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Last revised November 21, 2000


Washington Co. TN Misc. Records 1778-1900; sorted, abstracted & copied by WPA; incl. index (FHL film 825,509)
      Index of records of Inventory ("I") and Settlements of estates ("S")
      Duncan, Andrew; I; I-00 pg.179; 1808
      Duncan, Chas.; I; I-1 pg.64; 1828
      Duncan, George R.; I; I-5 pgs. 279, 338, 395; 1883-84, Trustee
      Duncan, heirs; S; S-2 pg.119; 1861
      Duncan, Jas. & Molly; S; S-2 pg.148; 1862
      Duncan, John; I; I-2 pg.221, 345; 1850
      Duncan, John; I; I-1 pg.278; no date
      Duncan, John; S; S-1 pg.29; 1848
      Duncan, John P.; I; I-4 pg.123; 1872; guardian of Sarah Duncan
      Duncan, Joseph & Mollie; I; I-3 pg.151, 196; 1860-61
      Duncan, Joseph & Mollie; S; S-3 pg.26, 550; 1865-71
      Duncan, Mary; I; I-2 pg.376; 1852
      Duncan, Mary; S; S-1 pg.215; 1854
      Duncan, William; I; I-3 pg.413, 479, 575, 619; 1865-66-67-68
      Duncan, William; S; S-3 pg.432-439; 1870
      Dungan, Jerimiah; I; I-00 pg.275, 277, 282, 445; 1813-21
      Duncan, Jermiah; S; S-00 pg.36-40; 1823

Washington Co. TN Estate Settlements, Book 00 and 0, to 1860 (FHL film 24,852 items 1 and 2; typed, indexed and cross-indexed)
      00-13,14,15 Henry Powel estate, 17 January 1816; paid out included Isbell Carmicle's judgment, Joseph Duncan, Elijah Matheny in behalf of Saml. Davis decd, Hugh McAdams, many others; received money from Archibald Carmicl, Leroy Matherly, Joseph Duncan, and many others; settled 17 Jan. 1817.
      00-18 John Mercer's estate paid Joseph Duncan for arrears of rent 12 Feb. 1818 settlement date.
      00-19,20 Archabald Carmicle estate, 13 Jan. 1823: Sales May 18 & 19, 1819; April 7 and Dec. 9, 1820; purchasers included Joseph Duncan, Uriah Hunt, John and Daniel Carmicle; paid out to many people, including Joseph Duncan (4 notes); Andrew Duncan; mention Jane Carmicle.
      00-34 Abraham Tipton's estate; meeting 7 Dec. 1822 to settle estate; paid out Thomas King $83.03-1/2 and Benjamen Duncan $3.81-1/2.
      00-36 to 40 Jeremiah Dungan estate, July, 1823: administrators John Love and John Houston; mention Mary Dungan decd; paid Joseph Bowman for making Jera. Dungan's coffin; paid George Smith for making Mrs. Dungans coffin; paid many others; mention deposition Dungans heirs vs. J. Gibson (Jera. D. Gibson).
      00-60 John Miller's estate (no Duncan heirs); sales Feb. 1 & 2 and Sept. 21 1822; notes due collected from John Duncan $2 and Joseph Bowman $182.86 in specie; and others.
      00-63,64 Andrew Carson's estate; settlement 17 May 1827, proven accounts or receipts included paid out to Samuel Duncan receipt $3.00; Samuel Duncan note paid $32.00; and many other people (no Wm. Carson mentioned).
      00-101 to 111 Uriah Hunt estate, May, 1828: administrators Smith and Thomas Hunt; inventory included notes on Jesse Hunt, Wm. Hunt (until the death of our mother); purchasers included James Duncan, Richard Martin, Peter Hunt, Benjamin Hunt, Uriah Hunt, Smith Hunt, Widow Hunt, Riley Alford, Thomas Hunt, Jesse Hunt, Dicey Hunt; paid out to James Duncan, Benjamin Hunt, Richard B. Martin, Jesse Hunt, Dicey Hunt (now Dicey Squibb), Joseph Duncan, Peter Hunt, Samuel Douglass, Elisha Coskill, Sarah Hunt, Uriah Hunt, Thomas Hunt.
      00-128 Samuel Brison's estate; settlement 22 July 1819, included payment to Joseph Duncan by proven account $2.50.
      00-197 William Carson's estate, settlement 2 Oct. 1832; mention of father's estate, from which he received $59, his (William's) wages for service in late war; paid out among others, proven account from Joseph Duncan $1.00.
      00-260 Jane Allison's estate, settlement 28 Jan. 1840; includes notes on James Duncan and Hiram Hampton.
      0-65 William Ballinger's estate, settlement 27 Nov. 1845, includes creditors notes to Duncan & Blair.
      0-173,174 Henry Kitzmiller's estate, 12 Sept. 1856, heirs Elizabeth, David, Lovica, Joseph Kitzmiller; Martin V. Kitzmiller guardian; Thomas Duncan received amount due to Elizabeth Kitzmiller.

