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Last revised July 25, 2013


Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      Lewis Duncan, 727, 55+a, 7/30/1844, Madison, 1A-727, West
      Robert Duncan, 1159, 15a, 2/4/1829, Madison, 2A-237, West

TN Land Grants, West District
      1A-727: 30 July 1844, TN Grant #727 to Lewis Duncan, Madison Co. TN, entry 11 Feb. 1844 #72, for 55 and 82/160 acres, survey 31 Jan. 1844, Range 2, Sec. 11, adj. SW corner of entry #1613 for 62 acres in name of P.M. Dufee, NW corner of 30 acre entry to David Jackson, SW corner of entry to Moses Wood. (FHL film 1,013,335)
      2A-237: 4 Feb. 1829, TN grant #1159 to Robert Duncan, assignee of John Rhodes, by virtue of Certificate #5255 dated 30 April 1824 to John Rhodes for 15 acres entered 23 June 1824 #7455, grant 15 acres by survey 18 April 1825 in 9th Dist. in Madison Co., Range 1, Sec. 7, on waters of Forked Deer, adj. SE corner of entry #963 for 360 acres in name of R. Henry. (FHL film 1,013,337)

Madison Co. TN Deeds (Index 1821-1899 on FHL film 389,625; copied through ca 1850; SLC 9/10-11/1984)
      Deeds in Books 16 and 17 not looked at:
      16-241, Lewis Duncan from Nash, 10/15/1852
      16-508, David Duncan to Hays, 708a, 5/28/1853
      16-733, David Duncan to Chester, 20a, 9/3/1853
      17-679, Lewis Duncan to Hart, 12/23/1854
      17-785, Lewis Duncan to Gregory, 1851
      No Robert or Mahala Duncan deeds through 1878
      1-598: 9 Nov. 1826, Jane (X) Duncan of Wake Co. NC, being desirous to remove to the westward in the Chickasaw Purchase near Jackson and having no means of obtaining her desire do this day bind herself as a servant for the space of 5 years to Daniel Verser of county and state aforesaid for which purpose the said Daniel Verser is to remove the said Jane Duncan to said place (with goods and chattels) ... and to treat her in a Christian like manner as he the said Verser does his other servants and at the end of 5 years the said Verser is to set her the said Jane Duncan at liberty and she is then to remain a free woman as she has heretofore been. Wit. Sherwood Hanse, James Morphis?. /s/ Jane (x) Duncan, Daniel Verser. Reg. May 1827 Hardeman Co. TN on oath of Sherwood Hanse. (FHL film 389,635)
      2-212: 10 Sept. 1828, John D. Rhodes of Giles Co. TN and James Caruthers of Madison Co. TN, to Lewis Duncan of Madison Co. TN, $334, 167 acres, Entry 1241 in 10th Dist., Range 2, Sec.10. Wit. James Young, Alexander Caruthers. (FHL film 389,635)
      3-240 (1st): Trust Deed; 19 April 1832, Eliza Putney of Madison Co. TN to William Duncan of same, in trust, negro slaves Jenny, Matilda, Alfred, Andy & Barbara; Duncan to permit Martha W. Autry wife of Micajah Autry Esq. of Co. & state afsd to hold the negro slaves and enjoy the benefit of their services and all property therein for life of said Martha W. Autry, and after her decease to convey the same and their future increase to such persons and in such manner as she may direct by will; /s/ Eliza Putney; wit. N.A. Clark, Jno. Read. Recorded Nov. 1832, proved by oaths of witnesses. (FHL film 389,636) (MAD: see "TN Cousins" by Worth S. Ray re Micajah Autry)
      3-240 (2nd): Trust deed, 19 April 1832, Eliza Putney of Madison Co. TN for love to my niece Mary C. Autry, daughter of Micajah Autry Esq. of Co. & state afsd, negro slaves Harriet & Clarissa children of yellow woman Matilda, forever; /s/ Eliza Putney; wit. N.A. Clark, Jno. J.D. Read. Recorded Nov. 1832, proved by oaths of witnesses. (FHL film 389,636)
