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Names in this index represent the 3,100+ people in my database. Out of respect for privacy concerns, I am only posting names here.  Should you find a name in this index that you think is a match and would like to communicate further about, please e-mail me at

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Aaron, April Lynn
Aaron, David Michael
Aaron, John Francis
Aaron, John Francis, III
Aaron, John Francis, Jr.
Aaron, Leticia Susanne
Aaron, Marsha Dawn
Adams, Charmain Lynne
Adams, Cumming Levi
Adams, Dawn Michelle
Adams, James B.
Adams, James Cummens
Allenbaugh, ?
Allenbaugh, Dora
Allenbaugh, Ella
Allenbaugh, Kathleen Elsie
Allenbaugh, Kristy Kay
Allenbaugh, Melissa Jean
Allenbaugh, Philip Henry
Allenbaugh, Philip Henry, Jr.
Allenbaugh, Ricky Lane
Allhorn, Ruth
Altman, Cathy
Alvine, Ione
Anderson, Alan
Anderson, Amelia Caroline
Anderson, Annie
Anderson, Carl
Anderson, Carl Amos
Anderson, Elizabeth "Betty" Y.
Anderson, Esther
Anderson, Frank Edward
Anderson, Margaret Rose
Anderson, Pauline
Anderson, Walter
Anderson, William
Arduini, Andy Joseph
Arduini, Randy Joseph
Armstrong, "Sonny"
Armstrong, ?
Armstrong, Anna Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Armstrong, Bertha
Armstrong, Betty Lou
Armstrong, Blair Lloyd
Armstrong, Bonnie Jean
Armstrong, Bruce David
Armstrong, Bruce David
Armstrong, Budd Leroy
Armstrong, Charles "Chuck" Blair
Armstrong, Charles "Jack" L., Jr.
Armstrong, Charles L., Sr.
Armstrong, Clara E.
Armstrong, Dale Thomas
Armstrong, David Blair "Buss"
Armstrong, Donald Blair
Armstrong, Dorothy Jayne
Armstrong, Douglas Robert
Armstrong, Elese Virginia
Armstrong, Elliott Roy
Armstrong, Emma Isabella
Armstrong, Gary Leroy
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, George Holmes
Armstrong, George Scott
Armstrong, George Sylvester
Armstrong, George Wesley
Armstrong, Helen Louise
Armstrong, Helen Virginia
Armstrong, Henry Schlemmer
Armstrong, James "Jim"
Armstrong, James Edward
Armstrong, James L.
Armstrong, Janet
Armstrong, Jeanette
Armstrong, Jeff
Armstrong, Jennifer Louise
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John George
Armstrong, Joseph Milton
Armstrong, Leotta "Lattie" Pearl
Armstrong, Male
Armstrong, Martha J.
Armstrong, Mary E.
Armstrong, Neva Geraldine
Armstrong, Ora Rachel
Armstrong, Paul Jacob
Armstrong, Phyllis J.
Armstrong, Quinten
Armstrong, Ray
Armstrong, Robert Milton
Armstrong, Roy John
Armstrong, Ruby
Armstrong, Russell Lee
Armstrong, Samantha Elizabeth
Armstrong, Sara Luellen "Ellen"
Armstrong, Sarah Ann
Armstrong, Theda Bara
Armstrong, Victor Lee
Armstrong, Walter "Putt Putt"
Armstrong, Walter Raymond
Armstrong, William Earl
Armstrong, William Floyd
Armstrong, William Hammond
Armstrong, William Paul
Armstrong, William, III
Ashley, Lois Virginia
Atwell, Marjorie


