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 Here are my Yorkshire Routledge family.

RICHARD ROUTLEDGE , (b)1796:       -       (d) 29-09-1867 in Yafforth, Yks
 (m) to MARY ? (b) 1791.
 their children:
 (1) DANIEL ROUTLEDGE, (b)1826 in Yafforth, Yks
(2) MARY ROUTLEDGE, (b) 1821 in Yafforth, Yks.
(3) JOHN ROUTLEDGE,(b) 1820 in Ainderby Steeple, Yks.            -
 (d) 22-12-1893 in Yafforth, Yks.
occ, Blacksmith & Innkeeper of "Wheatsheaf Inn" Winton, Yks.
(m) MARY ? (b) 1814c in Hunton, Yks.    -    (d) 10-01-1818 at Yafforth,
They are buried at All Saints, Yafforth,
(There stone was paid for by Catherine A.O Masterman, of Little Danby (The
Hall) who Mary had worked for.)
Their Children:
 (1a) SARAH ROUTLEDGE< (b) 1847 Yafforth, Yks.
 she married DAVID ATKINSON and they lived at Middleham, Yks.
 (2a) JOHN ROUTLEDGE< (b) 1853 in Yafforth, Yks.
 occ. Blacksmith, he took over the "Wheatsheaf Inn" at Winton, Yks
 was married to ELIZABETH ? (b) 1866 in Dumfries, Scotland.
 they had three children.
 FLORENCE ROUTLEDGE, (b) 1881 in Pannal, Yks.
JOHN ROUTLEDGE, (b) 1894 in Winton, Yks.
 HAROLD ROUTLEDGE, (b)1900 in Winton, Yks.
 (3a) ANN ROUTLEDGE, (b) 1851 in Yafforth, Yks.
 she married J DAWS of Wakrfield, Yks.
 they had a daughter HARRIET DAWS, (b) 1877 in Wakefield, Yks.
(4a) RICHARD ROUTLEDGE, (b)1845 in Yafforth, Yks.
 (5a) WILLIAM ROUTLEDGE, (b) 1849 in Yafforth, Yks.
 Sorry they are not in order of birth.

Dotty in Gloucestershire UK

Surnames: Routledge, Johns, Lynn, Barstow/Barlowe

In Reply to: Re: ROUTLEDGE, Whitehaven,Cumb, Eng Port William, Wigtownshire, Scotland  by:  Ernest Routledge

My grandfather, William Lynn Routledge, was also born in Carlisle, Cumbria, but in 1888, son of Mary Alice Lynn and John Routledge. He came to America (Ohio) when he was 21, telling his mother if he liked it he was going to stay. He stayed and married a Mary Jane Cottrell (nee Johns) who was born in Wales but met him in Ohio. I haven't found out much about the rest of his family members, siblings etc. but the family had a bakery on the corner of Brooke Street (I can't read the cross street on the photograph) not too far from St Mary's Church, I think. Wherever they lived you can see the Castle in the background on a picture of their street. My father took the pictures when he was there during WWII and a friend of mine visited the bakery, taking a picture of it, about 11 years ago. I think Mary Alice died and John remarried (? ) a Nellie/Nettie Barstow/Barlow or something close to that. The bakery obviously continued and they had possibly 3 sons, one being named Gordon. I have been told of another Routledge bakery at another location but not sure how, or if, this even fits into my family. I would be overjoyed if anyone recognized any of this information. If I can be of help to anyone researching Routledges I will be happy to.

Author: Ernest Routledge
In Reply to: Re: ROUTLEDGE, Whitehaven,Cumb, Eng Port William, Wigtownshire, Scotland  by:  Susan Frawley

Hi My G Grandfather was Born 1826 Carlisle Cumbria
William Routledge
I came Accross a Thomas Routledge B abt 1831 Ireland Living 10 Fletcher St Newcastle Under Lyme Staffs Eng More Info if Relavent
Tom Routledge B abt 1837 Allonby Cumb

From the Wigtonshire website:



My ancestor Thomas Routledge and his wife Elizabeth Routledge (possibly
second cousins) were married at Bewcastle in 1785 and their nine children
were born in Bewcastle (Mary a twin was born in 1804 and was my 2x great

Thomas Routledge's parents were Henry Routledge and Margaret Tweedle and
they were married at Lanercost in 1759. Henry's parents are possibly
William Routledge and Grissel Routledge (possibly cousins) and they were
married at Bewcastle in 1704 (possibly). Margaret's parents were Thomas
Tweedle and Margaret Robson who married at Lanercost in 1721. The parents
of this couple are known to me as well.

Elizabeth Routledge's parents were George Routledge and Grace Routledge (I
do not know if they were cousins). George's father was possibly George
with mother unknown. Grace's parents were possibly Robert Routledge and
Mary Mawers who were married at Lanercost in 1737. Robert's parents were
possibly Archibald Routledge and Jane Nixon in 1716 at Bewcastle. Mary's
parents were James Mawers and unknown (likely married at Arthuret as Mary
was baptized there). The likely parents of Archibald and Jane Nixon could
also be noted.

Any connections? Thank you.

Elizabeth (Blake) Kipp


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Hi Linda,
I have this in my files:
Source) Joseph Waddell's Annals of Augusta Co., VA., 1902. in Witchers 
Sullivan Co., TN.:
Kin Nellie's father is identified as William Gamble, chief  of one of the
Highland Clans. Goes on to say that George Rutledge was in  possesion of a large
estate in Ireland as well as his wife's interest as  daughter of William
Gamble's. The information from this book does not give it's  Source.
Father: William GAMBLE
Marriage 1 George RUTLEDGE b: ABT 1690 in  Scottland
Catherine  RUTLEDGE
William RUTLEDGE b: ABT 7 JAN 1727/28 in Tyrone Co.,  IRE.
Not my line, but hope it helps!
Cyndi in Baltimore

While searching for information on the above I ran across Gamble section in book "The Descendants of John Grier" it starts with David Gamble of Graan b. 1679 son of Solomon Gamble and ?. He 5 children one of which was William of Duross.  He in turn had a daughter Magdalen who was born near Enniskillen, County Fermanagh who married James Rutledge.  I am sure that this family is related to Nelly.  Does anyone have any information that will help me.  I show Nelly's father as William but have no proof.  If anyone would like this chapter on the Gamble I mentioned let me know and will send it as an attachment, it is in PDF format.


I am giving the Obit for my cousin Mal because his brother Richard
Armstrong Rutledge III (who many of you know from this list, he was the
one who got us the Rutledge Tartan) is having computer problems. I will
try and give you additional Genealogical information about Mal, rhe
best that I can.
His Father was Richard Armstrong Rutledge II, his Mother Elizabeth
McKinlay, both parents were born in Scotland. His Grandfather was
Richard Armstong Rutledge and his grandmother Agnes Aitken, both of
them born in Scotland. His Great Grandfather Andrew Rutledge was born
in Ireland in 1846, his Great Grandmother was Jane Black, born in
Scotland. His Great Great Grandfather was also an Andrew Rutledge in
Ireland. We have a wall at that point. Cousin Richard participated in
the DNA test and to my knowledge we are still a branch on the Rutledge
Tree by ourselves. My cousin, my father and I all have the first name
of Malcolm, but my father was known outside the family as Scotty and
inside the family as Malcolm so I have always been called John.
MJohninthe desert aka Malcolm John Rutledge

                                              Malcolm T. Rutledge

PUBLISHED: February 5, 2006

Malcolm Thomas Rutledge, 66, of Englewood (Charlotte County), Fla., and
formerly of Mount Clemens, died Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006. He was born
Feb. 9, 1939, in Detroit.

