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Read bio of Williamson including information about Beebe.

This family New York to Ohio to Iowa, then Beebe to Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma with Pruitt.

I's sorry to hear that you are ill today.  I hope you get better quickly.
I believe that Calvin was probably in Lamoni.  That's where his son Edward O. Beebe is buried.  He died when he came home to take care of his father's estate.  Tragic.
Anyway,  I know that they were RLDS, as they joined at the same time that my GGGgrandfather did.  I didn't look at this close enough that last time I looked at it and thought that your Alvaro Beebe, was the same as this.  It is obvious to me now, that it isn't.
I am attaching the rest of the Beebe line to this email that I have. I hope it will be helpful to you.  Do you know who Cornelius Alvero's parents were?  The naming practices seem to indicate that he was of this family somewhere.

Isaac Beebe b. pre 1770, of Lebanon, Grafton Co., NH, m. cir 1793, Olive Soule, b. 09 Sept 1776, Plympton, Plymouth Co., Mass., d. 01 Aug 1830, Chardon, Geauga Co., Oh.  Isaac died 1834, of Jackson Co., Mi.

I.     Unknown Beebe b. cir 1794, of Lebanon, Grafton Co., NH.

II.   Alvaro Beebe b. 1796, NY.

III.  Unknown Beebe b. 1798, NY.

IV.  Calvin Beebe b. 01 July 1800, Paris, Oneida Co., NY, m. 19 Nov 1823, in Chardon, Geauga Co., Ia., Submit Elizabeth Rockwell Starr, b. 17 May 1800, Smyrna, Chenango Co., NY, d. 24 Feb 1860, Anderson, Mills Co., Ia.  Calvin died 1868.  Info from Internet FamilySearch Ancestral File.

       A.   James Beebe b. 1824, Geauga Co., Oh., m. 29 Nov 1846, in Fort Madison, Lee Co., Ia., Louisana McEveney.  James died 16 Sept 1896, Homestead, Blaine Co., Ok.

       B.   John Beebe b. cir 1826, Geauga Co., Oh.

       C.   Edward Orson Beebe b. 04 Mar 1827, Oh., occupation Wagonmaker, Farmer, m. 29 June 1849, in Iowa, Esther Newberry, b. cir 1828, Iowa,[1] (daughter of James Newberry and Mary Smith) d. 28 Mar 1891, Uniontown, EDC, Ca., buried: Placerville, Union Cemetery.  Edward died pre 1880, in the East.  Per descend.: thinks he died in Lamoni, Ia.

             1.    James Milton Beebe b. cir 1850, Iowa.

             2.    Julian Leoni Beebe b. May 1851, Iowa, occupation Miner, m. 04 Dec 1900, in Georgetown, EDC, Ca.,[2] Emma Hunsucker, b. 05 Nov 1870, Green Tsp., Scioto Co., Oh., (daughter of Nathan Hunsucker and Mary Ann Brown) d. cir 1905.  Julian died 17 July 1936, Placerville, EDC, Ca.,[3] buried: 20 July 1936, Placerville, Union Cemetery.

                    a.    Infant Beebe b. 30 June 1901, near Georgetown, EDC, Ca.,[4] d. 19 Dec 1901, EDC, Ca., buried: Coloma Pioneer Cemetery.

                    b.    Emily Marie Beebe b. 24 Aug 1902, Georgetown, EDC, Ca.,[5] m. Harry James DeCampos Sr., b. 28 July 1900, Pilot Hill, EDC, Ca., d. 14 Aug 1996, Sacramento, Sac. Co., Ca.  Emily died 03 June 1987, Sacramento, Sac. Co., Ca.

                           (1)  Harry J. DeCampos Jr..

                           (2)  Betty Mae DeCampos.

                    c.    Effie May Beebe b. 26 Feb 1905, Georgetown, EDC, Ca., m. Unknown Smith.  Effie died Oct 1975, Contra Costa Co., Ca.