Bair, Esther
Baker, Genevieve
Baker, Howard James
Baker, Reginald
Baldwin, George
Baldwin, James II
Baldwin, James III
Ball, Violet
Bankersky, ?
Baran, Helen
Barduca, John
Barefoot, Cynthia Lee
Barefoot, Diane Louise
Barefoot, Kathy Jayne
Barefoot, Thomas Orville
Bargerstock, Laura M.
Barker, Alyssa Nicole
Barker, Scott Brady
Barnes, Phillip
Barnett, ?
Barnett, ?
Barnett, ?
Barnett, Adam D.
Barnett, Adrienne Nichole
Barnett, Albert
Barnett, Alexander
Barnett, Alexander Carl
Barnett, Alice
Barnett, Alice
Barnett, Allen Berkey
Barnett, Allen Berkey, Jr.
Barnett, Angela Marie
Barnett, Ann Marie
Barnett, Anna
Barnett, Anna Lee
Barnett, Arthur Eugene
Barnett, Arthur L.
Barnett, Barbara Joy
Barnett, Becky Jo
Barnett, Bertha
Barnett, Bertha Jane
Barnett, Beulah
Barnett, Bina
Barnett, Blair
Barnett, Carl Wilson
Barnett, Carrie
Barnett, Charles Emerson
Barnett, Charles Leon
Barnett, Christian
Barnett, Christian "Crissie"
Barnett, Christina Marie
Barnett, Clara Estella
Barnett, Clarence
Barnett, Collin Jennings Clay
Barnett, Crissie May
Barnett, Cynthia Lenore
Barnett, Daisy Olean
Barnett, David
Barnett, David M.
Barnett, David, Jr.
Barnett, Deanna Fae
Barnett, Debra Irene
Barnett, Donald Jacob
Barnett, Donald Jacob, II
Barnett, Donald Jacob, III
Barnett, Donald William
Barnett, Donna
Barnett, Dora Joanne
Barnett, Dorothy Irene
Barnett, Dowling
Barnett, Earl
Barnett, Edna Mae
Barnett, Edward Clarence
Barnett, Edward Clarence, Jr.
Barnett, Elda Bertha
Barnett, Elizabeth
Barnett, Elizabeth I. "Lizzie"
Barnett, Ella
Barnett, Ella S.
Barnett, Elsie
Barnett, Elsie Irene
Barnett, Elsie Allene
Barnett, Elva Ozell
Barnett, Emma Isabel
Barnett, Emmanuel
Barnett, Ethen Troy
Barnett, Flora Alice
Barnett, Frances Ardell
Barnett, Franklyn Clay
Barnett, George
Barnett, George W.
Barnett, George Washington
Barnett, Gladys Marie
Barnett, Grace
Barnett, Gregory
Barnett, Gregory Eugene
Barnett, Hannah
Barnett, Harvey Carl
Barnett, Harvey Theoffilas
Barnett, Hazel
Barnett, Heather Jane
Barnett, Henry Milton
Barnett, Holly
Barnett, Howard Jay
Barnett, Howard Jay
Barnett, Ida Grace
Barnett, Ida Mae
Barnett, InfantSon
Barnett, InfantSon
Barnett, J. Clark
Barnett, Jacob
Barnett, Jacob Sylvester
Barnett, Jacqueline Heather
Barnett, Jamee Nicole
Barnett, James
Barnett, James
Barnett, James
Barnett, James Harry
Barnett, James Ira
Barnett, Janice Lee
Barnett, Jay Allen
Barnett, Jeffrey Todd
Barnett, Jennings Clay
Barnett, Jess
Barnett, John
Barnett, John L.
Barnett, Jordan
Barnett, Joseph Robert
Barnett, Joshua
Barnett, Justin
Barnett, Justin Dallas
Barnett, Kendall
Barnett, Kimberly Donna
Barnett, Laura
Barnett, Lenna
Barnett, Lillian Celinda
Barnett, Lillie Jane
Barnett, Lisa May
Barnett, Lon
Barnett, Lon
Barnett, Lottie
Barnett, Mae
Barnett, Mae
Barnett, Margaret Jane
Barnett, Mark Benjamin
Barnett, Mark Steven
Barnett, Marsha Ann
Barnett, Mary Anna
Barnett, Mary E.
Barnett, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Barnett, Mary Jane
Barnett, Mary Katherine
Barnett, Maude Evelyn
Barnett, Michael Ardell
Barnett, Myrtle
Barnett, Nicholas David
Barnett, Nicholas Scott
Barnett, Niki Rachelle
Barnett, Oliver
Barnett, Philip
Barnett, Rachel
Barnett, Rachel Nicole
Barnett, Reada Jean
Barnett, Rebecca
Barnett, Richard Charles
Barnett, Richard Larry
Barnett, Richard Larry
Barnett, Robert
Barnett, Robert
Barnett, Robert "Roy" M.
Barnett, Robert Edward
Barnett, Sally
Barnett, Sarah Elaine
Barnett, Sarah Elin
Barnett, Sharon Lee
Barnett, Sherri Lyn
Barnett, Sue Ellen
Barnett, Susanne
Barnett, Tammy Lea
Barnett, Thomas Eugene
Barnett, Thomas Eugene, III
Barnett, Thomas Eugene, Sr.
Barnett, Thomas I.
Barnett, Tiffany Ann
Barnett, Viola Maude
Barnett, W. C. "Casper"
Barnett, Warren Lee
Barnett, Wayne
Barnett, William
Barnett, William Blair
Barnett, William F. S.
Barno, Julia
Barno, Trifone
Barnoff, Richard
Barr, ?
Barrett, Shirley
Bartholmew, Mary
Bartlebaugh, Curt
Bartlebaugh, Frederick
Bartlebaugh, Sarah Etta
Bartlebaugh, Theodore
Bash, Sara J.
Basile, ?
Batson, Herman Ray
Batson, Tamela Sue
Baun, Bert
Baun, Brenda Lee
Baun, Clark
Baun, Clark
Baun, Claude D.
Baun, Clyde E.
Baun, Earl W.
Baun, Ella Mae
Baun, Harve
Baun, Harvey Clay
Baun, James
Baun, Joseph G.
Baun, Joseph Wayne
Baun, Kathi Ann
Baun, Laura L.
Baun, Matthew Raymond
Baun, Miles
Baun, Nicholas William
Baun, Pauline
Baun, Ralph Joseph
Baun, Sara "Sadie" Mathilda
Baun, Silas E.
Baun, Susan Jo
Baun, William Clyde, Jr.
Baun, William Clyde, Sr.
Beck, Jonathan Grant
Beck, Robert
Beers, Samuel
Beers, Sarah Loretta
Bell, Sarah Ann
Bellinger, Joyce Jean
Bemesderfer, David
Bence, Yvonne
Bender, ?
Bender, William
Benjamin, Louis
Bennett, ?
Bennett, Bryan George
Bennett, Eleanor Martha
Bennett, George William
Bennett, Ira Lorenzo
Bennett, Joyce Arlene
Bennett, Kaitlyn Jo
Bennett, Kimberly Ann
Bennett, Kristen Michelle
Bennett, Michael Allen
Bennett, Perry H.
Bennett, William Henry
Berkey, Ann Marie
Berkey, Betty Lou
Berkey, Brian Lloyd
Berkey, Bruce Lee
Berkey, Charles Edward
Berkey, David Earl
Berkey, David, Jr.
Berkey, Elsie Elaine
Berkey, Everett Clyde
Berkey, Harold Tushim
Berkey, Howard Lloyd
Berkey, Imogene
Berkey, Jamie
Berkey, Jason Michael
Berkey, Joseph Walter
Berkey, Margaret Elaine
Berkey, Mark
Berkey, P. J.
Berkey, Patrick
Berkey, Paul James
Berkey, Paul James
Berkey, Pauline Jane
Berninger, Brent Alan
Berninger, Douglas Carl Schimonsky
Berninger, Joshua Patrick
Berninger, Madeline
Berninger, Roy Richard
Berry, Diane Rae
Bertok, John Alvin
Bertok, John Kenneth
Bertok, Karyn Lynn
Bertok, Mark Edwin
Best, William
Bianco, Dominic
Bianco, Robert M.
Bianco, Sam
Bianco, Virginia Jane
Bice, Clyde ?
Bish, Garey
Bish, Hazel Eileen
Bishop, Anna
Bishop, Barbara J.
Bishop, Charles
Bishop, Clair J.
Bishop, Daisy
Bishop, Dale E.
Bishop, Dodd
Bishop, Doyle
Bishop, Flora
Bishop, Florence Marie
Bishop, Floyd J.
Bishop, George David
Bishop, Howard J.
Bishop, Irvin
Bishop, Joseph M.
Bishop, Luther
Bishop, Mary Alys
Bishop, Morley J.
Bishop, Paul
Bishop, Raymond Oscar
Bishop, Walter
Bishop, Warren L.
Bishop, William Domer
Black, Hester
Black, Lara Ellen
Black, Lily Elizabeth
Black, William Henry
Blair, Rev. William Sheldon
Blair, Theodore T.
Blair, Theodore T.
Bliss, Charles
Blonsky, Melissa
Blose, Lee
Blose, Merrideth Naomie
Blose, Revere
Blythe, Bryan Keith
Blythe, Richard
Bodes, Edna Mae
Bolam, Adelaide
Bolam, Alice
Bolam, Alice E.
Bolam, Alice M.
Bolam, Anne
Bolam, Betty
Bolam, Boy 1
Bolam, Boy 2
Bolam, Brian
Bolam, Carla
Bolam, Carolyn
Bolam, Catherine
Bolam, Celia
Bolam, Charles
Bolam, Charles Wesley
Bolam, Charles Wilson
Bolam, Child 1
Bolam, Child 10
Bolam, Child 11
Bolam, Child 12
Bolam, Child 13
Bolam, Child 14
Bolam, Child 2
Bolam, David
Bolam, Deborah Ann
Bolam, Dolly
Bolam, Edward
Bolam, Effie Linnae
Bolam, Elizabeth
Bolam, Esther
Bolam, Francis
Bolam, Gertrude
Bolam, Girl
Bolam, Girl 1
Bolam, Girl 1
Bolam, Girl 1
Bolam, Girl 2
Bolam, Hazel
Bolam, James
Bolam, James Patrick
Bolam, James Rodger
Bolam, James Rodger, Jr.
Bolam, Jean
Bolam, Jeryl Richard
Bolam, John
Bolam, John Robert
Bolam, Joseph
Bolam, Joseph Robert
Bolam, Kari
Bolam, Kathleen
Bolam, Kathryn Ione
Bolam, Keith R.
Bolam, Keith, Jr.
Bolam, Kelcey
Bolam, Kelly Ann
Bolam, Kendall
Bolam, Kenneth Michael
Bolam, Kevin
Bolam, Laura Christine
Bolam, Lawrence
Bolam, Lee Everett
Bolam, Lisa
Bolam, Marcia
Bolam, Margaret
Bolam, Margaret "Maggie"
Bolam, Marian
Bolam, Marie
Bolam, Marion
Bolam, Mark Stephen
Bolam, Mary
Bolam, Mary Anastasia
Bolam, Mary E.
Bolam, Mary Ellen
Bolam, Mary Jane
Bolam, Michael
Bolam, Nancy
Bolam, Pamela
Bolam, Phyllis
Bolam, Richard
Bolam, Robert
Bolam, Robert Alphonse
Bolam, Robert Francis
Bolam, Robert J.
Bolam, Robert John
Bolam, Ronald Robert
Bolam, Rose
Bolam, Rosemarie
Bolam, Ruth
Bolam, Sadie
Bolam, Sarah
Bolam, Sarah
Bolam, Shirley
Bolam, Sidney
Bolam, Stacy
Bolam, Stephanie Jeanne
Bolam, Suzanne Michelle
Bolam, Theresa Ellen
Bolam, Thomas
Bolam, Thomas Joseph
Bolam, William
Bolog, Anna Jennie
Bond, Marion Rachel
Bone, Thomas
Bonner, Cassius Clay
Bonner, Geraldine
Bonner, Harvey Clay
Boozel, Pamela Elizabeth
Bortz, Sarah
Bosak, Ashley Leanna
Bosak, Donald Joseph
Bosak, Donald Nathan
Bosak, John Donald
Bossudit, Wanda
Boston, Frank
Boston, Jean Marie
Bouch, Roy
Bowers, ?
Bowers, Anna Maud
Bowers, Jodi Lynn
Bowers, Ken ?
Bowers, Minerva Jane
Bowman, ?
Bowman, Cassandra Leann
Bowser, Arnold
Bowser, Elizabeth Louise
Bowser, Phillip Wayne
Bowser, Teresa
Bracken, Bernice
Bracken, Elizabeth P.
Braughler, Catherine
Braughler, Chlorice
Braughler, Elizabeth
Breath, ?
Brennan, Anna
Brennen, Mary C.
Bretcko, ?
Bridge, Joshua Thomas
Bridge, Matthew Jennings
Bridge, Thomas Alan
Bridge, Thomas Lawson
Brillhart, Anna
Brink, Aldene
Brocious, Charles
Brocious, Donald Ray
Brocious, Harry Rufus
Brocious, Jennifer Ann
Brocious, Jessice Ann
Brocious, Julia Ann
Brocious, Sandra
Brocious, Tammy S.
Brocious, William A.
Brody, Eileen
Brooks, Infant
Browser, Samuel
Bruiller, Mary
Brunner, Kiziah
Brush, James B.
Brush, John A.
Brushmiller, Margaret
Bryan, May
Bubeck, Louise C.
Buchanon, David
Buchanon, Donald
Buchanon, Gary
Buchanon, Laverne
Buchanon, Nina
Buchanon, Ronald
Bucher, Nancy
Buchheit, Beverley
Buchheit, Darrell Henry
Buchheit, Jason Adam
Buchheit, Karl Eric
Buchheit, Valerie Ann
Bucuren, Angela Marie
Bucuren, Gideon
Bucuren, Sara Elizabeth
Bucuren, Thomas Glen
Bullock, Agnes
Bullock, David Rice
Bullock, Edward, Jr.
Bullock, James
Bullock, John
Bullock, Martha Burch
Bullock, Robert
Burk, Susanna
Burkett, Georgie Maxine
Burkett, Marcella F.
Burley, Carl W.
Burley, David
Burley, Frances
Burley, Harvey Milton
Burley, Jacob
Burley, James Madison
Burley, John G.
Burley, John L.
Burley, John Lester
Burley, Joseph L.
Burley, Lula E.
Burley, Margaret Jane
Burley, Martha Ellen
Burley, Mary Elizabeth
Burley, Orpha Savilla
Burley, Rachel Ann
Burley, Twila "Leila" Emma
Burley, William Altman
Burns, Diana Michelle
Burns, Francis
Burns, Mark Dennis
Burns, Thomas Francis
Burns, Thomas J.
Bush, Charles
Bush, Michael
Buterbaugh, Lottie
Butson, Alice
Buttaro, Christine Ann
Buttaro, Francis
Buttaro, Francis, Jr.
Buttaro, Laurie Hope
Bynum, Dean
Bynum, Drew Curtis


Calhoun, Walter Wallace
Caliguire, Susan "Sue"
Caliguire, William
Cameron, Charles
Cameron, Helen Isabel
Cameron, Philip Hugh
Campbell, Ann
Campbell, Frances Matilda
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, John Clyde
Campbell, Nicholas Ryan
Campbell, Ricky Lee
Campbell, Tara Sue
Card, ?
Caretti, Herman
Carr, Agnes
Carr, Thomas
Carter, Ashley Lynn
Carter, David Huston
Carter, Deborah Lois
Carter, Huston Columbus
Carter, Karen Joel
Carter, Milton Carlos, Jr.
Carter, Milton Carlos, Sr.
Carter, Robert
Cartier, Donna J.
Cary, "Mary" Catherine
Cary, Adam G.
Cary, Alberta Ann
Cary, Alma C.
Cary, Anna
Cary, Bay Leroy
Cary, Betty
Cary, Clarissa
Cary, Daniel Blatt
Cary, Dessie Day
Cary, Francis
Cary, Fred Charles
Cary, Fred Richard
Cary, Gary
Cary, George
Cary, George F.
Cary, George W.
Cary, Harriet W.
Cary, Henry Dodson
Cary, Henry H.
Cary, Ida Elva
Cary, Ira Elmer
Cary, Iva Elda
Cary, Jane
Cary, Jeffrey L.
Cary, Jerry
Cary, Joe
Cary, John A.
Cary, John B.
Cary, John Franklin
Cary, Joseph
Cary, Joseph J.
Cary, Joseph Wayne
Cary, Kathryn Mae "Kathy"
Cary, Kimberly
Cary, Lefa Jane
Cary, Linda Alice
Cary, Lottie Elizabeth
Cary, Louella Sara
Cary, Lura
Cary, Margaret
Cary, Margaret
Cary, Margaret Elizabeth
Cary, Margaret Rozella "Rose"
Cary, Martha Jane
Cary, Martha Jane "Mattie"
Cary, Mary
Cary, Mary C.
Cary, Merle Dale
Cary, Merle Pearce
Cary, Sarah Ellen
Cary, Scott
Cary, Sherry Ann
Cary, Silas Samuel
Cary, Troy
Cary, William Wallace
Cassna, Mary Odessa
Castor, Lois
Caufield, Andrew
Caylor, Melvin
Ceylor, Beverly
Chambers, Jeanette
Chambers, Rosa Lee
Chapman, Edna Mary
Chapman, Ellen Marie
Chapman, John T.
Chapman, Laura Mae
Checoto, Betty
Chesney, Frank James
Chesney, Frank Raymond
Chiplis, Elbert H.
Chiplis, Victoria Lynn
Christian, Fred
Christian, Virginia Lee
Churchillo, ?
Cibik, Charles John
Cibik, John
Clark, Brenda
Clark, Delores Mae
Clark, Gloria Jean
Clark, Harry
Clark, Jack
Clark, John Howard
Clark, Kaitlyn Kaye
Clark, Katelynn Nicole
Clark, Kenneth Dean
Clark, Kenneth L.
Clark, Kimberly Sue
Clark, Paul James
Clark, Rebecca Louise
Clark, Ronald Walter
Clark, Stephanie Marie
Clark, Thomas Paul
Clawson, ?
Clawson, Bev
Clements, Emma
Clouser, Ananell Jeanette
Cochran, Emma
Cochran, Floyd Abraham
Cochran, George
Cochran, Jane Annabelle
Cochran, Mary
Cochrane, David William, Jr.
Cochrane, David William, Sr.
Cochrane, Dayna Marlene
Cochrane, William Ralph
Coe, ?
Coleman, Eleanor Suzanne
Collier, Harriet
Collier, Marilyn Ann
Collier, Thomas E.
Condron, Ernest
Conner, Jessie Gayle
Conner, Vera
Conners, Beverly
Cook, Carmen J.
Cook, Carolyn "Carole" Marie
Cook, Cassandra Ann
Cook, Michael Anthony
Cook, Michael Marcus
Coon, Iza
Corey, Carl N.
Corey, Thelma Roberta
Costain, Emily
Costic, Mary
Covatch, Albert Lee
Covatch, Alicia Joy
Covatch, Bob Eugene
Covatch, Brett Anthony
Covatch, Charles "Budd" Thomas
Covatch, Charles Cornelius
Covatch, Charles Eugene
Covatch, Darin Matthew
Covatch, Dennis Lee
Covatch, Derrick Michael
Covatch, Elizabeth "Betty" Jennie
Covatch, Harold Lewis
Covatch, Jason Mark
Covatch, Jerry
Covatch, Jillian Marie
Covatch, Jon Mitchell
Covatch, Lloyd Mitchell
Covatch, Mark Anthony "Tony"
Covatch, Neil
Covatch, Renee Adorne
Covatch, Richard James
Covatch, Roxanne
Covatch, Samson Benjamine
Covatch, Sheena Lin
Covatch, Stephen
Covatch, William Jerry
Covert, Sarah
Craft, Zada
Craig, Harry
Crawford, Archie William
Crawford, Charlotte
Crawford, Sharon Louise
Crissman, John
Crooks, Joan
Crout, Heidi
Cuckana, Frank
Cukanna, Barbara Ann
Cukanna, Cayla Jo
Cukanna, George Andrew
Cukanna, Joseph
Cukanna, Joseph, Jr.
Cukanna, Lynda Sue
Cukanna, Patty Lou
Cukanna, Paul James
Cukanna, Richard Lee
Cukanna, Thomas Eugene
Cukanna, William Charles
Cummings, Daniel Elizabeth
Cummings, Londa "Bim"
Cummings, Robert
Cummings, Robert Mark
Cummings, Stephanie Nichole
Cummins, Marian Janice
Cunningham, ?
Cunningham, Dorthy
Cusick, Emma Anna