Mr. Rutledge moved in 1989 from Mount Clemens to Florida. He was
employed as a project manager in internal operations for Butler
Manufacturing Co. He served as president of the Lutheran League, a Boy
Scout leader, Sunday school teacher, softball coach and sang in the
choir. He also enjoyed bowling, golfing and was a Bethel Series teacher.

A member of the American Lutheran Church, he also served in the
National Guard.

Mr. Rutledge is survived by his wife, Patricia; daughter, Lauren
Taschen of Miami, Fla.; sisters, Elizabeth (Robert) Owens of Sterling
Heights and Patricia (Roger) Gillett of Mount Clemens; brother, Richard
III of Fraser; son-in-law, Benedikt Taschen of Cologne, Germany;
nephews, Doug Hurlburt, Craig, Geoffrey, Kirk and Brad Vernocke; and
grandchildren, Marlene, Charlotte and Benedickt Jr. Taschen.

A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at Englewood Chapel of
Lemon Bay Funeral Homes in Englewood, Fla., with the Rev. Kenneth M.
Ferrier of Redeemer Lutheran Church in East Englewood officiating.

Visitation is 9-11 a.m. Monday.

Memorial contributions may be addressed to American Cancer Society,
2801 Fruitville Road, Unit 250, Sarasota, FL 34237.

Scottish naming patterns

First Son is named for the Father's Father
Second Son is named for the Mothers Father
Third Son is named for the Father's Grandfather, Fraternal
Fourth Son is named for the Mothers Grandfather, Maternal
Fifth Son is named for the Fathers Grandfather, Maternal
Sixth Son is named for the Mothers Grandfather, Fraternal
Seventh thru tenth Sons are named for the Fathers Great Grandfathers
Tenth thru Fourteenth Sons for the Mothers Great Grandfathers

First Daughter is named for the Mothers mother
Second Daughter is named for the Fathers Mother, Maternal
Third Daughter is named for the Mothers Grandmother, Fraternal
Fourth Daughter is named for the Fathers Grandmother, Fraternal
Fifth Daughter is named for the Mothers Grandmother, Maternal
Sixth Daughter is named for the Fathers Grandmother
Seventh thru tenth Daughter are named for the Mothers, Maternal Great
Tenth Thru fourteenth Daughter for the Fathers Great Grandmothers


In some cases you will find that the order is reversed with the first and
second children, i.e. the First-born son being named after the Mother's
father and the Second-born son after the Father's father. If this is the
case then the daughters are also usually reversed.

You will also find instances where a child is named 'out of pattern', after
an Aunt or Uncle who has died, or after an admired other relative or friend
of the parent.

These are only general guidelines and were certainly not always followed.

Hi, who is working on this line?
I am directly descended from
1. George Rutledge & Nellie (Born 1690 Scotland > Tyrone, Ireland > Barbados)
2. Thomas Rutledge & Jean Armstrong (Died 1785 in Augusta Co., Virginia)
3. George Rutledge & Elizabeth Brown (Born 1745 Roanoke, Roanoke Co., VA.; Died 1821 Montgomery Co., VA.
4. Elizabeth Brown Rutledge & Hugh Gibson (Born 1781 Montgomery Co., VA.; Died 1845 Cole Co., MO.
5. Charles Taylor Gibson & Virginia Gamble
6. Elizabeth Rutledge Gibson & Richard Earickson Perry
I was going to post my decendent outline tree but it's 6 pages. So I will send it to any of you if you want to see it.
I look forward to hearing from anybody
Bob Perry

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Subject: [SCT-ROX] Interesting Reiver names!

Some of the names being posted are well known Reivers. How about posting some Reiver stories for us?  If you go to and type in your surname you may find some great stuff for us. ;-)


Greetings fellow researchers,

     For many years I have shared my genealogical research with the folks on
the COWAN, WIGTON-WALKER, and SCOTCH-IRISH rootsweb lists.    The trail
leads from Sterling, in Scotland, to Londonderry-Donegal in Ulster, to   
Pennsylvania, the valley of Virginia, east Tennessee and points west.    If your
ancestors followed a similar path then some of these documents might be of
interest.    I have searched for rare, out of print source materials as both a
hobby and an obsession and have offered to make copies for people from time to
time.    Because of a busy schedule I will only be able to do so once a
year. I have added two new items since last time and they are described with the
others below beginning with the most recent history first:

     Castle's Woods:    Frontier Virginia Settlement, 1769-1799, a thesis
presented to the Faculty of the Department    of History, East Tennessee
State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of
Master of Arts, by James W. Hagy, 1966, 150 pages.
            This covers the families who settled in Russell and Scott
counties, Virginia when it was considered the frontier.    Contains
information on specific families as well as the farmers, speculators, artisans, and
preachers who resided there.    Lots on the Indian battles that were a daily
feature of life on the frontier.

     Tthe Tinkling Spring:    Headwater of Freedom, A Study of the Church
and Her People, 1732-1952, by Howard McKnight Wilson, 1954, Fisherville,
Virginia, 542 pages.
            The BEST source of information on the Scotch-Irish of
Augusta/Rockbridge Counties in Virginia.    Includes the Baptismal Records of
the Rev. Craig.    In-depth study of the early families of the Shenandoah

     Rockbridge County, Virginia Notebook, Compiled from articles by Dr.
George W. Diehl as published in the News-Gazette, Lexington, Virginia.   
Compiled by A. Maxim Coppage, McDowell Publications, 1982, 242 pages.
            "In many instances information may be found showing where
families originated in Scotland or Ireland, the places lived before settling
in Rockbridge County, Virginia area and relationships between the various clans
or as Mr. Diehl so aptly named this phase of pioneering, "A ROCKBRIDGE
This document is almost 100% pure family history and genealogy.

The Rev. Samuel Houston, V.D.M., by George West Diehl, 1970, McClure
Publishing Co. 125 pages
   History of the early Virginia Presbyterians through the life of the
Rev. Samuel Houston, kin to Sam Houston of Texas fame.

     A Tribute to the Principles, Virtues, Habits and Public Usefulness of
the Irish and Scotch Early Settlers of Pennsylvania, Chambersburg, Pa. Printed
by M. Kiefer & Co. 1856, 171 pages.
            From the preface the following:    "The writer of the
Tribute contained in this work, had long desired to see from the Historical
publications in Pennsylvania, a vindication of the character and principles of the
Irish and Scotch early settlers of this great state and their descendants
against reproach, as well as aspersion, cast upon them in some modern
publications having pretensions to Historical accuracy...

 The Scotch-Irish in the Colonies:    1750-1790:    A Thesis Presented
for the Degree of Master of Arts, by Kathryn R. Aiken, A.B., The Ohio State
University, 1933, 91 pages
         Chapters include:    By way of Introduction, Early
Settlements, Daily Life on the Frontier, Educational and Religious Activities, Military
Pursuits, Political Participation and Conclusion.    Like Hagy's Castle
Woods thesis it has a wonderful bibliography, the most important part of any
research document.

