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Looking for any information on John Pruitt (b April 1820 Indiana)) who
married Nancy McGehee (March 1816 Kentucky)

Marriage took place around 1842 I believe in Kentucky.

Children per 1850 Conway County, Arkansas census records: Elizabeth
(1837) David (1844) James (1847) Nancy (1849), also living with them
was John's parents David & Francis Pruitt. Only child Nancy was born in
Arkansas, the three older children were born in Kentucky.

In 1900, the same John & Nancy show up in Boone County, Arkansas.

Nancy is the sister to my John McGehee

If anyone has any information to share, or could point me in the right
direction, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you!


This may upset the apple cart for the descendants of
William Pruitt who was born 25 Jul 1799 in Knox Co TN
and died abt 1879 in Dallas Co, TX.  He was married on
20 Mar 1830 in Greene Co IL (per IL marriage index) to
Mary Powell.  According to numerous researchers of the
Pruitt family, William had a son William Anderson
Pruitt who was born on abt 1828 which indicates that
William was previously married but there is no other
marriage record on file for a William in the mid to
late 1820's in Illinois.

According to the various census, all of William's
children were born in IL, supposedly in Morgan Co,
however, this is where I may be upsetting the apple

There is no William Pruitt living in Morgan Co IL in
1830.  However, there is a William Pruitt who is
living with his wife and a child under the age of 5 in
Macoupin Co IL.  The is no other William in the Pruitt
family who fits the criteria given in the census and I
believe that this William is the William who married
Mary Powell and his son William Anderson.  There are a
couple of Pruitt families living in Morgan Co IL in
1830 but neither is William's parents and siblings as
they are in Greene Co IL.  From this it may be that
William Anderson Pruitt was born in either Greene Co
or Macoupin Co rather than Morgan Co as many have been
under the impression for some years.

This William Pruitt is no longer living in Macoupin Co
IL in 1840.  The Pruitt's were known to own their land
and in most cases the father would give some acreage
to his child upon marriage.  There is no record of a
William Pruitt owning land in Morgan Co nor his father
Abraham.  Abraham lived in what is now Jersey Co IL
when he died in 1832.  The 1839 tax list for Morgan Co
IL only includes a David Pruitt who lived there for
some years and was born abt 1805, but this David is
not part of the Martin Pruitt family of Madison Co IL.

I don't have access to the 1840 Morgan Co IL census,
but from what I can it appears that William Pruitt may
not have lived in Morgan Co.  Also if William Anderson
Pruitt is William's son then he is by a previous
marriage for which the search for his mother will need
to follow.

If someone has access to the 1840 census, I would
really appreciate if William Pruitt's family could be
located.  The records should show the following for
the parents and known children -

2 males under 5
2 males 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 male 30-40 or 40-50
1 female under 5
1 female 5-10 (maybe)
1 female 30-40

Thank you in advance for any help.

Debbi Geer


I am interested in this William Prewitt.  With no proof what so ever I have
a "feeling" that he is my ancestor.  My proven line goes back to William
Prewitt b. 3 Feb 1814 TN m. Hannah Caroline Collins in Monroe Co. TN 18 Feb
1836. There is a John Prewitt in Monroe Co. TN in 1830 and I think this John
might be the father of my William.  There is a John Prewitt who m. Elizabeth
Tucker 7 Sept 1812 Jefferson Co. TN. Then a John b. ca 1793 TN shows up in
Bradley CO. TN 1840 and again in 1850 with a wife named Elizabeth. There is
also a William Prewitt in the 60-70 age bracket in 1840 Bradley CO. census.
Then a William Prewitt is on the Meigs Co. 1850 mortality schedule having
died at age 90 b. VA died of old age. I think this is the William who
applied for Rev War service from Bradley Co. TN in 1839.
Another clue might be that the William b. 3 Feb 1814 named a son William
MARTIN Prewitt. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to prove my
theory.  Patsy Hand
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Subject: [PRUITT] Pruitt's at Rev War Battle of King's Mountain

I have just read the publication "The Patriots of
King's Mountain" by Bobby Gilmer Ross (1990).  In it
he has the following -

William Prewitt
b 1752
d 1841
m Mary Woods 1771

He has that this William Prewitt lived in SC and was a
substitute for his father Thomas Prewitt who had been
drafted.  He gives a quite detailed account of where
this William Prewitt served during the Revolutionary
War including King's Mountain.  He then states that
this William Prewitt executed a pension application
1839 while residing in Bradley Co TN.  A son Solomon
(1790-1876) who married Rebecca is noted.  A DAR
publication (CXVII, 232) is also referenced.