Dabney, Mary
Dale, Alan II
Daly, Charmaine
Dash, ?
Davis, ?
Davis, Leland Eugene
Davis, Oliver Clyde
Davis, Vanessa
Deahl, Sally Ann
Deible, Betty Kathryn
Deible, Herman
Deitrich, Elese
Deitrick, Amelia "Emily"
Delozier, ?
Denning, Robert
Depp, Flossie Alice
Depp, Philip B.
Depp, William Aaron
Dinger, Archie
Dinger, Elsie Elizabeth
Dinger, Linda Diane
DiPaolo, Darren Anthony
DiPaolo, Kirk Anthony
Divelbliss, Carrie
Divinny, ?
Dixon, Carol
Dixon, Eugene L.
Dixon, Richard C.
Dixon, Sandra
Dixon, William Clifford
Dixon, William D.
Dobbins, Scott Raymond
Dobbins, Stephen K.
Dobbins, Trevor
Dobson, Barbara
Dobson, Bessie M.
Domino, Terry Lynn
Domino, Walter Edwin
Dougher, Eugene C.
Dougherty, Evelyn Dolores
Douthit, Erma
Douthit, Jason Michael
Douthit, Jon Christopher
Douthit, Lawrence Walter
Downey, Anna
Downey, Ellen
Drabik, Frances Suzanne
Drake, Florence Ruth
Drancker, W.
Drexler, Arthur
Drexler, Mary Claire Elizabeth
Drum, John
Drummond, Dorothy Gardiner
Drummond, Jean Holmes
Drummond, Wilbur Don
Duff, Edna
Dullen, Jacob Robert
Dullen, Joshua Thomas
Dullen, Rodney James
Dullen, Rodney James, II
Dullen, Thomas A.
Duminske, Adam Michael
Duminske, Danielle
Duminske, Timothy
Duminske, William
Dunlap, Nancy Lee
Dunlop, Martha
Dunmire, ?
Dunmire, ?
Dunmire, Alvin Bernard
Dunmire, Alvin Levi
Dunmire, Barbara Ann
Dunmire, Benjamin Franklin "Frank"
Dunmire, Betty
Dunmire, Betty Jane
Dunmire, Beulah Mae
Dunmire, Blair
Dunmire, Brenda
Dunmire, Byron Floyd
Dunmire, Carl
Dunmire, Charles H.
Dunmire, Charles Monroe
Dunmire, Charlotte Beulah
Dunmire, Clarence Harry
Dunmire, Clayton
Dunmire, Daniel
Dunmire, David
Dunmire, Debbie
Dunmire, Dorothy
Dunmire, Ellen
Dunmire, Erma Irene
Dunmire, Evelyn Ruth
Dunmire, Florence
Dunmire, Frank
Dunmire, George
Dunmire, Harry Milton
Dunmire, Helen Viola
Dunmire, Henry A.
Dunmire, Homer Glenn
Dunmire, Jacob
Dunmire, Jacob
Dunmire, Jessie Rebecca
Dunmire, John
Dunmire, Joseph
Dunmire, Joseph Irvin
Dunmire, Larry Joseph
Dunmire, Laurette Mae
Dunmire, Lillian Jane
Dunmire, Lloyd
Dunmire, Louis M.
Dunmire, Margaret
Dunmire, Margaret
Dunmire, Margarethe "Margaret" Theresia
Dunmire, Martha
Dunmire, Mary Elizabeth
Dunmire, Mary Elizabeth
Dunmire, Mary Jane
Dunmire, Mary Rebecca
Dunmire, Mary Susanna
Dunmire, Maud
Dunmire, Miles Preston
Dunmire, Minnie Florence
Dunmire, Nancy
Dunmire, Norman Clair
Dunmire, Olen Robert
Dunmire, Olive Grace
Dunmire, Onzlow
Dunmire, Philip Monroe
Dunmire, Rhoda
Dunmire, Roger Clarence
Dunmire, Ronald
Dunmire, Ruth Caroline
Dunmire, Samuel Clark
Dunmire, Samuel Monroe
Dunmire, Shirley
Dunmire, Thomas
Dunmire, Thomas Edward
Dunmire, William
Dunmire, William
Dunmire, William Elias
DuPont, Leo
Duttry, Rodney
Duttry, Tracy Lynn
Dwyer, Catherine


Easton, Elaine Marie
Ecegaray, Bailey Grace
Ecelbarger, Cathy Marie
Ecelbarger, John R.
Echegaray, Apryl Marie
Echegaray, Federico Alcides
Echegaray, Fredrick Alcides
Echegaray, George Edward
Echegaray, Jeannette Louise
Echegaray, Ronald Fredy
Echegaray, Ronald Rudy
Ecklund, ?
Ecklund, Lawrence J.
Eicks, Andrea Noel
Eicks, Ashley Lynne
Eicks, Frederick Andrew
Eicks, Frederick Scott
Eicks, John
Elwood, Elizabeth
Elwood, Esther
Elwood, Hannah
Elwood, James
Elwood, Jane
Elwood, Thomas
Elwood, William
Elwood, William
Emarick, Eva Grace
Emerick, Cecil Belle
Emmans, Frank
Emmans, Madalene
Eropic, Christine
Evans, ?
Evans, Hillary Ann
Evans, Randy Lee
Evans, Ronald Lee
Evans, Ryan Scott


Fajardo, Flora
Farbarik, Nancy Jean
Farley, Diana Rose (Ferguson) Steel
Farr, Brett
Farrell, Ashton Margaret
Farrell, Autumn Ann
Farrell, Herbert
Farrell, Herbert Russell, Jr.
Farrell, Patsy
Farrell, Todd
Feasher, Louisa
Fedder, Karlie Nicole
Fedder, Walter Richard
Fedder, Walter Richard
Fenton, Elizabeth
Ferino, Mary Ellen
Ferringer, Elzie Clair
Ferringer, Tammy Christine
Fetterman, David
Fetterman, Laura Belle
Fetterman, Lillian May
Fetterman, Minnie
Fetterman, Verona
Fetterman, W. H.
Finch, Mary Belle
Firment, Andrew
Firment, Michele
Flake, Virginia
Fleming, Madge
Flick, James Edward
Flowers, ?
Foltz, Barbara
Fonner, Carolyn
Fornicoia, Patricia Mary
Forsyth, H. Raymond
Forsyth, Harold
Forsyth, Joann
Forsyth, Wayne
Fox, Gladys
Fox, Jerry
Franci, ?
Franklin, Albert Edward
Franklin, Janet Lee
Frantz, Bradley Eugene
Frantz, Edwin Milton
Frantz, Ginger Ann
Frantz, Norma Lee
Frederick, Susanna
Fryer, Thomas
Fryer, William
Fulton, James Clair
Fulton, Willard Lee
Fulton, Willard Lee


Gaffney, ?
Gagliardi, Loretta A.
Gains, Joeann
Galentine, Arthur
Galentine, Charles Boyd
Galentine, Charles J.
Galentine, David Max
Galentine, David Max
Galentine, David Shermin
Galentine, Kathryn Joyce
Galentine, Louise
Galentine, Mary Evelyn
Galentine, Mearle Miller
Galentine, Mildred Viola
Galentine, Ronald Keith
Galentine, Sylvia Jean
Gallo, Charles R.
Gallo, Mary Elizabeth
Garzana, Mary
Gaston, Allen
Gaston, B. Ray
Gaston, Barbara Ilene
Gaston, Bessie Gertrude
Gaston, Budd Iddo
Gaston, Charles
Gaston, Daisy Ethel
Gaston, Daniel
Gaston, Daniel
Gaston, Edward
Gaston, George
Gaston, Harry Milton
Gaston, Hazel Ida
Gaston, Horace Greely
Gaston, Hugh
Gaston, Infant Daughter
Gaston, James Thompson
Gaston, James Thompson
Gaston, Jean
Gaston, Jeanne
Gaston, John
Gaston, John
Gaston, John Charles
Gaston, Keziah Effie
Gaston, Laura Jane
Gaston, Layard Wayne
Gaston, Layard, Jr.
Gaston, Lewis Decker
Gaston, Lillie Olive
Gaston, Minnie Estella
Gaston, Nicholas
Gaston, Perry
Gaston, Stephen
Gaston, Villa
Gaston, Vincent
Gaul, Clarence
Gaul, Cyrus
Gaul, Helen
Gaul, Ralph
Gaul, Ralph W.
Gaul, Roy
Gaul, William
Gearhart, Abraham
Gearhart, Cornelius
Gearhart, David Eugene
Gearhart, Gary Eugene
Gearhart, Martha J.
Gearhart, Sonya Lynn
Gearhart, Susanna
Geer, Anna Maude
Gehlen, LuVerne Frederick, Sr.
Gehlen, Verne Frederick, Jr.
George, Jesse
Gertsch, Diane Lynn
Gertsch, Robert
Getty, Benjamin Craig
Getty, Benjamin Harold
Getty, Emily Christine
Gilbert, James Arthur
Gilbert, Sherry Lynn
Gilman, David Thomas
Gilman, Kathleen Joy
Gilman, Raymond
Gilman, Raymond Bruce
Gilman, Raymond P.
Giminiani, Theresa
Glass, Harry
Glass, Charles
Glaxner, Joseph G.
Glowacki, Stella
Gomersal, Dorothy
Gondo, Edward W.
Gondo, Edward W. II
Goodheart, Jane
Gorman, Jeanne Marie
Gorman, Norman Leroy
Gorman, Patricia Delores
Goss, James Leroy
Goss, Leroy
Gotwald, James Howard
Gotwald, James Howard
Graffius, Mary Annie
Gray, Anna
Gray, Brinkley Lynn
Gray, Christopher
Gray, Corey James
Gray, Daniel
Gray, Debbie
Gray, Frank A.
Gray, Kenneth Huey
Gray, Margaret
Greeland, Mildred Grace
Green, Alice E.
Greene, Earle Carl
Greene, Shannon Lynn
Greene, Steven Andrew
Greene, Steven Andrew, II
Greenland, Dewey
Gregor, Helen Irene
Gresock, Alex
Gresock, Mary Louise
Gressley, Clayton A.
Griffin, Marion Louise
Gross, Edgar
Gross, Edgar
Gross, Marian
Gustafson, Alfred
Gustafson, Kenneth Lee
Gustafson, Kraig Lindsay
Gustafson, Kristian Lee
Guthrie, Dolly Gloria
Guthrie, John Clarence
Guthrie, Nora
Gwenner, ?