             3.    Mary Elizabeth Beebe b. cir 1854, Ut.

             4.    Emma Beebe b. cir 1855, Ca., m. 01 Mar 1878, in Uniontown, EDC, Ca.,[6] Waren M. Fales, b. cir 1840, NY   Ia.?,[7] ref: Veteran, occupation Farmer,[8] d. 05 June 1910, near El Dorado, EDC, Ca.,[9] buried: El Dorado Cemetery,[10]  Tombstone.[11]

             5.    Sarah E. Beebe b. cir 1857, Ca.

             6.    Adelaide L. Beebe b. cir 1858, Ca.

             7.    Florence Beebe b. cir 1860.

             8.    Edward Abraham Beebe b. -- Dec 1861, Ca.,[12] m. cir 1893, Annie B., b. -- July 1879, Mo. [13]

                    a.    Edward E. Beebe b. 19 May 1895, Uniontown, EDC, Ca. [14]

                    b.    Cora B. Beebe b. -- Dec 1898, Ca. [15]

                    c.    Beatrice Beebe b. -- Apr 1900, Ca. [16]

                    d.    ? Beebe b. 03 Aug 1902, Uniontown, EDC, Ca. [17]

             9.    Philip Beebe b. 1867, Ca., d. ?Sept 1891, at Forni's, buried: Placerville, Union Cemetery.

       D.   Frances (Fanny) Beebe b. 1831, Chardon, Geauga Co., Ia.

       E.   Harriet Abigail Beebe b. cir 1834, Chardon, Geauga Co., Ia.

       F.   Calvin Alvaro Beebe b. 28 Apr 1836, Caldwell, Clay Co., Mo., m. (1) 26 Apr 1857, Eliza T., b. cir 1836, Caldwell, Clay Co., Mo., d. 14 Dec 1858, Anderson, Mills Co., Ia., buried: Farm Creek, m. (2) 28 June 1859, in Mills Co., Ia., Angeline Carter Runyon, b. cir 1838, Mills Co., Ia.  Calvin died 23 Apr 1903, Ia.

       G.   Diantha Beebe b. cir 1839, Caldwell, Clay Co., Mo.

V.   Fanny Beebe b. 1803, NY.

VI.  Isaac Beebe b. 31 July 1806, Paris, Oneida Co., NY.

VII. Mary Beebe b. 1809, Paris, Oneida Co., NY.

VIII.      Julia Beebe b. 1809, NY.

IX.  Eli Beebe b. 1810, Paris, Oneida Co., NY.

X.   George Beebe b. 06 Aug 1811, Oswego, Oneida Co., NY, m. 29 Oct 1845, in Hancock, Ill., Esther Ann Rogers, b. 23 Mar 1825, Dunkirk, Chautauqua Co., NY, (daughter of David White Rogers and Martha Collins) d. 25 June 1885, Provo, Utah Co., Ut., buried: 27 June 1885, Provo, Utah Co., Ut.  George died 28 Nov 1881, Provo, Utah Co., Ut.  14 ch;  for further info, check Internet FamilySearch Ancestral File.

XI.  Nancy Beebe b. 1813, NY.

XII. Luana Beebe b. 03 Oct 1814, Lebanon, Madison Co., NY, m. (1) 16 Feb 1832, Orrin Porter Rockwell, b. 28 June 1813, Belcher, Hampshire Co., Mass., (son of Orin Rockwell and Sarah Witt) d. 09 June 1878, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut., buried: 12 June 1878, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut., m. (2) 14 Jan 1846, in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill., John Alpheus Cutler, b. 29 Feb 1784, Upper Lisle, Broome Co., NY, (son of Knight Cutler and Elizabeth Boyd) d. 10 Aug 1864, Manti, Fremont Co., Ia., m. (3) Wheeler Baldwin.  Luana died 06 Mar 1897, West Tintic, Juab Co., Ut., buried: Provo City Cemetery.