     The Laggan and its Presbyterianism and In the Days of the Laggan
Presbytery, 1905, 1908, by the Rev. Alexander Lecky, B.A., member of the Royal
Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Belfast, Davidson and McCormack, 54 Kings St.  
 211 pages
            On our recent trip to Donegal we met J.B. Shannon, age 90,
who assisted in the 1975 reprinting of this book.    He is the last living
person who had anything to do with these books and he says they are still the
BEST source for Ulster Presbyterian research.    From Lecky the
following:    "The lists of names of former generations of Lagganeers, and their places
of abode, that are given in the Appendixes, and which NEVER before appeared in
print, whilst they may of necessity prove dull reading to those who have no
acquaintance with the locality, will not, I hope, be altogether uninteresting
to those who bear the same name, or live in the same places....

     A History of the Siege of Londonderry and Defense of Enniskellen in 1688
and 1689, with Historical Poetry and Biographical notes, by the Rev. John
Graham, M.A. Rector of Magilligan in the Diocese of Derry.    Includes the
Battles of the Boyne, Athlone, and Aughrim and the siege and Capitulation of
Limmerick by Lord McCaulay, Toronto, 1869
            The historical poems are family genealogies about those
who were at Derry and where they came from.    Along with "Fighters of Derry"
these two sources contain more actual genealogical information than any others
I have seen.

     Fighters of Derry, Their Deeds and Descendants, being a Chronicle of
Events in Ireland during the Revolutionary period, 1688-1691, by William Young,
Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 350 pages.
            One of the most difficult sources to locate. (WorldCat
Inter-Library lists seven known copies)    Months worth of reading and packed
with great genealogy.    Contains the following biographical sketches:
            1.    The leaders of the County Associations who, with
their levies, took part in the preliminary operations and contributed much of
the man power for the Defence.
   2.    The Apprentice Boys and those responsible for shutting the
gates on the 8th Dec. 1688.
   3.    The actual Defenders during the 105 day siege ((over 12000
genealogical sketches)
   4.    Those engaged in the relief of the city.

     Three Hundred Years in Innishowen, Being More Particularly an Account of
the Family of Young of Culdaff with Short Accounts of Many Other Families
Connected with Them, by Amy Young, The Linenhall Press, Belfast, 1929, 311 pages
            Some of the names included are Young, Hart, Harvey, Cary,
Vaughan, McLaughlin, Skipton, Richardson, Knox, Ussher, Smith, Nesbitt,
Chichester, Ball, Lawrence, Crofton, Boyd, Stuart and many others.

The Laggan and its People, by S.M. Campbell, privately printed.   
            Ms. Campbell lived on the next farm over from my friend
James Fleming in St. Johnston, Donegal.    A look at the history of the Laggan
(Presbyterian Derry/Donegal) through the eyes of a local historian.   
Draws on local lore, Abercorn papers, records from PRONI.

     Well there you have it.    The best documents I have found during my
ten years of research.    If you are interested in obtaining any of the above
items please contact me privately for details.    I do charge to recover
copying and postage costs which is permissible under rootsweb policy.

Robert Cowan
525 Harrogate Rd.
Matthews, North Carolina 28105


Janie Preston Collup French
The Crockett family and connecting lines
Bristol Tenn: Press of the King print Co. c1928, 648 pages

page 26 thu page 33
George Rutledge born in Scotland was a Presbyterian and dissenter of the
Episcopal Church. Cromwell's War he and his family removed to Ireland. He married
Nelly Gamble a descendant of Josphp Gamble, who emigrated from Londonderry Ireland
to Winchester Virginia.

The eldest son of George Rutledge and Nelly Gamble was William born in
Tyrnone County Ireland 1728, and married  Elinor Caldwell born in Caven County
Ireland they were in august Co. Virginia by 1751. They moved family of 3 girls and 2
boys to Sullivan Co. Tennessee in 1777.

Their youngest son Robert Rutledge married Catherine  Crockett daughter of
Samuel Crockett Jr.

Roberts brother George was in the Revolutionary War and fought in the battle
of King's mt. He married Annie Armstrong. Their ggg grandson Robet Thomas Case age 16 son of Frank H. Case and wife Fay Thomas has compiled a sketch of Gen. George Rutledge and some movements of
the family from Scotland to America, some going to the Carolinas and others to
Virginia. Robert Case resides in Bristol Tenn.

Catherine Crockett bron Nov 18 1771 August Co. Virginia married Robert
Rutledge March 24 1795. He was son of William Rutledge and Eleanor Caldwell both of

Robert Rutledge born Oct 13 1764 in Augusta Co. Virginia died Sept 16 1835
Catherine died 1839 both buried Old Weaver Cem. on the Weaver Pike near
Bristol Tennessee.

1. Jenny ( Jane) Rutledge born Dec 24 1797 married William Rutledge ( cousin
) and lived in
Miss. She died 22 March 1810

2. Nelly Rutledge born March 1 1799 married George Keyes--( have list of
children if anyone

3. William  Rutledge born June 12 1801 married Elzira Crockett

4. Priscilla Rutledge  born 29 May 1804 died in Infancy

5. John Crockett Rutledge born 22 Sept 1806 married Sallie Cobb

6. Samuel Rutledge born Sept 5 1808 Elsie O' Dell

7. George Rutledge  born 11 June 1813 married Delia Telford

William Rutledge son of Robert born June 12 1801 married 1840 Elzira Crockett
daughter of Andrew Crockett and wife Christiana, Elzira Crockett was born
dec 16 1818 and d. Feb 3 1886
Rutledge Children
 1.Wade Presley Rutledge born 1841 In Sullivan County Tennessee  married Lucy
Fry. Wade Presley Rutledge died 1903 Lucy Fry dauaghter of Lawson Fry and
Amanda Duke of Newton N. C. Wade Presley Rutledge served Civil War, under Gen.
Forreste 9th Tenn. Inf. Gen. Wheeler in 4 th Tenn. Cavalry.
          daughter Nelly Fry Rutledge married Samuel Peavler ( Have Peavler
Info if

2. Charlie Rutledge born 1845 died age 18 Civil War.

3. Cornelia Catherine  Rutledge born 1847 died 1907

4. Robert  Rutledge born 1852 died 1886

5. George Winston Rutledge born 1855 died 1903

John Crockett Rutledge son of Robert
born Sept 22 1806 married Sarah Cobb. Clerk of Court for Sullivan Co. Tenn.
1. Catherine Rebecca born 1843 died 1925 married 1863 Oliver Caswell King
b-1841-1893 ( King children Listed if wanted)

2, Barsheba Rutledge born 1844 d 1886 m George Gammom
   ( have children listed if wanted.

