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Sharon, I am interested in your McGEE family, some of whom were born in Kentucky.  I am researching my Samuel McGee there and wonder if your Samuel and mine are one and the same.  My Samuel lived in Grayson Co., KY but did much of his legal business in Breckenridge County, KY.  He had three sons that I know of, John, James and Stafford who died probably in MO.  Does any of this sound familiar?  I have found records of two marriages of a William McGee to Moorman ladies, (possibly sisters) in Breck. Co. but nothing linking him to my family.  I also learned from another researcher that a McGee family passed through that county between census 1820 and 1830, and crossed the river into Harrison Co., IN.  Please contact me.

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Sharon & Kitty,

You are the researchers I've been looking for!  Another researcher long ago in the CANNADY line, gave me info about your  Rev. Samuel McGee. My Samuel's children married in both Breckinridge and Hardin Counties---maybe yours did too---and I need to separate mine from the children of the Rev. Samuel McGee.  This researcher said Harding McGee, the older of the two sons of Rev. Samuel and Catherine McGee, was born ca 1817 in Breckinridge Co., KY.  I have always claimed two McGees which could very well NOT be our family!!  William McGee married twice in Breckinridge Co., (or else another William, possibly ours) one marriage to Elizabeth Moorman on 2 Dec 1829; a later one to a Polly (Mary?) Moorman, probably sisters.  Don't have that date at hand but can get it if you need it.  My other big question mark is Louisa McGee who married Henry Darling 27 Mar 1817 in Hardin County with William McGee as Bondsman.  If that William is yours, then probably Louisa is also.  There is also a S!
 ally who m. Richard A. Taylor  in Hardin Co. on 2 Jun 1818 who is a dau. of Thomas McGee for whom I apparently didn't record anything.  Are any of these McGee's in the Rev. Samuel's family?  I've run into a brick wall trying to find more information to place them.  Pease let me know if you have evidence that they are in your family.

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Am looking for the parents of  (or any information on) the following Georgia

--Joe Wheeler McGee b 2/1898
--Fannie McGee b 8/1895
--Norman McGee b 3/1893
--Lizzie McGee b 7/1889
--Fletcher McGee b 4/1887
--Samuel Otis McGee b 10/82
--Allene McGee b 12/1877
--William King McGee

I find a Head of Household a John McGee in the 1900 census.
Possibly he was married to a Mary.

Thanks in advance for any information you may provide. These
are my mother's people.

Allan Ballard - grandson of William King McGee, Coweta county
Georgia area

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 Thank you for the info. I am trying to figure which wife was my
gggrandmother. I will further check into this.

From: Ann Hinton []
 Taken from the internet John was born abt 1730 and
 died in Mercer Co. KY 1/1/1810 he was a private in
 John Murray's Co. of Botetourt Co. Va. Militia under
 command of Gen. Andrew Lewis at the battle of Point

Ann, thanks for posting all the great info on John McGee!

Regarding John's service in John Murray's Company of Volunteers from
Botetourt, I believe this is likely the John McGee of Warren Co. TN, not the
John McGee of Mercer Co. KY or else it is truly a coincidence.

The John McGee of Warren Co. TN served in the 12th Virginia Regiment under
Capt. William McKee as described by his actual discharge paper, see for an image of this
discharge issued on October 10, 1778. This discharge indicated that John had
served a two year term of enlistment. However an application for land grants
or warrants in John McGee's own handwriting, ,
indicated that he served "on Lewises campaign against the Shanee Indians and
at the battle at Gilford Court House with General Green against Lord
Corn-Walis -- and has been Wounded in my arm with two Bullets through
between My Elbow and My wrist and one ball through my Shoulder."  The Lewis
campaign against the Shawnee was in 1774 and the battle of Guilford
Courthouse was in 1780, so this John McGee must have served time both before
and after the 1776-1778 term listed in the discharge.

In 1774 William McKee was a Lieutenant in the same Botetourt company as John
McGee under Captain John Murray. So, given the testimony of the Warren Co.
John McGee, I believe he is the John McGee who served in John Murray's
Company of Botetourt Militia, not the John McGee of Mercer Co. KY.

-Dean McGee


Don't know what counties these are from. I forgot to
make a note. Should be easy enough to find them again
at the archives.

9/20/1819 James Moore vs. jesse Noland
On 4/6/1796 promise to pay Christopher Horn, 30 lbs to
be pd in horses or cattle assigned to DAVID MCGEE then
he assigned to Moore. Has not paid Deposition of
Richard Turnstall on behalf of Jesse Noland
Q. Were you there when Jesse Noland gave note to
Christopher Horn for 100 acres in the Coperas Lick
A. I believe I was. About 20 years ago was witnessed
by Frances Danike

Sept.21,1785 Samuel McGehee vs Ignatius Brashears in
case Dedimus awarded plantiff to take deposition of
John Bard as a witness for him continued
Nov.17,1785 case cont.
March 14,1786 case cont.
June 14,1786 case continued

3/10/1789 Mcgee's heirs v. Charles Broughton on caveat

6/17/1789 Eli Clevand vs among others David McGee
3/8/1790 Wm. Dryden v. David McGee in Chancery
10/8/1791 same as above along with this added info:
The Surveyor of Fayette Co. to go unto lands in
controversy and survey and lay off the same as either
party would have it
3/28/1792 dealing with the above court case: Upon
hearing and the the answers depositions and other
exhibits filed and inspected and the arguments of
counsels it is decreed the complainant recover from
the defendant pre exemption on the east side of the
west fork of Howard's Creek containing 52 acres 2 rods
and 16 poles.

Also John McGee was fighting with Vincent Williams who
is tring to take his land John won as did McAfee

Lincoln Co. Ky
Marriage records:
John Magee & Augusta Perrin 10/18/1825
Robert Magee & susanna Harlan 11/4/1825

Court Order Book
2/18/1784 Sam'l Woods vs Sam'l McGehee on trespassing
ordered discontinued
3/24/1787 John Robinson v. Wm. Stafford and Sam'l
McGehee on debt. defendants relinquished former plea
Plantiff to recover 30 lbs 12 shillings, to be
discharged by the payment of 15 lbs 6 shillings with
5% interest from 2/1/1786 and costs

Bond of John Magee to marry Augusta Perrin with
Archibald Shanks as surety Oct.18,1825 consent of A.
Perrin for her daughter Augusta Oct.15,1825

Bond of Nudigate A. Baughman to marry Mary jane Magee
with Richard W. Hocker as surety Nov.17,1845 Consent
of A. Perrin for bride who is his granddaughter and
was signed at Stanford Ky same date

I sure hope some of this helps someone