Haag, Anna Elizabeth
Haag, Cammie
Haag, Clyde
Haag, Cody T.
Haag, Jacob B.
Haag, Joe
Haag, John Nicholas
Haag, Terry
Hadden, Archibald
Hadden, Elizabeth
Hadden, Ida Josephine
Hadden, Jeremiah Monroe
Hale, Gregory Thomas
Hale, Rodney
Hale, Virginia Myrtle
Hallie, Anne Marie
Hamburg, ?
Hames, Harry
Hanka, Silvia Helen
Hankinson, Katherine Irene
Hankison, Delores Marle
Hankison, Walter
Hann, Orin L.
Hanna, Anna
Hanna, Harry
Hanna, Patricia
Hanson, Heather Noelle
Hanson, Michael Edwin
Hanson, Norman
Harding, Charles
Hargreaves, Phyllis Sarah
Harl, Frank, II
Harl, Kathy Jane
Harmon, Clark Meggs
Harmon, Jeremy Daniel
Harmon, Luther
Harmon, Tony James
Harriger, Donna H.
Harris, Albert Lewis
Harris, Ann Lewis
Harris, David
Harris, Dorothy Elizabeth
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, Isaac
Harris, Job
Harris, Mary " Molly" Kreider
Harris, Robert Clifford
Harris, William Henry
Harrison, Helen
Harrold, ?
Harrold, Harry Leroy
Harrold, Ida
Harrold, John
Harrold, Margaret
Harrold, Mary J.
Harrold, Rubin Remaley
Harrold, Washington
Hartman, Brooke Danielle
Hartman, Charles
Hartman, Scott
Hastings, ?
Hastings, Carl M.
Hastings, Meredith A.
Hawk, Aaron
Hawk, Aaron
Hawk, Bert
Hawk, Bertha
Hawk, Edward
Hawk, Ellsworth
Hawk, Elmer Leo
Hawk, Floyd
Hawk, James
Hawk, Laura
Hawk, Lee
Hawk, Lee
Hawk, Mable
Hawk, Mary
Hawk, Mary Elizabeth
Hawk, Mary Jane
Hawk, Mary Mildred
Hawk, Naomi
Hawk, Twila
Hawk, Twila Marietta
Hawk, Viola H.
Hawk, William
Hawk, Zoe
Hayes, Stella Marie
Heath, Amy Beth
Heath, Carrie Lynn
Heath, Lincoln
Heath, Melissa Joy
Heath, Michael Allen
Heath, Robin Michelle
Heberling, Harrison
Heberling, Jackson
Heberling, Lillian
Heberling, Mary Hope
Heffner, Carl Edward
Heffner, Gary Allen
Heffner, Jason ALlen
Heitzenriter, Margaret
Hellberg, ?
Hellberg, Adrian Fleming
Helm, Margaret
Helsel, Greg Aven
Helsel, Janet Lee
Helsel, Kenneth Eugene
Helsel, Lester
Helsel, Mark Allen
Hemphill, Mary Catherine
Henderson, George
Henry, Adam
Henry, Charles W.
Henry, Charlotte
Henry, Edna
Henry, Emmogene
Henry, George Morrow
Henry, Ginger
Henry, Hilda
Henry, James G. "Red"
Henry, Jimmy E.
Henry, Joanne
Henry, Martha
Henry, Sandra
Henry, Shelly
Henry, Tracey
Henry, Vernon
Henry, Violet Mae
Henry, Wilson
Henshaw, ?
Henshaw, Dorothy Jean
Hess, Harry
Hetrick, Arnold Rudolph
Hetrick, Rosalyn Hermaine
Heverly, Ella
Hewitt, Jennifer Ann
Hewitt, Kenneth Robert
Hewitt, Kenneth Robert
Hewitt, William
Hice, ?
Higby, Bernard
Higby, Bernard Ira
Hill, Evelyn Ann
Hill, Geraldine Ann
Hind, James
Hind, Martha Dunlop
Hinderliter, Amos
Hinderliter, Marie Etta
Hite, ?
Hite, ?
Hite, Alice J.
Hite, Andrew Pius
Hite, Benjamin F.
Hite, Bernard
Hite, Bernard
Hite, Catherine
Hite, Catherine
Hite, Charles
Hite, Christianna
Hite, Christopher
Hite, Conrad
Hite, Daniel
Hite, Daniel
Hite, Daniel "Danny" Charles
Hite, David
Hite, Donald Raymond
Hite, Donna Sue
Hite, Dora Mae
Hite, Eleanor Dorothy
Hite, Elizabeth
Hite, Ellen
Hite, Elnora "Honey"
Hite, Esther Pearl
Hite, Floyd
Hite, Genevieve "Teaney or Tina" Ruth
Hite, George
Hite, George B.
Hite, George Earl
Hite, Hannah
Hite, Harriet
Hite, Harry E.
Hite, Harry Edward
Hite, Harry Francis
Hite, Ivan "Ive" N.?
Hite, Jack
Hite, Jacob
Hite, Jason Charles
Hite, Jenny Michelle
Hite, John , Jr.
Hite, John ?
Hite, John B.
Hite, John Carl
Hite, John Flemmon
Hite, John L.
Hite, Joseph
Hite, Leo
Hite, Lewis F.
Hite, Lillian "Sis"
Hite, Lillie May
Hite, Lois Irene
Hite, Lucy Ann
Hite, Lula Mae
Hite, Margaret
Hite, Martha Nane
Hite, Mary
Hite, Melissa Carol
Hite, Minnie
Hite, Minnie
Hite, Myron
Hite, Oral
Hite, Phyllis
Hite, Richard
Hite, Robert Louis
Hite, Rosalie
Hite, Rosella
Hite, Roy
Hite, Ruth
Hite, Samuel
Hite, Savannah Louise
Hite, Sean David
Hite, Terrance Ross
Hite, Thomas James
Hite, Walter
Hite, William "Bill"
Hite, William H.
Hite, William Henry
Hite, William Lewis
Hobba, Florence
Hockenberry, Elizabeth
Hoeh, Anna L.
Hoeh, Catherine
Hoeh, Christiana
Hoeh, David B.
Hoeh, Jacob B.
Hoeh, John Jacob
Hoeh, Valentine
Hoey, Theadore Lee
Hoey, Tracy Lynn
Hoffman, Charles Franklin
Hoffman, Clara
Hoffman, David ?
Hoffman, Donna ?
Hoffman, Jack ?
Hoffman, Jim ?
Hoffman, Linda
Hoffman, Lois ?
Hoffman, Sara
Hoffman, Walter
Holben, Harry
Holden, Ernest
Holden, James George
Holden, Vanessa Renee
Holmes, Alice JaBella
Holmes, Andrew
Holmes, Andrew H.
Holmes, Anna May
Holmes, Cathy
Holmes, Charles "Charlie"
Holmes, Clarence E.
Holmes, David
Holmes, Dawn
Holmes, Donald Ross
Holmes, Edward
Holmes, Elizabeth
Holmes, Esther Emily
Holmes, George E.
Holmes, Harold
Holmes, Isabella Virginia
Holmes, James Trematic
Holmes, James Vincent
Holmes, Jimmy
Holmes, John "Jack"
Holmes, Margaret "Elise"
Holmes, Marlene
Holmes, Mildred Helen
Holmes, Nancy
Holmes, Norma
Holmes, Oliver Ross
Holmes, Pearl
Holmes, Richard
Holmes, Robert "Bobby" M.
Holmes, Ruth Elizabeth
Holmes, Vincent Albert
Holt, ?
Hopkins, Marilyn Joan
Horn, ?
Horst, ?
Horst, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bucher
Horton, Emily
Hottell, ?
Hottell, Brenden James
Hottell, Deven Lee
Houck, James N.
Houck, Linda Kay
Hoyt, Mary Sophronia
Hrtrick, Minnie
Huey, Alda
Huey, Brenda
Huey, Darlene
Huey, Darrel Lee
Huey, Dora
Huey, Karen Louise
Huey, Paul
Huey, Peggy
Huey, Terri
Hughes, Allie
Hughes, Annie
Hughes, Jennie
Hughes, Morgan
Hughes, Morgan J.
Hull, Melinda
Humble, Allene
Hutchison, Frances


Ickes, Catherine
Ingros, John
Intine, Hillary
Irwin, Eleanor M.
Irwin, Joseph W.
Ishman, Helen C.
Ivason, Dorothy
Ivason, Walter John