3. Sarah Buckingham Rutledge born 1846 died 1898 m 1st 1872
Alexander Rankin (d1874)  2nd
Theodore V. Speer
( Have children listed of both marriages)

George Powell Rutledge born Jan 11 1813 in Sullivan County Tenn. the youngest
son of Robert and Catherine .
Married Delia Finley Telford of Athens Alabama Nov 4 1834 She was born Jun14
at Huntsville. Alabama daughter of Alexander Telford and Agnes Gillespie
she was a widow when she married  Alex Telford.
Rutledge children

1. Eliza Jane Lodemia  Rutledge born Sept 27 1835 died June 10 1836

2. Robert Alexander  Rutledge born June 25 1837 m July 4 1860 at Maryville
Tenn. to Mary Minerva Montgomery daughter of Andrew Calville Montgomery (d in
Abingdon, Va.)
and Evalina Green. His children
                   1.    George Calville Rutledge born May 11 1861 Maryville
tenn. m Oct
                    30 1887 at Jasper Tenn. Elma Moore daug of Horatio R.
Moore and
                    Ann Elizabeth Hunt.  ( have list of children.)          
                   2. Delia Eva born Feb 23 1863 Cleveland Tenn. m Sept 12
1882 John G.  
                       Hawkins, son of Samuel M. Hawkins and Serena J.
                       list of Dela  Eva Children. if wanted

3. George Gamble Rutledge born July 1 1840 in Sullivan Co. Tenn d Feb 28 1865
in prison at camp Douglas Ill.

4. Ophelia Ellen Rutledge born Aug 3 1844 m aug 21 1867 Thomas Larkin son of
Henry and Christiana McLeod Larkin of Huntland, Tenn.

5. William McEwen born Oct 22 1848 m Nov 18 1879 Titia Staples daug of John
Staples and Bettie Larkin

6. Laura Howard Rutledge born Dec 18 1852 at Campbell's station Knox co.
married Aug 3 1893 at Winchester Tenn. William Gaydon Mitchell of Bowling
Green Ky son of Solomon Sharp Mitchell and Augusta Isabelle Sample

Plenty of Rogues to go around for sure. One Rutledge in Red Gauntlet was a
night time ship captain who smuggled booze and other contraband, including
people on the run, to avoid paying duties and taxes.

To balance the smuggler out, one Rutledge was a Sheriff who arrested an
Englishman named Hepburn for non payment of rent to a Scottish landlord, but
the all English judges promptly let him go. Guess justice wasn't so blind
after all, nor equal..

I just heard from Sean who has a current Rutledge in Scotland who said
families there about pronounced and spelled their names Rutledge. Appears as
we suspected that the original name was dragged through several knotholes
until it took it's present form.<grin

You have given us enough to keep us busy quite awhile Richard, if we were to
track down every review and every instance. From your findings, it seems
clear they were there in the 1400s, and likely there in the 1200s or even
much earlier.(Caledonians?)

I agree the name seems more Scots than Anglo, but historians said they were
neither, so I'll accept either.

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Subject: [RUTLEDGE] Rutledge origin

 The Book Surnames of Scotland ( 1st printing 1948)
 ( there origin, meaning, and history)
 By George F. Black, Ph.D.

 Routledge, Rutledge,  Bardsley and Harrison say this name is from
 Routledge in Cumberland, But I cannot find the place. It is not in
 Sedgefields place-names of Cumberland and Westmorland. The surname is
 more english than Scottish, though several of the name are early found
 north of the Border. Several early notices of the name in connection with
 Hawick are given in The Scotts of Buccleuch. Symon Routledge and his son
 Mathew were charged with spuilzeit of certain goods in 1494
 David Rotheluche was bail to James Douglas of Carver in 1512
 Martin De Rotheluche, A Scot was, was procurator of the Scottish Nation
 in the Universityof Orleans in 1537 and again as De Rotheluge in 1558
 Lancelot Rutlitch in Appiltrielews, 1643   Armstrong gives the following
 old forms of this name. Routelych, Routleche, 1516 Routlagh, Routlege
 1512 Routlisch 1495 Routlouge, Rowlische, Routlug, Rowtledge, Routluge,
 Rutlegs, Rouchligis and Rowteleges
 Mr George Black considered it a Scottish Surname. That is good enough for
 I have several references to the fact it is considered a Scottish name.
 Although at this time I can not find them. I can not find any recorded
 dates regarding the name in England. Legend has it that Symon Routledge
 and his Son Mathew were caught stealing sheep.
 If you go to the Hall of names on the internet. You will find that it is
 coinsiderd a Scottish name. Also you will find Rutledges that were
 Professors for Edenbourgh University. You will also find more references
 to some of The Rutledges being Thieves. They also describe the Rutledge
 lands in Scotland. Also it indicates that they had a Scottish Coat of
 Keep in mind most names can not be tracked any further than the 11
 century. Which is the 1200s The Normans kept track of familys for tax
 purposes after they conquered England. The Rutledge name can not be found
 in these records. The Rutledge name was found in Scottish court records
 of 1494 that is quite a long time ago. Columbus had just discovered the
 new world.The Rutledge's went into England and stole Cattle and what
 ever. The English went into Scotland several times trying to catch them.
 Of course they failed. The Rutledge's had men stationed as lookouts and
 lit fires warning the Rutledge's of the English. I found this most
 interesting. When the Rutledges would escape from the English they took
 there thatched roofs with them. And simply put the thatched roof on
 hidden buildings with walls only. The thatched roof had a life time of 50
 years. I thought they were good for no more than one year. You can
 purchase a thatched roof in this country for avearage home for $35000 and
 Well this E-mail will trigger your brain and you can do research on your
 Richard Armstrong Rutledge

Hi Don

How's it hanging ?

I'm not sure about this clan thing, it seems we Routledges were never officially a clan when they were in fashion so why start now ?

Its also widely reckoned that we were more English than Scotts

Anyway I'm game for a laugh

I had an email today from a Routledge who lives in Haltwhistle which is very close to where we came from on the border, he confirms that his name is pronounced Rutledge in the local dialect and that his grandad told him of the Duke of Cumberlands rescue of Routledges, instead of being hanged he had them sent to Ireland and America as long as they remained Protestants.

I hear there are quite a few Routledges in Hawick which is actually North of the Scotish border, I have a CD with the current electiral roll on it so I'll look some more up

Hope you are well cousin Don

Kind Regards


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Subject: Re: Rutledge Society Bylaws

Hi Cousin Sean. Happy you are setting in.

What do you think about becoming a Clan?

In your opinion, to your knowledge, do we have cousins in Scotland near the
homelands who might be willing to support this proposed project?

IMHO, all Rutledges by all spellings should not only be included as members
of the Clan, but also be active participants.

Cousin Don
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 I should be king !

 Where else will you find an Anglo Scotts Englishman with an Irish
Australian father ?

 If I'm not duly crowned forthwith I will unleash the terrible plot of Sean
the usurper


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 From: richard a rutledge
 Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 07:24:22 -0500
 Subject: Rutledge Society Bylaws

 Don Kelly and Cousins,
 The bylaws for the formation of the Rutledge Clan Society have been
 created and have been sent to my relatives for glaring errors. Then I
 will submit them to you. For the purpose receiving your comments. Plus
 you will have to determine if we should continue. This will be a non-
 profit organization. Money will be collected so as to run the Clan
 Society. It is my opinion that the Society be formed in the State where
 the treasurer will live. Or in the State that has the most Rutledge's.
 Probably in the Carolinas. I should think that those leaders of the
 current Rutledge list be considered for officers of the new Rutledge Clan
 Society. As far as I know and understand a woman may be Chief of the
 Clan. Although I do believe the world should be run by men. HA,Ha   We
 will need a nominating committee to seek volunteers for the Clan Rutledge
 Society offices. These officers should be Americans. We can have honorary
 officers from other Countries Such as Sean Rutledge. We could use his
 experience and suggestions.
 Richard Armstrong Rutledge

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I too am related to the Rutledges of Scotland (my father's side).  This is what I have...hope you don't mind the length of it. I will not list everything I have just my direct line.

