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Information about Revolutionary soldiers with surname Kelly: Includes Loyalists.

We have listed as fighting here at 96:
Giles Kelly- volunteer under Gen Greene & Capt Culpepper 1781
Giles Kelly 1781
James Kelly 1781
John Kelly 1781
Keron Kelly  1781
Neal Kelly 1781
William Kelly

At the Battle of Cowpens there was:
James Kelly from Virginia then SC then Tennessee
John Kelly from SC
Roster of SC Patriots in the American Revolution by Bobby Moss lists:
p. 522-525:
Daniel Kelley 1782
James Kelley 1777
James Kelley 1781
John Kelley 1775-
L. Loyd Kelley  b 1756/ 7 Orange Co., NC - lived in GA- 1778-
Samuel Kelley 1779-
Woodrop Kelley 1777
Abraham Kelly 1776-
Andrew Kelly from SC-
Daniel Kelly 1776
Edmond Kelly 1775-
Edward Kelly 1776
Gersham Kelly 1781-2
Giles Kelly b. 1764- Edgecombe Co, NC- lived in Edgefield District of SC- served 1781-
James Kelly from VA
James Kelly 1777-
John Kelly 1776-
John Kelly
John Kelly lived in Fairfield District, SC
John Kelly 1776-
John Kelly
John Kelly d 1775
John Kelly 1778-
John Kelly 1775-
John Hugh Kelly
Joseph Kelly 1775-
Joseph Kelly
Joseph Kelly 1776-
Patrick Kelly 1775-
Peter Kelly 1776-
Peter Kelly 1776-
Samuel Kelly  1777
Samuel Kelly 1780-
Samuel Kelly 1779-
Thomas Kelly 1776-
William Kelly 1781-
William Kelly 1780-
William Kelly 1775-81
William Kelly 1775-
Woodford Kelly 1776-
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