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SOMEBODY'S LINKS NEWSLETTER: Genealogical Treasures Found

Vol. 4, No. 31, 3 September 2002            Circulation: 17,250+         (c) 1999-2002 Julia M. Case


Editor-at-Fault: Julia M. Case


SOMEBODY'S LINKS contains notices of genealogical treasures

found, such as photographs, diaries, letters, and family Bibles.


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  o I have death certificates for two different people named

George ADDISON who died in Australia. One died in 1902 and one

died in 1894. I purchased them from New South Wales and can't

seem to get the right death certificate for my George ADDISON.

I am offering these to anyone who has this connection. All they

have to do is send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and

tell me which George ADDISON is theirs and maybe where he was

from to prove that this is the right person, and I'll send them

right along.

                       Margaret Sessions


  o My husband and I used to pick up recycled newspaper for our

Senior Citizens organization who sold the paper to a local

recycler. While picking up the newspapers one Sunday in 1997, I

found a small book outside the paper box. It is 5" x 7.25" and

titled "Our Wedding." Inside is the recording of a marriage:

"George C. BAGLEY of Monterey and Nellie PRESTON of San

Bernadino were united in Holy Matrimony at Monterey According

to the Ordinance of God and the laws of California on the

first day of September in the year of Our Lord 1929.

                             [signed by] Edward M. SHARP

[signed below by} Edna C. PRESTON and Cora R. PRESTON"

There are no other entries in the book.

    I looked in our local Salem, Oregon phone book but could not

locate anyone by the names listed so put it away and forgot

about it until recently when I found it.

    I was able to unite some photos with relatives using

[Somebody's Links] several years ago so thought I'd try again.

I would be happy to scan this or mail to anyone who may have a

relationship with these persons.

                                 Sue Woodford


  o I have an old newspaper cutting of a picture of a large

family. By the articles on the back of it, there is a date of

1913. At the top of the picture it reads: "Guests at Golden

Wedding of Esteemed Fullarton Pioneers." Underneath it reads:

"The above excellent engraving pictures the family gathering at

the home of Mr. and Mrs. George BALD, 'Maple Front Farm'

Fullarton township on April 16, on the happy occasion of the

celebration of the golden wedding of this esteemed couple. A

full story of the golden wedding appeared exclusively in THE

HERALD of Sat. April 19. The central row is composed of the

honored parents and their five sons and four daughters - Adam M.

BALD, Berlin; Chas A. BALD, Buffalo; Wm. BALD, Black Creek, on

the old homestead; Edward BALD, Seebach's Hill; Alfred O. BALD,

Buffalo; Mrs. O. WEINBACH (Julia), Philadelphia; Mrs. Amos NEIGH

(Anna) of Buffalo; Mrs. Geo W. NEIGH (Emma), Stratford; Mrs.

Andrew STOSKOPF (Louise) of Sebringville. The esteemed

Stratfordite, Mr. Geo. NEIGH, is seen prominently in the back


     It says nothing about which state it is in. My first

thought was it was somewhere on the East Coast as a couple of

the people were from Buffalo and one from Philadelphia, but now

I'm wondering if it might be Canada. On the back of the cutting

is half an ad selling suits that mentions their factory in

Canada and another small article mentioning someone leaving

Canada for England. The cutting is fragile and I would be happy

to send it on or scan the picture to anyone interested.

                                    Hazel Gasper


  o 1873 CAMPBELL-WILLIAMS Family Bible, Ohio; Item # 1558877614

Auction ends: Sep-05-02 21:40:46 PDT; Seller: kathym

1873 Bible found in Akron, Ohio. It came from an old house on

Merriman Road, but the family was initially located in Alliance,

Ohio. Pages with family information are as follows: Holy

Matrimony Certificate -- ink is very faded and I can't read it.

Marriages -- ink is so faded it is almost impossible for me to

read. I can make out the words "PA" (Pennsylvania), and possibly

"April." Five lines are filled in, but it may be only one entry.

Births -- The first two lines are quite faded but I believe they

read "Isabella Kirkpatrick WILLIAMS was born on the 30th day of

July, 1870 in Alliance, Ohio." In a different handwriting, in

dark blue ink, the next entries were perhaps written all at the

same time: Ernest Albert CAMPBELL - May 27, 1868; Donald Arthur

CAMPBELL - January 4, 1895; Ilona Olive CAMPBELL - August 8,

1898; Claretta CAMPBELL - January 27, 1901; Ernest Arnold

CAMPBELL - December 23, 1913. Deaths –- "Isabella Kirkpatrick,

daughter of John and ?Delfina WILLIAMS, died on Friday, the 16th

of September in Alliance, Ohio 1870." I have left the little

mementos that were pressed between the pages where they were.


  o I have certified copies of Kentucky death certificates for

three people who turned out not to be who I was searching for:

They are all from Pike County.

  -- Louisa J. COMPTON, born 23 April 1846 Virginia, died

10 September 1911, daughter of Abram SALYER

  -- Noah COMPTON, born 4 January 1870 Buchanan County, Virginia

died 26 June 1948, son of Elihue COMPTON

  -- Charity TAYLOR, born 14 March 1843, died 20 October 1912,

daughter of Edward MAYNARD & Annie LIKINS, both born Pike County

     I'll be glad to mail these (no charge) to a family member.

                                 Mary W. Hurst


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  o I have a scrapbook kept by my mother during WWII with

marriage, birth, and death announcements for people she knew.

She was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in 1920 and her

name was Shirley DALZIEL; married in 1941 to my father, Mel

ROBERTSON, who was in the Royal Canadian Air Force. The people

in the clippings are connected to either Moncton or the R.C.A.F.

I can photocopy or transcribe for anyone interested.

  -- death - Miss Elizabeth TELFORD

  -- missing in action - Robert Roy WILSON

  -- marriage - Jean GREIG and "Ted" HAYES

  -- killed in action - E.A. "Ted" HAYES

  -- promoted and decorated - Keith HODSON (London, Ontario)

  -- war exploits - B. G. "Bert" MILLER (Toronto, Ontario)

  -- engagement and marriage - Helen Louise TANDY and

Donald Eugene ARNOLD

  -- engagement and marriage - Joan I. HENDRY and Hugh M.

THOMSON; birth of son Bryan

  -- marriage - Eleanor STOREY and William Elliott HASTIE;

birth of daughter Janet

  -- marriage - Lillian Patricia RODGERS and Bert Charles

SAUNDERS (from Detroit, Michigan)

  -- birth of twin daughters to Flying Officer and Mrs. STARK

  -- marriage - Helen Greta COOPER (from Cobourg, Ontario) and

Ronald A. JACKSON (from Brockville, Ontario)

  -- marriage - Frances May DRYDEN and Robert William HUGHES

on 1 August 1942

  -- marriage - Marion Aileen CREAGHAN and Donald FRIEL

  -- marriage - Erma Margaret LAUTENSCHLAGER and T. Lloyd

RICHARDS, 29 December 1942 in Hanover, Ontario

  -- clipping with photo, "Wives in Toronto Welcome Three Air

Battle Veterans Home": Pilot Officer Jack JENNINGS and Mrs.

JENNINGS, Squadron Leader G. M. MARTIN and Mrs. MARIIN,

Squadron Leader Bert MILLER and Mrs. MILLER.

  -- death – Flight Lieut. James Roy LOGGIE of Toronto

  -- killed in action - Flying Officer Donald E. C. LAWRENCE

of Toronto

  -- account of a plane crash near the R.C.A.F. base at Goose

Bay, Labrador, resulting in the death of Flying Officer David

GRIFFIN from Hamilton, Ontario; others involved were Squadron

Leader Alister IMRIE, Flying Officer J. D. L. CAMPBELL, Flight

Lt. G. R. HARLAND, Pilot Officer N. J. GILMOUR and

Warrant Officer A. C. JOHNS.

  -- awarded Distinguished Flying Cross - Flying Officer

J. Ralph WOOD, husband of Phyllis CARTER.

  -- marriage - Barbara Valentine MACDONALD and Joseph Alexander


  -- clipping, "With Plane Ablaze, Fliers Blitz Convoy", with

photos of Sqdn. Ldr. Bob SCHOALES and Flt. Lieut. Ronald

JACKSON, and story

  -- awarded Distinguished Flying Cross - Flt. Lieut. Stanley H.

BALKWILL (who was killed later in the war, I believe during a

training exercise at Debert, New Brunswick).

  -- clipping, "Is Serving with the Aussies" with photo and

story on Capt. M. Graham KNEALE

  -- marriage - Elizabeth Maude GOULD and Rev. Gordon Gladstone

MERCER; on reverse is a photo of Nursing Sister Wyn PITKETHLY

being inoculated by Flt. Lieut. J. K. L. IRWIN.

  -- marriage - Vera Robertson FORBES and Donald O'Dell DOWNING

  -- clipping, "Leaves Post on May 31" - Rev. Robert SMART, who

married my parents and christened my brother in Moncton, New


  -- clipping, "Burford Boy Member in R.C.A.F. Crew in India."

Names mentioned: Pilot Officer L. M. RAMSAY, Flt. Sgt. S. W.


  -- death, Flying Officer Warren Robert ZELLER, from Westmount,

Quebec (buried in Holland).

                                  Liz Brown


  o I received a marriage record (Certificate of Marriage and

Return of Marriage Certificate) from New York City for Francis

Albert DEAN and Rosanna KILLEN (dated 23 March 1869) by mistake.

This is not my line of research and I am offering this for cost.

The application shows both their signatures. Responses will come

into my junk box, so please put in the subject line "Dean

Marriage Certificates" so I will open those that respond.

                              Carol Rainey


  o From the Dover-Foxcroft-Bradford area of Maine, I have five

items that are looking for relatives:

  -- Holy Bible inscribed "Presented to Linwood C. DUNPHEY by

Mother and Dad, August 31, 1935. (".  .  . to the need of the

young Sunday-school scholar.")

  -- The Holy Bible, Linwood DUNPHEY from United Baptist Sunday


  -- Family History, BASCHE 1800-1976, covering the family from

Tjade Tjaden DEBAS (changed to BASCHE) through son Tjade Franzen

BASCHE and his wife, Fentje GERDES, through their six children

and their families.

  -- Funeral card (?), "In Loving Memory of Mr. Raymond

BEAURIVAGE, 1923-1978. This came from one of Linwood DUNPHEY's

Bibles. Phaneuf & Letendre Funeral Homes. Picture of

Michelangelo's Pieta on the front, Prayers on the back.

  -- Photograph of John W. FRANK, Gray, Maine. Late 1880s.

Cardboard mounted, oval cut to fit frame.

     From the Nashua-Amherst, New Hampshire area:

  -- Photograph of a young lady, ankle length skirt, spectacles,

standing beside a bicycle. Inscribed on back "Your teacher,

Aimee Margaret VINTON." Late 1800s-early 1900s. Cardboard frame.

     I hope there will be claimants for these items, for I do

like to see artifacts back where they belong.

                                Muriel S. Parker


  o While shopping in an antique store in Fredonia, Chautauqua

County, New York on Saturday, 31 August 2002, I found two

wonderful Bibles which had belonged to the DUTTON family. The

genealogical information is extensive, extending from 1792 in

New York and New England at least through the 1960s in Arizona.

I'm sorry that I didn't have time to copy some details but we

were traveling and had some "cemetery tromping" to do before

returning to Oregon yesterday, 1 September.

    It will be necessary to obtain both Bibles to obtain all

the data which fills both the traditional center sections

between the Old and New Testaments and additional pages which

have been slipped in. In addition, there is a beautiful Marriage

Certificate complete with a Revenue Stamp. The Bibles are

Items #3V61 and 32903 and are on a table about midway along the

south wall of the shop.



  o 1810 Germantown ECKMAN Family Bible; Item # 1560208984

Auction ends: Sep-08-02 14:17:46 PDT; Seller: networthysolutions

Leather bound New Testament Bible printed in Germantown,

Pennsylvania in 1810. Inside the front cover are written the

births and one death of six ECKMAN children from 1824 to 1839.

[Editor's Note: This is my transcription from a scanned image:

"Emanuel ECKMAN was born the 28 of June 1824

Elisabeth ECKMAN was born the 20 of August 1826. Died the

  7 of October 1826

Abraham ECKMAN was born the 22 of February 1830

Rebecka ECKMAN was born the 1 October 1832

Mary ECKMAN was born the 8 October 1834

Martin ECKMAN was born the 9 August 1839"]

Also included is a letter in German by Emanuel ECKMAN dated 1848

and a note about the death of Christian ECKMAN in 1796.

The Bible is in good condition for its age. Pages are tight and

complete. Leather at front hinge is cracked. Brass and leather

clasps are complete. [Editor's Note: In response to my request

for more information, wrote: "I do

not know if the ECKMANs resided in Germantown or not. I do not

know the names of the parents. The letter I have looks like it

was addressed to Emanuel ECKMAN. It says 'Emanuel ECKMAN June

the 1st AD 1848.' Also with the letter is a slip of paper that

has 'Christian ECKMAN wife of Martin ECKMAN died January 1796.'"]


  o I have a small dictionary dated 1877 in which is pinned

an obituary of Charles FERGUSON, who lived in Olive and died

"at his residence on the Lansing Road." He was born in

182_ [illegible] and had just passed his 58th birthday.

Survivors included his wife and three children and two sisters,

____ SWARTHOUT of Grand Rapids and Mrs. John O. PALMER of Monroe

County, New York. I surmise from the contents of the obituary

that he was living in Michigan at the time of his death. The

dictionary and attached obituary are available to the first

person who asks. If I don't hear in a week, the book will go


                             Coralie J. Allen


  o Found at a local flea market:

  -- picture of a young man with inscription "To Mr. & Mrs.

Jerry FORTIER from Leo BEAUCHERE, Nov. 23, 1918."

  -- picture of George CONKLIN with inscription "F. B. CLARK's

grandfather on his mother's side."