Cavan Rutledge (m. Catherine ?) d. 1639
his son:  George (wife unknown) d. 1671
his son:  John (m. Anne ? date unknown) b.1648 in Melrose
               d. 1717 in County Tyrone Ireland
his son:  Edward ( m. Elizabeth Graem 1690 in Enniskillen
               Parish Ireland) d. 1725 Cnty Tyrone
his son:  George (m. Nellie Gamble date unknown) b. 1690
              Cnty Tyrone   d. ? Augusta Cnty, Virginia
his son:  Thomas (m. Jean Armstrong 1735 in VA) b.1710
                Cnty Tyrone  d.1791 Augusta Cnty, VA
his son:  Edward (m. Sarah Armstrong 1750 in VA) b. 1736 in
                Cnty Tyrone   d.1787 Flagg Srpings in August Cnty
his son:  James (m. Eleanor Ralston 1788 in VA)  b. 1768 in
                 Augusta Cnty, VA...d. 1840 Fulton Cnty Illinois
his son:  John (m. Margaret Williams 1827 in Greenbrier Cnty
                 in West Virginia where she was from) b. 1799 in
                 Augusta Cnty...d. ? Fulton Cnty ILL
his son:  Franklin (m.  Malinda Humphrey 1856 in WV) b.
                 1828 in Greenbrier cnty WV...d. 1882 in
                 McDonough Cnty IL
his son:  William (m. Alice Diamond ? in McConough Cnty)
                b. 1868 in McDonough Cnty...d. ? Pekin, IL
his daughter:  Amy (m. Oscar Roberts 1911 in McDonough
                      cnty) b. 1890 in Tennessee, IL...d. 1974 in
                      McComb, IL (McDonough Cnty)
her son:  Art Roberts is my father.

Do any of these names look familiar to you and, would you like more information that I have on other sons and daughters of those listed above?

Claudia Bacigalupo

Hi Cousins,

    Just reading the proposed bylaws and I agree we should uphold the
traditions of the Scotch. But... what of those that made their homes in
Ireland or England before emigrating elsewhere.

For instance, my 8th great grandfather, Andrew Rutledge was b. either on
28 July 1661 or 12 Dec. 1670 (two different sources state two different
dates, go figure.) Andrew was b. in Glasgow and m. Elizabeth Brown (nee
could be Broun.) I have not found when Andrew and Elizabeth might have
settled in Ireland or any marriage sources. Andrew and Elizabeth had
five children who were named George (my direct), Andrew R., Henry,
Edward and Lelas. The only info I have on the children is my 7th
ggrandfather George who was b. 1690 in Co. Tyrone, Ire. By at least 1768
my direct line had started a new life in Va.

I uphold to the highest esteem my Scotch roots (someday I will gather up
enough time to research my Clan Gunn and Clan Graeme/Graham lineage) but
as I also have many lines that settled in Ireland I had to honor them as

in the land of the free

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 Hi, Karen.
 I can't remember whether I ever got back to you! Life has been hectic for that last few weeks ( we've just packed out daughter off to Brazil for 6 months so there was a lot of running around, etc.!)
 Anyway, I was doing a bit of "tidying up" in my email inbox and I came accross your post again. I've been talking to my aunt who is now in her 80's, and born in Carlisle, and she says she was related to a John Routledge and they were bakers - so looking at your references I began to get a bit interested!!
 If I haven't already passed this on, here is the Routledge geanealogy that I have so far (and apologies if I HAVE already sent this to you!) :-

 William Routledge b. circa 1828, Hayton, Cumberland.
 He married (no date or name of wife YET!) and had a number of children.

 He was a Corporal in the Royal Artillery and served abroad at least once, including a tour of duty in Bermuda.He retired from the Army and became a railway signalman.
 From  the 1881 census I have calculated his children thus:

 Mary Jane, b.1855, Gosport, Hants
 Amelia (referred to as "Cassie") b.1861, Bermuda
 James, b. 1864, Gosport, Hants
 Richard, b.1868, Hayton
 Emma, b.1870, Carlisle
 Susan, b.1871, Carlisle
 Jacob, b 1873, Carlisle

 In the 1881 census the family (except Mary Jane) were living at 2 Howe Street (not a million miles from your ref. to Brook Street!)

 On the 1901 census I have found a reference to William now living in Caldewgate and a number of the children living nearby and in the Botchergate area. I'll have to by some census vouchers and explore more of the documents!

 I'm also intending to go back up to Carlisle in the Spring and go rooting about in the cemetary and the records office, to see if I can get any more info., perhaps from the memorial inscriptions.

 My connection with the family is through Mary Jane - she is my G-Grandmother.

 I have been in touch with another "Routledge" hunter, we'd thought there was no connection but it seems my William may be brother to her "Richard" - if that pans out I'll let you know!

 Regards, Sue Harding

Message Board Post:

I'm still trying to find out about my g-g-grandfather William Routledge, who appears on the 1881 Census as living at 2 Howe Street, Botchergate, Carlisle. His birthplace is listed as Hayton, Cumberland and he was probably born around 1828, calculating from his date given on the census form. In 1881 he was listed as retired from the Royal Artillery, and was currently working as a railway signalman. No wife is listed on the census return (deceased or just absent?), but there are a number of children with various birthplaces: Gosport, Carlisle and Bermuda!
If this rings bells please get in touch - I can't get back any further than this!

To join and access our 1.2 billion online genealogy records, go to:


Had a break for a while, but back on the list again!

Still looking for information on Mary Jane ROUTLEDGE. I visited Carlisle a couple of weeks ago and found out a little more:

Her headstone in Carlisle Cemetary syas she died 12/Apr/1923 and suggests she was born in 1855. The 1901 census has her married to Edward MEYERS in Carlisle and lists her place of birth as Gosport, Hampshire.

Her father was William ROUTLEDGE, who served in the Royal Artillery. Due to his postings his children have a variety of birth places: Mary Jane and her brother, James, born in Gosport; several siblings in and around Carlisle and her sister Amelia, born in Bermuda!

I'd like to find Mary Jane's exact date of birth and any details about her mother, who's name I do not know.

If anyone can help I'd be grateful!


Sue Harding

When I informed you that Routledge was first recorded in 1494AD at Hawick
Scotland. I should have informed you how to pronounce Haywick. If your in
Scotland asking for directions you better pronounce it Hoyick. Otherwise
they will not be able to help you.
Richard Armstrong Rutledge

Richard & Julie,
When I first began looking for Rutledges 8-10 years ago I read anything with
the Rutledge name attached.
One of the books "I think" was called "The Ulster Plantation System Under
James the First"  It was primarily  background information of the Scots move
to Ulster.  Good information for genealogist.  The only reason I was
attracted to the title was the mention of  a Rutledge as one the authors or
contributors.  I believe the man's name was Paul Rutledge and he may have
taught at Oxford.  My memory may to have slipped.  I'm not positive of the
title, but I think Paul was the Rutledge name.  I got the book through a
local library, but they had to get it from one of the state research
libraries.  Anyway, I'll see if I can find it again and send the title if
you would like to read it.

