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O'Kelly COA for a thousand years

Ancestrially, the O'Kelly clans came to Connaught Ireland from Ulster in the 4th century.

Their Irish name was O'Collaugh or O'Collaigh or O'Ceallaigh depending on the source.

The O'Kelly supported King Brian Boru to defeat Vikings in battle at Clontarf and drive the Danes from Ireland a thousand years ago.   


Dear members  of USGenWeb.

My name is Don Kelly and I proudly stand for election to the Advisory Board position of County Coordinator Representative for the North-West Plains area of the USGenWeb Project.

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Three years on the AB as SC Rep then as CC Rep. 

Two years on the Bylaws Review Committee (BRC).

My joys come from helping people and working on my county websites.

Feel free to contact me with your questions.

Let me know what you would like to see accomplished during the next term. List two things if you have them.

Please keep in mind that if we do not move forward, we are moving backward; if we do not move up, we do not grow.

Thank you one and all.

Don Kelly

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