Washington Co. TN Estate Settlements, Book 1 (from Bobbie McDowell)
      1-29: John Duncan, decd, settlement with Jonathan Kelley, admr, 20 April 1848; sale of personal property 19 March 1842; paid (among others) accounts to Henry Young, James Melvin, John Miller, Wm. H. Crouch & Co., Henry Bashor; ... "This is to be divided between 14 heirs, one heir having received over his share."
      1-215,216: Mary Duncan, decd, settlement with Jesse Duncan 12 Sept. 1854; sale 20 Aug. 1852; paid out on accounts, D. Leab, McEwen & Dosser, Caswell C. Taylor, William Patterson, M. Miller, Henry Young, Asa Shipley, Daniel Kinney, L.C. & J.M. Hoss, Henry Hoss.

Washington Co. TN Estate Settlements 1858-1862, Vol.2 (FHL film 464,149)
      no Melvin, Stephen
      Vol.2, pg.119-20 (new pgs.317-20): Bond of Settlement, Duncan Heirs. We the undersigned heirs and legatees in the estate of Joseph & Molly Duncan decd have this day agreed with each other as follows: Robert A. Duncan has bought the farm whereon he lives which belongs to the estate afsd for $5,000, and the other heirs & reps have bought the old home farm at $25 per acre, making the sum of $13,262.50. Joseph Duncan surrenders his purchase in said tract of land that was made on 4 Oct. 1860 and lets it fall back to the estate, he getting his note cancelled as it was given for same, and we order the clerk of the county to erase or remove it from the amount of J.W. Duncan exor of said estate. The Exor. binds himself to close up said estate for $100 commission, the estate being liable for its own expenses. This agreement for the settlement of said estate releases said exor from all damages growing out of his having bidding done at his own sale on 4 Oct. 1860. Robert A. Thompson, Nelson and Saml. C. Duncan claims on Jno. B. Duncan are to be paid and charged against his interest in said estate. The heirs & reps buying said land are to get their shares according to the will and its codicil. The rents of the old home farm for 1861 belong to its purchaser. In funding each heirs interest in said estate, all debts and expenses must be first paid, then special legacies, and then the rest of it as the will & codicil provides. This shall be our refunding bond to said exor to protect him against any suits or difficulties if any that may be brought against the estate in the future. ... receipt of heirs for the afsd lands must bear date Nov. 18, 1861 ... The whole of said heirs & representatives are of lawful age. The said Joseph Duncan hereto signing for sale & of conveyance authorizes the other heirs & reps of the old home tract to make rent contracts or other arrangements in his absence. ... 18 Nov. 1861. /s/ J.W. Duncan, J. Duncan, Robert A. Duncan, Nelson Duncan, Samuel C. Duncan, Samuel B. McAdams, Joshua Conley attorney in part for John B. Duncan & Rachel B. Duncan, Nancy J. Lyon, Samuel E. Lyon; wit. Daniel Cochrane, W.R. Miller.
      2-148 (new pg.397-415): Settlement 20 July 1862 by James W. Duncan, executor of Joseph Duncan estate, includes $22,967.72 total; 60 receipts by various, not copied.