       A.   Emily Amanda Rockwell (daughter of Orrin Porter Rockwell and Luana Beebe) b. 31 Jan 1833, Mo., m. (1) Hiram Gates, b. 11 Aug 1802, Oakland, Gore, Brant, Canada,[18] (son of Henry Gates and Mary Burtch) occupation Tavern Owner,[19] d. 05 Sept 1850, Greenwood, EDC, Ca.,[20] m. (2) Henry Willard Brizzee, b. 01 May 1826, Boston, Suffolk Co., Mass., d. 29 Mar 1898, Mesa, Maricopa Co., Az., buried: Mesa Cemetery, Brizzee Plot.  Per Sioli, pg 186, 1st white woman in Greenwood Hiram: I.  Land Records

                  A.  EDC Old Recd. Bk. A, pg 85:

                        17 Aug 1850

                        Hiram Gates to E. Case & Co. for $597.00

                        Lot & bldg. situated in Louisville, EDC, Ca.



                  B.  EDC Old Recd. Bk. A, pg 117:

                        5 Sept 1850

                        Louisville, Greenwood Valley, EDC, Ca.

                        To Hiram Gates Estate:  Bill against estate for labor in building a frame house from

                        26 June 1850 to 1 Sept 1850, $792.00, by William Weis.

             1.    Charles Porter Brizzee (son of Henry Willard Brizzee and Emily Amanda Rockwell) b. 05 Sept 1852, Sacramento, Sac. Co., Ca., m. Feb 1873, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut., divorced, Sarah Ann Hall.  Charles died 24 July 1902, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut., buried: 25 July 1902, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut.

             2.    Henry Willard Brizzee (son of Henry Willard Brizzee and Emily Amanda Rockwell) b. 29 Apr 1854, Sacramento, Sac. Co., Ca., m. 20 Mar 1878, in Panaca, Lincoln Co., Nv., Esther Ann Catlin, b. 21 Nov 1860, Fairview, Snpt., Ut., d. 13 Nov 1944, Superior, Pinal Co., Az., buried: Superior, Pinal Co., Az.  Henry died 20 June 1927, Superior, Pinal Co., Az., buried: 22 June 1927, Superior, Pinal Co., Az.

       B.   Caroline Stewart Rockwell (daughter of Orrin Porter Rockwell and Luana Beebe) b. cir 1837, Clay Co., Mo.

       C.   Orin P. Rockwell (son of Orrin Porter Rockwell and Luana Beebe) b. 27 Oct 1839, Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill., d. 02 Dec 1915, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut., buried: Lehi, Ut.

       D.   Sarah Rockwell (daughter of Orrin Porter Rockwell and Luana Beebe) b. 20 Mar 1840, Independence, Jackson Co., Mo.

       E.   Joseph C.A. Rockwell (son of Orrin Porter Rockwell and Luana Beebe) b. 27 Oct 1844, Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill., d. 11 Apr 1845, Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill.


[1]  1880 Census: Coloma Tsp., EDC, Ca.

[2]  EDC Marr. Recd: Bk E, Pg 153

[3]  EDC Death Recd.: Bk 10, Pg 200

[4]  MD: 20 July 1901; Geo. Gaz.

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[7]  1880 Census: Placerville Tsp., EDC, Ca. 1900 Census: Mud Springs Tsp., EDC, Ca.

[8]  Civil War: 1st Sgt., Co. F, 6th Ia. Inf.;  G.A.R.

[9]  Obit.: MD, 11 June 1910

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WOW Diana. You are way further back than I am. My sisters started our genealogy records and we have been stuck at Isaac since 1972.
By the case I failed to tell you, I have a tracking website for our Beebes and I'll add these names to the record.......and also list Day as a collaterial relative.
Then I can later add places where they lived to the dates to flesh out the files.
You filled in the matching place they lived in Ohio which we didn't know until now.
This is so neat.
Don Kelly, Forest Grove OR
Sue. I believe you are right. They came from Ohio and were in Lee County 1850. Milton was a wagon maker and newly married to Van Ausdel. She was born Ohio as was Milton.
A year later they were in Shelby County and Milton was the elected sheriff there.
Calvin could be Milton's uncle, a brother to Isaac, but it seems they remained LDS, but parted ways in Iowa at some point, though some came back around 1870.
I have files for extended families and I can add these if you wish.
And I would like to know more.