Sadly someone obtained membership under false
information and "assumption".  The Solomon Prewitt
mentioned is that who was the son of Martin Pruitt who
moved his family to Madison Co IL in 1806.  The
lifespan for William is almost that of Martin Pruitt
(1752-1844) who did marry Mary Woods in NC 1771.  This
Pruitt family did not live at anytime in SC.  Martin
Pruitt did apply for a pension but it was in 1834
while residing in Madison Co IL.  Martin was the son
of William and Mary Martin Pruitt.  William along with
his sons (Martin, Abraham, Isaac, William Jr, Jacob
and Fuller) were all participants in the Rev War, most
being at the Battle of King's Mountain as part of the
mountainmen volunteers.

I hope that those who are on this list and are
descedants of William and Mary Martin Pruitt and their
son Martin Pruitt do not use the Moss publication

Debbi Geer

I have a great grandfather, William Martin Prewitt, b. 7 Apr 1852 in
Tenn. (I think in Polk Co.). I have always wondered if there might be a
connection to the Martin everyone keeps writing about.  The above
William's father was also a William, b. 3 Feb 1814 (in Tenn according to
census). They all came to Texas about 1870. I have searched long and
hard for the older William's parents and I think they might be John and
Elizabeth (Tucker) Prewitt who were married in Jefferson Co. TN in 1812
and were then in Monroe Co. TN in 1830, and in Bradley Co. TN in 1840
and 1850. Then I THINK John's father was another William b. 1760 Halifax
Co. VA and d August 1840 in Meigs Co. TN. Can anyone add to this or
dispute all of it. Would appreciate comments. Patsy Dearman Hand

David & Linda, Sure wish I could help --- I have been searching for information on my grandfather, Rolland Fitzroy Pruitt for 35 years!    Have never been able to connect the dots.  He was born in Tenn (we think) in 1884 mother was Lydia Hufft/Huff born in Va (per a 1920 census he  filled out) nothing on his Dad!   They story was that there was 13 children parents died and the children were given to other family members or other families in the community!  
        He just doesn't show up anyplace until 1913 when he gets my Grandmother, Fleda Mae Brock p.g. in Jewell County, Kansas!  The Brock's were big land owners and could have been with the some type of crew that came thru that area --- first son was born in Oct 1913 ----
    Sure hope someone can help you.   Sincerely Diane McVey Nuss
David and Linda Miles < wrote:
I need your help. I orginally started doing genealogy because my mom wanted to who something about her father's side of the family. We were just told my mom only has about three weeks before she dies and time is running out on my being able to tell her a whole lot about our Pruitt Line.

The following is what I have been able to prove.

I am trying to find James William PRUITT born abt 1855 in Tx.
He married Rachel Elizabeth [RAMSEY] 18 Feb 1886 in VanZandt Co, Texas. James died in a sawmill accident on 19 Oct 1918 Miller Co Ar.
I have been unable to locate him on a census before 1900 and thus have no clue as to his parents or siblings. In 1900 he said his father was born Missiiissippi but in 1910, however, he said his father was born in Tennessee.....This is James' family is in the 1900 and 1910 and my great-grandmother on the 1920 censuses below:
1900 Polk Co Tx/Colita Precinct/HH 125-125/Bk 2/pg 76
PRUETT, J W/HH/ wm age 45 Oct 1855 Tx/Ms/Tx m'd 15yrs
Pruett, R E/wife/wf age 31 Dec 1868 Ga/Ga/Ga 6 of 8 chn lvg
Pruett, Stinson /son/wm age 11 Sep 1888 Tx/Tx/Ga farmer (my grandfather)
Pruett, John /son/ wm age 09 Sep 1890 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruett, Shannon /son/ wm age 06 Sep 1893 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruett, Nettie /dtr/ wf age 03 Feby 1896 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruett, Paul /son/ wm age 02 Jan 1898 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruett, Denson /son/ wm age 0 mos May 1900 Tx/Tx/Ga