      3-282: 18 Feb. 1833, Mathias Deberry, sheriff, to Joseph Duncan, 260 acres, land of Nathan Graff sold for taxes, entry #642? in 10th Dist., Range 2, Sec. 11; taxes due were $5.88; money paid by Duncan 1 Nov. 1830. Wit. M. Autry, Martin Cartwell. (FHL film 389,636)
      5-15: 15 June 1836, Joseph Duncan appointed Lewis Duncan (both of Hardeman Co. TN) his attorney to recover money (etc.) and furthermore to fully authorize Lewis Duncan my attorney to sell ... or otherwise dispose of my lands and premises with the crop thereon ... and three negros ... and all and singular my household furniture and to include all my goods and chattels and property that may be not herein? used? as well as my stock of cattle ... in that way he may deem best and to fully make good deeds, ... to do all lawful acts that may be appertaining to the premises herein ... and to be fully empowered to appoint one or more attorneys for the above purposes and ... to be fully vested with authority to have the control over my five children, viz, William K., George T., Luiza, Anna Cerel and John M. Duncan, and to be their agent and representative ... for their benefit until they may arrive to the age of 21 years and to properly distribute to each one of them their proportionate part of the proceeds arising from all the profits herein contained, also to be hereby fully empowered to transact? all and singular my administration in the Estate of Willis Chery deceased late of said county as referred to the order of the worshipful court held in the town of Jackson of county above mentioned on the first Monday of May 1835. Wit. Patrick H. Duffy, Banolas? Edwards; rec. on oath of wit. who are acquainted with Joseph Duncan, 4 July 1836. (FHL film 389,637)
      5-281: 6 Feb. 1837, Harrison Whitfield of Hickman Co. to David Duncan of Madison Co., $700, 253 acres in 9th Dist, Range 10, Sec. 8, Entry #1096. Wit. Wm. M. Bateman, Felix G. Whitfield. (FHL film 389,637)
      6-281: 19 Dec. 1838, Lydia (+) Edwards mortgage slaves to Lewis Duncan, she owed John Duffey. Wit. T.L. McDonald, William Moore. (FHL film 389,637)
      6-556: 15 Jan. 1840, John H. Rawlings and David (X) Duncan, contract; Duncan to take possession of 640 acres entered in name of Joshua Knowllow and 274 acres in name of Nathaniel Brown, both on SS Forked Deer River adj. farm of Alexander Lentor (Lustor?) on which 130 acres is cleared, 200 head stock; Duncan to retain possession for 5 years, to cultivate cleared ground to feed cattle; on equal shares; after 5 years Rawlings have 1/2 pork hogs; 1/2 cattle; Rawlings gets 14 more sheep than Duncan; 50 barrels of corn annually for rent. (FHL film 389,637)
      7-47: 8 April 1839, Alfred Lane to Lewis Duncan, mortgage of horse, etc.; Lane owes William Hamilton. Wit. Barnabus Edwards. (FHL film 389,638)
      7-88: 24 April 1840, David (X) Duncan to Thomas Burris, mortgage of 253 acres, Entry #1096 in Dist. 9, R.10, Sec. 8, Duncan owes Burris $400. Wit. T.P. Skinlack?, J.P. Collins. (FHL film 389,638)
      7-92: 1 April 1840, sale by sheriff to Lewis Duncan of animals, furniture, etc., from court judgement against E.B. Mason. (FHL film 389,638)
      7-161: 3 July 1840, Lewis Duncan to Abram Mason, $123, animals etc. purchased in deed 7-92. (FHL film 389,638)