The descriptions of the move and treatment of the people helps me to
understand why the Scots and Irish came to America.  I think the Ulster
Plantations along with the border disagreements in Scotland had an impact on
why Scots and Irish in America didn't support a strong central government.
This was never mentioned in any class I took while in school. The best
educational experience I have had is looking for Rutledges.  My
understanding American/European history and my opinions have changed.  Those
elusive Rutledges gave me an opportunity that I did not expect.  I now enjoy
research.  I did not enjoy research when struggling as undergraduate and
several graduate programs.
Mike Rutledge, Boaz AL

The brake up of the Border Clans was tried by the English and the Scots
with out success. It was very successful under King James The first.  His
mother was Queen Mary. Her son James was the  the fifth King of Scotland
and King James the first of England. He was known as the united King. It
was he whom tricked Johnie Armstrong into thinking he was coming for a
visit. Instead the King had a small Army and captured John Armstrong with
50 of his top men and hung them on the spot. This was the beginning of
the Border Clans being broke up. As the Armstrongs were the largest Clan.
 King James lured 500,000 protestant Scotsman to go to northern Ireland.
Although most of the border Clans of that time had no religion. This is
the same King James that had the bible translated. This took place during
the 1600s. He was also the one that created the union jack ( the Uk Flag
)  If you look closely you can see the St Andrews Cross I must say you
are correct Queen Elizabeth started the plantations and the brake up of
the Border Clans

Richard Armstrong Rutledge

St Cuthberts is a parish in Edinburgh and the church is at the West end of

Princes Street where it joins the Lothian Road.  Many of my relatives are buried although I cannot find their graves.

Isobel Stammers

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I'm not sure how this ties in, but-----
I have Edward Rutledge born circa 1850.  One source says in Scotland, another
says Ireland, near Aughnacloy.He married Elizabeth Hillock, bornabout 1755. 
One of his sons, Hugh (my direct line) was born 30 May 1775 and died in
Kinawley 27 August 1826.  He married  Elizabeth Brompton (Sp ?), they had two
children, Ann and Nancy.  Elizabeth died in Kinawley 24 November 1799. 
Edward then married Elizabeth Nixon.  They had a large family.  My records
say 15.  After he died in1826, most of the family, plus a fewElliotts, moved
to Ontario, Canada.
On the LDS website, a man named Robet Blair, of Mesa, Arizona, put in a lot
of info about this family, some of it at variance with my info.  I haven't
been able to get in touch with him.
Hope this helps some.
Ed Rutledge

Don, I'll give you what I have:

Annis Armstrong B/9/18/1764 Stoney Point, Hawkins Co., Tn. Father-William Armstrong B/1712 Enniskillen, Ire.

Father-William Armstrong B/1682 Enniskillen, Ire. M/Janey Gaffney Father-James Armstrong B/1640 Enniskillen, Ire M/Jane Beatty

Father-William Armstrong B/1600 Scotland

Father-William Armstrong B/1565 Scotland M/Margaret Elliott (he is my 9th g,grandfather)

My line is the following:

Alan C. Armstrong(son) B/1966 San Francisco, Ca. William L. Armstrong B/1929 Sedalia, Mo.(me) William L. Armstrong B/1903 Pauls Valley, Ok.

Charles S. Armstrong B/1872 Dutch Mills, Ar.

William H. Armstrong B/1848 Wabash Co., Ill.

James M. Armstrong B/1829 Madison Co., Ill.

Thomas Armstrong B/1793 Warren Co., Ky. Joshua Armstrong B/1756 Paxtang, Pa.

Robert Armstrong B/1716 Ireland James Armstrong B/1690 Ireland

James Armstrong B/1645 Ireland

Edward Armstrong B/1604 Scotland

William Armstrong B/1565 Scotland

Christopher Armstrong B/1523 Scotland

John Armstrong B/1490 Scotland D/1530 (John of Gilknockie)

Alexander Armstrong B/Abt 1445 6th Laird of Mangerton Castle, Scotland.

Bill Armstrong Kingman, Az. -----Original Message----- From: Don Kelly To: William Armstrong Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 4:29 PM Subject: Re: Rutledge

Bill.....thank you so much. A comment and two questions: I have banged around quite a bit in Hawkins and adjacent counties, looking mostly for Owen and Rutledge, but also scrounging for other related families.

1) I found a bunch of Armstrongs who were slave owners in VA and one point I found an Armstrong cemetery at a horseshoe bend in the Holsten river. I could again find it on a map if I had to.

2) Along the way I found the town Rutledge. None of us know who founded it, but the people in Rutledge say it was founded by a General Rutledge from Virginia. How does all of this fit into your records,......or does it fit at all?.

From: William Armstrong To: Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 3:02 PM

Subject: Re: Rutledge

Father-William Rutledge, Mother-Eleanor Caldwell

General George Rutledge B/4/13/1755 Tennessee D/7/1/1813 hawkins Co., Tn. married 1781 Stoney Point, Hawkins Co., Tn.

Annis Armstrong B/9/18/1764 Stoney Point, Tn. D/11/6/1834 same (Father-William Armstrong, Mother-Mary Caldwell) Children: All born in Tn.

1.William Rutledge B/Abt 1781

2.George Rutledge B/Abt 1781

3.Ann Rutledge B/Abt 1782 married Samuel Rhea

4.Elizabeth Rutledge B/Abt 1782 married David Larkins

5.Nancy Rutledge B/Abt 1783 married George Netherland

6.Jane Rutledge B/Abt 1785 married George Anderson

7.Prissilla Rutledge B/Abt 1786 married Maxwell

8.Louisiana Rutledge B/Abt 1787 married Samuel Hughes

9.Sallie Rutledge B/Abt 1788 married Clayton

10.Nellie Rutledge B/Abt 1789 married Benjamin Powel

11.Mary C. Rutledge B/12/4/1790 Sullivan Co., Tn. D/1867 Rogersville, Tn. married Abt 1807 Sullivan Co., Tn. Samuel Powel Bill Armstrong Kingman, Az.

From: Jean Buckley
Old-To: ""
Subject: Thomas Rutledge, 1770

Hi Rooters, Came across this "ditty" and wondered if it makes sense to anyone!
BRITISH DEPORTEES TO AMERICA, PART IV, 1768-1769, by Clifford Neal Smith Westland Publications, PO Box 117, McNeal, AZ 85617-0117 R 929.373
Page 25
Tried for stealing; sentenced to tranportation for 7 years: at Old Bailey 1770 Dec 18 Pardoned to serve on a ship of war Y-27 (3:158)
But see Coldham, V. 1 (under Thomas Rutlidge)

From Preface page ii
...The researcher should determine whether further volumes of Mr. Coldham's work (covering areas of England outside London) have appeared, as they would no doubt include information on the transportation to America of many other defendants, as well.
For most crimes there was a mandatory sentence of death, but this sentence was frequently mitigated (commuted) to transportation to the American colonies either for seven or fourteen years, or for life.
Ocassionally, young men were forced into military service, instead. Two reference numbers are given for use of researchers wishing to inquire further into individual cases: a letter (with page citation) referring to manuscripts in the Public Record Office, London, for example A-253; a number in parenthesis, for example (2:142), referring to volume and page in CALENDAR OF HOME OFFICE PAPERS OF THE REIGN OF GEORGE III, 1766-1769 volume 2) (London, H. M. S. O. 1878; reprint ed., Nendeln, Leichtenstein: Kraus Reprint, Ltd., 1967).