    If you are interested in obtaining either one, e-mail:

                                    Helen White


  o While cleaning a rental property, I came across the death

certificate for Trinidad R. GRECO, female, date of birth

30 May 1901, date of death, 7 May 1986, San Antonio, Bexar

County, Texas. Mrs. GRECO was the daughter of Manuel C. RICE

and Tomasita CANTU and the person giving the information is

Nancy G. TALERICO. Other information given is that Mrs. GRECO

was born in Mexico and widowed. Funeral arrangements were

handled by Angelus Funeral Home and Mrs. GRECO was buried at

the San Fernando Cemetery #2 on 9 May 1986. Hopefully this

information will help someone with their research. I will

gladly mail the death certificate to any one who is related to


                                Alice Brandt


  o 1828 HARDING Family Holy Bible; Item # 1559302262

Auction ends: Sep-04-02 20:02:56 PDT; Seller: ktruk

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, published

by Edmund Cushing, Lunenburg, Massachusetts, 1828. The family

record section is filled out for the HARDING family of

Philadelphia. The Marriage section is filled out for Elizabeth

ANDREWS, formerly of London, England, and James HARDING of

Philadelphia, and dated 1829. There are many additional entries

in the births and deaths sections. Full leather covers; 927 pp.

Inscribed with name of previous owner inside front cover.


  o 1825 HOLLEBAUGH Family Bible, Pennsylvania; Item 1762864339

Auction ends: Sep-05-02 14:10:16 PDT; Seller: spwurth

The Holy Bible, published by H. C. Carey & I. Lea Hills,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1825. This is from Gettysburg,

Pennsylvania. "David HALLEBAUGH" is stamped on the first couple

of pages, and there is a long script as follows: "Barnhart

Gabriel HOLLEBAUGH's Bible Presented to him by his Father in

the year one thousand eight hundred and forty eight. Gettysburg,

Adams[?] County, Pa. May the 28th, 1850. In the Presence of John

W. WELSH & John W. GRAHAM." "B. G. HOLLEBAUGH" is listed as the

blacksmith with the 21st Cavalry Pennsylvania Volunteers,

Company B, mustered on June 23, 1863. Family records of several

generations: David HOLLEBAUGH (1776-1857); his wife Barbara

GUISE (1805-1890); Anne Marie HOLLEBAUGH born 1829; George

Washington HOLLEBAUGH born 1831 died same year; Barnhart Gabriel

HOLLEBAUGH born 1831; (several others); Marriages: David

HOLLEBAUGH and Barbara GUISE were married in 1827; Barnhart

HOLLEBAUGH and Elizabeth KITZWELLER? were married in 1858. The

last information recorded is dated 1905.


  o I rescued the following photos from an antique mall in

Plainfield, Indiana, and would love to reunite them with family

for my cost plus postage.

  -- Photo of three children taken about 1900. Howard, Florence,

and Lillian HURLEY is written on the back. The Photo taken at

Huddleston studio, New Castle, Indiana. ($3.50)

  -- Set of four 5x7 photos of Howard Earle HENLEY and his wife,

Willella WOODBRIDGE HENLEY taken at the time of their wedding

in 1916. Two of the photos are of Howard and the other two are

of his wife. According to the Social Security Death Index, they remained in the Indianapolis

area until their death. ($10 for the set)

                        Charlie Woodruff


  o I have two photocopied pages on Peter S. ISENBERG of Blair

County, Pennsylvania, from the BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY OF BLAIR

CO. I am willing to send a .jpg file to anyone interested. I

will also send copies via regular mail if necessary. Contact me

at R.R.1, Site 30, Comp. 47 Keremeos BC V0X 1N0  or by e-mail.

                                     Mary A. Old


  o I sent in some information regarding a photo of Miss Delba

(Delfa?) Maylea JACKSON last year, but moved before it was

published in SOMEBODY'S LINKS, Vol. 3, No. 41, 27 December 2001.

I am just now getting hooked back up to the Internet, with a

new address. If anyone replied to my message, I did not receive

it. My new e-mail is: . Put SOMEBODY'S LINKS

in the subject of your reply so it is not deleted as junk mail.



  o Before I donated an issue of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PUBLIC LEDGER from 25 March 1836 to a historical society in

that city, I copied from it these marriage and death notices:


  -- On Thursday, 25th of February, by the Rev. Wm. L. JAMES,

Mr. Barzillia S. BROWN, to Miss Catharine S. MASON, youngest

daughter of the late Robert MASON, all of Southwark.

  -- On Monday, 21st inst., by John SWIFT, Mayor, Bernard H.

BUCKNER, Esq., of Washington county, Mississippi, to Miss FANNY,

daughter of David HIGGINBOTHAM, Esq., of Albemarle county,



  -- On 2d day evening, the 21st inst., at Chester, Jonas EYRE,

in the 69th year of his age.

  -- Very suddenly, on Sunday evening, 20th inst., James

McCLASKEY, in the 61st year of his age.

  -- On Friday evening, 18th inst., after a severe illness of

eight days, Mr. Luther TAYNTON, in the 45th year of his age.

He has left a widow with five small children to lament his

sudden loss.

  -- Of scarlet fever, Edwin, aged 4 years and 6 months, and

Maria, aged 3 years, children of Samuel TOWNSEND. The former

deceased on the 12th, and the latter on 18th of the present


  -- On the 18th ult., in New Orleans, Mr. Wm. B. HENDEL,

printer, a native of Carlisle, Cumberland county, Pa. The

deceased has a wife and child in Philadelphia.

   I can make a copy for anyone interested in one of the names.

                          Susan Cadena


  o 1871 LITCHFIELD Family BIBLE; Item # 1559854446

Auction ends: Sep-09-02 20:17:13 PDT; Seller: sparcove

Bible published by John E. Potter and Company, 614 & 617 Samsom

Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Family history section lists

Marriages from 1866 to 1969: Ben LITCHFIELD & Ella A. FOGG (1866

Lewiston, Maine); Wm. R. STEVENS & Emma W. LITCHFIELD (1896

Lewiston, Maine); Chas. A. LITCHFIELD & Minnie F. GOSS (1895

Lewiston, Maine); Philip L. STEVENS & Eleanor YEATON (1924

Auburn, Maine); Charles Arthur WOOD & Eleanor LITCHFIELD (1935

New York City). Births from 1836 to 1968. Names include

LITCHFIELD, STEVENS, and WOOD. Deaths from 1881 to 1951.


  o I have a history of the LONGSHORE family which I am willing

to share or do lookups from. It is from GENEALOGY OF WILSON AND

ALLIED FAMILIES by Alfred Rudolph Justice, Philadelphia, 1924.

There are 14 pages of genealogy on the LONGSHORE family. Anyone

interested can contact me. I am personally interested only in

Euclydes LONGSHORE, Jr. who married Sarah GILLAM, daughter of

Lucas and Ann Dungan GILLAM.

                                    Mary A. Old


  o I was going a box of old jewelry that I got from a second-

hand store I had in 1983. I could no longer run the store so a

lot of the stuff that didn't go I just took home with me. I

found a bracelet from the 1960s with a little girl's name on it.

She was from Everett, Washington, because there is an address on

the back. Her name is Jacquiline McBROWN. She would be in her

40s now. I would be glad to send it to anyone who can prove she

belongs to them (no charge). Please put "ID" in the subject.

                                 Rustie Ollis


  o More eBay antique photos. To view them, enter item number in

the search box. Items that have expired can still be viewed and

the sellers can be contacted.

                                 Mary W. Hurst

  -- Item # 902700197. Nora AHERN (Nonie), Roxbury, Mass.,

circa 1890.

  -- Item # 2135631540. Three children: Genevieve, Richard, and

William McGARITY, Lansing, Iowa, circa 1905.

  -- Item # 2135577912. B. P. GROVER, Colusa, California,

25 December 1882.

  -- Item # 2135490762. FLOODWOOD's Family. Chippewa or Ojibwa

Indians. Earl 1900s (from an Eastern Shore photo collection).

  -- Item # 2134716475. Clara GLOVER. Photo was taken by Engle

& Zoeller in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, circa 1886-88.

  -- Item # 2135354553. Harris PETERSON, 1 month old, son of

John and Mary PETERSPM, pre-1940.

  -- Item # 2135305929. Virginia Emilie DANIEL, 13 months old.

Photo was taken by Schaidner in New York City, circa 1892-97.

  -- Item # 2135305588. William COLLISON, born Sept. 1, 1812.

Photo was taken by Cadwallader in Marietta, Ohio, circa 1885.

  -- Item # 2135118139. Ella Wats FORD with baby. It says the

photo was taken in 1880 but seller judges it to be a bit later

based on the style of the mount and her dress. Photo was taken

by Medlar in Spencer, Iowa, circa 1892-97.

  -- Item # 2135117458. Paul G. O'NEILL, age 1 year, 9 months.

Photo was taken by Jordan in Dubuque, Iowa, circa 1888-92.

  -- Item # 2135116768. Agnes May SHEPPARD, age 5 months. Photo

was taken by Gravenslund in Hutchinson, Minnesota, ca. 1892-95.

  -- Item # 2135113586. Pearl SNAPP at age 16. Photo was taken

by the Virginia Photo Co. in Tazewell, Virginia, circa 1892-97.

  -- Item # 2135051172. H. G. McDONALD.

  -- Item # 2134716973. Mrs. SPENCER. The initials "C. E." are

written after her name. Photo was taken by Pruden in Cortland,

New York, circa 1891-92.

  -- Item # 2134715162. Leah SHULTZ. Photo was taken by Engle &

Zoeller in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, circa 1886-88.

  -- Item # 2135302004. Joseph and Julia TOELL, taken at the

time of their wedding. No location identified. Photo was taken

sometime between 1910 and 1915.

  -- Item # 2135215642. Photo of Ray BUICK and Charlie ORWIN?

Studio of M. L. Graham, Washington, Pennsylvania.

  -- Item # 2135707911. George ALBRIGHT. Photographer is Patton

& Dietrich's of Reading, Pennsylvania. Civil War era.

  -- Item # 2135763615. A. J. ALLEN, Rochester (Lockport) area

policeman dressed in period uniform, dated 1877.

  -- Item # 2134868688. J. R. McCOMB, Orderly Serg't.

  -- Item # 2136398670. Rosa DAVISS of Maple Grove. Photo was

taken by Darnell in Cumberland, Maryland, circa 1885.

  -- Item # 2134218841. Evelyn Adele ROBINSON, born Feb. 24,

1911. Photo taken at age 9 months.

  -- Item # 2135110041. P. H. BELLINGALL. Photo was taken by

Vaughan in San Francisco, California, circa 1868-70.


  o Bought from an antique shop in California: marriage license

for Charles M. MARTUI and Anna E. FOLTZ, who were married in

Indiana on 7 November 1896. If interested, please contact:



  o I have a Civil War pension file, including Bible records,

for the wrong man and will send it to anyone who claims him. It

is a file for John MITCHELL, who fought with the 12th Battery,

Ohio Light Infantry, and his wife Josephine FULLER, daughter of

William and Rebecca FULLER.

                   Pat Thomas

                   (or, if bouncing) PThomas@NT1.Co.Winona.MN.US


  o I sent away to the National Archives for Civil War records

of my great-grandfather and received several pages of records

for another man of the same name. I'd be most happy to send the

information for this man to whomever it will help. I received 20

pages of records for John E. RICHARDSON of Company F, 48th Ohio

Infantry, born 1832 in St. Lawrence, New York, but enlisted at

Defiance County, Ohio in 1861 for three years and reenlisted

in 1864 in Texas. He was a Corporal, promoted to Sergeant and a

prisoner of war, captured 8 April 1864 in Natchez, Mississippi,

returned to his regiment in November 1864. (The Army charged

him $.95 for "losing" his guns!)

    There is no charge for sharing these records.

                            Sue Montgomery-Cook


  o I found an envelope in an old book I purchased in San Diego,

California a few years ago. It was addressed to Pvt. Francis D.

SCURR, 5749 Carlton Way, Hollywood, California. It was from the

War Department, SPCL CA A/C DET, 406 So. Main St. Los Angeles,

California. Inside was a small photo of a man and woman standing

in front of a  business and only shows part of the name –-

"something? ...oduction Welding." On the back of the photo is

written: "Joe and Me taken by some of the kids that wanted a

picture of their bosses, Jun 1, 1944, Love Mom." Also two

playing card size business cards, "Magic House of Charles,"

6613 1/2 Hollywood Blvd, Box 888, Hollywood, Calif.," and it

lists Magic, Jokes, Novelties, Toys, Greeting Cards, Rentals.

Phone GLadstone 9715. I would love to get these items back to

family of the people mentioned above.

                             Bonnie Smith


  o SMITH family Bible belongs back with this family.

Names in the bible are Wallace Laverl SMITH, born Vandalia,

Illinois, married Mary Lou WHITSELL, born Granite City, Illinois

Parents: Wallace SMITH, born 15 November 1880, and Anita CAUSEY,

born 9 September 1893, Vandalia, Illinois.

Elmon WHITSELL, born 1907 Clay, Kentucky

Louise FRAZIER, born 1911 Murphysboro, Illinois

    Other family names in the Bible are Arthur WHITSELL, Rhoda



    There are some obituaries from newspapers, two photos, and

other handwritten family information about WHITSELL, WINTERS,


                             Sally Keeton Eichhorn


  o 1849 STARRETT Family Bible; Item # 1559639996

Auction ends: Sep-08-02 17:13:48 PDT

Seller: superluminal_auctions (

Former owner's name, STARRETT, on front flyleaf (no first name)

MARRIAGES: Milton G. STARRETT and Amie A. BILLINGS, married at

South Deerfield, Massachusetts by Rev. Wm. M. Richards,

June 14, 1843. BIRTHS: Milton Gay STARRETT, born in Francestown,

New Hampshire, December 6, 1816; Amie Amelia BILLINGS, born in

South Deerfield, Massachusetts, September 25, 1820

CHILD: Helen Augusta STARRETT, born in Francestown, New

Hampshire, September 16, 1852

DEATHS: Milton G. STARRETT died in Francestown, New Hampshire,

January 18, 1861; Nellie Augusta STARRETT died in Francestown,

New Hampshire, Aug. 23, 1846; Amy Amelia STARRETT died in

Francestown, New Hampshire, May 14, 1883


  o At a flea market in Spirit Lake, Iowa, I found an alien

registration card from Galveston, Texas, dated 23 February 1918,

for Frank WEGNER, complete with his photo and fingerprint



  o Recently I purchased a small photo of William L. WIGGINS

from an antique dealer in northwest Arkansas. It id black-and-

white, measures about 2.75" x 3.75", and comes with a dark brown

heavy card stock presentation folder. I am guessing the vintage

to be early to mid 1940s, as he is wearing a Navy dress blues

uniform. (WWII enlistment photo?) Insignia on his sleeve

indicates that he served as a shopkeeper (I looked it up!). I

will send this photo to anyone with a connection to this man,

but would prefer that a direct descendant receive it.