Washington Co. TN Settlement of Estates, Book 3 (copy of pages from Belle Tilden, researcher in Washington Co., 1980)
      3-432: Wm. Duncans Estate; Settlement made with Daniel Geisler, Adm. 2 March 1870: Total Assets $448.70 (from sales and interest); Disbursed: J.R. Melvin for crying two sales; tax; J.W. Miller for coffin; E.S. Miller April 1865; clerk fee; balance $320.47. 3-439: Balance to be divided between 11 heirs ... This will leave to each $24.27. Margaret Hendrix, Hiram Duncan, John Duncan, Charles Duncan, Alvis Duncan, Russell Duncan, Lydia Miller, Stacy Hoss, Susan Nave's heirs (settled to Saml. C. Nave guardian), Mary Ann Geisler, Phlp? M. Duncan. (Hiram, Alvis, Russell appt. Daniel Geisler their attorney; John appt. Jonathan Kelly atty; Phip? - settled to J.R. Melvin.) (MAD: see 1860 Sullivan Co. TN for Lydia Miller; not located 1850 census)

Washington Co. TN Settlement of Estates, 1874- (FHL film 825,519)
      4-177: WILLIAM F. STEVENS Estate, 19 Jan. 1874, inventory; incl. furniture, large bible, 12 shares in E.F. Railroad?, note on Isaac Stevens due 23 April 1889, filed by Wm. M. Bayless, Adm.
      4-197: Same, purchasers of estate included John Stevens, J? S? Barnes, N.M. Bayless, Wm. Bayless, filed by Wm. M. Bayless, adm. (no date).
      6-114: Same, settlement made with John H. Stephens, administrator of the estate of William F. Stephens, decd, 22 Jan. 1880; adm. charged with balance due on note executed by himself to Wm. M. Bayliss, former adm., 14 Feb. 1874; balance on Francis Williams note 11 Dec. 1872; Judgment in Chancery court, Monroe Co., John H. Stephens admr. et al vs. David Stephens & others, decree 5 Dec. 1878 $2,026.70 for purchase money and land decreed to be sold for said judgment, sale made 7 May 1879; total assets $1,184.84
            Disbursements: cost of suit John H. Stephens etc.; J.B. Stephens carrying chain in surveying land April 8, '79; J.J. Cockran same; various court expenses (attorneys, etc.), $541.70; paid E.A. Shipley Clerk for making & recording this settlement, etc., $6.02; administrator files his own account for keeping and taking care of Wm. F. Stephens for 12 years and 9 months 90.00 per year; total disbursed, $1,692.44 + $6.02; balance overpaid by administrator, $513.62.
      6-214: JOHN STEPHENS Estate, Settlement made with John H. Stephens, administrator of the estate of John Stephens, decd, 26 May 1881. Mentions date of last settlement 22 Dec. '79; recd. money for sale of 2-1/4 shares of railroad stock; paid W.M. Bayliss & wife on their distributive share 28 Jan. 1878 (crossed out, apparently included in earlier settlement).
      6-495: Same, 3 June 1884. Mentions date of last settlement 26 May 1881; suit had been pending in the Chancery Ct. involving the estate, which suit has now terminated; balance to be equally divided between 8 heirs and will leave to each one the sum of $20.14. It is proper to state that Isaac Stephens an heir to said estate is excluded from receiving anything further from said estate under a decree pronounced by the Chancery Court in the case of Wm. M. Bayless et al vs. Frank Williams et al.;
            To Elizabeth Melvin $20.14; to George Stephens $20.14; to John H. Stephens $20.14; to the heirs of Jane Jones $20.14; to Matilda Williams $20.14; to Margaret Bayless $20.14; to Tabitha Denton $20.14; to the heirs of Henry Stephens $20.14; paid D.B. Denton on note, and J.H. Mungle as per order.

