born Cannon Co. TN, living in Coffee Co. TN, 6th Dist., when enlisted as Confederate Soldier in Company I, 4th TN Regiment, 16 May 1861; he was a farmer; after the war "I run a shoe business for several years. I lived in Manchester Tennessee Coffee Co."
      Father was Stacy Harvy Duglas Duncan, born in Misouri, lived at Coffee Co.; mother was Elizabeth Parker, dau. of John Parker and his wife Sallie Parker, who lived at Goose Pond Coffee Co. "My mother done the coocking lots of spining and weaving. I have helped my mother weave lots of times."
      Remarks on Ancestry: My Grandparents came here from Misouri.
      (8 pages additional, about experiences in the Civil war) I lost my leg at Dalton Ga. was a one liged man although I wand back into the army and was in six battles after I lost my leg."

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of TN; Coffee, DeKalb, Cannon Cos." by Goodspeed (from microfilm, Sacramento Public Library on inter-library loan; also TN Gen. Society Library #2933 from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983; copy of pages from Charles H. Reed 6/1994)
      Cannon Co. Settled as early as 1807 and 1809.
      Pg.855: First settlers, chiefly NC to East TN to Middle TN. In 1836, when county was formed, G.W. Duncan was living in Cannon Co.


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