A Criminal Papers, V. 12 (1766-1770)
B Criminal Papers, Scotch v. 1 (1762-1786)
C Criminal Papers, V. 10 (1760-1766)
D Criminal Papers, V. 11 (1761-1767)
E Dom, George III, pcl 78
F Church Book, Scotland, 1761-1784
G Criminal Papers, V. 13 (1767-1772
H Petitions, 1765-1784
I Dom, George III, pcl 79
J Warrant Book, v. 32 (1766-1770)
K Warrant Book, v. 31 (1760-1766)
L Warrant Book, v. 30 (1760-1766)
M War Office, pcl 24
N Scotland, v. 25
O Ireland Entry BOok, 1761-1770
P Dom, Geo. III, pcl 80
Q Dom, Geo. III, v. 6
R Dom, Entry Book, v. 25
S Ireland, V. 435
T Dom, Geo III, pcl 83

U Dom. Geo III, pcl 81
V Ireland, v. 436
W Dom, Entry Book, v. 24
X Law Officers Entry Book, 1762-1765

THIS OUGHT TO OPEN UP A NEW CAN OF WORMS! Now whose Thomas Rutledge is this??

Dear Donna Smalley,
In November of 1998, Sean Ruttledge, our "cousin" from England sent to us a
transcript of the Archbishop of Glasgow's infamous curse on the Reiver
families of the Borders.  That includes Rutledges, Armstrongs, Nixons, and

The Bishops Curse

Since the Bishop was Roman Catholic, Sean suggested his curse might explain
why most Reiver families became Protestants!  (If you are interested in how
his family came to have two t's in their name, you might check his home
page.)  You also might want to read about the Reivers - it will help you
understand why the Archbishop was so "ticked off."  The fifth paragraph into
this transcript explains the extent of the curse - which we on this list
have chuckled about
for the past year.  Sean, by the way, actually sent a letter to the current
archbishop (or his counterpart) and asked to have the curse rescinded and
that it be replaced with a blessing.  So far, nothing!  I guess.  We haven't
heard much from Sean lately, so maybe HE has been rescinded!  CBR
Archbishop of Glasgow's Curse on Reiver Families

"Gude folks, heir at my Archibischop of Glasgwis letters under his round
sele, direct to me or any uther chapellane, makand mensioun, with greit
regrait, how hevy he beris the pietous, lamentabill, and dolorous complaint
that pass our all realme and commis to his eris, be oppin voce and fame, how
our souverane lordis trew liegis, men, wiffis and barnys, bocht and redeimit
be the precious blude of our Salviour Jhesu Crist, and levand in his lawis,
are saikleslie (innocently) part murdrist, part slayne, brynt, heryit,
spulziet (spoiled) and reft, oppinly on day licht and under silens of the
nicht, and thair takis (farms) and landis laid waist, and thair self banyst
therfra, als wele kirklandis as utheris, be commoun tratouris, ravaris,
theiffis, dulleand in the south part of this realme, sic as Tevidale,
Esdale, Liddisdale, Ewisdale, Nedisdale, and Annandereaill; quhilis hes bene
diverse ways persewit and punist be the temperale swerd and our Soverane
Lordis auctorite, and dredis nocht the samyn.

And thairfoir my said Lord Archbischop of Glasgw hes thocht expedient to
strike thame with the terribill swerd of halykirk, quhilk thai may nocht
lang endur and resist; and has chargeit me, or any uther chapellane, to
denounce, declair and proclame thaim oppinly and generalie cursit, at this
market-croce, and all utheris public places.

Hairfor throw the auctorite of Almichty God, the Fader of hevin, his Son,
our Saviour, Jhesu Crist, and of the Halygaist; throw the auctorite of the
Blissit Virgin Sanct Mary, Sanct Michael, Sanct Gabriell, and all the
angellis; Sanct John the Baptist, and all the haly patriarkis and prophets;
Sanct Peter, Sanct Paull, Sanct Andro, and all haly appostillis; Sanct
Stephin, Sanct Laurence, and all haly mertheris (martyrs); Sanct Gile, Sanct
Martyn, and all haly confessouris; Sanct Anne, Sanct Katherin, and all haly
virginis and matronis; and of all the sanctis and haly company of hevin; be
the auctorite of our Haly Fader the Paip and his cardinalis, aned of my said
Lord Archibischop of Glasgw, be the avise and assistance of my lordis,
archibischop, bischopis, abbotis, priouris, and utheris prelatis and
minesteris of halykirk.

I denounce, proclamis, and declaris all and sindry the committaris of the
said saikles murthris, slauchteris, brinying, heirchippes, reiffis, thiftis
and spulezeis, oppinly apon day licht and under silence ofnicht, alswele
within temporale landis as kirklandis; togither with thair partakeris,
assitaris, supplearis, wittandlie resettaris (knowing receivers) of thair
personis, the gudes reft and stollen be thaim, art or part thereof, and
their counsalouris and defendouris, of thair evil dedis generalie CURSIT,
waryit (execrated), aggregeite, and reaggregeite, with the GREIT CURSING.

I curse their heid and all the haris of thair heid; I curse thair face,
thair ene, thair mouth, thair neise, thair tongue, thair teeth, thair crag,
thair shoulderis, thair breist, thair hert, thair stomok, thair bak, thair
wame*, thair armes, thais leggis, thair handis, thair feit, and everilk part
of thair body, frae the top of their heid to the soill of thair feet, befoir
and behind, within and without.

I curse thaim gangand (going), and I curse them rydland (riding); I curse
thaim standand, and I curse thaim sittand; I curse thaim etand, I curse
thaim drinkand; I curse thaim walkand, I curse thaim sleepand; I curse thaim
risand, I curse thaim lyand; I curse thaim at hame, I curse thaim fra hame;
I curse thaim within the house, I curse thaim without the house; I curse
thair wiffis, thair barnis, and thair servandis participand with thaim in
their deides. I way thair cornys, thair catales, thair woll, thair scheip,
thjair horse, thair swyne, thair geise, thair hennes, and all thair quyk
gude (livestock). I wary their hallis, thair chalmeris (rooms), thair
kechingis, thair stanillis, thair barnys, thair biris (cowsheds), thair
bernyardis, thair cailyardis (cabbage-patches)....
thair plewis, thair harrowis, and the gudis and housis that is necessair for
their sustentatioun and weilfair.