Washington Co. TN Inventory of Estates, Books 00, 1779-1821; 0, 1822-1831; 1, 1826-1843 (FHL film 24,849 items 1-3; typed by WPA, indexed; also FHL film 812,999 original)
      00-55 Robert Young's estate, sale Aug. 8, 1797, filed Aug., 1797; Joseph Duncan bought a log chain for $2.24 and a mare for $201.
      00-67 Robert Allison's estate; filed May, 1793, appraisers were Andw. Duncan and James Carmicle.
      00-94 James Allison's estate, accounting dated 12 Feb. 1818 received by Joseph Duncan for Robert Allison.
      00-146 Jno. Young's estate, inventory Nov, 1802, included sale to Abraham Bogart of "one steer" for $3.12.
      00-155 David Job's estate; filed Feb. 1803; Charles Whitson bought $50.00 in store goods.
      00-177 William Wood's estate, filed May, 1806, listed account or sale to William Dugan.
      00-199 Andrew Duncan's estate; inventory returned by Joseph Duncan, George Bell and Samuel Duncan, executors of said estate, the will annexed of said Andrew Duncan decd is as follows: (list of animals). An obligation on Saml. Vance of Green Co. for 500 acres of Jacks land desparate; warrant from Zachariah Cox for 2,000 acres land desparate; John Johnston Senr. endebted to said estate for $200 desparate; May 5, 1808, signed Joseph Duncan, admr; filed May, 1808.
      00-250 Joseph Barnes estate, filed Feb. 1811, included debts in 1806 of Charles Whitson, who still owed 18 shillings (originally owed 36 shillings), desparate.
      00-275-276, 282 Jeremiah Dungan's inventory returned Feb. 1813; estate returned May, 1813, purchasers at sale 9 March 1813 included Mary Dungan, Jeremiah D. Gibson, Zebulon Smith, Jehu Humphreys, Samuel Watson, Moses Humphreys, and others.
      00-309 William Carson Jr.'s estate, sale 29 Nov. 1814, Eli Ritchey bought 2 barrels and flax seed, $1.50; inventory filed Feb. 1815.
      00-312 Benoni Pain's estate; inventory and return of sales returned 1 May, 1815, by Rice Duncan, admin, includes violin or fiddle; no purchasers shown; filed May 1815.
      00-331 (328-334) Hugh McAdams estate, filed 6 Nov. 1815 by Isabella McAdams, adms, included lots of items, among which sales to James Duncan of 1 single barrel $.50; 1 keg .50; 1 hand saw $3.01; "3 boses containing small articles .51".
      00-372 William Miller's estate; sale 13 August 1816; sales of hats to many people, including Samuel Duncan (two wool hats, $1.06-1/4 and $1.16).
      00-393 Susan Johnston's estate sale, 30 Jan. 1819, filed April 1819, included purchasers of Samuel Duncan, one crock & pitcher .19; 1 hoe & shovel .58; 1 hand reel .01; 1 bible & testament 3 chep books 1.25.
      00-399 Archibald Carmicle's estate, supplement inventory ... "should include Joseph Duncan $13.0" Filed 23 July 1819.
      00-405 Archibald Carmicle's estate, sales May 18, 1819, filed July 1819, included John Stephen, 2 goats $2.06-1/4; 1 book .39; James Duncan 35 iron at 8c .80 (lots of purchasers of iron).
      00-414 John Swanger's estate; sale 10 Aug. 1819, filed Oct., 1819, incl. sales to David Stevens, one ax $1.06-1/4.
      00-434 William Miller's estate, additional inventory April 10, 1817, "Jane Duncan widow on book ballance doubtfull 3s" and others with book balances, filed April, 1817.