Jacobs, ?
James, ?
James, Alma Heneretta
James, Amos Joseph
James, Bessie Ann
James, Clara
James, Daniel
James, Dennis
James, Dorothy Louise
James, Edna Nane
James, Elizabeth
James, Elmer
James, Izora
James, John Walter
James, Joseph Walter
James, Lyndsy Nicole
James, Martha Grace
James, May
James, Myrtle
James, Rachael
James, Robert
James, Ruth
James, Ryan Michael
James, Thomas Joseph
Jane, Martha
Jarbeck, Janice Mae
Jarbeck, Lawrence L.
Jeffries, Florence
Jeffries, Kathryn Naomi
Jenkins, Afton ?
Jenkins, Amon ?
Jenkins, Carla Ann
Jenkins, Levi ?
Jenkins, Michael ?
Jenkins, Michael ?
Jenkins, Michaela ?
Jenkins, Terri Lynn
Jewell, Alfred
Jewell, Amy Susan
Jewell, Beth
Jewell, Betty Jean
Jewell, Burlin
Jewell, Charles B., Jr.
Jewell, Charles Barcley
Jewell, Cindy Jolene
Jewell, Clarence
Jewell, Donald M.
Jewell, Earl Sayers
Jewell, Edna
Jewell, Gail L.
Jewell, Genevieve
Jewell, Geraldine
Jewell, Gloria Jean
Jewell, Gretchen O'Harah
Jewell, Jacob
Jewell, Jennifer Anne
Jewell, Joseph J.
Jewell, Joyce Darlene
Jewell, Kenneth
Jewell, Leland Dean
Jewell, Leland Sayers
Jewell, Lenore
Jewell, Lesley Elaine
Jewell, Madalean
Jewell, Maxine Mavis
Jewell, Michael Paul
Jewell, Patrick Burlin
Jewell, Penny Lynn
Jewell, Richard
Jewell, Shawn Christopher
Jewell, Wayne
Johnson, Debra
Johnson, Larry
Johnson, Mary M.
Johnson, Ruth
Johnson, Viola Hermaine
Jones, ?
Jones, ?
Jones, Hanna Lynn
Jones, John
Jones, Michael John
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Phyllis
Junker, ?
Junker, Peg


Kachenmeister, Collen
Kachenmeister, Dr. Robert
Kachenmeister, Morgan
Kahle, Ken
Kanouff, Robin
Kanouff, Ronald
Katis, Lawrence Michael
Katis, Lawrence Walter
Kaufman, Darlene Joy
Kaufman, Rev. Arthur R.
Kaylor, Carey Ann
Kaylor, Walter William
Kaylor, William T.
Keck, Lynn
Keenan, John
Keim, George
Keim, Sara
Keith, Clarence
Keith, Gerald
Kelley, Larry
Kenley, Anna
Kenley, Willis
Kensinger, Carol Ann
Kensinger, Herbert
Kenyon, Carol Jean
Kerns, ?
Kessler, Mary Ann
Keyon, Eugene Joseph
Kiebler, ?
Kilkenny, Siobhan
Kincannon, Doris
King, Dorothy
King, Eleanor Mae
Kingsley, Thomas E., Jr.
Kingsley, Thomas E., Sr.
Kinter, Mary
Klein, Anna Marie
Klein, Jacob
Kline, Gary
Kline, Geneive
Klingner, William
Klotz, Jacob
Knapik, Ronald Alfred
Knapik, Tina Marie
Koellner, Mary Ann
Kohler, Daniel Lee
Kohler, Harry Beers
Kohler, Russell Lee
Kohlhepp, Emma
Koss, LaBeryl
Kovelski, Doreene
Kovelski, Harry
Kozai, Kenneth Bruce
Kozai, Random Miller
Kozai, Thomas Heard
Kraft, John H.
Kramer, Linda Lee
Kratka, James Kenneth
Kratka, Jeffrey Keith
Kratka, Kenneth Keith
Kratka, Laural Ann
Kreider, Aaron Shenk
Kreider, David
Kreider, Mary Magdelena
Kriser, Deanna Rene
Kriser, Denise Lynn
Kriser, Donna Jean
Kriser, Henrietta
Kriser, Julius
Kriser, Julius Carl Arnold
Kriser, Linda Geraldine
Kriser, Richard Carl
Kriser, Robin
Kriser, Ronald Paul
Kriser, Shawnna
Kromer, ?
Kromer, Alice
Kromer, Alvin
Kromer, Harry
Kromer, Harry
Kromer, Helene
Kromer, Norman
Kromer, Patricia
Krupinski, Christopher David
Krupinski, Travis Richards
Kuebeldis, Yvonne
Kuhn, Margaret
Kuhns, Mary Lynne
Kuntz, Audrey Jean


Lamoreaux, Emma
Lamoreaux, Harriet
Lamoreaux, John
Lamoreaux, John C.
Lamoreaux, Mary E.
Lamoreaux, Nelson?
Lamoreaux, Samantha E.
Landis, ?
Lantz, Cora Bertha
Lantz, Edward
Lantz, Henry Maurice
Lantz, Ida Ann
Lantz, James Mcelvie
Lantz, May
Lantz, Minerva K.
Lasher, Shirley
Lawson, Erma
Leasure, Anna Lydia
Leasure, Brenda Jean
Leasure, Daniel Paul
Leasure, John
LeGross, Jane
Lehmier, ?
Lentz, Dawn Marie
Lentz, Philip Eugene
Lewis, "Daughter"
Lewis, Arnold
Lewis, Arnold L.
Lewis, Arthur Blair
Lewis, Betty Jean
Lewis, Bill
Lewis, Blair
Lewis, Brenda
Lewis, Bryan Scott
Lewis, Carla
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Cheryl Jean
Lewis, Clifford
Lewis, Cynthia Louise
Lewis, Ellen
Lewis, Elmer
Lewis, Elmer
Lewis, Erma Louise
Lewis, Ernest
Lewis, Joyce
Lewis, Linda
Lewis, Lloyd L.
Lewis, Mark Allen
Lewis, Olen
Lewis, Philip Lloyd
Lewis, Preston Charles
Lewis, Preston Charles, Jr.
Lewis, Robert H.
Lewis, Ronald
Lewis, Sara
Lewis, Shirley
Lewis, Terry Ray
Liddell, David
Liddell, Janet "Nettie" Park
Liddell, Peter
Lieberman, Frances
Limrick, Blanche Virginia
Limrick, Janet Irene
Limrick, Jeffrey Kenneth
Limrick, Joseph J.
Limrick, June
Limrick, Kenneth Jeffrey
Limrick, Kenneth Lott
Limrick, Susan Rachell
Ling, Twila Lucille
Lipscomb, Joyce Marie
Littlefield, Paul "Tony" A.
Lloyd, Elmer D.
Lloyd, Elmer M.
Lockard, Janice Irene
London, Floyd
London, Heather
London, James P.
London, Jean D.
London, Joe
London, M. Roy, Jr.
London, M. Roy, Sr.
London, Michael
London, Nichole "Nikki" Lou
Long, Alice F.
Long, Arnold LaVerne
Long, Austin Edward
Long, Benjamin Franklin
Long, Bennie Lee
Long, Bennie Logan
Long, Beula
Long, Beulah Belle
Long, Bonnie
Long, Brooke Reene
Long, Carrie Sue
Long, Charlene
Long, Charles Edward
Long, Charles Edward Jr.
Long, Charles William
Long, Chris Albert
Long, Christian(a)
Long, David
Long, Don Nathaniel
Long, Donald
Long, Donna
Long, Dorothy Mable
Long, Elizabeth Ann
Long, Emma
Long, Emma E.
Long, Emma Katherine
Long, Emma?
Long, Ernest Richard
Long, Ernie
Long, Ethel Josephine
Long, George
Long, George Ben
Long, George Patrick
Long, Grace
Long, Harold Glen
Long, Harry Merle
Long, Harvey
Long, Heather Kay
Long, Henry
Long, Jacob Kenneth
Long, James
Long, James?
Long, Jane Ann
Long, Jared Kristopher
Long, Joesph E.
Long, John
Long, John Henry
Long, Joseph
Long, Joseph Alva
Long, Joseph Long
Long, Katie Marie
Long, Kenneth B.
Long, Kerie Marie
Long, Lavina
Long, Lottie
Long, Lucien Dale
Long, Lydia B.
Long, Margaret Jane
Long, Mary
Long, Mary Catherine
Long, Mary E.
Long, Mary Lucy
Long, Mary Nannie
Long, Minnie Bell
Long, Muriel Hope
Long, Nancy
Long, Nona Gay
Long, Ray Richard
Long, Robert Arnold
Long, Robert Ray
Long, Ronald
Long, Sarah Jane
Long, Shanon
Long, Stephanie Ann
Long, Steven Ray .
Long, Tiffany Dawn
Long, William D.
Lowery, ?
Lowery, Kim
Lowery, Terry
Lowman, Clair T.
Lowman, Clair T.
Lowman, Harriet J.
Lowman, Martha Evangeline
Lowman, Virginia C.
Lowmaster, Albert Paul
Lowmaster, Alfred Carl
Lowmaster, Alta Florence
Lowmaster, Benjamin Franklin
Lowmaster, Betty
Lowmaster, Blair
Lowmaster, Cecelia Larue
Lowmaster, Charles
Lowmaster, Clark
Lowmaster, Ernest
Lowmaster, Forrest Raymond
Lowmaster, Gale C.
Lowmaster, George
Lowmaster, Georgia Ann
Lowmaster, InfantSon
Lowmaster, Jack Lee
Lowmaster, James
Lowmaster, John
Lowmaster, John
Lowmaster, Lester A.
Lowmaster, Lorna H.
Lowmaster, Valjean
Lowmaster, Velma
Lowmaster, William Lee
Lowmaster, William Leonard
Lowmaster, Zelda
Lowry, Douglas Mack
Lowry, William Mack
Lukehart, John Harrold, Sr.
Lukeheart, Bethany Ann
Lukeheart, John Harrold, Jr.
Lukeheart, Melissa Lynn
Lunblad, Vivian Louise
Lunger, Alta Margie
Lunger, Baby
Lunger, Bonnie
Lunger, Brycen Scott
Lunger, Cathy Marlene
Lunger, Charles
Lunger, Charles Ray
Lunger, Clair
Lunger, Dana Raye
Lunger, Dean Edward
Lunger, Donald
Lunger, Donald Theodore
Lunger, Gladys
Lunger, James
Lunger, Jeanie
Lunger, Judy Ann
Lunger, Julie Christine
Lunger, Kristina
Lunger, Larry Roy
Lunger, LeRoy "Rice"
Lunger, Mary Alice
Lunger, Normont
Lunger, Pamela Lynn
Lunger, Paul C.
Lunger, Peggy Doreen
Lunger, Penny Irene
Lunger, Ralph
Lunger, Randy Lynn
Lunger, Ruby Dawn
Lunger, Rudy Clair
Lunger, Shirley Darlene
Lunger, Stacy Ray
Lunger, Terry Christine
Lunger, Thomas
Lunger, William B.
Lunger, William Scott
Lutz, J. R.
Lydic, Barbara Larue
Lydic, Zena Jane
Lymburner, Alesha Joyce
Lymburner, Candice Lea
Lymburner, Craig Gerard
Lymburner, Jeramy William
Lymburner, John
Lyons, David Lauren
Lyons, Edith Hope
Lyons, Edward
Lyons, Esther Anne
Lyons, Herbert Edward
Lyons, Jason Lee
Lyons, Jeffrey David
Lyons, Rachel Leah
Lyons, Ruth Francis