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HI Don:
I took a look at your website and found that I am fairly certain that your Beebe family and the one I am following are related.  They are all showing up in the same counties in Iowa together with the people of my extended family.
The Vandualsal (not related, but I recognize the name from my research) name shows up in Lee County too, so that tells me that they were probably all hanging out in the same areas together as Mormons will do.
I have recently published a book that is might be helpful in understanding the Mormon movements with these particular groups of people.  It actually follows my ancestor James Newberry, but he is in society with so many of the people that you mentioned.  These are the people I am following, and hoping to find descendants of the children listed.

. Esther Newberry b. June 7, 1829 Brownhelm, Lorain County, Ohio, d. March 28, 1891, Coloma, El Dorado County, California  m. Edward O. Beebe son of Calvin Beebe and Submit Elizabeth Rockwell Starr,[1] 29 June 1849 in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa  b. March 4, 1827, Ohio, d. October 18, 1869 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Edward was in the Mexican War and Esther applied for his pension. Edward had gone home to Iowa to take care of the estate of his father, and died there. Esther and Edward were successful fruit farmers in El Dorado County, near Sutter's Mill at the height of the gold rush. They lived only a short distance from Esther’s sister Electa. Both families were known as agriculturalists. Children: James, b. Iowa; Julian Lamoni, b. Iowa; Mary Elizabeth, b. 1863, Salt Lake City, Utah; Emma, b. 1855, California; Sarah, b. 1856, California; Adelaide L. (Eda), b. 1857, Uniontown, El Dorado, California; Florence Nightingale (Flora), b. 1862 Uniontown, El Dorado, California; Edward, b. 1862-63 California; Philip, b. 1867 Bear Creek, El Dorado, California.  Info provided by Sheri Zingmark.


[1] Calvin Beebe was the right hand man of Alpheus Cutler, leader of the Lamanite (Indian) missionaries, who formed a group named the Cutlerites, to which many of the extended family belonged or supported. Calvin’s sister Luana was married to Orrin Porter Rockwell.  It is unknown how Rockwell was related to Submit Rockwell Starr Beebe.


Calvin Beebe was probably the brother of Isaac Beebe, although I haven't yet proved that. Calvin's father was Isaac but he died in Jackson Co. Mo.  He was married to Olive Soule who died in Ohio.


When the Mormons left Nauvoo and moved to SW Iowa, Calvin Beebe went along but soon dropped away from Brigham Young and followed the Cutlerites.  They were a group of Mormons who believed in the earler teachings of Joseph Smith, and didn't agree with Brigham Young's vision of what Mormonism should be.  Calvin Beebe was also part of the proposed town of Zarahemla in Lee County, Iowa. While he was there, he was excommunicated from the Church but then was re-admitted later.  I have a webiste that you might be interested in viewing. The genealogical table is shown in section I.  I have reproduced it above, but you can see the relationships of different people by viewing the one on the website.


If you are interested in learning more, I have a few copies of my book left.  The book is completely documented and has a bibliography.





In a message dated 7/25/2006 12:39:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Hi Sue. Please check out this Beebe index. The Biography explains Williamson as a Mormon traveling west and settling finally in Shelby County as a priest of the church.........and also Milton Beebe showing up in Shelby county from Lee County, IA and became the first elected sheriff.
Then check out the Beebestates website for Iowa which may mention your Calvin and Edward who haven't yet documented in my line, but as LDS most certainly related. Williamson showed up in western Iowa about 1850 and Beebe 1857.
If your group went to California around 1850, they may have been with the group in which Williamson was in who planned to go to California, but stopped at Council Bluffs.
Please review and get back with new information, or with questions.
Cousin Don
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Subject: Isaac Beebe