                             Suzan Kaye


  o I have 17 unidentified cabinet photographs from my

grandmother's album. Most of these were made in various studios

in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois and probably date

from the late 1800s. They are possibly of WILSON, OSBORN,

and CARPENTER families, and perhaps of persons who married

family members. Among these would be VAUGHN, MANNION, and

HAWKER. There are also six tintypes. I would be glad to send

scans of any or all to those researching anyone with one of

these surnames who was in the area during that time period, in

return for help in identifying the subjects. Please use

"Jeff. Co. Photos" as the subject of your response.

                              Gwen Coleman


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  o I have the following items I would like to get back to their


  -- A few papers an the ANNABLE family with information on

Robert, Daniel, Ephraim, Charles, Irving Kinsman, Jeremiah,

James and Herbert. The family appears to be from the Providence,

Ipswich, Rhode Island area. This is available for a self

addressed stamped envelope.

  -- NEWELL family Bible. Names listed are Amherst NEWELL,

Betsey Ann GILLMOR, Amherst Henry NEWELL, Nathaniel Horace

NEWELL, Ansel Dewey NEWELL, Amelia Exporiance NEWELL, Diademia

WOOD, Horace NEWELL, another Horace NEWELL, Orrin Wood NEWELL,

Mary NEWELL, Marivia NEWELL, Betsey Maria NEWELL, Horace Junius

NEWELL, Harriet Morivia NEWELL, Loren Dewey NEWELL, Francis

Adeline NEWELL who married Albert WINN, Chas D. NEWELL who

married Marritte WALKER, Solomon DEWEY, John A. NEWELL. This

will be sent for shipping costs.

  -- GILMORE family Bible. This family is from the Haverstraw,

New York area. Names listed are Patrick GILMORE who married Mary

L. VAN WART, James FINNIGAN who married Martha GILMORE, Collius


Gilliam FINNIGAN, This will be sent for shipping costs.

  -- CONRON family Bible. Names mentioned are Joseph CONRON who

married Cecilia Lucy DYER, Lucy Cecilia CONRON, Dorothy Claire

CONRON, Raymond Dyer CONRON. No towns mentioned. This will be

sent for shipping costs.

  -- SCHUYLER family Bible. This family was from the New

Brunswick (New Jersey?) area. Names mentioned are Rev. LUDLOW,

Rev. Samuel HARDENBURGH, Johannah SCHUYLER born 1773, Staats

VAN Duille (sp?), William, Schuyler, John, Staats, Ann,

Catherine, Adeline, Elizabeth, Eleanor, another Eleanor, Johaan,

Jane. Cost is $20, my reimbursement, plus shipping. This family

is related to the SCHUYLERs of upstate New York.

                            John E. LaBarre


  o Recently purchased at an estate sale, a certificate dated

March 26, 1966 for William Junior BAIRD, signifying that he is

a Master of the Royal Secret of the 32 Degree of the Ancient and

Accepted Scottish Rite in San Antonio, Texas. I would like to

get it back to a family member.

                                  Deanna Glaze


  o 1890 BAKER-FRAZER Family of Virginia, Parallel Bible

Item # 1562467942; Auction ends: Sep-16-02 18:33:24 PDT


Parallel Bible, 1890. Two photos in photo section at back of

Bible are believed to be former owners Lucy Straham FRAZER of

Lahore, Orange County, Virginia and Ernest Lee BAKER of

Washington, D.C., married 19 January 1898. Information on both

the families of the wife and husband. Describes James FRAZER,

son of William FRAZER of Scotland, who was Captain of Light

Horse in the Revolutionary War, his horse Rainbow being shot

from under him at Cowpers and was at Cornwallis' surrender.

Mrs. FRAZER was obviously a descendant. Complete family tree

downwards in the Bible. Also lists MORTON family information.


  o On 31 August 2002, we took a side trip through Randsburg,

California, an old mining town in the Mojave Desert. In an

antique shop (The Hotel Lobby, P. O. Box E, Randsburg, CA 93554;

Phone 760-374-0018) we found some old postcards with people's

photographs on them. The ones with photographs and names are

listed below. There are others that are probably from the same

collection but without names. The owner wants $1 each for the

postcards. You will have to contact the antique store if you are

interested in any of these since we live 220 miles away from it.

  -- Rosie BOULTON;

  -- Elder MARQUARDSON to "Hen" COLEMAN in Wasatch County, Utah;

  -- Carrie MARQUARDSON;

  -- Ben KITCHIE / RITCHIE?, Morgantown, West Virginia;

  -- Group of men listed as "Elders in Fairmont, West Virginia:


  -- Warren Wagoner KEYSER 2-14-13;

  -- Bowthorpe MURRAY;

  -- Addie TRILBET;

  -- G. P. GREAVES, Ephraim, WA;

  -- H. R. MARQUANDSON'S service station and Gwylen and dog;

  -- Pres. L. M. JENSEN and wife, Fairmont, West Virginia;

  -- Elder BECK, a formal shot of him and also a picture of him

lying in bed, sick, with a Doctor and two men, Bybee and

William, bending over him;

  -- Another picture of Bybee and a Whilby together;

  -- Pres. A. M. MAUGHAM, Fairmont, West Virginia 6-11-12;

  -- Elder H. R. MARQUARD, "Elsinore, UT 2-12-12 but taken in

St. Paul, Phil 3-13" (that is what it says on the back);

  -- Mrs. J. B. MASON, 11-24-12, Fairmont, West Virginia.

  -- There are also three postcards, no pictures, written to

Mrs. H. P. (Myrtle) MARQUARDSON, P.O.Box 280, Elsinore, Utah

by her Dad.



  o 1840 BROWNING Family Bible - Rhode Island; Item # 1561474091

Auction ends: Sep-15-02 08:16:17 PDT; Seller: johnmw

Published by H. & E. Phiney Company, Cooperstown, New York, 1840

Started by Christopher BROWNING and his wife Elizabeth FOSTER

who were married on 9 November 1848 and had at least four

children where they lived in Green Hill, Washington County,

Rhode Island. Elizabeth FOSTER was the daughter of Othniel

FOSTER and Eunice BROWNING. Eunice BROWNING was the daughter of

Jeremiah BROWNING and his wife, Sarah MOREY. I recently obtained

the Bible of Sarah and Jeremiah, which notes the birth of Eunice

on 26 July 1785. Inside the Bible was a red silk bookmark,

embroidered with the initials IFB or ILB.


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  o I have a copy of the 1935 yearbook of CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL in

Washington, D.C., the 29th issue of THE BRECKY. I will be happy

to provide names info and scan photos to answer inquiries for

people doing research.



  o 1857 COFFIN-HALL Family Bible with Family Record

Item # 1562193777; Auction ends: Sep-18-02 15:47:19 PDT;

Seller: shiveringofforgottenenemies (Maine)

Leather bound Bible printed by the New York Bible Society,

No. 7 Beekman Street, New York City, 1857. This Bible once

belonged to Mrs. Mary N. HALL, whose name appears in pencil on

the cover leaf and stamped in ink on the first fly leaf.

Mary N. HALL is probably the mother of Margaret S. HALL, born

5 September 1830, who married T. C. COFFIN, born 3 February 1828

whose names are recorded in the family record. The next entry

has been excised, the paper cut away which was the only way of

removing a permanent inked entry. This entry is followed by the

names of four children: Andrew F. COFFIN, born 1 September 1850;

Myra E. COFFIN, born 31 May 1852; Thomas A. COFFIN, born

28 April 1854; and Alice COFFIN, born 12 March 1859. It seems

likely that this Bible remained in Mary HALL's possession and

was eventually passed on to Francine (?) T. HALL LONG (possibly

SONG), based on a pencil notation on the back flyleaf.


  o Rescued from a flea market, 1927 and 1928 yearbooks from

VANDERGRIFT HIGH SCHOOL, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. It

appears that they once belonged to Esther COLEMAN, who was to

graduate in 1930. Both books have writing in them, signatures

and such. All I ask is to be reimbursed for what I paid for

them ($20 each) plus shipping charges. I picked up these books

because the years are so close to the 1930 census date. The 1927

yearbook also includes baby pictures of most of the seniors and

an alumni section, providing information on some of the seniors

from 1902 to 1926. The 1927 yearbook has pulled away from the

binding, but other than that both books are in very good shape.

Out of respect for the original owner, I would like to sell

these books as a set.

                           Mickey Cendrowski


  o 1882 DANIELS Family Bible; Item # 1562511821

Auction ends: Sep-16-02 22:42:44 PDT; Seller:

Elaborate salesman's sample in good condition; no family data

mentioned in description except: "At the very end is a two-sided

stiff page that says 'Family portraits' with four windows per

side for displaying old family photos. There are four 1860s-

1870s era photographs within. I carefully slid them out and

there were names with some dates on the backs. The first is of

a small girl standing, bearing the name of Kittie DANIELS,

1861-March 6, 1888. The second is of a small girl sitting,

Carrie M. DANIELS, born Sept. 16, 1866, died April 10, 1944. The

third is of a young woman, Naomi Gaut DANIELS, born Aug. 12,

1840, died Feb. 12, 1902. The last is of an older man sitting,

bearing the name of William DANIELS (Amos DANIELS' father). The

photos were gently replaced to their original positions after I

examined the backs. Apparently the Bible belonged to this

DANIELS family." [An image of the page with these photos is

with the description.]


  o I have a few pictures that I picked up at an antique store

in Butte, Montana.

  -- Photo of a baby; name on the back says George DU BOISE. It

was taken September 1920 at Parson & (unable to read)

in Butte, Montana.

  -- Postcard photo of a gentleman playing a violin, taken at

KREGEL Photo Parlors in Twin Cities, Minnesota. The postcard is

addressed to Frank E. BARBER, 2419 25th Ave. South, Minneapolis,

Minn. It was never mailed.

  -- Photo of a group of elderly ladies taken at Dorothy

ANDERSON's house in 1954. Names on the back of the photo are

Valeska FRAZIER, Billie DAVIS, Ida MOORE, Ann BRIDGEMAN, Dorothy

ANDERSON, and Loretta BESS.

                          Sandy Rodriguez


  o I have been lucky enough to purchase a scrapbook started in

1937 by Thelma EASON from Garrard, Kentucky. Included in this

scrapbook are some personal letters from Thelma to her mother

after she moved to Indianapolis. There are letters from her

brother and mother included also. I would like to see these

personal items returned to a relative who can tell me Thelma's

married name.

                           Becky Rusher


  o In Evansville, Indiana, I recently acquired a Bible, King

James version, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville,

1989, that was presented to Tyler W. FOREMAN by Mother and Dad.

There is no further information in the Bible. If you wish to

have this Bible, I will send it for postage only.

                                 Darla Buchanan


  o Over the years, I have gathered up numerous old photographs

of people, mostly children, that I would love to reunite with

descendants. They include:

  -- separate photos of Nelson and Ella FROST as children, from

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

  -- Charlotte Haskell SMITH, born March 1893, Charleston, South

Carolina area; and

  -- George Furman ADAMS, born 29 January 1900, Orville, Ohio.

     Provide me details of your family connection and I will

send you the photo.

                          Mel Gamertsfelder


  o I saw this item for sale at eBay and thought you might be

interested. [Editor's Note: Auction ended on

10 September 2002, but the description and probably the images

will remain for several months. One could contact the seller.]

Millis Massachusetts 1953 Navy Wedding negative; Item 2137566407

Auction ends: Sep-10-02 07:00:31 PDT; Seller: ownitagain

About 50 film negatives from the Phyllis HARRIS wedding. Groom

wearing sailor uniform. These are from the estate of a

professional free lance photographer from Boston. These are the

actual negatives, NOT photographs from the negatives.


  o 1790 HARRISON Family Bible; Item # 2139706318

Auction ends: Sep-15-02 17:36:02 PDT; Seller: rds-scottsdale

HARRISON family Bible, printed 1790. Births from 1793 to 1829

include Betsy, James, Jesse, Amzy, Fielding, Martha, Andrew,

Alvin, Cyrus, Susan, Melissa, and Alexander. Also Julie WHEELER,

Susan WHEELER, and Joseph HAMILTON. An old Bible that measures

3.25 x 7 inches; in well-worn condition and missing a bunch of

the beginning pages. Records are on the pages between first part

and psalms. [Editor's Note: In response to my request for more

information, Seller wrote: "I do not know where

the family was from as there is no indication of their location

in the Bible. The item was obtained in Phoenix, Arizona at an

estate sale. There was a good amount of items from Arizona,

Kansas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in the lot (with Arizona being

newest stuff and Pennsylvania being the oldest). My guess is

that they moved west over the years. There were some things from

some towns just south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but that

might be a stretch on where it came from. Bible was printed in

Edinburgh, Scotland which may mean roots in that part of the

world. Bob S."]


  o 1871 HASSELTON-GALLOWAY Family Bible; Item # 1561958255

Auction ends: Sep-14-02 15:18:01 PDT; Seller: myword

Bible published by John E. Potter & Co., Philadelphia, 1871.

Family of Jacob HASSELTON and Annie C. GALLOWAY who were married

in 1854 by the Rev. Dr. Worton. Other names included are BOLTON,


OSBORNE. The last date in it is 1895. Most of the marriages were

in Montgomery, Alabama. There are pages for family pictures;

some of them are labeled but the pictures are missing.


  o 1870 KING Family Bible, New Salem, Mass.; Item 1562199914

Auction ends: Sep-15-02 16:20:13 PDT; Seller: bilra96

Bible published by National Publishing Company, 1870, with

family records of the KING family of New Salem, Massachusetts

from the 1840s to the 1880s. The back of the Bible has a place

for family photos, and the remaining photos show one man, two

women and one girl, three CDV photos and one tintype. In

addition to the genealogy records, there are several papers

tucked into the pages of the Bible. One is a handwritten poem

titled, "Written on the Death of Mrs. Ester DARLING who died in

Chicopee May 23rd 1854 by Laura ALBRO." Marriages list:

John Morrison KING, New Salem, Mass., married to Susan Marion

ALDRICH, Wendell, Mass. Nov. 24th, 1846. Births list Children

of J. M. and S. M. KING, New Salem, Mass. Wellington Leslie KING

born 29 August 1847 and several other children. Deaths start

with the untimely death at four years of age of Wellington

Leslie KING, died 15 September 1851. There is a listing of the

death dates of several other family members.


  o While on a genealogical field trip in West Virginia in late

August 2002, I took a break at an antique mall. Among my finds

was a fascinating photograph (which has aging spots on it) of a

young man in choir robes, mouth open as if singing, holding his

music. On the back it is signed "Sincerely yours, Clarence A.