      00-437 Henry Martin's estate, sale 30 Oct. 1819, filed Jan. 1820, included Andrew Dunkin, 1 falling ax $2.08; 9 lb chewing tobacco 40c per lb $3.60; 1 black bull $17.12-1/2.
      00-451 to 456 Abel Wiley's estate, inventory 17 Feb. 1821, included notes or accounts for many people, including Samuel Duncan account desperate $14.58; sale to Samuel Duncan, 1 half gallon measure $.13; filed 14 July 1821.
      00-470 William Carson's estate, sale Aug. 26, 1796, filed by his widow Ruth Carson, included sale to James Duncan, 1 bell, 2s, 1p; filed November, 1796.
      0-8 James Miller's estate, sales on 1 and 2 Feb. 1822 included sale to William Duncan, 200 lb salt & bag $7.62.
      0-29 David G. Vance's estate filed July, 1824, included desparate accounts on James Duncan, desparate, $3.50.
      0-65 Uriah Hunt's estate, filed Oct., 1825, includes "one note on James Dunkin for $25 date 14 Jan 1824, due next day, credit $13. Desparate."
      0-79: John Range's estate, April, 1831, inventory filed by John Wright and Meyant(?) Range, administrators, included notes on: James Caruthers, 24 May 1830, despirate; James Young, (no date), despirate; Thomas King, 24 Sept. 1824?, despirate; Thomas Dunworth, (no date), despirate; William King and George King, 28 Jan. 1828, despirate; James Huston and William Huston, 8? Jan. 1830, despirate; David Sellers (no date), for his collection of a note on Jacob Hair?, despirate; Mr. Sherffee for a $14? bureau which he has paid and we have the bureau.
      1-15,16 Uriah Hunt's estate, inventory January, 1827, included James Duncan purchaser of farm equipment, household furniture, one bed to James Duncan, one bed & stead.
      1-64 to 69: sale of Charles Duncan, Dec. on 9 Aug 1828. Articles sold to James Melvin, George Little, John Stevens, Johnathan Kelley, Charles Dunworth, Michael Krouse, Richard Carr, Joseph Melvin, Isaac Brown, Joseph Beard, Nathan Shipley, James Hale, Jacob Hammer, James Barnes, Hugh Younge, Henry King, Thomas Miller, Thomas King, Sr., Daniel Krouse, Galloway Campbell, Jon Caruthers, David Sellers, Henry Dea---, William Duncan & Henry Miller. Filed October, 1828.
      1-96 George Pursel's estate, sale Sept. 24, 1829, included Joseph Duncan, 1 tea kettle, $2.85.
      1-102 William Nelson's estate, sale 1 Aug. 1829, included sales (one large bible, other kitchen dishes) to William Duzan.
      1-181 Solomon Krouse, sales (no dates) included William Duncan, 1 keg, .06-1/2 (previous inven. 20 Apri. 1835, next Jan. 20, 1834 (sic)).
      1-208,211 Thomas Bayles' estate, returned Sept. 1837, included Wm. Duncan, 1 bureau, $10.00.
      1-226 James Barnes, inventory of notes on hand due his estate, included John Duncan cash due 5 July 1835, $2.91.
      1-248 Thomas Bayles' estate, supplementary inventory, retc. 1st Monday October, 1839, received of Wm. Duncan (on book account) $5.00, among others.
      1-256 William Bolinger's estate returned 2 Jan. 1842, included Joseph Duncan, 1 rifle gun at $7.85.
      1-278: John Duncan's Estate (no date, but preceeding inventory filed 5 April 1841): Purchasers include Mary Duncan, Henry King, Jesse Duncan, Widow, Charles Duncan, John Stevens, Nathaniel Cash, Robt. Duncan, John Drain, Jesse Hampton. Total $201.67; filed by Jonathan Kelley, administrator.