Macky, Helen
Madey, Amanda Rae
Madey, Carolyn Joyce
Madey, Edward
Madey, Edward
Madey, Edward, II
Madey, Jason Edward
Manners, Charles
Manners, Randy
Manning, Earl Lantz
Manning, Lenore Lorraine
Marcel, Muriel
Marchal, Francois, Sr.
Marsh, Tammy Sue
Marshall, ?
Martin, Ann Marie
Martin, Iva I.
Martin, Loretta
Martin, Mary
Martin, Norman Ward
Martin, Pauline
Martin, Shirley Lou
Martin, Terry W.
Martzloff, Matilda
Maruca, Anthony
Maruca, William Thomas
Massey, Roy
Massey, Roy Allen
Mathers, ?
Matheson, Harold Warren
Matheson, Michelle Marie
Mathews, Alma Louise
Mauk, Dora
Maurer, ?
Mayer, Aricha Rae
Mayer, Joseph Clay
Mayer, Robert Harold, Sr.
Mayer, Walter C,
McAdams, ?
McArdle, John E.
McCaffrey, Susan
McCarthy, Lea Marie
McCarthy, Patt
McCartney, Mary Belle
McClinsey, Anna
McClinsey, Samuel
McCombs, John
McConnaughey, ?
McConnaughey, Dennis
McConnaughey, Ethel
McConnell, James
McCormick, Billie Jo
McCormick, William Lester
McCoy, Howard Smith
McCoy, Jeremiah Howard
McCoy, Robert Daniel
McCoy, Robert Merle
McCracken, Veda
McCullough, Clint
McFarland, John Emery Osmer
McFarland, Mary
McFarland, Myrna
McGranahan, Jane
McGurty, ?
McHolland, Alvin
McHolland, Blair Vernon
McHolland, Catherine Ann
McHolland, Clair David
McHolland, Clair Leroy
McHolland, Deborah Ann
McHolland, Donald Everett
McHolland, Hazel Martha
McHolland, Judy Lynn
McHolland, Lynn Marie
McHolland, Marie Viola
McHolland, Pamela Susan
McHolland, Paul
McKee, John
McKee, Nancy
McKinney, Manson Lee
McKinney, Marsha Lynne
McMillen, ?
McNary, Aaron Thomas
McNary, Mark Richard
McNary, Thomas
McPherson, ?
McQuown, Archibald
McQuown, Col. Leonard
McQuown, Deanne
Means, Norma J.
Mears, Alvin Neal
Mears, Mary Anne
Meckley, Alexander
Meckley, Harrison
Meckley, Virginia Lillie "Ginger"
Melanson, Lena M.
Melton, David Edward
Melton, Samuel Edward
Mendrella, Algie Walter
Mendrella, Amanda Rose
Mendrella, Jessica Marie
Mendrella, Michael Andrew
Mendrella, Scott William
Mendrella, Scott William
Mennitti, Virginia
Meredith, Gabrielle Rayne
Meredith, Paul Dean
Meredith, Paul Weston
Merry, LaRue
Mesler, Bert
Metz, Dennis
Metz, Troy Allen
Michael, Edward G.
Michael, Jean Marie
Micheals, Jack
Micheals, Richard
Micheals, Robert
Mikesell, ?
Mikesell, Dorothy
Miller, Alan James
Miller, Alice Maye
Miller, Amos Bland
Miller, Amos S.
Miller, Anna Mae
Miller, Annie Louesta
Miller, Budd Glenn
Miller, Carol
Miller, Culver
Miller, Dale Lewis
Miller, David Cree
Miller, David D.
Miller, David Lawrence
Miller, David Paul
Miller, David Silas
Miller, Don Day
Miller, Donald Glenn
Miller, Donald Glenn, Jr.
Miller, Dwayne Gregor
Miller, Effie Maude
Miller, Ella Virginia
Miller, Eugene
Miller, Florence Elizabeth
Miller, Forrest Monroe
Miller, Gerald H.
Miller, Gerald Lee
Miller, Harry G.
Miller, Harry Glenn
Miller, Howard V.
Miller, Jackie Leonard
Miller, Kathleen Marie
Miller, Kathryn
Miller, Kenneth
Miller, Larry Ashley
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Marie Elizabeth
Miller, Marion Ruth
Miller, Mary Martha
Miller, Max Milton
Miller, Maynard Lorris
Miller, Maynard Paul
Miller, Michelle Renay
Miller, Robert Glenn
Miller, Samuel Milton
Miller, Sandra Darlene
Miller, Sara J.
Miller, Thomas D.
Miller, William
Miller, William Max
Mills, Anna Maria
Mindte, Marcus
Minicucci, Nick
Mink, ?
Mitchell, Anna Mae
Mitchell, Clarence
Mitchell, Daniel Lee
Mitchell, Erin Marie
Mitchell, Lee Anthony
Mitchell, Mark Scott
Mitchell, Mary Ellen
Mitchell, Paula Beth
Mitchell, Robert Scott
Mitchell, Stacy Renee
Mock, Susannah
Mocney, Marion A.
Moen, Laurie
Mohney, John C.
Montenegro, Lauren ?
Montenegro, Robert A.
Montenegro, Robert Joseph
Montgomery, Troy
Moore, Charles
Moore, Donald
Moore, Edward L.
Moore, Everett J.
Moore, Harry
Moore, Harry M.
Moore, Hilda M.
Moore, Irene
Moore, James Leonard
Moore, Janet
Moore, Jay
Moore, Lester L.
Moore, Mildred
Moore, Richard I.
Moore, Robert
Moore, William
Mottern, Chesta
Mottern, Cloy
Mottern, Kathleen Ann
Mumau, Mrs. Gary
Murray, Edwin Thomas
Myers, Carole
Myers, Charles "Chuck" E.
Myers, Edward
Myers, Rodney


Narushoff, Christa Lynn
Narushoff, Richard George
Nastase, Angeline
Nasuti, Phyllis Byerl
Naujoks, ?
Naujoks, Jeremy Walter
Naujoks, Ryan Neal
Neal, Amber
Neal, Betty
Neal, Heather
Neal, Max
Neal, Nellie Grace
Neal, Rebecca Jane
Neff, Susan
Nichol, Nellie Gertrude
Noble, Arthur
Noble, Martha Jane
Noerr, Clair Brown
Noerr, Frank "Pete"
Nordmark, Hulda Augusta
North, Carl
North, Dorothy Virginia
North, Minnie V.
Notareschi, Natalie
Nyilyk, Edward
Nyilyk, Edward R.
Nyilyk, Kelly Jo


O'Dell, Maude B.
O'Dell, William B.
O'Harah, Esther
O'Harah, Frank J.
O'Harrah, Harvey
O'Harrah, Zedd
O'Hart, Brian Alexander
O'Hart, Caitlyn Marie
O'Hart, Ellen
O'Leary, Eleanor Rae
Oaks, ?
Owens, Phoebe


Pace, Donna Jean
Painter, Anna Marie
Painter, George
Palermo, Joseph Anthony
Palermo, Michael Scott
Palmer, Anna Mae
Palmer, James H.
Pany, Angela Nicole
Pany, Christopher Allen
Pany, Jeffrey Lee
Pany, Justin Lee
Pany, Kristy Lynn
Pany, Larry Guy
Pany, Oscar Lawrence
Pany, Robert Allen
Pany, Sabrina Marie
Pany, Thomas Guy
Pany, Thomas Jacob
Pardee, ?
Pardee, Eleanor
Pardee, Randy Clyde
Pardee, Ricky James
Paro, June Catharine
Pascale, Connor Clark
Pascale, Dawson Daniel
Pascale, Ian Lawrence
Pascale, Jordan Ray
Pascale, Lawrence "Larry"
Pascale, Tanner Louis
Patterson, Margaret
Peace, Betty
Peace, Daniel
Peace, Della Jane
Peace, Eva Cetta
Pearce, Alberta Fannie
Pearce, Clarence
Peavler, Jeffrey Frank
Peavler, Pat Frank
Peck, Elizabeth
Peck, William
Pennington, Sarah
Perkins, Audrey Lee
Perkins, Emlize
Perkins, Thomas Dunn
Peterson, Gina Raane
Peterson, Michael Robert
Peterson, Robert Glenn
Pezutti, Cheryl Diane
Pezutti, Joseph Anthony
Pezutti, Louis
Pfeffer, Anna Sophia
Phillips, James W.
Phillips, Marjorie
Phillips, Walter Hartman
Pierce, Esther
Pierce, Flora
Pierce, Ida E.
Pierce, William
Pierce, Wilson
Pietsch, Gretchen Eileen
Pifer, Adam Devon
Pifer, Aleene Marie
Pifer, Barbara
Pifer, Carl Dennis
Pifer, Destiny "Dessie" Eve
Pifer, Max Emery, Sr.
Pifer, Mildred
Piscitell, Douglas Anthony
Piscitell, Douglas James
Piscitell, Jennifer Catharine
Piscitell, Stephanie Marie
Piscitell, William Anthony
Pitt, Michael Anthony
Pitt, Morgan Taylor
Pittsley, Anna
Pittsley, Charles
Pittsley, David
Pittsley, Derick M.
Pittsley, Ephraim
Pittsley, Frank
Pittsley, Frank
Pittsley, George
Pittsley, Jennie
Pittsley, Katherine "Kate"
Pittsley, Mabel
Pittsley, Mary C.
Pittsley, Nettie Gertrude
Pittsley, Soloman A.
Pizsker, Ann
Platner, Mary Lou
Plyler, Amanda Hope
Plyler, Connie Lee
Plyler, Glenn Elphie
Plyler, Jill Frances
Plyler, John Martin
Plyler, Leonard
Plyler, Leshia Beth
Plyler, Lorie Martin
Plyler, Machell Charline
Plyler, Ryan William
Plyler, Wendell Scott
Polito, Afton Nichole
Polito, David Eugene
Polito, Joseph, Sr.
Porcaro, Flora
Portz, Philippina
Portz, Valentine
Postlewaite, Roberta R.
Potase, ?
Powell, Dora
Powell, Ida
Powell, Lois Ann
Powers, ?
Pratt, Joanna
Preece, Gerald
Preece, Helena
Price, Albert Ochle
Price, Estelle
Price, Gary Ray
Price, Kenneth Ochle
Price, Theodore
Prother, Romona
Puffinburger, Aven
Puffinburger, Ruth Mae
Pulli, Ann Marie
Pulli, Anthony
Pulli, Larry Peter
Pulli, Linda Bernice
Pulli, Salvatore
Pupo, Teresa
Putt, Essie
Putt, Marie
Putt, Monte
Putt, Veda
Putt, Wilda
Putt, William