LANGFORD, Basso, St. Luke's (P.E.) Choir, Atlanta, Georgia." I

was drawn to it because I thought the name was that of an

Episcopal priest I used to know, but upon checking, found it was

not. An Internet check turned up an 8 November 1931 death record

in Fulton County, Georgia and an earlier article in the Atlanta

newspaper announcing the marriage of Clarence Albert LANGFORD to

Mary Ella CHRISTIAN. I will be happy to send the photo to anyone

researching either family for $3 (my cost and postage).

                         Mary Jane Anderson


  o 1885 MAYNE-MULLEN Family Bible; Item # 1561379508

Auction ends: Sep-14-02 18:34:13 PDT; Seller: ricswares

Domestic Bible published by the National Publishing Company,

Philadelphia, 1885. The history of the MAYNE family from western

New York including marriages, births, and deaths. Contains the

original marriage certificate from 1878 for John W. MAYNE and

Phoebe M. MULLEN.


  o I found a photo that my father left at my grandmother's

shortly after discharge from the Korean War. It is a 3x5, black

and white photo of a young man in Army dress. On the back, my

father wrote: Harold MITCHELL, Camp Chaffee, Ark., March 30,

1952. My father enlisted from Trezevant, Tennessee and returned

to the Carroll / Weakley County areas of Tennessee at discharge.

My uncle thinks this man was from he same area. I would gladly

mail it to a family member.



  o At a flea market on Labor Day weekend 2002, I purchased the

following antique photos that I would like to return to family:

  -- Agnes C. MOEN, taken in Portland, Maine. Her age looks to

be about 20 years old. The photo is dated December 1885. Given

to her friend Lizzie.

  -- Ellen Hart TRUE. Her age appears to be about five. I guess

the photo is from around 1900? and taken in Portland, Maine.

  -- Evelyn Mae BRIGGS. Her age is five months and the photo is

dated 8/5/1904 [5 August 1904] and was with a lot of photos

from Portland, Maine. On the back is written "Aunt Emma and

Uncle Walter."

  -- Almena STEVENS. Her age appears to be 16 and I guess the

photo is from around 1890 and taken in Portland, Maine.

                             Jay Cary


  o 1835 MOORE Family Bible; Seller: weapdalep (Quebec, Canada)

Item # 1562223872; Auction ends: Sep-18-02 18:01:16 PDT

This Bible was printed by George Eyre & Andrew Spottiswoode for

the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1835, London. Leather,

8.5" x 5.5", 959 pages, not illustrated. There is an interesting

1836 handwritten testimonial to George MOORE on the inside front

cover, intended as a letter of introduction from the Rector of

Kettlestone, Norfolk, England to the church Mr. MOORE would

attend on his arrival in North America.


  o My husband recently purchased a box of items at a garage

sale and it included these:

  -- Certificate from Madison School of Davenport, Iowa to

Margaret O'CONNOR for being "Neither Tardy nor Absent," dated

June 1911.

  -- Certificate of first communion for Angela O'CONNOR in St.

Mary's Church, Davenport, Iowa in 1902.

  -- First communion certificate for Urban O'CONNOR in 1906.

  -- First communion certificate for John O'CONNOR in 1906.

  -- First communion certificate for Ernest Peter BAELE at St.

Joseph's Church in 1910.

     If you are interested in any of these, please e-mail me.

                                   Belinda Loomis


  o I have a scribbler-type notebook owned by a great-aunt by

marriage, Helen D. OLIVER, who was born in Galt, Waterloo

County, Ontario, Canada, and married my great-uncle George

ROBERTSON. She used it as a scrapbook. Most of the clippings are

poems but some are births, deaths, or marriages. I've been able

to deduce how some of the people were related to Helen, but

assume some were just friends. I've not been able to find out

much about Helen's genealogy. Perhaps someone will find the

following helpful (none of the clippings is dated, or has the

name of the newspaper; the notebook is dated 1899):

  -- clippings pertaining to the death of George J. DUNCAN, in

his 50th year; Mr. DUNCAN was at one time the Sheriff of

Welland County, Ontario. Brothers-in-law were Mr. CAMPBELL of

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Mr. WILLIAMSON of Cleveland, Ohio;

also, an announcement of his marriage to Miss Sibelia Lowell

GREEN, granddaughter of Mrs. William LOWELL, on Dec. 4, 1888,

in Niagara Falls, Ontario; birth announcement of a son, no

name given, on Nov. 2 (no year).

  -- clippings pertaining to the death of George Veitch MOORE

in Galt, Ontario.

  -- clipping on the death of Wm. H. OLIVER, in his 42nd year;

son of Andrew OLIVER; Galt, Ontario.

  -- clippings about the death of Andrew OLIVER, and about the

sale of his property; aged 90, born in Northumberland, England,

Aug. 17, 1814 (so he must have died about 1904); son of Wm.

OLIVER and Elsbeth HUTSON; Galt, Ontario.

  -- marriage announcement for Miss Fannie Quest OLIVER and

Mr. Scott BLACKWOOD of Galt; in Elora, Ontario.

  -- marriage announcement for Miss Fannie Amelia MANNING to

Mr. Charles Edward BROWN on April 20, 1905 in Toronto, Ontario.

Residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

  -- clipping about Rev. R. E. KNOWLES of Knox Church, Galt,


  -- marriage announcement for Miss Mamie WISSLER, daughter of

J. R. WISSLER, Salem, Ontario, and Rev. Hedley V. THOMPSON,

New Market, Ontario.

  -- marriage announcement for Miss Louisa H. SMITH, second

daughter of Rev. Thomas SMITH, and Rev. Edward Hely MOLONY,

incumbent of Erin, Ontario.

  -- clipping about Mr. John R. WISSLER's election as Warden

of Wellington County, Ontario.

  -- marriage announcement for Miss Mary Elizabeth OLIVER to

Mr. Frederick George ALLENBY in Clifton Springs, New York.

  -- clippings about the death of Miss Jean SUTHERLAND in

Rock Bay, British Columbia; she had been head nurse at the

Galt Hospital.

  -- clipping about the death of Mrs. Helen DUNCAN, relict of

the late Sheriff George J. DUNCAN, in Welland, Ontario. Daughter

of George BIGGAR of Elora, Ontario. Married to Mr. DUNCAN in

1861. Two sons, George W. DUNCAN of Toronto, and Alfred DUNCAN

of New York City. (This lady appears to have been the aunt of

my great-aunt.) Her sister was a Mrs. Robt. BEST, possibly of

Galt or Welland. I think she may have been the second Mrs.

DUNCAN -- see above info on George DUNCAN.

  -- clipping about the death of Mrs. R. F. MACDONALD, who

appears to have been my great-aunt's sister. Nowhere in the

obituary is her given name mentioned. Her brothers were Andrew

and Robert OLIVER, of Galt, and another sister, Mrs. Scott

BLACKWOOD of British Columbia (see marriage announcement above).

  -- clipping headlined "Mendelssohn Choir to Give Toronto-

Written War Song" (this appears to be WWII vintage) with photos

of Rex LE LACHEUR (born in Guernsey), the composer, and

Marguerite PENMAN, the lyricist.

     These clippings were glued in, and are very dark yellow in

colour, but I'll be happy to photocopy them for anyone

interested, and would also love to hear from anyone connected

to my great-aunt's family.

                                  Liz Brown


  o At a postcard show held near Dulles Airport outside of

Washington, D.C., I purchased the following photo postcards:

  1. Young child standing in wicker chair. On reverse, Jeanne

Harriet SPERRY, 18 months old, June 15, 1909. (For Aunt Jane)

  2. Two young boys standing hand in hand. On reverse, Rolland

GIBBS and Orland GIBBS.

  3. Woman holding laughing baby. On reverse, Anita Alice

HURLBURT, age 7 months.

  4. Two little girls standing side by side. On reverse, Two of

Cora GROSSes granddaughters Captola and Cora.

  5. Little blond boy standing in chair. On reverse, addressed

to Aunt Margart. Wilfred F. KENNEDY, 2 yrs., 10 mo. 1919.

  6. Little boy. On reverse, addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H.

WARREN, 124 S. Front St., Beatina (looks like), Nebr. On

Message portion -- Mr. and Mrs. John WESTEN, 2162 Pine St., San

Francisco, Calif. March 14-19-15 John Edwin WESTEN, 2 years 10

mo. (Name could be WESTER).

  7. Man holding infant. On reverse, Catherine CALLAHAN.

  8. Sitting baby. On reverse, Dorothy Leenora CRUTCHER, Five

months old. Born Nov. 15 - 1915.

  9. Little girl with long curls feeding chickens. On reverse,

Mildred MYERS, Turbotville (looks like), Pa. (Paradise). Now

Mrs. Harry KUHUS (spelling?), Williamsport, Pa.

 10. Smiling woman and baby on bench. On reverse, addressed to

Mrs. Barney TERMELIGER (spelling?), Cheyenne Wells, Colorado.

Postmarked 1908 signed by Estelle EDWARDS. Speaks of a trip to

Crystal Lake Park.

 11. Woman with standing baby. On reverse, Mrs. Joseph WIGGINS

and Daughter.

 12. Baby sitting in ornate chair. On reverse, Leo Forrest

GREENWOOD, Age 10 1/2 mo. Dated Dec. 18, 1915.

 13. Seated woman with little girl. On reverse, Mrs. SWEGAM and

Daughter Edna.

 14. Tombstone. Photo rather faded but looks like KERSTETTER

across the top of the tombstone. Written below, William J. 1887

(or 1867) -- other dates not clear. Beneath William's name –-

Emma L., his wife 18_8. Nothing on reverse side.

     I am hoping to reunite these cards with family members.

Asking $1 each (price I paid) plus postage.

                              Jan Dozier


  o More eBay antique photos. To view them, enter item number in

the search box. Items that have expired can still be viewed and

the sellers can be contacted.

                                 Mary W. Hurst

  -- Item # 2134951610  Sarah J. STEPHENS. Civil War era.

  -- Item # 2135072339  Helen Kathryn DAUGHERTY, 3 months old,

weighs 15 lbs., presumably of the New York metropolitan area as

the studio is Sol YOUNG of New York. I'm guessing this was taken

between 1900 and 1920.

  -- Item # 2134952111  Julia E SHERINAN(?) dated June 26 1873.

Photo taken in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

  -- Item # 2134956592  Ranie/Rosie E. DAYTON, music graduate,

dated June 26, 1873 Identification appears to be in the same

handwriting as item above. Taken in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

  -- Item # 2134958819  Mrs. Maggie DAVIS (only identification)

  -- Item # 2134960608  Ida COOLEY (only identification)

  -- Item # 2134400840  J. B. HARNER, Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Photo was taken by A. M. ALLEN in Pottsville, ca. 1870-74

Item # 2136220244  Frank and Billy LAUER, firefighters, Kane,

Pennsylvania, late 1800's. (Two photos)

  -- Item # 2136397586  Mr. & Mrs. Ed GASHAW. Photo was taken by

CHASE in Denver, Colorado, circa 1892.

  -- Item # 2136398227  James McGUHON Seller thinks the surname

may be McGUINN and the author of the note on the back spelled it

phonetically.) Photo was taken by CHALFANT in Beaver Falls,

Pennsylvania, circa 1885-92.

  -- Item # 2136398951  Mrs. G. A. DAVIS of 22 E. Brookline St.

Photos taken by BUSHBY in Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1888-91.

  -- Item # 2136426448 John JENKINS of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Typed note on back states that he is the son of Joseph and Tacy

(MARTINDALE) JENKINS and a descendant of Abigail, daughter of

Phineas PEMBERTON. (Civil War era 1/6th plate ambrotype)

  -- Item # 2136055252  Nate Gregory TRASK with daughters, Sarah

and Della. Taken by J. W. HOOT, Morning Sun, Iowa, circa 1887-90

  -- Item # 2136056549  Jennie McLOUTHLIN. Photo was taken in

January 1888 by BOSWICK in New York City.

  -- Item # 2136057533  Clara Onieta VAUGHT, 3 years, 8 months

old. Possibly the daughter of Dr. H. M. VAUGHT, Allison,

Illinois. Photo was taken in November 1885.

  -- Item # 2136057982  Grandpa & Ma HOUSER. Photo was taken by

LENNEY, Newport, Pennsylvania, circa 1888-1891.

  -- Item # 2136058592  Nellie ALWELL, Mayme HYNES, and Lize.

Taken by AUSTIN & DOWNHAM, Nashville, Tennessee, circa 1893-96.

  -- Item # 2136059483  Ray FOWLER. Taken by CHURCHLEY,

Portland, Oregon, circa 1899-1903.

  -- Item # 2136062141  Eva BOREN, "Degel daughter, Katherine's

niece." Taken by D. Perry EVANS, Portland, Oregon, circa 1915-20

  -- Item # 2136527682  Maurice J. LEONARD, born July 1st 1888,

age 3 months, 14 days. Photographer TAGGARD, Lynn, Massachusetts

  -- Item # 2135446706  Nancy KAIGHN. Note on back states:

"Connected to the MATTACKs through the COLES, I think. An old

friend of Asa MATTACK."


  o 1861 STEVENS-DOOLITTLE-KIPP Family Bible, Windsor, New York

Item # 1561795420; Auction ends: Sep-16-02 17:15:50 PDT


Polyglot Bible, published by The American Tract Society, New

York, 1861. Extensive Family Record section with many entries

beginning with Reuben STEVENS, born 18 February 1801, and

including many STEVENS, such as Marcus, Susan, Adelia, Jessie,

John, Charles, and Marshall. Also includes Dulcy DOOLITTLE,

born 27 August 1806 and two KIPP family members, Aaron KIPP,

born 27 November 1820 and Dulcy A. KIPP, born 30 August 1855.