1910 Atoka Co Ok/ED 3/Caney Twp/HH 210-216/pg 28a
PRUITT, Jim/HH/wm age 60 Tx/Tn/Tx/1m = 26yrs
Pruitt, Lizzie/wife/wf age 40 Ga/Al/Ga/1m + 10 of 14 chn lvg
Pruitt, Johnny/son/wm age 19 Tx/Tx/Ga/single
Pruitt, Shanon/son/wm age 17 Tx/Tx/Ga/single
Pruitt, Nettie/dtr/wf age 15 Tx/Tx/Ga/single
Pruitt, Paul/son/wm age 13 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruitt, Butler/son/wm age 11 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruitt, Eller/dtr/wf age 08 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruitt, Mabel/dtr/wf age 07 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruitt, Vina/dtr/wf age 05 Tx/Tx/Ga
Pruitt, Bessie/dtr/wf age 14mos Tx/Tx/Ga

1920 Miller Co Ar/ED 65/Cleveland Twp/HH 72-74/pg 35b
(living 2 houses from her son Stinson)
PRUITT, LIZZIE R/HH/wf age 52 Ga/Ga/Ga/widow (greatgrandmother)
Pruitt, Paul D/son/wm age 22 Tx/Tx/Ga/married
Pruitt, Butler D/son/wm age 20 Tx/Tx/Ga/single
Pruitt, Mabel A/dtr/wf age 16 Tx/Tx/Ga/single - "Mae"
Pruitt, Vina R/dtr/wf age 14 Tx/Tx/Ga/single
Pruitt, Jim B/son/wf age 11 Tx/Tx/Ga/single
Pruitt, Dollie L/dtr/wf age 06 Ok/Tx/Ga

1920 Miller Co Ar/ED 65/Cleveland Twp/HH 67-71/pg 35b
Pruitt, Stinson C. Head m w/age 33/m/TX/United States/GA
Pruitt, Annie C, wife/w/f/ age 31/m/TX/GA/TX
Pruitt, Eugene C. son/w/m/age 11/s/TX/Tx/Tx
Pruitt, Mildred M, daughter/w/f/age 3/s/TX/TX/TX
Pruitt, Cora B, daughter/w/f/age 1/s/TX/TX/TX/

1880 Houston Co Tx/ED 26/Prec 4/HH 405-405/pg 345b
Ramsey, Charles/HH/wm age 25 Ga/Ga/Ga
Ada/wife/wf age 23 Ms/Ms/Ms
Thomas E/son/wm age 04 /Tx/Ga/Ms
William E/son/wm age 03 /Tx/Ga/Ms
James H/son/wm age 1mos Tx/Ga/Ms
W.T.A/brother/wm age 19 Ga/Ga/Ga/single
Stinson A/brother/wm age 15 Ga/Ga/Ga/single
Robert Lee/brother/wm age 13 Ga/Ga/Ga
RAMSEY, RACHEL E/sister/wf age 11 Ga/Ga/Ga

My grandfather, Stinson Carroll Pruitt, use to tell stories about visiting
the reservation.  I also have been told all my life that my grandfather was
Native American.  My Uncle told me a few weeks ago that he was 5/8 Cherokee.
My mother was always proud of her heritage; however, my aunts and uncles
were always secretive about their Native American heritage.  I would suspect
it was because of discrimination.

My great-grandfather was James William "Jim or JW" Pruitt/Pruett. Jim was
born November 26, 1856. He married Rachel E. "Lizzie" Ramsey.

No one knows for sure who Jim's parents were.  I do know that his mother's
maiden name was either Runningwater or Rainwater and that she was a full
blood Cherokee.  I have no idea who his father might have been.

I have obtained a copy of Jim's death certificate and his parents are listed
as unknown. I know that Jim and Lizze were often in the Oklahoma, Arkansas,
Northeast/East Texas area. This has become my brick wall.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I appreciate your help.

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 Hi Larry!
 I guess we're cousins then!
 Here's mine:
 Diannah Farrar and Tillman Dixon Pruitt
 Catherine Carter Pruitt-Ponder and John J Ponder
 Martha Ponder and John Haynes
 Columbia L Haynes and Isaac H Watts
 Jacob Watts and Matilda McGlinn
 Gerald Watts and Judith Kossmann
 then Me! Well, and my brother and sisters

 My Cherokee comes from my Watts line -- but I have a feeling Tillman might
have had Native blood too. He sure looked like it. I also have some native
blood from the Haynes line.