Washington Co. TN Inventory of Estates (FHL film 812,999 handwritten; film 24,849 typed by WPA)
      Book 2, 1844-1857
      2-221 Estate of John Duncan, sales returned 12/13/1850 by Thos. Duncan. 2-221 to 224, John Duncan's Estate.
      2-345 John Duncan, decd. Widow Elizabeth Duncan and children allowed one year provisions December, 1850.
      2-376 Mary Duncan's estate; sale 20 Aug. 1852; buyers Emeline Duncan, Richard Carr, Allen Duncan, Johnathan Kelley, J.R. Melvin, Susan Melvin, David Hoback, Wiliam Patterson, William Olliver, John Duncan, John Leab, Joseph Leonard, David Proffitt, Elija Brunitt, John Miller, Isaac Stevens; Admr. Jesse Duncan, Allen Duncan.

Washington Co. TN Inventory of Estates (FHL film 813,000; handwritten)
      3-245: Inventory of James Melvin's Estate; 18 November 1861?; sales to Mahala Melvin, Elisa Melvin, Mary Crothers, Susan Melvin, (next three pages too faint to read).
      3-362: 3 Sept. 1865, Wm. C. Stephens estate included note on H. Hendnct? and ?Brown 11 Jan. 1862; note on Andrew S. and John H. Reed 3 Sept. 1862; inventory filed by J. Stephens, adm.
      3-380: Estate of John Stephens Decd; account of personal property 17 June 1865. Sales to W.Y. Morton, Henry Denton, Margaret F. Stephens, L.A? Fondes? (Ponder?), Isaac Stephens, James MCara?, Thomas E. Jones, E.V. Easly, Thomas E. Jones, John Kinnick, James R. Melvin, John H. Stephens, James M. Cair?, Jos. E. Jones, Thos. E. Stephens, Henry Carr, A.L. Barns, Riley? Kinnick, J.W. Carr, John? Melvin, Frank Williams, Margaret F. Stephens, Frances Milburns, V. Boring, John Denton, Joshua Boring. An account of the notes 26 June 1865 includes Wm. C. Stephens, Isaac Stephens Sr. (several each); Nathan Shipley; Wm. Riggs; J.W. Dillingham, G.W. Stephens, James H. Jones, J.P. Young and Z.L. Carter and S.K. Carter, Henry Johnson, James Bradley, Robert D. Beard & John Keys, John H. Stephens. Signed Isaac Stevens.
      3-413 to 415: William Duncan Decd. Estate; inventory of estate; sales 26 August 1865 on 12 month time. Sales to Henry Nave, Henry Hise, Mary Ann Geisler, Rosannah Oliver, Charles Duncan, Solomon Onkot, Abraham Cassady, David Oliver, William Cook, Margaret Hendrix, Isaac Miller, John Kelly, Susan Melvin, James Melvin, E.V. Easley, Peter Reeves, John Reeves, James Miller, George Oliver, William H. Ford, Henry Cass, G.W. Miller, J.P. Melvin, H.P. Young, James Goff, Pedrick? Bell, B.N. Leonard, J.R. Melvin, William Kelly, Wm. Ford, William Cook, Nancy (Henry?) Carr, B? Uries?, Daniel Howel. Filed by Danl. Geisler, 25? Feby. 1866. 3-479: Sales to Mary A. Geisler, A.J. Vine, Margaret Hendrix. Nov. 1866. 3-510: Sales to Isaac Duncan?, Margaret Hendrix, Saml? S..aster?, Elizabeth Picket, ??, Elizabeth Onket, George? Kennick?, Albert? King. 20 Nov? 1867. 3-619: Sales to Caleb S/Lilly, Jessie Oliver, Joseph Chispy?, James Goff, Hamilton Kennick, George Kennick (oats, hay, corn, wheat). 27 Nov. 1869.
      4-123: Sarah Duncan's estate; inventory of John Duncan, guardian of the minor children of himself and his deceased wife Sarah Duncan formerly Sarah Ella (?) as follows ... 4 Aug. 1872.
      4-177,197: Inv. Wm. F. Stevens; incl. notes 26 Jan. 1878. Not copied.
      Book 5 (1879-1888) - not copied because of date

Washington Co. TN Insolvent Estates 1852-1867 (FHL film 812,999)
      No Duncan

Washington Co. TN Index book to inventories 1821-1831 (FHL film 825,501 item 1)
      No Duncan

Washington Co. TN Guardians' Settlements, Vol.0, 2-4, 1841-1896 (FHL film 812,998)
      Vol.0, 9/1841 - 3/1860 - no Duncan
      Vol.2, 4/1860 - 4/1870 - no Duncan
      Vol.3, 5/1870 - 5/1878 - no index
      Vol.4, 8/1878 - 1/1896 - no Duncan

Washington Co. TN Admin. & Exec. Settlements
      Vol.4, 1871-1878 - no John Stephens (FHL film 825,519)
      no Vol. 5
      Vol.6, 1878-1885 (FHL film 825,519)
            6-109: 22 Dec. 1879, settlement made with John H. Stephens, admr. of John Stephens decd ... paid clerk fees; admr. has railroad stock in his hands amounting to $225 ... (no distribution shown).

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