Reuben STEVENS lived to the age of 91 and is buried in DOOLITTLE

CEMETERY in Windsor, New York. His gravestone lists him as a

Reverend. The Bible also includes some Family Record information

from a smaller Bible, listing other STEVENS and BLATCHELEY

information. Also Liva D. CLENDENING.


  o I have some letters to share with Arkansas historical

societies. I have two written and sent from Perry Smith, one

from Hot Springs, two from Swan Lake, and two from Little Rock.

They were written in 1903 by Porter Hall TUTTLE of Boone County,

Missouri. I just sent copies of his earlier letters to several

Oklahoma historical societies, and will make copies for the

Arkansas folks.

                             Anita Thomas


  o 1841 UPHAM-BLANCHARD-EMMONS Family Bible; Item # 1562199764

Auction ends: Sep-15-02 16:19:13 PDT; Seller: bilra96

The Cottage Bible and Family Expositor, printed in Hartford,

Connecticut, 1841. Between the Old and the New Testaments there

are four pages of genealogy from the UPHAM Family Records,

starting with: Marriages; Alfred UPHAM married to Dulcena

BLANCHARD 27 June 1841; also marriages for George UPHAM and

Rena EMMONS, Gilbert UPHAM and Cora EMMONS, and others. Births

start with Alfred UPHAM born March 1814, and list 11 births up

to Pauline UPHAM born 21 June 1904. Deaths list starts with

Alfred UPHAM died 12 March 1844, Dulcena UPHAM BARRETT died

14 January 1882, and several more up to Alfred EMMONS UPHAM

died 17 February 1931. The cover of the Bible is leather and

has gold embossed letters spelling out the name Alfred UPHAM.

There are many newspaper clippings and other items tucked into

the pages of this Bible; most are from Waterbury, Connecticut;

a few are from New Haven, Connecticut.


  o I would like to find owners for these old photos.

  -- One is a little boy holding a stuffed toy and dressed in a

warm fuzzy outfit. It is in a cardboard frame that has written

"Happy Birthday to Betty Jo from Carl ZIMMERMAN, June 20, 1934."

     The others are 4 postcard type pictures that came together.

They are all baby pictures.

  -- One is addressed to Mrs. John McGARVEY, Le mens, Maine. It

is a picture of a baby girl with very big eyes. The

correspondence reads, "Here is the baby picture she is two

months old to a day. Catherine Victoria SHIELDS."

  -- Another card has a photo of a woman holding a baby; the

woman appears to be in her early thirties or late twenties. She

is sitting in a chair in what appears to be a shed; there is

what appears to be an old buggy behind her. It is not addressed

to anyone but the back reads, "This is Lois, age 6 months and 3

weeks. How are you this summer. from Verda."

  -- The third card is a picture of a baby in a beautiful ornate

wicker chair. The back reads, "Born March 27, '96 and he is two

month and." The address side reads, "From Edwin McPHERSON to Ant


  -- The last photo is a picture of a baby about 8-10 months

old, sitting in a chair on a front porch. Nothing is written on

the back.

     I don't know if these are from the same family or not; I

got them from eBay. If any of these are yours, you may have

them. E-mail me at and I will send them

to you. I want nothing for them, only to see that they return

to their families.

                    Jolynn Noel Winland


                    *    *    *    *    *



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  o I have Viola BUSHEY's bracelet. It is old, possibly from

the 1920s, but I'm not sure. It is gold filled with her name

engraved on it. Underneath, the initials GRL are also engraved.

It has little monetary value, only sentimental. I paid $8 for

it at an estate sale. I will return it to the family for what I

paid plus shipping.



  o Items seen at a flea market in Des Moines, Iowa:

Group I. Pictures. The dealer said they were purchased together.

Those with identification seem to be from around Braddyville,

Page County, in far southwestern Iowa, right on the state line

with Missouri (Nodaway County). There are few names, but some

have comments.

  1. Braddyville High School, taken Sept. 23, 1910 -- a group of

20 people some of whom are likely teachers.

  2. Postcard dated Dec. 28, 1914; addressed to Mrs. Vangie

DILTS, Braddyville, Ia. "This is a pictures of James MARCY and

myself. It was taken in the Prairie Bell church when it was

decorated for a harvest home entertainment." (signed) Burt. It

shows two men playing violins.

  3. Postcard picture of three very well dressed people -- two

men and one woman, on horseback. The woman in wearing a long

riding dress, and the men are in suits. Taken May 12, 1912 "I am

the one in the foreground. The lady in the picture is my sister.

This picture was taken in Missouri" Not addressed or signed.

  4. A lovely young woman, nicely dressed, dated Dec. 24, 1919.

  5. A young man and woman, nicely dressed, on the front stoop

of a board house. "Floyd and Madge taken up on Hills Claim last


  6. A group of children about ages 8-10 with a woman: "This is

my Sunday school Class and myself taken in our field near our

sugar bush and peach orchard. I had to cut the card to get it in

the envelope." Then it says Ella MARTIN, but it is unclear if it

is the writer or the recipient.

  7. An envelope with about 30 negatives addressed to Vangie

MARTIN, Braddyville, Iowa, no date, from Day & Night Studio,

Sedalia, Missouri. A variety of people, several farm scenes;

One is of two men in front of "SCHAEFERS CAFÉ Meals, Ice Cream,

Drinks." The same two men in front of what might be the same

Café, but a sign says "Tyler Brothers Ice Cream." Another of a

woman in front of a brick  wall on which a sign says "Pearline.

The Modern Soap."

  8. A picture of a field and farmstead taken July 1908.

    The rest are unmarked in any way. One is a lovely picture

of three girls ages about 9, 5, and 3. Others include an elderly

couple, three elderly men (taken in Los Angeles, California),

several of children. Also with the pictures is a brochure for

the fall 1933 semester of Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar

Falls, Iowa, addressed to Miss Ruby MARTIN, Route 4, Clarinda,

Ia. (Clarinda is in Page County, north of Braddyville.)

  Group II: Two autograph books, one in the shape of a fan, the

other about 3x5. Dates Dec. 1879 to June 1881. It appears they

belonged to Ella BALDWIN of Venango, Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Signers: Your Sister Flora, Arthur HUNTLEY, Bert HUBBELL,


  Group III: Two "Memory Albums" high school mementos 1935-1938

and senior memories 1938-39 of Rosemary COSTELLO, given to her

by Margaret MONOHAN; school was ST. FRANCIS ACADEMY, Council

Bluffs, Iowa. Contains cards, party invitations, report card

June 4, 1937, graduation announcement 1939.

     The dealer said his computer is down so if interested,

contact me and I will help you get in touch with him.

                                  Joyce Brown


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  o 1871 DAVIS, Clifton Park, New York, Diary; Item # 907384277

Auction ends: Sep-23-02 19:48:29 PDT; Seller: diaries

Small diary (3" x 5") completely full with daily handwritten

messages. On the front page is written, "Mr. Nathan S. DAVIS

book, Clifton Park, N.Y." He seems to be a normal boy who helps

around the home, goes to school, farms, etc., but starting

around the middle of January he becomes very sick with Typhoid

fever and on Sat. Jan. 14 writes, "My folks went to Troy. I

stayed at home, was not feeling very well. Told them to stop

and see the Dr. but they did not. I did not feel any better when

they came home, had the nose bleed." Jan. 15 1871, "Did not feel

any better, sent for the Dr. said I was threatened with the

Typhoid fever, thought he could break it." The next several days

he continues to write about his sickness, the visitors, Dr.

coming, and how high his fever is getting. Jan. 23rd 1871, "Dr.

came, Mr. VAN HOVES and Levi and Mel came. Took a morphine

powder for the first, rested very very good." Feb. 6, 1871, "Mr.

and Mrs. WORDING came. The Dr. came this evening, said he did

not know how long the fever would run." Feb. 19, 1871 "Had my

pants on today for the first time. William SMITH came to see me,

he fetched my school books." Feb. 22, 1871 "This morning I

dressed myself for the first and walked without help."

Feb. 28, 1871 "The Dr. came here to see Sarah, he said she had

the Rheumatic fever."


  o GOSLIN-PIERCE Family Bible, Augusta, Massachusetts

Item # 1564680909; Auction ends: Sep-26-02 14:31:11 PDT


I [seller] can't find a publisher. It mentions a U.S. Centennial

Commission with awards won, last date mentioned is 1899, last

copyright date is 1890. Contains information for GOSLIN, PIERCE

of Augusta, Massachusetts, married 1883, with references to

earlier dates. Six sepia colored pictures in photo album.

[Editor's Note: The description has images of the six photos.]


  o 1825 GROAT-PUFFER Bible, Cooperstown, N.Y.; Item 1564718372

Auction ends: Sep-29-02 17:03:44 PDT

Bible published by H. & E. Phinney in Cooperstown, New York,

dated 1825. Contains family history data for the GROAT and

PUFFER families. The earliest entry is 1795 and the latest is

1846. It looks like someone tried to erase some of the family

history but it can still be read. [Editor's Note: Following is

my transcription of the image of one page of records.]

Lewis GROAT was Born April the 15th 1795

Arvilla GROAT was Born July the 18, 1790?

Maryann GROAT was Born September the 26, 1819

Elizabeth GROAT was Born March the 7, 1821

Murray? GROAT was Born June the 4, 1823

Charles Simon GROAT was Born September the 5, 1825

[The second column of information was too faded for me to read.]


  o In a second-hand book purchased recently, the following

documents were found:

  -- State of New York, County of Clinton, 19th June 1914; HAGAR

to CRETE, Assignment of Mortgage, Book 77, page 649. Susan M.

HAGAR and Luther HAGAR, exec. of Albert HAGAR. Two thousand

lawful money of the United States of America to in hand paid by

I. CRETE and Sons (i.e., Gilford D. CRETE and Arthur CRETE ...

"an Indenture of Mortgage bearing date 22nd of Nov 1907 Edwin H.

HEATH and Lucy R. HEATH.

  -- Clinton County Clerk's Office, Plattsburgh, N.Y.:

Satisfaction and Discharge of Mortgage bearing date 22nd of May

1907 Edwin H. and Lucy R. HEATH Ex of Albert HAGAR to I CRETE

and Sons Book 77, Page 649. Dated the 14 day of January 1919

and signed by Clinton Co. Clerk.

                               Shirley G.


  o I have three cards of the type that is handed out to those

attending funerals:

  -- Robert R. HAMM, born 27 March 1933 St. Joseph, Missouri;

died 4 January 1996 Emporia, Kansas.

  -- Vernon Edward BERRY, born 21 December 1927 Woods County,

Oklahoma; died 20 November 1996 Rockaway Beach, Missouri.

  -- Willard F. KENNEDY, born 10 March 1923 Emmett, Kansas;

died 4 March 1999, Garnett, Kansas.

    I would be happy to send any of these to someone who can

show kinship. E-mail me with "Funeral card" in the subject line.



  o At an antique shop here in San Diego I picked up a photo

(4" x 6.5") which was made at H. Schumacher Studio, 186 William

St., Newark, New Jersey. It portrays a middle-aged man, who has

curly hair with a wave in the center which tries to hide his

approaching baldness. He has a handle-bar moustache and is

wearing a heavy suit, rolled collar, with a gold chain attached

to a watch in the vest pocket, white shirt and collar. On the

reverse side is written in pencil: Mrs. Frank HOELLE, 522 Cen

Ave., Newark, New Jersey. Other meaningless (to me) markings-

Agt to 141, B5, My93t461. The 93 might indicate the year the

photo was taken. I assume that the man is Frank HOELLE. The shop

has other photos which might be of the same family since they

show New Jersey markings. I will be glad to mail to anyone who

can establish a probable relationship.

                              John D. Bentz


  o I look for items from Woburn, Massachusetts and ran across

this high school class ring from 1938. I asked the seller if it

was engraved with a name, and he noted that there were initials

"E.M.H." The reference librarian in Woburn found two names in

the Class of 1938 with these initials, both women: Edna Mae



1938 High School Ring, Woburn, Massachusetts, 10K, Size 7

Item #714691044; Seller: drac

Auction ends: Sep-23-02 09:34:00 PDT;


  o While on business in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, a

friend and customer of my husband gave me the Bible described

below to try to find a family to which it might mean something.

It was found in her husband's store after he died some years

ago (Newsom Oil). I have no interest in this particular Bible

other than finding a related family who would want to have it,

only for the cost of postage or UPS delivery.

    The Bible is The People's Standard Edition of the Holy Bible

printed by WM. Garretson & Co. (sold by subscription only)

66 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "Entered

according to Act of Congress in the year 1876 by Bradley & Co."

The family information includes the birth dates of E. H. KINKER

(1830) and Lucy KINKER (1832) and their children, beginning with

Sarah Alice in 1855 and ending with James Emmett in 1878. The

last death listed is that of Mary E. BOWEN (her married name,

surely, as there is a Mary E. listed in the KINKER births). In

addition, there are letters from Southside Virginia (Petersburg

and Ebony) and several pictures, some of which have names

written on the back. There are also several newspaper clippings

that might prove of interest, particularly the obituary of

Fitzhugh L. BOWEN.

                            Lynda de Nijs


  o I saw the following nice photos for sale at an antique shop

in Benicia, California:

  -- La Contessa de MICHELLE, 964 Ashbury, San Francisco, 17,

Calilfornia, dealer's #6381, $7.50.

  -- Mildred WARNER, baby picture, dealer KMP138, $7.00.

  -- Bertha FOOTE a child, Henry's daughter, Guy's niece,

Birmingham Alabama, dealer KMP140.

    I know nothing further. If interested, please contact the

store directly: Kindred Spirits Antiques, 632 First St.,

Benicia, California 94510; phone 707-745-6533.



  o 1865 Hezekiah MORGAN Family Bible; Item # 907963691

Auction ends Sep-24-02 10:38:57 PDT; Seller:

Leather bound family Bible published by American Bible Society,

New York, 1865. It contains a dedication on one of the end pages

and MORGAN family dates in the family record and noted on the

end pages at the rear of the book. The earliest date recorded is

the birth of Hezekiah MORGAN, born Feb. 8th 1817,

died March 26th 1882. [Editor's Note: There is an image of two

pages of records but I was unable to enlarge it enough to read.]


  o I rescued two items from a yard sale in Indianapolis,

Indiana, and would like to reunite them with descendants. I

would like cost of items and postage which most likely will be

$3-$6, depending on preferred method of mailing.