 There's a discrepancy as to who Tillman's mom was. Some think it was Mary
Elliot -- but I think it was a woman named Nancy -- and there isn't much
info I've found on her. The dates for Mary don't match right for being
Tillman's mom.

 Do you have any info on Tillman's mother?

 Nice to meet another cousin!

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      May I know your lineage to Tillman Dixon Pruitt? Tillman is my 4th
  GGrandfather as indicated below.  I am interested as to where the
  Indian in your line started.
  Larry Ray Alexander
  Direct Descendants of Tillman Dixon* Pruitt
  1 Tillman Dixon* Pruitt b: 19 May 1801 Union Co, SC d: 31 Aug 1847 AL or
  ... +Diannah Hillsman* Farrar b: 19 May 1806 Franklin Co, GA m: 1822 d:
  Jan 1894 Carter Co, OK Burial: Jan 1894 Freeo Indian Cemetery, Fox,
  Chickasaw Indian Nation, (near Fox, Carter Co, OK)
  .. 2 Catherine Carter* Pruitt b: 13 Jan 1823 Decatur, DeKalb Co, GA d: 2
  1915 Reed, Greer Co, OS
  ...... +John Pierson* Ponder b: 1818 Lincoln Co, NC m: 11 Feb 1838
  Co, GA d: 16 Oct 1846 Randolph Co, AL Burial: ?Shiloh Cemetery, East of
  Delta, Clay Co, AL?
  ..... 3 Berryman Shumate (twin)* Ponder b: 27 Sep 1839 Dekalb Co, GA d:
  May 1896 Reed, Greer Co, OK
  ......... +Bethane Callene* Peoples b: 10 May 1842 MS m: Abt. 1859 AL d:
  Jun 1907 Reed, Greer Co., OK Burial: 8 Jun 1907 Cave Creek Cemetery,
  Harmon, OK
  ........ 4 Joseph "Joe" Henry* Ponder b: Nov 1869 Newton Co, MS d: Aft.
  And Bef 1924: ?Lubbock, Lubbock Co?, TX
  ............ +Mary Ellen* Cate b: 9 May 1875 Mormon Mill, Burnet Co, TX
m: 29
  Jun 1889 Mason Co, TX d: 8 Sep 1957 Paradise, Butte Co, CA Burial: Sep
  Live Oak, Sutter Co, CA
  ............ 5 Lillian "Lillie" Margaret* Ponder b: 26 Feb 1890 TX d: 16
  1971 Yuba City, Sutter Co, CA Burial: 20 Apr 1971 Sutter Buttes
  Sutter Co, CA
  ................ +Arvel Leonard* Alexander b: 14 Feb 1891 Copperas Cove,
  Coryell Co, TX m: 11 Sep 1909 Taylor Co, TX d: 24 May 1962 Yuba City,
  Co, CA Burial: 1962 Sutter Buttes Cemetary, Sutter Co, CA
  ............... 6 Leonard Ray* Alexander b: 22 Apr 1911 Shep, Taylor Co,
  d: 30 Oct 1973 Ukiah, Mendocino Co, CA 95482 Burial: Sutter Buttes
  Sutter Co, CA
  ................... +Theresa May* Gardner b: 2 May 1915 340 Boeke St,
  City, Wyandotte Co, KS m: 16 Mar 1933 Live Oak, Sutter Co., CA d: 30 Apr
  1986 Ukiah, Mendocino Co., CA 95482 Burial: Sutter Buttes Cemetary,
  Co, CA
  .................. 7 Larry Ray Alexander b: 23 Feb 1937 Yuba City,
Sutter Co,
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   Yeah, Bob. And some of your Pruitt cousins, like me, are mixed race
  American. Injuns is insulting.
   Just sayin'
   Peg Watts-Cartwright in AZ
   GGGGGrandaughter of Tillman Dixon Pruitt
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    Bob, it's Native Americans.
    (married to a man who is
    part Native American)
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    Subject: [PRUITT] Pruitts in the wilderness
     So, if you imagine Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone staring down
     and maybe Injuns too...just look at the pictures of the old
     Wilderness areas. No wonder those animals were scared. If us
     shoot'em then we'd scare them out of their wits. Uses less
     Bob Pruitt
     Mooresville, IN
     (7th great grandson of Michael, Sr.)