Hi Don,
These are the ancestors of Isaac Beebe. The Beebe's that married into my Day line descended from Samuel Beebe as well.
Isaac Beebe
b) 1775 New London, New London, CT.
d) 1834 Jackson, MI.
married - 1800 Marshall, Oneida, NY
Olive Soule
b) 1776 Marshall, Oneida, NY
d) 1 Aug 1830 Chardon, Gueaga, OH
Calvin, Fanny, Isaac, Nancy, Catherine, George W, Julia, Mary, Laura Hart, Eli, Nelson, Sally
Parents of Isaac Beebe
James Beebe (1741-1814)
Ruth Brooks (1741)
Esther, Ruth, Isaac, James
Parents of James Beebe
Ezekiel Beebe (1705-1779)
Hannah Rogers (1710-1770)
Hannah, Jemima, Ezekiel, James, Jerusha, Sarah, Zadock, Seth, Thomas
Parents of Ezekiel Beebe
William Beebe (1665-1750)
Ruth Rogers (1667-1718)
Joseph, Samuel, Mary Stephen, Nathan, William, Guy, Ezeliel, Lydia
Parents of William Beebe
Samuel Beebe (1633-1712)  Samuel is the immigrant from England, his father John Beeby died on board ship in 1650.
Samuel was married to Mary Keeny (1639-1725)
Samuel, Mary, Susannah, William, Agnes, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Mercy, Thomas
This will give you a direction to work on.
My Day line came from the NE. Robert Day was the pioneer of Hartford CT and his son John went to New London, CT. and his line married Beebe's.
Good luck
Diana in Wash


Don:  Your family went to Ohio from ??? 
Some of mine went to Ohio in about the mid-thirties, but they went from Vermont.  I am curious about the timing -- unless there was some major historical event pushing people west. 
They were, at one point (abt 1836) in Logan County, Ohio, and one part of the family settled in Sherman Township in Huron County.  Does any of this seem at all familiar to your family's migrations?
Greetings. My Beebe family started west before 1830 first to Ohio then by

1840 in Iowa.  Who knows what names might show up to connect with what we already know, or suspect. Thanks for the offer.

Have a great day all.

Don Kelly from Pruitt of KY and Beebe of OH, IA, MO, TX Gainesville 1900, Oklahoma 1905


I am not related to this family but I was browsing and found the following Beebe's
buried at WAUSEON UNION cemetary in Fulton Co., OH
website was

BEEBE. Hazen Z. 1897 - 1955
BEEBE. Charles H. 1902 - 1934
BEEBE. Louise (m) 1877 - 1928
BEEBE, Nina A. 1909 - 1912
BEEBE, Ashley (f) GAR 1855 - 1927

Hope this helps someone!

There were Mormons who went to Utah who would not marry more than once, so do not dispare on that issue. My own great grandparents made a pact not to do what their own parents had done.  My great grandmother's father was Henry Grow.  He married my great grandmother's mother AND sister.  So she found it aborrent, like most of us in this day and age do. 
The people who stayed behind in Iowa were generally those who didn't believe in it either.  The ones who had become involved put aside plurality.  That happened with people like Alpheus Cutler, who was married to Calvin Beebe's sister.  She was put aside, and she moved on and married another mormon man.
I can tell that you are not feeling great, so we can discuss this a little later.  I hope you are feeling better soon.
In a message dated 7/31/2006 10:52:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

How much research have you done in the rolls of the LDS Church?  There are too many similarities in these names not to have them connected. Not to mention their proximity of residence. Could it be a possibility that Leanah's last name was actually spelled.Vanasdale/vanosdale/Vandausal.  I have seen this name on the rolls of the church in the 1804's in Lee Co. Calvin Beebe was there as well as his wife Submit Rockwell Beebe.
I have transcribed rolls for others, but none for myself.
NAMES: Quote from Biography dated 1889:

Mr. Williamson was again married February 22, 1872, to Leanah,  the widow of Milton M. Beebe, and daughter of William and Polly  (Headrick) Van Ausdell. 

I know that in 1850 most of the really good Mormons had moved on.  So these people may have been affiliated early with the Mormons and stayed behind and were dissidents from Brigham Young.  The Mormons don't like to admit that this happened, but there were thousands of early people who left the Church because of Brigham's heavy handedness. 
Great grandma Mary Elizabeth Williamson Beebe (Different Mary Elizabeth Beebe in your records too) said they believed in  singular marriage. They alone separated them from the Salt Lake City Mormons.
Not feeling well, but did a lot of research today.