  -- Photo of an older gentleman and a young boy about 10 years

old. The 5x7 photo appears to be a copy of an original. On the

back is written: Line 1: "Toots PRYOR WALLS"; Line 2: "Grandpa

BOWMAN Mom PRYOR"; Line 3: "Dad"; Line 4: "Ben BOWMAN"; Line 5:

"John H. LESTER son of Toots"; Line 6: "1947"

  -- Diploma with photo from the Royal Beauty Academy awarded

to Alene BRIDGES on April 6, 1940. According to the person who

had these items, this diploma was obtained at an estate auction.

He was told that this individual had no heirs. Maybe there is at

least a niece or nephew who might want this.

                                 Dianna Cooper


  o There is a beautiful leather photograph album in the shape

of a box with a lid in the "Golden Memories" store in Dahlonega,

Georgia. There were several photographs in the album in

excellent condition. The price is $65. The inscription states:

"Edna RAWSON with love of Ida NEWTON, August 9, 1887." I was

with a bus group and had no time to research further. The owners

of the store are Mary & Don Miller at 770-536-8337, or e-mail: This would be a priceless find for some

family member.

                          Victoria Wanzer


  o 1849 REED Family Bible, Matamoras, Dauphin County, Penn.

Item # 1564491284; Auction ends: Sep-25-02 19:24:27 PDT

Seller: mr.books

Bible published by Jesper Harding, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

1849. James REED of Matamoras, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, was

the original owner. The family record section notes his marriage

to Julia A. STEES three years previous (1846?). The birth

sections give the couple's ages, his being 27 and hers 29.

According to the family record section, a son William was born

to them the year the Bible was published (1849). Another son,

John, was born the next year (1850). James REED's death is

recorded three years later when he was only 31 (1852?).

[Editor's Note: The parenthetical years are my guesses after

attempting to fathom the seller's prose, here abbreviated.]


  o I have an original newspaper clipping with four pictures

from the June 10, 1984 edition of THE TIMES from Shreveport,

Louisiana, about the family reunion of the descendants of

William Dade SCOTT (who died in 1944) and Bertha SCOTT (who

died in 1975). The story says that there were originally 12

SCOTT children (names given: Billy, Eunice, Crump, Clifford,

Jesse, Wilburn, Elsie, Odell, J. D., and Floyd). Other surnames

given are WOOTEN, STEWART, FARRINGTON, and GOODMAN. I would be

happy to send the clipping to the person who can show the

closest kinship to this family. Please e-mail me and put "Scott

Family Reunion" in the subject line.



  o There is a first edition (1880) "History of Wayne County"

[Pennsylvania] by Phineas Goodrich inscribed "Frederick Rockwell

SCUDDER from Grandma ROCKWELL, Aug. 6, 1916" available at

                                  [Submitted by]


  o SHERWOOD Family Bible; Item # 1563129370

Auction ends: Sep-22-02 19:21:51 PDT; Seller: cyndinmarianne

This Bible contains birth, marriage, and death records of


1969. Included with this bible are two Certificates of Promotion

for James Elias SHERWOOD (born 1869, died 1912) from Suffern

High School, Town of Ramapo, Rockland County, New York, dated

1908 and 1913. There is also a[n unidentified] photo [of three

women with their hair up and wearing white or light-colored,

long-sleeved, high-necked, full-skirted long dresses, standing

together in a yard] that was found in the Bible. [Editor's Note:

In response to a request for more information, seller responded the Bible does not indicate

the location of the family. The earliest record is of the birth

of James Elias SHERWOOD, 12 June 1869. who married Etta SNIDER

(born 5 March 1871, died 27 September 1942). "Their children and

who they married, surnames: BOOTH, OSBORNE, SCOTT, & BROWN. We

know that James Elias SHERWOOD was living in Rockland County,

New York for at least part of his childhood, due to the

Certificates of Promotion found in the Bible. We have had this

Bible for some time now. I believe we bought it at an antique

Store in Colorado Springs; that is not much help, because we

find things from all over the country at the antique stores."


  o STETTLER-MILLHOF Family Bible; Item # 1564499521

Auction ends: Sep-25-02 19:53:42 PDT; Seller: allister

Bible published by John B. Perry, Leary & Getz, Philadelphia and

Walker, Medairy, John Cushing & Co., Baltimore. Four pages of

handwritten family records of the John STETTLER and MILLHOF

family. This Bible has no date, but the family records begin

in 1827.


  o 1881 SWARTLEY Family Bible; Item # 1563264790

Auction ends: Sep-23-02 14:21:04 PDT  Seller: reasoning

Bible published by A. J. Holman & Co., No. 1020 Arch Street,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1881. Records of SWARTLEY family of

Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The first "certifies that the rite

of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between William R. SWARTLEY of

New Britain and Sallie NUEBACH (?) of East Perkiomen on

December 11th A. D. 1880 at Lansdale . . ." The last entry is

an 1972 death record.


  o I have a land deed dated March 2, 1877 that belonged to

George M. WALTERS and his wife Fanny A. WALTERS. It is for six

acres of land near Washington Corners and San Jose Road in

Alameda County, California. I will be happy to send it to

anyone who can prove they are related, or a copy to anyone who

might be related.

                               Linda Wells


  o While searching for my family tree, I found old WHITE family

papers from 1870-1890 in a German Bible. Aaron WHITE and Samuel

WHITE are mentioned. Eight children are also mentioned. Some is

written in English and some in German. I live in Schuylkill

County, Pennsylvania. I don't know where this Bible came from or

how it came to my mother's second husband whose surname was

LUTE. Actually, it was his mother's Bible and her maiden name

was WAGNER. I scanned the pages and if anyone from this WHITE

family would like a copy of the scan, please e-mail me.

                               Joanne Vaughn


  o 1881 WHITTEMORE Diary, Amherst and Leicester, Massachusetts

Item # 907377513; Auction ends: Sep-26-02 19:19:28 PDT


1881 diary of Joseph Sidney WHITTEMORE of Leicester, Mass.,

a student at the Massachusetts Agricultural College.


  o On display at a Cracker Barrel in Fort Worth, Texas:

Original wedding certificate and frame for John R. WHITTEN of

Burnham, Maine and Mary A. GILLEY, Augusta, Maine, married in

Amity, Maine on 3 September 1881. Witnessed by Ada and Helen

MORELEN with G. A. MORELEN officiating. If this is your family,

e-mail specifics with WHITTEN CERTIFICATE in the subject line.

                                Dee Dee King


  o 1931 Handwritten Travel Diary; Item # 715551258

Auction ends: Sep-28-02 18:26:24 PDT; Seller: lolantiques

Handwritten diary of a trip to Ireland, England, and France in

1931, written by S. Edwina WHYTE of St. George, Ontario, Canada.

The book is more than half full, with July 6 to August 20 filled

out. The entries are long and descriptive. . . I believe that

Miss WHYTE was a teacher.


  o 1933-42 [WHYTE?] Handwritten Diaries, New York City

Item # 715566690; Auction ends: Sep-28-02 18:54:49 PDT

Seller: lolantiques

Two handwritten diaries (1933-1942) written by a nurse (or

companion) to the wealthy socialites of New York City. There are

two five-year diaries with most entries complete. The writer was

a Canadian who became a U.S. citizen during this time. [Seller

thinks she was a sister of S. Edwina WHYTE who wrote the 1931

travel diary described above.] She writes of Hitler, Mussolini,

and the "situation in Europe." One entry "Hitler must be mad."

The attack on Pearl Harbor is entered. There are also bits on

New York politics. Throughout most of the diaries, she was a

nurse (or companion, but she mentions working in a hospital) to

Mrs. GULLIVER of 1148 5th Ave., NYC. I [seller] did a little

research, and there is a Mrs. William C. GULLIVER (same address)

listed in the 1930 Blue Book of New York Society. She also

mentions Ashbel GULLIVER (and has entries from New Haven,

Connecticut), who a Dean of Law at Yale. Among the many names

mentioned are: Carol VANDERBILT, Mrs. SHELDON, Mrs. Frederick

LEE, Mrs. CAULFIELD, and Belle RUSSELL. April 5, 1937: "When

reporters began to arrive fast, I sent post-haste for Mr.

GULLIVER, a most unpleasant affair." She attended numerous plays

and names the stage stars. She attended movies such as "GWTW"

["Gone With the Wind"] in 1939 and "Dumbo."


  o I have a Social Security application form for Walter Hoyt

WILEY, born 4 March 1874 in Peoria, Illinois. Parents were

Harrison E. WILEY and Hortense I. DUNLAP. I would be happy to

send this form to a relative.

                          Julie Barnard


  o I have a book titled WINKLER'S HISTORY, written about 1909

by W. S. MYERS. It is a history of descendants of John WINKLER,

who lived in Green Township, Wayne County, Ohio from 1814 to

1886. I also have a book titled MYERS HISTORY, written about the

same time by the same person, a successful Texas businessman.

Please e-mail me for further information.

                               Marilyn Brown


  o I have an 8 x 10 photo of my father and his crew in front of

their airplane (a bomber) at Pyote Air Force Base, Pecos, Texas,

in 1943. These names are listed on the back (as written):

Albert S. ZUIDEMA, 53 Union St. Athol, Mass;

Woodrow W. YOUNG, Kershaw, S.C.;

J. L. TYREE, (my father) 4202 Nevada Ave., Nashville, Tennessee;

Edward O. BAILEY, Jr., 1669 Peach Ave., Memphis, Tennessee;

John R. KETSCHAER (The K might be an R or an N), 240 N. Central

    Ave., Chicago, Illinois;

Harold K. HALE, Antwerp, NY;

Kenneth L. BOULIER, P.O., Albion, Maine;

Ralph W. BOUCHER, 426 S. 58 W. Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma;

John L. JACKSON Jr., Gibsonburg, Ohio;

Bernard K. MASONHEIMER, RFD #2, Manatee, Florida.

    I can only read the last two numbers of the plane's number,

47, and the words "Our Baby" and a pinup girl are painted on the

side of the plane.

                              Judy Bean


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  o I purchased some old AMERICAN RIFLEMAN magazines looking for

a family photograph and would like to share the others I found.

  -- From February 1934, Lilllian S. CHASE and H.D. SHIERMAN

  -- From June 1934, the USRA "Senior League" Division team


A.L. SEABURY. Also the Greenwich, Connecticut Revolver Club;


Elliot JONES. Also the Findlay Rifle and Pistol Club from Ohio,

the Ohio state champions; O.M. FRIDDELL, F.J. TRAUCHT, H.L.





SIMPSON, B. McELHENY. Also single pictures of Randle THURMAN and

John B. ADAMS from Fresno, California and Miss Emily Paxton

MARSHALL from the University of Missouri.

  -- From January 1932, the La Crosse Legion team of Ernest

WOJAHN, Leslie OSGARD, Art RENNER, and R.E. BUCHANAN. Also the

Westchester County Police team (NY?) of Joseph F. RIVERS, Lieut.

Andrew S. DERBY, E.F. MITCHELL, Howard BUCHANAN, Doctor H.A.

BAYLES, James E. MURRAY, Col. John J. DOOLEY, Doctor William B.

SHORT, Capt. Karl T. FREDERICK and John F. MURPHY. The New

Rochelle police #1 team of W. KIRCHOFF, L. CONDON, and C. LITZ

  -- From December 1932, the Los Angeles police pistol team of


was the coach, and J.J. ENGBRECHT. Also Dominion of Canada

Individual small bore rifle champions Lawrence A. WILKENS of the

USA and John W. GIFFEN of the USA. Also the Washington DC police


and B.T. BEAN. The Washington National Guard team of Major I.W.



The Baltimore police team of J. WALSTRUM, T. DUNN, Lt. J.C.

DOWNS, J. DICKERSON, and W. POSKA. High men in the 9th Corps

area match; F.J. ROBERTS, H.O. SCOFIELD, and J.E. BERNS. Winner

of the President's match Pvt. J.W. BEALE.

  -- From October 1938, a wonderful cover photo of  Sgt. Edward

V. SEESER, USMC. The Los Angeles Police team #2 of Lt. Joe

DIRCKS, Lt. Basil L. STARKEY, Sgt. M.E. WHEELER, and Officer

Tom CARR. The Miami, Florida police team of Pat BALDWIN, C.D.


Also Bill BARKLEY of the Los Angeles police department, C.A.

"Smitty" BROWN of Tampa, Florida, Walter STARK of the Los

Angeles police, Pat BALDWIN of the Miami police, T.K. STRATTON

(no city listed), Charles HAMBY of Atlanta, Georgia, M.O. Wilson

of the US Coast Guard, Charles ASKINS JR. of the New Mexico

National Guard, Harry REEVES of the Detroit police, Al HEMMING

of the Detroit police, the Detroit police team of Maurice

LALONDE, Al SHAPIRO, Harry REEVES, Marvin DRIVER and team coach

Alfred HEMMING. Wilbur D. BARKLEY of the Los Angeles police

team, another photo of Charles ASKINS JR. of the New Mexico

National Guard, P.M. CHAPMAN of the US Treasury team, Maurice

LALONDE, C.E. WARD of the Los Angeles police team, Oliver YANICK

of the St. Louis police, T.E. ESHLEMAN of the Pennsylvania Motor

police, the policia of Mexico team of Sgt. Alfonso ALCANTARA,

Major Rafael CAMARA, Comandante Arturo GODINEZ, Lt. Hernandiz

FELISITOS, 2nd Lt. Francisco BUSTAMANTE, Jens B. JENSEN of the

US Cavalry, Guthrie PRICE of the California Civilian team,

Melvin O. WILSON of the US Coast Guard, Arthur SNYDER of the

American Legion Gold Team from California, Marsh GROSSKOPF of

Marion, Wisconsin, E.C. HAMLEY JR of Glendale (no state), the

New York state Caswell team of RESTON, DORMAS, PETRIE, ALLEN,


Selden WARNER, G. Paul BOMGARDNER, H.D. ALLYN of Springfield,

Massachusetts, Thurman RANDLE, Major Francis W. PARKER, the

Detroit police pistol team of Patrolman Harry W. REEVES,

Detective Albert SHAPIRO, Detective Maurice W. LALONDE, Sergeant

Marcin D. DRIVER, Firearms instructor patrolman Alfred W.