      7-278: 23 Nov. 1840, David (D) Duncan to John H. Rawlings, $1250, 253 acres, Entry #1096 in 9th Dist., R.10, Sec. 8. (FHL film 389,638)
      7-390: 2 March 1841, Lewis Duncan to William Doak, $450, slave Esther age 11. (FHL film 389,638)
      8-48: 18 Nov. 1841, Lewis Grantum to David Duncan, 1/6 part of crop he has at Alexander Lusters. (FHL film 389,638)
      9-553: 24 Feb. 1845, Lewis Duncan to Lewis Gregory, $5, negro girl Jenny for benefit of his wife Naomi Gregory, then to Naomi's children or else to mother and sisters of said Naomi then living. (FHL film 389,639)
      10-119: 6 Jan. 1845, Samuel T. Hays to Lewis Duncan, $346, 173 acres in R.2?, Sec. 11, N end of grant #5781 to Hays. /s/ by Rob. T. Chester, attorney for Hays. (FHL film 389,639)
      11-506: 16 Oct. 1847, Planters Bank of TN title bond to David Duncan, 1362 acres, Dist. 9, R.1, Sec. 8, corner entries #1140, 663, 907, & others; $1000 by note on said Duncan and William E. Butler and Robert T. Chester. (FHL film 389,640)
      11-523: 9 April 1847, Thomas Gill to Lewis Duncan, $750, 2 negros. (FHL film 389,640)
      11-632: 4 Jan. 1847, Lewis Duncan to Samuel P. McDonald, $100, 25 and 44/100 acres on SW side Beach Creek, SS of Cow branch, Dist. 9, R.2, Sec. 11. Wit. Stephen Moore, Jno. R. Jelks. (FHL film 389,640)
      12-20: 8 April 1848, David (x) Duncan to Geo. W. Bond, mortgage farm equipment and household goods; Duncan owes Planters Bank $1000, sec. Wm. E. Butler and Robert T. Chester. (FHL film 389,640)
      12-96: 5 June 1848, William Dunson, free man of color, age 22, binds himself as slave for life to Henry S. King, free white citizen. (FHL film 389,640)
      12-576: 3 July 1849, Lewis Duncan to Jo. Gill, $478.22, slave. (FHL film 389,640)
      12-621: 10 Sept. 1849, David Duncan to Robt. T. Chester, trust deed of crop, etc., Duncan owes Planters Bank. (FHL film 389,640)

Madison Co. TN Deed (FHL film 389,636; and copy of extract from Gloria Baker 2/1994)
      3-301: M. Autry to William E. Butler, Deed Trust, Registered 30 May 1833 [heading]. Micajah Autry and William Duncan, both of Madison Co. TN, members of the two late firms of M. Autry & Co. and William Duncan & Co., have fallen in debt to Dr. William E. Butler of Madison Co. TN to the amount of $15,000 & upward, Autry is "anxious so far as his individual property will go to secure and indemnify the said Butler", in consideration of $1, Autry has given and conveyed the following: 1 4-wheeled carriage, 1 match of bay horses, 3 head cattle, ... (farm instruments, furniture, 4 beds w/steds, also courtesy of the life estate of said Autry to three lots, a dwelling house & outhouses, in town of Haysboro and state aforesaid, together with his equity in and to the place whereon he now lives so far as he is capable of transferring the same, as he has not yet acquired more claim than an equitable title thereto ... Butler may sell any or all of the property and apply proceeds to the payment of the debt owed ... Autry to remain in possession unless Butler determines otherwise; Butler is to reconvey any unused property after debt is paid, except a reasonable deduction for trouble & expenses. Dated 30 May 1833, reg. same date. (MAD: note at bottom of copy refers to Crockett's defeat in 1835 in TX was engineered with the help of above Butler and Adam Huntsman, both were founding members of the Union Bank of TN at Jackson in 1832.)