There seems to be a lot of disagreement on who the
ancestors of Martin Pruitt (1752-1844) were.  Here are
some interesting facts that will help.

Martin's son Solomon was very well respected in
Madison Co IL where Martin moved his large family in
1806 from Greene Co TN.  Solomon was interviewed
several times during his life about the early days of
life before IL became a state in 1818.  In one of his
interviews he talked about his father Martin going
into the wilds of KY with Daniel Boone and others for
a 9-month period.  He also mentioned that his
grandfather William, his uncles Abraham, William,
Fuller, Isaac and Jacob and his father Martin were all
in the Revolutionary War, most seeing service at
King's Mountain.

There are some who have Martin listed as Martin Jr.
This is not a true statement.  Martin was given that
name as it was his mother's maiden name.  There was a
William Sr and William Jr in the family (Martin's
father and brother respectively).

William Pruitt was married about 1747 or 1748 to Mary
Martin.  William's will was dated 28 Jul 1812 and he
left $1 to his children Martin, Isaac, Fuller, Viney,
Rebecca and to the heirs (his grandchildren) of
Abraham and William.  The remaining portion of his
estate was left to son Jacob and daughter Mary with
Jacob as sole executor.  This all makes sense in the
Jacob and Mary moved their families to AL and William
made the move with Jacob settling in what was then the
Mississippi Territory about 1809.  William died in
1817 at the age of 103 years.  The Pruitt's from
William through son Martin have a history of

Some say this William was born in 1739 and was the
father of one of the children mentioned above but they
have not included Martin and several other siblings in
their list of children.  Some also have that same
marriage period for William and Mary.  Anyone with a
sound mind would see that a person born in 1739 would
not have married in 1747 or 1748.

Also from a book published in 1877 William is listed
as the son of Henry and Mary Ross Pruitt.  The
descendants of Jacob (William's son) have shown this
through the history of Alabama.  I don't think that
back in the 1800's the family would have mentioned or
written a name anywhere if it were not true.

For those who have William who married Mary Martin as
the son of someone other than Henry and Mary Ross
Pruitt, I would suggest you provide the proof you have
to make such a claim.  Also Mary Ross married James
(aka Henry) in Elizabeth City VA on 13 Apr 1702 which
can be found in "Virginia County Records, Volume 4,
Early Virginia Marriages" published by Genealogical
Publishing Co., Inc. of Baltimore 1973 and edited by
William Armstrong Crozier.

It is said but I have not taken time to locate proof
that Henry and Mary had six other children:  Daniel,
Thomas, Henry, John, Ann and Wealthy.  John was
supposedly born in 1717 and died in 1820 Warren Co AL.

Debbi Geer

Hello Diane,

We've compared notes before, as I have a Rollo John PRUITT (1855-?) in
my line, brother to my GGG Grandfather Willis William (Bud) PRUITT
(1857-1934).  Rollo is on the 1860 Carroll Co., TN, then I see no sight
of him.  Rollo and Willis are the sons of Alexander PRUITT and Rheua A.
(Missouri) UNKNOWN (BTW: not the sons of Ben PRUITT and Eathea M. B.
SUMMERS as is so often posted on the Net).

We also have a Roy PRIUETT (sometimes transcribed as PRIVETT), b. 1884,
d. after 1920.  I have him m. to Tommie M. MILLER.  Any new information
that might lead you to think there's a connection?  Roy lived in Dyer
Co., TN.  I believe that father was Thomas N. PRUITT and mother was
Julia W. (or A.) DUNCAN.


Bill, I am working on the Barclay line starting Sarah Ann Barclay that married John Marion McVey/McVay; her parents were George Barclay & Mila Cudd; Robert Barclay and Mary Hubbard -----       I am, always, trying to update my PRUITT line.  My grandfather was Rolland Fitzroy "Roy" Pruitt born 1884 maybe in Tenn and mother was Lydia Huff/hufft born in Va. <snip   
Shelley Janiczek Woodson