I will post this Kathleen and I will not forget Milo if I ever see him again.
Don Kelly
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Dear Don...
I saw your recent message on the Beebe boards.
I'm seeking info on Milo Beebe, who married Nancy Mortland of Hardin, Ill. and St. Louis, Mo.  in mid 1800's.
I believe Milo was born in NY and moved west, though Ohio. (I did find a Milo Beebe in Ohio, but he was younger than mine, and could have been a nephew, or perhaps a grandson)
Is there any chance that you'd know about this mysterious Beebe of mine?
Thanks... Kathleen


Thank you very much for the Beebe-Bebee-Beebee information.
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 Beebe family in Addison County 1800
 Asahel Beebe  Middlebury, Addison, VT  1800
 Beebe families in Rutland County 1800
 Various spellings.
 Allen Bebee  Rutland, Rutland, VT  1800 
 Ezekiel Bebee  Rutland, Rutland, VT  1800
  Ephraim Bebee  Wells, Rutland, VT  1800
  Guy Bebee  Rutland, Rutland, VT  1800 
   Mary Bebee  Rutland, Rutland, VT  1800
   Solo Bebee  Rutland, Rutland, VT  1800
 Beebe Families in Rutland County, 1810
 Aaron Beebe  Wells, Rutland, VT  1810  
 Silas Beebe  Wells, Rutland, VT  1810
 Allen Beeby  Chittenden, Rutland, VT  1810  
    Joseph Buhop  Clarendon, Rutland, VT  1810  
    Ell Buby  Rutland, Rutland, VT  1810 
     Ephraim Bebee  Wells, Rutland, VT  1810
  Possibly one of the children had a grandparents name.
 Google for Churches in Rutland or Addison Counties.

BEEBE, Chester C.
born 8/6/1886 in New York
He was a Corporal for Ambulance Co. 106, WWI
died 3/24/1960; aged 73
He is buried in the Veteran burials in Section S of Riverside Cemetery, 
Rochester, NY.
Thank you so much.

found BEEBE family Bible with family names/dates as follows:

Births: Anna Hoagland Beebe b. 9 Sep 1830
          Frank Beebe               b. 5 Aug 1851
          Charley Beebe            b. 13 Jun 1854
          Helen Cory Beebe       b. 18 Apr 1879
          James Beebe              b. 21 Nov 1887

Births and Deaths also listed in this large (Catholic?) Bible with Aprocrypha and beautifully illustrated

contact  Debra

I am not related. I was browsing and found these Beebe's http://
  listed in Lyons Cem., Fulton co., OH.

BEEBE, Eunice E. 1853-1921 
BEEBE, David L. 1853-1923

Hope this helps someone.


Surnames: Beebe
Classification: Cemetery

Message Board Post:

I am not related but found while browsing Butler Cem., Fulton Co., OH


BEEBE. Julia A. w/o Liman L. Beebe
 4 Sep 1849 Ae 33y 
BEEBE. James W. s/o L.L.& J.A. Beebe
  6 Sep 1849 Ae 7y  
BEEBE, Esther L. d/o L.L.& J.A. Beebe 13 Sep 1849 Ae 9y
BEEBE. Nelson C. s/o L.& Julia A. Beebe  21 Feb 1855 Ae 18y-2m-7d

Hope this helps someone.

Note from Admin: Sparce, but My gggMilton Beebe line came from east coast to Ohio where Milton Beebe married then took his family to Iowa where he was purported to be sheriff of Lee County.

He was in the Civil War and robbed and shot dead on his way home. Then the family

His son married my ggrandma Elizabeth Williamson Beebe near Des Moines City Iowa. They moved to Missouri where my grandmother was born 1885. Within twenty years the family was in Gainesville, Texas where grandma Floy Beebe married Henry Pruitt.

anything here sound familiar? donkelly


Would like to hear from anyone connected to Thomas Edward BEEBE (b. abt 1799 in Clermont Co. Ohio. He married Elizabeth VORHEES. She died 10 Nov 1875 in Ogden, UT. His parents are supposedly Thomas BEEBE and Betsie EDGARS.