HEMMING, Patrolmen William DALE and Clyde SAYERS of the Detroit

police, Melvon O. WILSON of the US Coast Guard, William B.

WOODRING from Alton, Illinois, E.P. MENZEN from Atlanta Georgia,

Vere F. HAMER of Woodstock, Minnesota, L.A. POPE from Los

Angeles, California, John R. WARK of Buffalo, New York, W.S.

BROPHY of Yonkers, New York, the California Civilian pistol team

of Howard HOGAN, Fred MICHAEL, Doctor H.J. BROWN, Doctor G.R.

Price, P.M. CHAPMAN of Tacoma, Washington, Carl L. JACKSON of

Atlanta, Georgia, Mrs. Kay WOODRING of Alton, Illinois, Kenneth

RECKER of Winter Haven, Florida, Dale H. PAGE of Topeka, Kansas,

Allison TARR of Verona, Pennsylvania, Marion L. ESTEP of Turtle

Creek, Pennsylvania, Sgt. Valentine J. Kravitz of the United

States Marine Corps, Ptl. Sgt. Edward V. SEESER, USMC, Sgt.

Hansford H. WAGNER, US army infantry, the USMC team of 2nd Lt.

E.L. HAMILTON, Capt. C.R. MOSS, Capt. A. LARSON, Chm gun C.A.

LLOYD, 2nd Lt. N.O. CASTLE, 1st Lt. S.R. SHAW, Gy Sgt. C.J.



The California National Guard rifle team of Capt. Daniel H.

HUDELSON, Col. David P. HARDY, Sgt. Sam D. TEEL, Lt. Robert F.

BERGMANN, Pfc Russell PARKE, Capt. Paul J. ROBERTS, Sgt. E.B.

CROSSMAN, and Cpl. T.J. ROE. The Michigan civilian rifle team


George FORSTROM, Fred FRIEDMANN and Donald R. SCHURTZ. Also

several photos of Dave CARLSON and Ransford.D. TRIGGS of

Madison, New Jersey, Ernest PADE of Sellersville, Pennsylvania,

William P. SCHWEITZER of Hillside, New Jersey, W. C. KENNEDY of

Short Hill, New Jersey, Merle ISRAELSON of Akron, Ohio, Willis

E. KENYON of Michigan City, Indiana, J.H. STEVENSON of Camden,

New Jersey, Sam T. MOORE of West Orange, New Jersey, Fred T.

JOHANSEN, Jack LACY, and the New Jersey State rifle team

     I would be happy to send copies for the cost of the copy

and postage. Please put "rifleman" in the subject line.

                                     Linda C.


  o I received the wrong Social Security Application. If you

recognizes this, please send me your snail-mail address and

I'll send it to you:

  Thomas BARRETT, born Mary 31, 1916, (Ireland), father David,

mother Kathren BARRY. (I believe this address is Woodclift Ave.,

New York City, New York.)



  o Recently I found among family papers an item cut from a

Hyannis, Massachusetts newspaper, I think sometime in 1897.

The item is titled "Jewels for the Princess" and mentions

Princess Louisa, bride of the Duke of Fife; Dr. David Bartlett

GOULD of 130 Hester St., New York; and his great-grandmother,

Helen Taylor BARTLETT, of Forrester Hall. It talks about handing

down the old family jewels which were the property of Lady

BRACE, who died in 1718. Since I find no connection with my

husband's family, I will gladly pass it along to anyone

interested who can prove a relationship.

                           Elaine Bartlett


  o 1847 BEAL Family Bible; Item # 1565685237

Auction ends: Sep-30-02 19:30:30 PDT


Bible published by the American Bible Society, 1847. One page of

written history inside and Samuel H. BEAL written on first page.

In the family record are Sara BEAL born 28 May 1798; Samuel

Horway BEAL born 13 May 1780; Esther BEAL born 28 June 1783;

George BEAL born 17 July 1785; Nancy BEALS born in [Georgetown,

I think], 1 April 1779, died in [can't read] 31 December 1863,

aged 84 9mts; Samuel H. BEAL died 15 July 1876, aged 96

and 2 mths; plus a few other items.


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  o I have five old photographs that belong to my neighbor. I

am trying to help her find out who, where and when about them.

She has had them for about 30 years but cannot remember where

she got them. She believes they are part of the history of the

ROLLER or MOORE families from east Tennessee or the BENTON

family of Scott County, Virginia.

  1. A black and white portrait of a very pretty elderly lady

wearing a black dress with buttons around the edge of its white

collar. No other identification.

  2. Small black and white paper photo pasted onto stiff board.

Young lady in a black dress with a stiff ruffle collar and what

looks like a watch chain across her chest. She is standing in

front of a field scene and white column, with one hand resting

on some kind of tall skinny haystack. No other identification.

  3. Small black and white paper photo pasted onto stiff board.

Young girl sitting on a stool, holding a banjo. Name on bottom

of card: "Daisy BELMONT"

  4. Two small black and white paper photos pasted onto stiff

board. Twins possibly, infants, one boy, one girl, I think, both

seated and wearing dresses. These two do have the name and

address of the photographer, I think: C. F. COOK, ? South Main

Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

    If you recognize any of these or think you might be able to

help identify them, please contact me.

                               Lori Craiger


  o I recently purchased the Bible described below in a small

Arkansas town at an antique store. I would like to reunite it

with the family for nominal cost of postage:

    No front or back cover, spine is intact. Flyleaf states it

Contains the Old and New Testaments. New York: American Bible

Society. Date at bottom is 1879. There are no place names in

any of the entries. Entries appear to be by the same hand,

different inks, and pencil. If this is your family and you would

like this treasure, please contact me with an acceptable form of

proof of lineage, such as a gedcom with yourself clearly

identifiable. I will make copies of the front page and family

record pages for any others interested in the information at a

later date. Family Record:


Levi BOWLING and Mary D. PUGH 05 Nov 1846

James G. LINCH and Mary V. BOWLING 15 April 1865

J. L. BOWLING and Belinda R. KING 28 Oct 1869

W. H. BOWLING and Julia A. LIVINGSTON 20 Dec 1874

James P. BOWLING and Sarah E. LIVINGSTON 23 Feb 1876

John T. LIVINGSTON and Jinett PADON 21 Mar 1872


Levi BOWLING 29 Sep 1816

John Levi BOWLING 9 Dec 1847

Marry V. BOWLING 2 Jan 1857

W. H. BOWLING 24 Sep 1852

James P. BOWLING 19 Feb 1855

Marry D. BOWLING 28 Sep 1825

Aneybell Virginia KING 30 Jul 1883

Julia A. LIVINGSTON 23 Feb 1852

  Deaths (some additional info. is given, e.g. age at death)

Marry D. BOWLING 26 Jan 1856

Levi BOWLING 29 Oct 1860

James G. LINCH 22 June 1877

John T. LIVINGSTON 20 Apr 1872

M. V. KING 28 Sep 1883

Julia Augusta BOWLING 16 Mar 1909

John Levi BOWLING 24 Mar 1913

James P. BOWLING 13 Mar 1924

W. H. BOWLING 6 Mar 1939

                            Joyce Gore Locke


  o 1918 James F. BURKIN, WWI Soldier's Diary; Item # 718000012

Auction ends: Oct-02-02 18:11:18 PDT; Seller: spacetoys3

Handwritten diary by Private James F. BURKIN, a soldier in WWI.

There are 43 pages of entries and in the back of the journal are

11 pages of poems he wrote. The diary covers 3 August 1918 to

1 April 1919. He talks about how his ship, MINNEKADDN, on the

way to England attacked a U.S. submarine by mistake, his travels

from England into France, Germany, and then back home on the

vessel, IOWAN. He mentions "cootie inspection" or delousing,

being inspected by General J. J. Pershing, air raids in France,

being with the 315 Trench Mortar Battery of the 90th Division.

Inside the diary was a photo [of nine people in uniform in front

of a tent. An image of the photo accompanies the description.]


  o CASE-HIMMELHOCH Family Letters 1920s-1930s; Item # 716542325

Auction ends: Sep-28-02 14:28:37 PDT; Seller: annecompton2002

75+ letters from the HIMMELHOCH and CASE family. Most of the

letters date in the 1920s. Nearly all have envelopes and stamps;

maybe a dozen do not have envelopes. [Editor's Note: In response

to my request for more information, seller wrote: This is a set

of correspondence 'amongst' a family. I have not ready nearly

everything, but the father appears to have been Ralph HIMMELHOCH

of Chicago, [Illinois]. There are many letters addressed to him.

There is a Leland CASE (St. Paul, Minnesota) who evidently

attended Macalister College. There is also a Carol CASE. Letters

are addressed to her in Hot Springs, South Dakota. I just came

across a letter addressed to Carol CASE GODDARD."]


  o 1861 Diary of Frank COLBURN, New Hampshire; Item # 909157228

Auction ends: Oct-01-02 17:24:57 PDT; Seller: houseofmirth

1861 handwritten diary of Frank COLBURN of New Hampshire, who

turned 30 years old that year. He writes every day of life with

his wife, Mary Ann, and his children Eddie and Laura (who dies

in 1861). He mentions the Civil War several times and he also

talks of "shaving hoops" and making keys (or kegs). He goes to

Church every Sunday and also visits Nashua, Hollis, and

Manchester. Some examples of his entries are:

  April 15 - I shaved hoops. I took up the parlor carpet. The

rebels have taken Fort Sumpter. Some killed but few wounded.

  April 30 - Newt and I mended a fence this forenoon. This

afternoon, I shaved 300 hoops. Maryland refused to secede.

  May 1 - I finished shaving hoops. Helped Newt plant garden

this afternoon. Went to Grand Union meeting to consider state

of Country. Very large meeting.

  July 22 - I painted the roof. The army had quite a battle

(illegible) at Bull Run. Loss heavy on both sides.

  July 24 - I made 11 half lbs. Accounts of the battle are

unfavorable. The NH 2nd lost (last) 12 killed, 44 missing and

52 wounded.


  o 1862 Diary of Frank COLBURN, New Hampshire; Item # 909362210

Auction ends: Oct-02-02 17:09:48 PDT; Seller: houseofmirth

1862 handwritten diary of Frank COLBURN of New Hampshire, who

turned 31 years old that year. He writes every day of life with

his wife, Mary Ann, and his children Eddie and a new child born

that year. He mentions the Civil War several times and he also

talks of "shaving hoops" and making keys (or kegs). He goes to

church every Sunday and also visits Nashua, Hollis, Pepperill,

and Manchester. He notes many deaths in the area and in 1862,

several of Scarlet Fever and of Typhoid. Some examples:

  March 6 - Eliza & Charles BANCRROFT made us a visit today.

Mary Ann went to the circle this evening.

  March 11 - I went to a town meeting. The union ticket carried

the day. W. B. STILES - Town Clerk, Selectman - Wm Cary, C.

SHEILD, and Hobart TUCKER representation.

  April 9 - Shaved Key hoops. News of a terrible battle at

Pittsburg. 40,000 rebels and 20,000 federals killed wounded and


  August 6 - made 10 half lbs. Cooler today. The President has

ordered a draft of 300,000 men to serve 9 months to be ready 15


  August 14 - made 16 fish keys. Perley SMITH, John STILES, and

Stephen SPALDING have enlisted in the 4th NH.

  September 16 - made 15 half lbs. General McCLELLEN attacked

the rebels in Maryland and routed them. They are fleeing back to

____? Sam KIMBALL of Lawtelle enlisted last night. Our quota is



  o 1863 Diary of Frank COLBURN, New Hampshire; Item # 909598104

Auction ends: Oct-03-02 16:47:48 PDT; Seller: houseofmirth

1863 handwritten diary of Frank COLBURN, who lived in New

Hampshire, and who turned 32 years old that year. He writes

every day of life with his wife, Mary Ann, and his children,

Eddie and the baby Charlie. Some examples of his entries are:

  January 19 - Made 3 half lbs. Mary Ann washed today for the

first time since baby was born. Cold morning, pleasant day.

  April 27 - Saved hoops. Was obliged to whip Eddie for telling

an untruth.

  May 6 - Made 13 keys. Cloudy day. Fighting is going on at

Fredericksburg this week. Our men have the advantage.

  May 7 - Made 15 fish keys. Our forces at Fredericksburg were

repulsed and driven back across the river with great loss. Army


  July 14 - Made 10 half lbs. Another rainy day. I expect the

draft in this state will come off this week. I expect to be


  September 1 - Made 15 fish keys. Father and Mother HARDY came

up this night. I see by the paper that I am drafted for (?) war.

20 names of us.

  September 4 - Made 16 keys. I have been warned to appear at

Concord on the 6th day of Oct to ..? the draft or be considered

a deserter.


  o DELMONT Family WWII Letters; Item # 717740970

Auction ends: Oct-01-02 20:00:58 PDT; Seller: utta

All the letters were written by people with the surname DELMONT.

The majority were written to Mr. and Mrs. Louis DELMONT, and

some to their daughter, Mary DELMONT. The family lived on 1431

N. Clyborn, Chicago, Illinois. The DELMONTs had three sons in

Service: Art, Roy and Bob. Roy enlisted in the army during the

war but most of the letters are late 1945 and 1946. Art was in

the AAF and Bob was in the Navy. Mrs. DELMONT had three brothers

(perhaps brothers-in-law?) in the service: Victor, Nick, and

Charles. Victor was in the 1084th Engineers, Charles was in the

Amphibious force in the Navy, and Nick was in the AAF.


  o EIKLOR-DOANE Family Bible, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Item # 1770136809; Auction ends: Sep-29-02 11:04:33 PDT

Seller: cindyangelgirl2000

Bible presented to William and Dessie (DOANE) EIKLOR on

26 August 1914; handed down to Paul B. DOANE in June 1954. With

the Bible is a handwritten page explaining how in 1800 Daniel

DOANE arrived in Windham Township, Bradford County,

Pennsylvania, at that time a wilderness with only one or two

settlers. It goes on to tell about the relatives who owned and

worked the DOANE Farm. The Bible also contains handwritten Holy

Matrimony page of this couple's marriage, other marriages,

births, and a very detailed Deaths page. It also has several

loose articles such as newspaper clippings mentioning DOANE

relatives and a Birth Registration for Paul Doane BENJAMIN,

dated 4 January 1925 and naming Claude Earl BENJAMIN as father

and Dessie I. DOANE as mother (born in Windham Twp. Bradford

Co., Pa.) Original Bible purchase receipt dated 1914. An

original Certificate of Marriage uniting Nathan CAITLIN (?) and

Dessie BENJAMIN on 2 July 1935. There are several references to

the BENJAMIN name in this book.


  o FAUST and BOHLING German Family Correspondence

Item # 717527337; Auction ends: Oct-01-02 10:06:53 PDT

Seller: deny0 (Edinburgh, UK)

This is a family correspondence lot, with around 80 letters

and cards sent from FPO locations or from inside Germany during

WWII, and around 200 letters, cards, and postcards sent after

the war up to 1970s. Not all letters are in their original

covers. These letters are from an extended family (brothers,

cousins) and there are letters (or cards) from WWI and 1920s

too (but not many). The main names are Paul FAUST and BOHLING.