Madison Co. TN Deeds (SLC 5/6/2013)
   Deeds v.15-16 1851-1853 (FHL film 389,642)
      16-241/242: 15 Oct. 1852, E.B. Mason of Madison Co. TN for $700 paid by Lewis Duncan of afsd, sell to said Lewis Duncan a tract of land in said county in Range 2 Sec.11 and part of Entry No.660 for 820 acres in the name of Lasney & Caruthers, bounded beg. at NW corner of said Entry, containing 162 20/160 acres, more or less, with appurtnances thereunto belonging, warrant title. /s/ E.B. Mason. Wit. Sarah M.J. Mason, Sarah M.J. Duncan. Ack. by E.B. Mason, 4 Jan. 1853. Reg. Jan. 5, 1853. (Grantor was Mason, not Nash) (FHL film 389,642)
      16-508/509: 28 May 1853, David Duncan of Madison Co. TN to Samuel J. Hays of Madison Co. TN, for $7,080 paid, sell a parcel of land in Madison Co. TN in Range 1 Sec.8E of Meridian Line, beg. at SE corner of Entry No.1078 for 274 acres, then ... corner of Entry 1275 for 2560 in name of Thomas Henderson, then ... NE corner of 200 acre entry in name of W.T. Johnson, to John Gregory's NE corner, then ... William Gregory's NE corner, ... A. Luster's corner, John Luster's SW corner, ... to the beginning, containing 780 acres, warrant title. /s/ David (X) Duncan. Wit. R.J. Hays, Hervey Brown. Ack. by David Duncan 28 May 1853. Reg. June 1, 1853. (FHL film 389,642)
      16-733/734: 3 Sept. 1853, David Duncan sell to Robt. J. Chester for $100 paid, a parcel of land in Madison Co. in Range 1 Sec.8 E of Meridian line, containing by estimation 20 acres more or less, wrrant title. /s/ David (X) Duncan. He ack. deed 29 Oct. 1853. Reg. 29 Oct. 1853. (FHL film 389,642)
   Deeds v.17-18 1853-1856 (FHL film 389,643)
      17-679/681: 23 Dec. 1854, Madison Co. TN, for $2500, half to be paid on 25 Dec. 1854 and the other half on 25 Dec. 1855 by William Hart to Lewis Duncan, and also a tract of land on which afsd William Hart now lives, one containing 166 acres in Gibson Co. TN which land is to be conveyed to said Lewis Duncan by warrantee deed, estimated to be worth $2590, I have this day sold to afsd William Hart the tract of land in Madison Co. TN in 10th Civil Distict, the first bounded beg. at Lewis Gregory's SW corner, then ... H.G. Duffee's S boundary, then ... Duffee's SW corner, then ... E. boundary line of Entry No. (blank) in name of H. Hodkish, then ... to a pointer her SE corner, then ... NE corner of Entry No.1612 for 62-1/2 acres, then ... SE corner, then ... E boundary line of Entry No. (blank) for 375 acres in the name of William Dickins trustee for Martha Lane, then ... middle of Buck Creek, then ... to where S boundary line of Entry No.2166 crosses the afsd creek, then ... to the beginning, containing by estimation 489-1/2 acres, more or less; one other tract in Madison Co. TN in Range 2 Sec.11 and No. of Entry 63 dated 29 Dec. 1838 beg. at NE corner of an occupant Entry for 97-1/2 acres in name of Wm. Duffey, then ... to its NW corner, then ... in the county line dividing Madison and Gibson Co., then east with county line ... then to a stake in the east boundary line of said Duffee's 97-1/2 acre Entry, then ... to the beginning, containing by estimation 32 acres more or less; also one other tract in afsd in Range 2 Sec.11 and in the 18 Civil District, beg. at NW corner of Barnebas Edward's Entry and on East boundary line of Entry No.662, then ... SW corner of William Dickens 375 acre Entry as trustee for Martha Lane, then to ... north boundary line of B. Edward's Entry, then to the beginning, estimated to contain 222-42/100 more or less. Warrant title. /s/ Lewis Duncan. Wit. E.B. Mason, B.W. Clement. Ack. 1 Jan. 1855. Reg. Jan. 18, 1855. (FHL film 389,643)
      17-785/786: 18 Aug. 1851, Lewis Duncan of Madison Co. TN for $500 paid by Lewis Gregory, sell said Lewis Gregory the tract of land in Madison Co. in Range 2 Sec.11 being part of a tract of land entered in name of Robert J. Chester, beg. at NE corner of same, containing 100 acres more or less, warrant title. /s/ Lewis Duncan. Wit. E.B. Mason, G.W. Patrick, John Duncan. Proved by G.W. Patrick and John Duncan, 3 March 1855. Recorded 3 March 1855. (FHL film 389,643)

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