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 Surnames: Beebe  Howard
 Classification: Query
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 Our ancestor, James Madison Howard married Melissa Beebe.  In the 1870 census Melissa is 19 years old and living in Coolville, Athens County near Marietta.  If you think there may be a connection please contact me.


Is anyone out there related to a Willis P. Beebe and a Cora Gossett from southern Ohio? These folks had nine children. Clifford, Benjamin, Richard, James, Willis, Vesta, Doris, Pauline and Wilma Jean. Moved to Stark county Ohio.

Parents of Willis were Luther Beebe and Mary Ellis. Parents of Cora were Charles W. Gossett and Addie Arnold.

Haven't researched much further back. Some of these Beebe's are pretty mysterious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I have. If you can add or correct, please do.........CS
William Anthony, born ca 1844 in Ohio; died ca 1874. He married 21. Mary E. Frye Cade about 1865. They had at least three children, Harriet "Hattie", Lucy and Samuel, all born in Iowa. In 1870, they were living in or near Croton, Van Buren Twp., Lee County, Iowa. M.E. Anthony is listed as a landowner in Van Buren Twp., Lee County in 1874. It is unknown where William or Mary are buried.

Mary E. Frye, born about 1836 in Ohio; died November 2, 1922 in Lee County, Iowa. She was the daughter of 42. Lewis Frye and 43. Anna/Annis Davis. Mary first married on Aug. 17, 1854 in Lee County, Iowa, to Henry "Harry" Cade, born ca 1832. In 1860 they were living in or near Bonaparte, Harrisburg Twp., Van Buren County, Iowa. Harry had come to Iowa from Ohio in 1854. Their daughters, listed in the 1860 census: Catharine, 5, Anna, 3, and Adeline, 1. Harry Cade, as a Corporal in the 25th Iowa Infantry, was mortally wounded July 22, 1864 in the Civil War. Mary had five daughters named in the 1870 census whose surname was Cade: Katherine, Ellen, Louisa, Gloria(?), and Emma, all born in Iowa. Mary married (2) William Anthony and married (3) Frank Waste, a Civil War veteran.
Lewis W. Frye born ca 1799 in Virginia; died ca 1859 in probably Des Moines County, Iowa; and married about 1835 probably in Ohio. to 43. Anna/Annis Davis. The Frye family  moved to Iowa from  Rome Twp., Athens County, Ohio in 1853. In 1856, Lewis, 57, and Anna, 39, were living in Union Twp., Des Moines County, Iowa. Their children were Stephen H., 20, Mary, 19, Hadley, 17, Louisa, 15, James, 8, Charles, 5, Harry, 3, and William, 1. All of the children except Harry and William, who were born in Iowa,  were born in Ohio. (Hadley is also listed as a laborer on  the Henry Vance farm nearby in the 1856 census. ) Daughter Mary, 19, was married to Harry Cade, 24, and the young couple and their year-old daughter Catharine were living with her parents. (The seven year spread between James and Louisa is unusual could be grandchildren. )

Anna/Annis Davis born ca 1817 in Ohio married (1) Lewis Fry about 1835 and married (2) Milton Bebee before 1860. In 1860, Anna and Milton Bebee were living near Bonaparte, Harrisburg Twp., Van Buren County, Iowa. Hadley Fry, 21, was a laborer boarding with neighbor Fredrick Farnum and Mary's other sons were living with the Bebees.  Daughter Mary Cade and family were neighbors. Location of Louisa is unknown, probably married. Have found nothing on this family after 1860. 
Milton Bebee, 31, was living with his wife Emily and children two doors down from the Fry's in 1850 Rome Twp., Athens County, Ohio and other Bebee's were nearby (Sydney, 38, and Charles, 63, were nearby. Harry Cade (listed as Henry Cadi, 19) was living in the home of  Sydney Bebee (possibly a brother of Sydney's wife Julia??)