Rainey, ?
Ramirez, Tanis
Raper, Carolyn Sue
Ratay, Carole
Ratay, Gary
Ratay, Joseph
Rearick, Dorothy M.
Reba, Rebecca
Reed, Boyd
Reed, Boyed
Reed, Paul Douglas
Reesman, John D.
Reesman, Samuel D.
Reisig, ?
Reiter, Lora
Reitz, Carlton
Reitz, Seiler Lewis
Rendt, Diane Louise
Rendt, Raymond
Restifo, Nancy
Retzlaff, Carl William
Retzlaff, Ruth Elizabeth
Retzlaff, Wayne Winton
Reynolds, Ashley Dawn
Reynolds, Gary Clark
Reynolds, Holly Mae
Reynolds, Rachel Marie
Reynolds, Timothy Brion
Rhodes, Clark
Rhodes, Dean Joseph
Rhodes, Harry
Rhodes, Joseph C.
Rhodes, Lucille J.
Rice, Ann
Rice, Lula Mae
Rice, Sadie Elizabeth
Richards, Carol Lynn
Richards, James
Richards, Jesse Collins
Richards, Jesse Franklin
Richards, Kathy Colleen
Richards, Patriecia Louise
Richards, Robert
Richards, Susan E.
Richards, Wayne Franklin
Richards, William
Richardson, Joyce
Richmond, Norman
Rishel, Arlene Susan
Rishel, Augustus
Rishel, Carlton E.
Rishel, Carolyn
Rishel, Charles
Rishel, Charles
Rishel, Frances V.
Rishel, Geraldine R.
Rishel, Herman C.
Rishel, Jared Wayne
Rishel, John Wesley
Rishel, Nicole Marie
Rishel, Vickie Lynn
Rishel, Viola "Lovey"
Rishel, Wayne Devon
Rishel, Woodrow W.
Rishell, Alvin
Rishell, Daniel L.
Rishell, Dorothy
Rishell, Elmer
Rishell, Etta
Rishell, Rozella B.
Rishell, Thomas
Rishell, Ward McClain
Rishell, William C.
Ritten, Millie
Roberts, Charles H.
Roberts, Charles LeRoy
Roberts, Charles Mathew
Roberts, Christian Andrew
Roberts, Jonathan Tyler
Roberts, Kevin Douglas
Robins, Lela
Robinson, Ann
Robinson, Helen R.
Roccia, Mary E.
Rodgers, Peggy
Rogers, Sarah Ann
Roles, Ethel Martha
Rolls, Ellen Joan
Rolls, Eugene
Rolls, James A.
Rolls, Janet
Rolls, John
Rolls, Marion
Rolls, Richard
Rolls, Silas Alvin
Romaine, Daniel Eyon
Romaine, Daniel Henry
Rooks, Garrett David
Rooks, Garrett L.
Rooks, John E.
Rooks, Joseph Admiral
Rooks, Marquis L.
Rooks, Martha Cora
Rooks, Orin Homer
Rooks, Russell
Root, Joy Annette
Root, Virgil Adelbert
Rorabaugh, Della
Rorabaugh, Ernest
Roseman, Beverly
Roser, Karen
Ross, Carl Anthony
Ross, Carl Anthony
Ross, Carla Marie
Ross, Elizabeth Catherine
Ross, James
Rotolo, Delores
Roupe, Goldie Mae
Roush, Edith
Rowe, Linda Louise
Rugh, Leroy S.
Rugh, William Henry, Sr.
Rupert, Beulah
Rupert, Blair
Rupert, Charles
Rupert, Clair
Rupert, Goldia
Rupert, Hazel N.
Rupert, Henry
Rupert, James
Rupert, Mable
Rupert, Rhonda Lynn
Rupert, Ward W.
Rusie, Heather
Rusie, Steve
Rutledge, Frances A.
Ryan, Dorothy


Sago, Anthony
Sago, James Martin
Sago, Joseph Michael
Salac, Barbara
Salteguer), Elsie (David or
Sandstrom, Chryl
Sandstrom, Earl G.
Sandstrom, Earl John
Sandstrom, Earletta
Sandstrom, Judith
Santavicca, Philomena
Sarver, Margaret Minerva
Schimonsky, Whitford
Schlegel, Bernhardt
Schlegel, Donald Paul
Schlegel, Elizabeth
Schlemmer, Adam M.
Schlemmer, Beulah M.
Schlemmer, Charles H.
Schlemmer, Dale Barnett
Schlemmer, Evon
Schlemmer, Forrest F.
Schlemmer, Frederick
Schlemmer, Frederick
Schlemmer, Gary
Schlemmer, George M.
Schlemmer, Harvey Silvester
Schlemmer, Helen Virginia
Schlemmer, Henry
Schlemmer, Jacob H.
Schlemmer, John George
Schlemmer, Katie
Schlemmer, Laura Elizabeth
Schlemmer, Leonard Wayne
Schlemmer, Lila Perl
Schlemmer, Lula Maud
Schlemmer, Margaret
Schlemmer, Margaret
Schlemmer, Mary
Schlemmer, Mary
Schlemmer, Mary Jane
Schlemmer, Minerva Jane
Schlemmer, Norman
Schlemmer, Olene
Schlemmer, Philip
Schlemmer, Phillip
Schlemmer, Rachel Ann
Schlemmer, Susanah
Schlemmer, Von Record
Schlemmer, William Dunmire
Schlemmer, William Wayne
Schrecengost, Bradley Ira
Schrecengost, Charles Ira
Schrecengost, Dennis Arron
Schrecengost, Harvey Kenneth
Schrecengost, Helen Jane
Schrecengost, Ira Campbell
Schrecengost, James Clair
Schrecengost, James Philip
Schrecengost, Jo Ann
Schrecengost, John Edwin
Schrecengost, Judith Ann
Schrecengost, Kathryn Sue
Schrecengost, Kenneth Ira
Schrecengost, Martha Kay
Schrecengost, Mary Elizabeth
Schrecengost, Philip Campbell
Schrecengost, Richard Clair
Schrecengost, Robert Lavern Kenneth
Schrecengost, Sharon Kay
Schrecengost, Shirley Lyn
Schrecengost, Sue Ellen
Schriner, David
Schriner, David W., Jr.
Schriner, Donald
Schriner, Mildred
Schrock, Twila Mae
Schrock, Woodrow Williard
Schultz, Tracy Joe
Sciortno, ?
Seeder, John
Seger, Anna Jeanne
Seger, Elmina
Seger, Oran
Sekera, Mary
Sexton, Charles William
Shaffer, ?
Shaffer, ?
Shaffer, Donald Guy
Shaffer, Emma
Shaffer, Gordon
Shaffer, Harry
Shaffer, Neal R.
Shaffer, Pearl
Shaffer, Samuel
Shaffer, Wayne A.
Shahan, Bobbie Gayle
Shank, Emma Stumph
Sharp, Blair Edward
Sharp, Clair Arnold
Sharp, Dora Larue
Sharp, Francis Clyde
Sharp, George W.
Sharp, Hazel Leona
Sharp, Norman Claude
Sharp, Ralph Floyd
Sharp, Ray Allan
Sharp, Ruby Louise
Shaw, Blanche
Sheesley, George W.
Sheesley, Janet Diane
Shellkopf, Keith
Shellkopf, Raymond
Shenk, Magdelena
Sherry, John Reed
Shields, Frances
Shields, Hilda
Shields, Margaret
Shields, Pearl
Shields, Sarah
Shiock, Barbara Frances
Shiock, Francis Elmerus
Shirer, Sarah Jane
Shirey, John Edward
Shirey, Jordan Matthew
Shirey, Justin Paul
Shirey, Paul Robert
Shirey, Robert S.
Shirey, Ronald Paul
Shirey, Susan Ann
Shirley, Francis
Shoemaker, Luetta Priscilla
Shumake, Angel Jean
Shumake, Carlos Eric
Shumake, Robert Bruce
Shumake, Robert Joel
Sieber, Connie
Signor, ?
Signore, Clara Lee Del
Simmons, ?
Simonetti, Debra
Simonetti, John
Simpson, Alan James
Simpson, Heather Michelle
Simpson, Jody Lee
Simsek, ?
Siple, James Thomas
Siple, Thomas L.
Siskos, Dorlea "Dundy"
Siskos, George
Siskos, Georgette
Siverling, ?
Skinner, Audrey Joy
Skukon, George
Skukon, Joseph
Slater, Caroline Gertrude
Slater, Eugene William
Slaughter, Jim
Slavisky, Ethel
Slee, Lanslot
Sliz, John Alexander
Sliz, Stanley
Sloss, Brent Michael
Sloss, Bryan David
Sloss, Jennifer Marie
Sloss, Joel Preston
Sloss, Raymond Wilbur
Sloss, Raymond Wilbur, Jr.
Sloss, Robin Louise
Sloss, Sandra Kaye
Smith, ?
Smith, Anna Dora
Smith, April Elizabeth
Smith, Arthur E.
Smith, Bernard A.
Smith, Bernard Carl
Smith, Blair
Smith, Brian Keith
Smith, Calla JoAnn "Jody"
Smith, Cassius "Cash" Lloyd
Smith, Cynthia
Smith, Daniel Lloyd
Smith, David
Smith, David Douglas
Smith, David Keim
Smith, Dollie Elizabeth
Smith, Eileen
Smith, Elcy Marie
Smith, Elias
Smith, Elizabeth Ann
Smith, Emerson Harry
Smith, Emily "Emma" L.
Smith, Emmabel Marth
Smith, Fannie M.
Smith, Floyd Alton
Smith, Francis "France"
Smith, Francis David
Smith, Fred R.
Smith, Frederick L.
Smith, Gary Lee
Smith, Georgia Caroll
Smith, Glenna Mae
Smith, H. Jess
Smith, Harold Andrew
Smith, Harold Eugene
Smith, Harry
Smith, Hazel Susanna
Smith, Horace A.
Smith, James
Smith, Jeffrey
Smith, John
Smith, John Elmer
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph H.
Smith, Joseph M.
Smith, Judy Jean
Smith, Julie Christine
Smith, Larry Eugene
Smith, Laura M.
Smith, Lorrie
Smith, Lucille Ruth
Smith, Mae M.
Smith, Margaret Elizabeth
Smith, Margaret Louise
Smith, Marilyn Jane
Smith, Marion L.
Smith, Marlin
Smith, Martin
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary Jane
Smith, Mary Lucille
Smith, Melissa
Smith, Melodee Gayle
Smith, Michael C.
Smith, Nancy Kay
Smith, Norman C.
Smith, Otto A.
Smith, Paul
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel Eugene
Smith, Scott
Smith, Sharon
Smith, Sharon Gail
Smith, Thurman E.
Smith, Timothy Alan
Smith, Vickie Lynn
Smith, Virginia "Ginger" Catherine
Smith, Walter Ernie
Smith, Wayne Earl
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William George
Smouse, David
Snedden, ?
Snell, Clair
Snyder, ?
Snyder, Adam
Snyder, Adam
Snyder, Edwin Condron
Snyder, Edwin Goodheart
Snyder, George
Snyder, Margaret
Snyder, Mary Catherine
Soety, Judith Ann
Sonders, Erma Blanche
Southerland, Louetta
Sovich, Nicholas S.
Sovich, Stephen Nicholas
Spare, Anna Ozell
Spare, Minnie Frances
Spare, Thomas Alvin
Specht, John
Specht, Madeline Catherine
Spencer, ?
Spencer, Cheryl
Spencer, Donald
Spencer, Dorothy Maxine
Spencer, Earl G.
Spencer, George
Spencer, Guy Andrew
Spencer, Lee Loman
Spencer, Lloyd
Spencer, Marian Violet
Spencer, Meade
Spencer, Merle
Spencer, Raymond C.
Spencer, Twila
Spencer, Vera H.
Sprague, Roberta R.
Sprankle, ?
Sprankle, Bud
Sprankle, Donald Gregory
Sprankle, Gregory
Sprankle, Jonathan Edward
Sprankle, Leroy
Springer, Neva Gertrude
Sprow, Mary
Spurlock, Dorothy M.
St. Clair, Jane
Stagner, Mary Grace
Stahl, William
Stahlman, Lee C.
Stahlman, Marilyn Marie
Stambaugh, Henry
Stamler, Dennis Samuel
Stamler, Glen A.
Stamler, Jason Anthony
Stamler, John Christian
Stamler, Marcella Amber
Stamler, Nicole Lynn
Stamp, Carol Jean
Stamp, Chester
Stamp, Chester A.
Stamp, Chester Jack
Stamp, Dale Alan
Stamp, Duane
Stamp, Duane Edward
Stamp, Keith Andrew
Stamp, Phyllis D.
Stamp, Ronald David
Stamp, Susan L.
Stamp, Terry L.
Stanford, Barbara Joyce
Stanford, Richard
Stark, Greta
States, Dorothy
States, Gloria Claire
States, Nancy Gail
States, Patricia D.
States, Paul
States, Rheed
States, Rhonda Ann
States, Ronald P.
States, Sarah
Stauffer, Ruby
Stear, Susan
Steel, Lucinda Ann
Steel, Robert Eugene
Steele, Ethyle Naomi
Stephens, Margaret
Steward, Cynthia Lynn
Steward, Grace
Steward, James Paul
Steward, Julie Diann
Steward, Karen Kay
Steward, Myrl Isaac
Steward, Paul Neil
Steward, Verna Pearl
Steward, Vicky Ann
Stigers, Carolyn "Caddie"
Stofer, Benjamine Ward
Stofer, William Cook
Stofer, William Cook
Stomak, ?
Stoops, Alice Mary
Stoops, Allen
Stoops, Belle
Stoops, David
Stoops, Elizabeth
Stoops, Etta
Stoops, George M.
Stoops, Hamilton F.
Stoops, Howard
Stoops, Jane
Stoops, Jane Hannah
Stoops, Jemimma
Stoops, John
Stoops, Joseph
Stoops, Lula Belle
Stoops, Margaret
Stoops, Margret
Stoops, Mary Jane
Stoops, Nancy
Stoops, Nellie Mae
Stoops, Peggy
Stoops, Rebecca
Stoops, Robert
Stoops, Robert
Stoops, Robert
Stoops, Sarah "Sadie" Navada
Stoops, Thomas
Stoops, Thomas
Stoops, Thomas
Stoops, William
Strandburg, Constance L.
Strawcutter, Gerald
Strickland, Helen
Strong, Amos
Sullivan, Amanda
Sullivan, Kyle
Sullivan, Paul A., Jr.
Sullivan, Paul A., Sr.
Sunderline, Lucy H.
Sutter, Gloria Mae
Sutter, Ricky Lynn
Swartz, Jesse
Swartz, Larry
Sylvia, Roxie