It seems that FAUST was the main branch of the family, and they

were based in Hamburg. After WWII, another branch of the family

remained in GDR and most of the letters sent after 1945 are from

GDR to Paul FAUST who survived the war. It seems that he died in

1970s. I think that some letters are from friends or more

distant relatives, as there are other names too.


  o I have three photo cards of William Henry FREER and mother

Clara (DEBUS) FREER. They were taken in 1914, 1915, and 1916.

William Henry FREER was born 10 July 1914 in Battle creek,

Michigan. I have found from Social Security records that he

lived in Jackson, Michigan in 1938. I would like to send photos

to descendants of his and maybe find out how they were connected

to our family. These cards were originally sent to a great-aunt,

Pauline Mutz RICH, in Indiana.

                      Anna Palenzuela


  o My neighbor was getting rid of a lot of old books, and

inside one was a postcard (written in pencil) dated 29 July

1944. It was sent to Melba LUKENS, E. State Street, Doylestown,

Pennsylvania, by her mother, who was visiting Washington, D.C.

The salutation was "Dear Melba and Mac" (or possibly Mae).

Melba's mother asks if Father is eating right.

  I would love to see this postcard find its rightful home, so

if you know Melba or her family, please let me know. Please use

"Melba" as the subject of your reply.

                          Sharon Brearey


  o I have three OHIO school photos that belonged to my great-

grandma, Violet FOOTE. Two photos have student names but no

town; the third photo has Millersburg, O. on the front, but no

student names. She was born in 1898 in Cincinnati, Ohio so these

were taken somewhere near there between 1910-1914, and were

multi-aged classes. Here are the names from the first photo (she

might have spelled some wrong): Adrian CONN, John RICH, Mirl

ZUERGLE, William DUANE, Violet FOOTE, Dora LOCKHART, Homer

LEACH, Paul LLOYD, Omer BRAINARD, Jesse RICH, Raymond


(Boyd?) BRAINARD, Edward KUCH, Rose SUENTURIER, Charles

BRAINARD, Pery COBB, Lowell McBRIDE, Delbert LOCKHART, Howard

LEAF, Louie VALENZUELA, Wallace McBRIDE, Carrie BECK, Blanche



LOCKHART. The other photo has the names; Miss COBB, Willie

DUANE, Harry GOMEZ, Alvin GROSS, Abbie H., Violet FOOTE,

Catherine YEAGER, Paul LLOYD, Lawrence CORMACK, George BIRTSCH,


Rose SUENTURIER, Howard LEAF, Wallace McBRIDE, Zella SMITH,

Freddie H., Ralph MEADOWS, Carrie BECK, Blanche DUANE. The

names appear to be written in order from left to right, back row

to front row, although there are 37 kids in the first photo and

only 35 names, and two of the 35 are illegible due to a piece of

the corner being torn off. I would be happy to scan and e-mail

this photo to any interested parties. Please put CLASS PHOTOS

or SOMEBODY'S LINK in the subject of the email. Thanks.

                Karmen Vice Nava


  o I have a 96-page paperback book entitled "Memories of an

Ozarks Mother, The 100 Years of Stella OWEN." It was written

by her son, Dr. Lyle OWEN. The descendants of Stella Beatrice

TIBBITS and Edgar OWEN are listed on the two back pages. These

people have no relation to me. I picked it up so I could find

a family member. E-mail me for the book. Please put Owens Book

in the subject line.

                                   Evelyn Rard


  o I found some photograph albums in an antique shop in

Hampstead, London, England. I have no interest, except hoping to

find the family they belong to. They are a veritable treasure

trove for anyone interested in this family, from the 1880s on.

  -- Book 1. Large leather bound, decorated album from the

1880s. Names mentioned: Grandma PERCY, Lizzie - George's wife,


friend, Arthur ETHERINGTON, Jack COALES, Mattie COALES. Some of

these are studio photos with the name George E PERCY, Devereux

Road, Windsor, Berks, England.

  Group photo of Maude, Blanche, Edie, Ethel, from a

photographer's in Windsor 1892.

  Group picture of Ethel ETHERINGTON, pater, Bert, Edie,

Blanche, George, Cousin Ade, Mother, Mrs ETHERINGTON, Lizzie,

Ethel, Athur ETHERINGTON, Maude.


  Also pictures of Queen Victoria and the princesses and a

couple of birthday greetings.


  -- Book 2. Album containing a clipping from the STREATHAM NEWS

dated 30.7.1937, front page, about a well opening up in the

back garden of Mr C E PARNELL, 8 Streatham Hill, SW, London,

England. He had lived there for 28 years. Lots of photos of, I

assume, the inside and outside of No. 8, and lots of Mr PARNELL

and his wife. Large and well furnished house. Informal and

formal photos of people from any time between 1880-1930/40.

Postcard addressed to Mrs PARNELL 17.11.1917. Picture of David

PARNELL 4 mths? Jan 1940. "Spikey" PARNELL 28.2.1938 aged 5 3/4


  Much older photo - maybe Edwardian or Victorian - girl and two

boys Lillian 6 yrs, Horace 3y 7m, Harold 2y 5m.

  Photos of some large family gathering (Wedding?) and cut out

card with bells and ribbons saying C.C.H. - T.H.W. Charlie


  Cecil S? H. Oxford aged nearly 11 years

  Postcard addressed to Mr & Mrs PARNELL showing Cecil at 6

months - Dear Kate and Charlie, Best wishes for Christmas & New

Year from Amy & George.

  Frieda N ROBSON aged 2yrs 5mths

  Frieda aged 8yrs 10mths and Donald aged 2yr 4m

  Frieda Nellie ROBSON aged 4 1/2 mths b. 16.1.1915


  -- Book 3. Small leather bound book probably from 1880s too.


cousin, Maud TAYLOR - cousin.


  -- Book 4. Small album of small, beautiful, embossed cards

with silver lettering, presenting the compliments of the sender,

all with printed dates ranging from 1890s to early 1950s. All

with names and addresses, some giving details of weddings.


  -- Book 5. Album inscribed the Golden Circle - Club started

17.10.1945, for girls of 11 1/2 years upwards, Miss or Mrs E V

PARNELL - Leader. Lots of photos of girls enjoying trips all

over the place. Photo of Pat SHEEN grown up aged 16 in 1951.

Joan PARKER and Eileen HEMMINGS aged 14 in 1951. Letter written

by Joan HARRISON 30.4.1947 "My first outing with the Golden

Circle Club," expressing happiness at the good times and many

outings, along with several other letters in the same vein.


  -- Book 6. First photo shows gravestone of Grace CAVET,

beloved w/o John GILSTON, died 18th November 1937. Dr Daniel

ROBERTSON's wedding group at University Chapel. Dr A P LAURIE

or LAUREL. Frank MURRAY in RAF uniform.


  -- A couple more albums from the 50s of their holidays,

cruising on the Med on the Canadian Pacific "Mont Calm" and

traveling quite widely. These people were obviously quite

prosperous. The house in Streatham is large and well appointed.

                           Lindy Newman


  o I found a matching set of photos, apparently dating from the

late 1800s, in an antique store called The Miner's Daughter in

Calumet, Michigan. The proprietress told me she acquired them

locally. On the back of the photos is information that Rush

THOMPSON was the son of Caleb THOMPSON and father of Wilber,

grandfather of Edward, great-grandfather of John. Helen Chapin

THOMPSON was the wife of Rush THOMPSON and mother of Wilber. It

would be nice to see these photos reunited with the family. If

you are interested, please contact the store at (906) 337-4275.

                              Dotty Kinnun


  o In cleaning out my mother's attic in Danbury, Connecticut,

I found the following belonging to Carl Perkins TOMLINSON,

Bingham School, Asheville, North Carolina 1903-4; Yale

University, Sheffield Scientific School 1907. He and his wife

Louise TREACY TOMLINSON had no children.

  --Invitation to the 38th Commencement Exercises of Ossining

School, Ossining on Hudson, New York, June 3, 4, 5, 1906. The

following were class members: Frances BENEDICT, Effie Charlotte

BUFORD, Linda Grant CAVE, Elizabeth Perris DE CANT, Grace

Caroline GEORGE [she invited Carl and included her card], Jean

Louise HALSEY, Florence HASKELL, Elizabeth Anne HAYNE, Marie

Emerson HEDRICK, Grace Eleanor KELLOGG, Marjorie Coutant LARKIN,

Marjorie Enid MILLER, Elsie May PARDEE, Edna Browning SPECK,

Florence Elizabeth WARING, Laura Vail WASHBURN, Allene Wiley


  -- Dance card for the Senior Reception of the class of 1906 of

the Ossining School listing all of the above. Marjorie LARKIN

was President, Jean HALSEY, VP, Linda CAVE, Secretary, and

Bessie De CANT, Treasurer.

  -- Dance card for the Senior Reception listing members of the

class of 1907 of the Ossining School: Jane MALLEY, President,

Laura WADSWORTH, Vice-President, Carolyn HOWARD, Secretary,

Christine SWENSSON, Treasurer, Gladys BALL, Edith BOYCE,

Dorothy HOOK, Marcia HOWARD, Marjorie JOHNSTON, Dorothy JOY,



  -- Dance card for the Senior Reception of the class of 1905 of

Ossining School. Class members are not listed but the names on

the dance card are: Grace GEORGE Marie WILLIAMS, Bertha STEVENS,

Jule, Chris RUNDLE, Helen HUAFF?, Laura WADSWORTH, Marie MCEVOY,



  -- Invitation to the graduation of the class of 1905 of

Ossining School. The names are listed:  Emma Carol BURR, Elinor

BLYDE, Elizabeth Coley BEARDSLEY, Pearl Genevieve CANDEE,

Florence CLARK, Jacqueline EGGLESTONE, Vera Lillian HAUMANN,

Abby Carolyn HAYES, Clarice  JOHNSON, Louise KNAPP, Julia Ayer

MARDEN (whose card is enclosed}, Gertrude MILLAR, Helen Ayers

MARDEN, Augusta Elizabeth MacDONALD, Roselene TREMPER, Amelia

Ingraham WEBSTER.

  -- Invitation to graduation of the Class of 1905 of Semple

Collegiate School in Louisville, Kentucky. Miss Mary MANFULL's

card is enclosed.

  -- Luncheon ticket to the Annual Castle Reunion at the

Waldorf-Astoria on 18 Feb. 1905 for Miss Frances Mary THOMPSON.

  -- Invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. CHITTENDEN,

83 Trumbull St., [probably New Haven, Connecticut] for Thursday,

November third, 1904.

  -- Invitation to the marriage of Ruth Jacques, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. John Henry BOWERS to Edward Brewster KEMBLE on

Wednesday 1 June [year not given] at the Church of the Messiah

in Brooklyn, New York.

  -- Invitation to the marriage of Christine Adele, daughter of

Mr. and Mrs. George Mortimer RUNDLE to Charles Stuart McLEAN on

19 September 1908 in St. James Church, Danbury, Connecticut,

and to the reception at 28 Farview Ave., Danbury, Connecticut.

  -- Invitation to marriage of Deborah, daughter of Mrs. Charles

Addison RUSSELL to Mr. Clinton William Whitford ATWOOD on

Wednesday, 14 December 1910, in the Congregational Church,

Dayville, Killingly, Connecticut.

  -- Invitation to marriage of Emma, daughter of Mr. Abraham

BUOL, to Mr. Arthur T. MacDONALD on 16 June 1909, St. John's

Episcopal Church, Butte, Montana, with "At Home" indicating the

couple would be living in Hamilton, Montana.

  -- Invitation of Mr. and Mrs. John TWEEDY to the marriage

reception of daughter Meme Sue BROWN and Mr. Leroy Smith

MILLARD, on 19 April ???? at 6 Farview Ave., Danbury,


     I would be happy to send the marriage invitations to

someone with a connection to the couple and to copy the other

items for anyone who has a connection to those mentioned. I

will work on the photos another time. I hope that the Ossining

Historical Society will be interested in having the items from

Ossining School. Please put CPT in the subject line of your


                         Marnie Oakes


  o 1831 TUCKER-GODDARD-EVANS Family Bible; Item # 1565064220

Auction ends: Sep-28-02 09:40:12 PDT; Seller: theostranders

1831 Bible presented to Samuel TUCKER in the year 1839. It was

then written in by Statira, his wife, until her death in 1883.

Another descendant then continued it. Dates are 1795 to 1924.

Samuel TUCKER and Statira P. TALBOT were married 23 October

1832. Statira P. TUCKER married Oliver GODDARD on July 22, 1847.

Samuel TUCKER, born 17 September 1795, was the son of Daniel and

Lydia TUCKER. Statira P. TALBOT, born 2 February 1804, was the

daughter of David and Hannah TALBOT. Children of Samuel TUCKER

and Statira P. TALBOT were: Daniel, Mary, Lydia, and Ellen.

There are many family names given as children married and had

children: Name found in these records are: TUCKER, PROUTY,


TURNER, HEATH, KETCHUM, CHICK, CONKEY, and others. I [seller] do

not know where the Bible was kept but towns mentioned are:

Worcester, Massachusetts; Sweden, Maine; Littleton, New

Hampshire; Roxbury and Boston Highlands.


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