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Paradise Cemetery

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The "Grave Location" has a layout map and is listed in the order that the headstones are found.
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pargate.jpg (93336 bytes)   Paradise Cemetery is located on the Northwest edge of town. Turn off Hwy 114 on Honeysuckle Drive and then turn left on Pecan Street.

    The 1552 headstones were surveyed and photographed in December of 1999. 

    There are 2 Historical Markers in the cemetery. The text and some pictures follow:



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parcent.jpg (90751 bytes)   George Lafayette Ramsdale (1820 – 1884)

George Lafayette Ramsdale (1820 – 1884) was a native of Devonshire, England. By 1836, he had come to Texas and enlisted in the army during the war for independence from Mexico. After the revolution, Ramsdale, his wife, Elizabeth (1825 – 1909) and their children lived in Harrison, Rusk, Houston, and Bosque Counties. During the Civil War, he served the Confederacy by protecting the frontier. The family moved to Wise County in 1866, where he farmed and operated a tannery. His military service, adventuresome spirit, and community leadership are significant examples of the state’s pioneer heritage.


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The older sections are to the



The newer sections to the north
have sidewalks.