Taylor, Charles Arthur, Jr.
Taylor, Cheryl Jean
Tellaski, Frances Carol
Thompson, Emma
Thompson, Florence Blanche
Thompson, Jean Marie
Thompson, Theresa "Terry" Louise
Tickett, Ethel
Timblin, Russell James
Timblin, Warren
Titus, Carrie
Todd, John Kepley
Todd, John Richard
Todd, Kirsten Elizabeth
Torcasio, Christopher James
Torcasio, Fortunato Savario
Torcasio, Francesco
Torcasio, Francesco, III
Torcasio, Franceso, II
Torcasio, Madeline Delores
Torcasio, Tresa Angela
Torok, Karen
Torok, Richard
Trapasso, Rose
Travis, Melinda Kaye
Travis, Melissa Leigh
Travis, Nelson Leigh
Troutman, ?
Tuman, Leticia
Turner, ?
Turner, Mary
Tyger, Alma Bell


Ulrich, Shirley Jean
Ulrich, William E.


VanBlorgan, Clifford
VanBlorgan, Grace
VanCamp, Hilary
VanCamp, Jamie
VanCamp, Jessie
Vancise, Janet
VanLear, Mary
Varner, Dollie F.
Varner, George
Veite, Emma "Emmy" Isabell
Veite, George H.
Veite, Phillip
Villella, Mary
Von Schrecengost, Thomas
Vrober, ?


Wachob, Olive
Wadlow, Catherine
Wagner, Earl McClelland
Wagner, Eileen
Wagner, Michelle Leslie
Waite, Martha May
Walker, Alton
Walker, Brandi Lynn
Walker, Darlene
Walker, David
Walker, Dennis Alan
Walker, Douglas Fred
Walker, Duane
Walker, Fred
Walker, Henry
Walker, Howard
Walker, Jean
Walker, John
Walker, John B.
Walker, Paul
Walker, Tim
Walkow, Aaron
Walkow, Adrianne
Walkow, Jere D.
Waller, Ann
Waller, John
Waller, John
Wallingford, Carol
Waltman, Donald Lee
Waltman, John
Waltman, Ruby
Ward, Carollee
Ward, Charles
Ward, Clarence E.
Ward, David Eric
Ward, Dorothy Elaine
Ward, Florence Ellen
Ward, Marilyn Jean
Ward, William Depp
Ward, William Depp, Jr.
Warner, Carol Jean
Warner, Darlene Joy
Warner, Lyle
Warner, Tara
Warner, William Lyle
Warner, William Wayne
Warnick, Bernice Susanne
Washington, Derik James
Washington, Leigh
Wasiecki, Adam
Wasiecki, Joseph R.
Watson, Donald Stephen
Watson, Jacob Fredy
Watson, Michael Steven
Watson, Sara Jayne
Waugaman, Patricia
Waugaman, William
Wayland, James
Weaver, A. B.
Weaver, Corrine Ann
Weaver, Florence
Weaver, Harry
Weaver, James E.
Weaver, Jane
Weaver, Jane Elizabeth
Weaver, Janice Faye
Weaver, Karen Mae
Webb, Christopher John
Webb, Jennifer Ann
Webb, Kendall
Webb, Laura Jean
Webb, Rebecca Elaine
Webb, Roberta Lynn
Webb, Taylor James
Webb, Thomas Kendall
Webb, Thomas Kendall, III
Webb, Thomas Kendall, Jr.
Webb, Timothy David
Webb, Trevor John
Webb, Tyler Ronald
Webb, William Harvey
Webber, Hulda Allen
Webster, John W.
Webster, Marian W.
Wehry, Guy
Wehry, Maxine Faye
Weideman, Kim
Weigel, Kara
Weigel, Kenneth C.
Weigel, Paula
Weigel, Tara
Weigel, Vernon Russell
Weinsburgh, Jean E.
Weir, David
Weir, Male
Weir, Male
Weiss, Edward King
Weiss, Mildred Jean
Weiss, Miller Webster
Weiss, Sandra Clair
Weiss, Sarah
Welsh, Peggy
Welty, Donald Charles
Welty, Duane Edwin
Welty, Edwin Charles "Bud" , Sr.
Welty, Edwin Charles, Jr.
Welty, Marilyn Jane
Welty, Russell
Westover, Priscilla
Wetzel, Freda
Wetzel, Ray James
White, Adam Monroe
White, Admiral
White, Annabella
White, Converse
White, Edna
White, Eli
White, Frank
White, George
White, George Milton
White, Harriet
White, Henry M.
White, Hugh Vernon
White, Leonard
White, Lewis
White, Lillie
White, Martha
White, Mildred
White, Robert
White, Sarah Henrietta
White, Virginia Kathryn
White, Walter
White, William
Whitesell, Lester
Whitesell, Nancy Louise
Whitesell, Paul R.
Whitesell, Paul V.
Whitesell, Sara Katherine
Whitman, Gus
Whitman, Kandee Alane
Whitman, Karen Annette
Whitman, Kathi Adele
Whitman, Kelly April
Whitman, Kimberly Ann
Whitman, Phillip Arthur
Whittan, Thelma
Wildersen, Marilyn
Wilken, Lorilee Elizabeth
Wilken, Marjory Frances
Wilken, Melanie Ruth
Wilken, Stephanie Mary
Wilken, Wesley Robertson
Williams, Angela L.
Williams, Benjamin Dennis
Williams, Benjamin Dennis
Williams, Boyd
Williams, Brenda Lee
Williams, Craig
Williams, Jane
Williamson, Barbara E.
Williamson, Donald S.
Williamson, Gerald W.
Williamson, John C.
Williamson, Warren E.
Willis, Andrew
Willis, Mike
Willis, Zackery
Wilson, John
Wilson, Margaret
Wineberg, Anna M.
Winland, Bea Frances
Winslow, Arthur
Winslow, Liberto Leo
Winslow, Tanis Elizabeth
Wisel, Jacob
Wisner, Phil
Witherow, Hazel Irene
Witmer, Joyce
Wolfe, Beulah Floy
Wolfe, Frederick
Wolfe, Glenn
Wolfe, Mabel
Wolfe, Olive
Wolfe, Shirley Marie
Wolfe, Solomon P.
Wolfgang, ?
Wolfgang, Charles M.
Wolfgang, Grace
Wolfgang, James Eugene
Wolfgang, Russel Henry
Wonderling, Marlene Yvonne
Woods, Debra Diane
Woods, Gary Joseph
Woods, Larry Lee
Woods, Louella
Woods, Randy Lynn
Woods, Thomas Henry
Woods, Walter
Woolery, Dean
Work, Almeda
Work, Budd M.
Work, Clair H.
Work, Herbert Clair
Work, Letha V.
Work, Mary Jane
Work, Wendell G.
Wray, Myrtle Helen
Wrightsman, Michael
Wrightsman, Terri
Wyant, Iris



Yarnold, Harriet
Yarnold, William
Yingling, Catherine
Yingling, Jacob
Young, Angie
Young, Angus J.
Young, Carolyn Sue
Young, Dennis
Young, Dennis
Young, Diane Louise
Young, Ed Blaine
Young, Ellsworth
Young, Eric Lynn
Young, Ernest Wade
Young, Horace Greeley
Young, Isacc
Young, John
Young, Jordan Franklin
Young, Justin Lee
Young, Kelvin Robert
Young, Raymond Eugene
Young, Sylvester Earl
Younger, Christopher Raymond
Younger, David James
Younger, Deborah Olean
Younger, George Brownie
Younger, Robert David
Younger, Robert Gary
Younger, Suzanne Michelle
Younger, Wesley Cole


Zanoni, Paul
Zellonis, Nellie
Zemel, Rose
Zents, Allen Eugene
Zents, Brian Elliott
Zents, Christopher Allen
Zents, Francis Eugene
Zigmond, Josephine
Zimmer, Lewis
Zimmer, Mary
Zimmerman, Garrett Ryan
Zimmerman, Paul
Zimmerman, Timothy
Zitzelberger, ?
Zizak, Donna
Zizak, John
Zizak, Valerie
Zufall, Franklin Devere
Zufall, Marten Devere

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