All the malesouns and waresouns (curses) that ever gat warldlie creatur sen
the begynnyng of the world to this hour mot licht on thaim. The maledictioun
of God, that lichtit apon Lucifer and all his fallowis, that strak thaim
frae the hie hevin to the deip hell, mot licht apon thaimr. The fire and the
swerd that stoppit Adam far the yettis (gates) of Paradise, mot stop thaim
frae the gloire of Hevin. quhill (until) thai forbere and mak amendis. The
malesound that lichtit on cursit Cayein, quhen his slew his bruther just
Abell saiklessly, mot licth on thaim for the saikles slauchter that thai
commit dailie. The maledictioun that lichtit apon all the warlde, man and
beist, and all that ever tuk life, quhen all was drownit be the flude of
Noye, except Noye and his ark, mot licht apon thame and drouned thame, man
and beist, and mak this realm cummirless (free) of thame for thair wicked
synnyes. The thunnour and fireflauchtis (lightning) that set doun as rane
apon the cities of Zodoma and Gomora, with all the landis about, and brynt
thame for thair vile sunnys, mot rane apon thame, and birne thaim for oppin
synnis. Tha malesoun and confusion that lichtit on the Gigantis for thair
oppressioun and pride, biggand (building) the tour of Bablloun, mot confound
thaim and all thair werkis, for thair opppin reiffs and oppressioun. All the
plagis that fell apon Pharao and his pepill of Egipt, thair landis, cornse,
and cataill, mot fall apon thaim, thair takkis, rowmys (places) and
stedingis, cornys and beistis. The watter of Tweid and utheris watteris
quhair thair ride mot droun thaim, as the Reid Say drownit King Pharoao and
his pepil of Egipt, sersewing Godis pepill of Israell. The erd mot oppin,
riffe and cleiff (cleave), and swelly (swallow) thaim quyk to hell, as it
swellyt cursit Dathan and Abiron, that genestude (withstood) Moeses and the
command of God. The wyld fyre that byrnt Thore and his fallowis to the
nowmer of twa hundredth and fyty, and utheris 14000 and 7000 at anys,
usurpand aganis Moyses and Aaron, servandis of God, not suddanely birne and
consume thaim dailie genestandand the commandis of God and halykirk. The
malediction that lichtit suddanely upon fair Absalon, rydant contrair his
fader, King David, servand of God, throw the wod, quhen the branchis of ane
tre fred (parted) him of his horse and hangit him be the hair, mot lie apon
thaain trew Scottis men, and hang thaim siclike tha all the warld may se.
The Maledictioun that lichtit apon Olifernus, lieutenant to Nabogodonooser,
makand weair (war) and heirchippis apon trew cristin men, the maledictioun
that lichtit apon Judas, Pylot, Herod and the Jowis that chucifyit Our Lord,
and all the plagis and trublis that lichtit on the citte of Jherusalme
thairfor, and upon Simon Magus for his symony, bludy Nero, cusit Ditius
Makcensisu, Olibruis, Julianus Apostita and the laiff (rest) of the cruell
tirrannis that slew and murthirit Crits haly servandis, mot licth apon thame
for thair cruel tiranny and murthirdome of cristin pepill.

And all the vengeance that evir was takin sen the warlde began for oppin
synnys, and all the plagis and pestilence that ever fell on man or beist,
mot fall on thaim for thair oppin reiff, saiklesse slauchter and schedding
of innocent blude. I disserver and pairtis thaim fra the kirk of God, and
deliveris thaim quyk to the devill of hell, as the Apostill Sanct Paull
deliverit Corinthion. I interdite the places thay cum in fra divine service,
minitracioun of the sacramentis of halykirk, except the sacrament of
baptissing allenerlie (only); and forbiddis all kirkmen to schriffe or
absolbe thim of theire synnys, quhill they be firs abolyeit of this cursing.

I forbid all cristin man or woman till have ony company with thaime, etand,
drynkand, spekand, prayand, lyand, gangand, standand, or in any uther deid
doand, under the paine of deidly syn. I discharge all bandis, actis,
contractis, athis (oaths) and obligatiounis made to them by ony persounis,
outher of lawte (out of loyalty), kyndenes or manrent (personal fealty),
salang as thai susteined this cursing, sub that na man be bundin to thaim,
and that this be bundin till all men. I tak fra thame and cryis douned all
the gude dedis that ever thai did or sall do, quhill thai rise froae this
cursing. I declare thaim partles (excluded) of  all matynys, messis,
evinsangis, dirigeis or utheris prayeris, on buke or beid; of all
pilgrimagis and almouse deids done or to be done in halykirk or be cristin
pepill, enduring this cursing.

And, finally, I condemn thaim perpetualie to the deip pit of hell, the
remain with Lucifer and all his fallowis, and thair bodeis to the gallows of
the Burrow Mure, first to be hangit, syne revin and ruggit (then ripped and
torn) with doggis, swyne, and utheris wyld beists, abhominable to all the
warld. And their candillis gangis frae your sicht, ast mot their saulis gang
fra the visage of God, and thair gude faim fra the warld, quhill thai
forbeir thair oppin synnys foirsaidis and ryse frae this terribill cursing,
and mak satisfaction and pennance." wrote: Nora:
No George Rutledge from Ireland married Nellie Gamble. Their son came to NC. If you check the Rutledge page that has one of my working files on the Rutledge Families I think you will find what you are looking for. Also John D. Rutledge has a lot on those lines. Rachel Demaree Clemons

----- Hello, Rachel,

Info I have suggests otherwise. The Bible of Mrs. Nellie Rutledge Davis of Crawfordsville IN says:

George Rutledge, b. in Scotland was a Presbyterian, a dissenter from the Episcopal Church. He went from Scotland to Ireland and there married Nelly Gamble. Their oldest son, William was born in Ireland in 1728. William m. Elinor Caldwell. They emigrated from Ireland to Augusta Co. (now Wythe Co.) VA ...

I don't recall whether it states where George was born, but there is a section on the family in "Notable Southern Families", vol. 5, pp. 26-31, Crockett family.
Best wishes,

Hi fellow Rutledge descendants,
  My name is Bob Perry and this is my lineage:
   (1) Robert Mathew Perry, (2) Charles Gibson Perry II, (3) John Dietz Perry II, (4) Richard Earickson Perry married ((4) Elizabeth Rutledge Gibson))
(5) Charles Taylor Gibson, (6) Hugh Gibson married ((6) Elizabeth Brown Rutledge)),
(7) George Rutledge & Elizabeth Brown, (8) Thomas Rutledge & Jean Armstrong, (9) George Rutledge & Nellie Gamble.
  The following is everything I have on George & Nellie (& it is'nt much):
  George Rutledge born in Scotland, removed to Ireland where he married Nellie Gamble and had a son William Rutledge; who was born Tyrone County, Ireland in 1728, and married Elinor Caldwell in Augusta County, VA.
   Deed dated Mar. 21, 1759 - George Rutledge to Thomas Rutledge 220 acres in Beverley's Manor / Consideration L5    (Augusta Co., Records, 111, 354).
 (aol): George also said to have been born in Tyrone Co., IRE.
 1/07/1999 (Jim Ward.4-28-97.081919). (Source): Joseph Waddell's Annals of Augusta Co., VA., 1902. in Witchers Sullivan Co., TN.:
   Kin Nellie's father is identified as William Gamble, chief of one of the Highland Clans. Goes on to say that George Rutledge was in possesion of a large estate in Ireland as well as his wife's interest as daughter of William Gamble's. The information from this book does not give it's Source.
  Can anyone enlighten me? Add or correct me etc...
  I also have the following children for them:
  Descendants of George Rutledge
    1 George Rutledge b: Abt. 1690 in Scottland
  .. +Nellie Gamble
  ...... 2 Thomas Rutledge d: 10 Oct 1785 in Augusta Co., VA. Age at death: ?
  .......... +Jean Armstrong b: in Tyrone Co., IRE.
  ...... 2 Catherine Rutledge
  .......... +William Marshall
  ...... 2 William Rutledge b: Abt. 07 Jan 1727/28 in Tyrone Co., IRE. d: 16 Aug 1790 in Augusta Co., VA. Age at death: 62 est.
  .......... +Eleanor Caldwell b: Abt. 1732
  ...... 2 John Rutledge d: 17 Oct 1751 in Augusta Co., VA. Age at death: ?
  Am I connected to any of you?
  Which of the DNA strands am I? (When I get the money I'm going to do it)
  Thanks Bob