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Stonega Coal & Coke Company

Stonega Coal & Coke Company

By Gladys J. Stallard

From The Heritage of Wise County and the City of Norton - Volume I


            The Stonega Coal and Coke Company with general offices at Big Stone Gap, Virginia was not only the pioneer (1896) in the production of coal in Southwest Virginia, but today is the largest producer in this territory having active mines at Arno, Derby, Dunbar, Exeter, Imboden, Osaka, Roda, and Stonega in Wise County and Keokee in Lee County.

            The company has a potential capacity in excess of 4,000,000 tons per year, and when operating on this basis, employs approximately 4,000 persons, with an annual payroll in excess of $4,000,000.00. At the present time, production is about one-half capacity, with employment for 2500 men.

            The Stonega Coal and Coke Company has always paid a great deal of attention to social service work among its employees and their families. Churches are located in the different communities. Motion picture hails, lodge meeting places, and parks are provisions made to satisfy those who seek entertainment.

            Company doctors are always available, and centrally located at Stonega, is the company hospital, well equipped for minor and major operations, with competent nurses in charge. First aid work and safety first instruction have received special attention. Working conditions are made as safe as possible, by the best engineering talent. Living conditions in the several communities are healthful, economical, and wholesome. Company stores, conveniently located, but in free competition with independently-owned concerns, provide sources of supply for every daily want of the employees and their families.

            J. D. Rogers is Vice-President of the Stonega Coal and Coke Company and has charge of all operations in this territory.

            The Stonega Coal and Coke Company produces and sells Stonega Coal, Roda coal and Dendron coal, each coal being produced from independent seams now in operation. Stonega coal is used primarily for industrial purposes in the production of power; Roda coal is used primarily for by-product purposes, and gas and domestic purposes. Low sulphur and ash content of Roda and Dendron coals is known throughout all coal-consuming territories. The company also produces large amounts of Stonega and Roda beehive coke, made respectively from Stonega and Roda coal. Production of these two kinds has been in excess of 500,000 tons per year.

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