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Pioneer Sketches
Fletcher - Later Generations

Compiled by William L. (Bill) Smith

This page includes sketches I have compiled from my family history research for my own use. I am posting them on the Internet in the interest of sharing this information with interested parties. If you appear to be directly related, based on the information in the the sketches, or have comments to share with me about these sketches, I would be happy to hear from you. I do not do research for others, nor am I particularly interested in speculative relationships or unrelated surname discussions. There are many other worthy sites for these activities. I hope you enjoy reading some of these interesting stories.

Fletcher - Later Generations


Introductory Comments: The story of this family is presented on two pages of sketches. The first page consists of stories of the parents, their children and their grandchildren (with only a few of the great-grandchildren listed). The grandchildren have a C designation. Many of them are reported in substantially more detail here, through two, three or four more generations, as available. If you have more detail, or know of other web pages about any members of these families, please let me know. The C generation here is linked back to the first page, and, from there to here.

At the end of both of these pages is a complete index of full names (the same index on both pages) as well as some comments about the compiler.

This set of stories was first reported as part of the Progress Report No. 2, the second edition (written 25 Oct 1996) of The Kinnick Project.

The C generation:


C 15 ii Alice WILLIAMS
C 20 iv Mazie Verlee FLETCHER
C 27 i Harry Arthur FLETCHER
C 28 ii Pearl M. FLETCHER
C 29 iii Hazel Alice FLETCHER
C 36 i Vernon Guy FLETCHER
C 37 ii John Lyle FLETCHER
C 39 iv Clarence Arthur FLETCHER
C 40 v Lois Fern FLETCHER
C 41 vi Violet May FLETCHER

C 15 ii Alice WILLIAMS, b. 27 May 1889, Crawfordsville, Washington Co., IA; d. 19 Feb 1975, Washington Care Center, Washington, Washington Co., IA, resident of Brighton; m. 11 Dec 1912 Wilbert ROSE (b. 15 Jan 1883, Kirby, PA, a son of Spencer and Nancy Johnson); d. 20 Dec 1964, Jefferson County Hospital, Fairfield, IA, a resident of Brighton, and former resident of Crawfordsville). Wilbert was a farmer near Crawfordsville until he retired in 1956 and moved to Brighton.

Children of Wilbert and Alice ROSE:

D 45 i Marie ROSE, b. 11 Jan 1914, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA, m. Richard REEDER (b. 12 Feb 1913, Buchanan, W.V.; d. 2 Sept 1987, Denver, CO; bur. Arvada, CO) 27 Sep 1947; lived in Morrison, CO, in 1975; d. 19 Dec 1977, Denver, CO; bur. Arvada, CO. One son, Richard H. REEDER II, b. 12 June 1948, m. Christine BARNHART, div. 1979.
D 46 ii Yula ROSE, b. 18 Dec 1916, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA, m. Gilbert WIDMER (b. 17 Jun 1916, Noble, Henry Co, IA; d. 7 Nov 1991, Henry Co Health Center, Mt. Pleasant, IA); lived in West Des Moines, IA, in 1975; Yula lives in Des Moines, IA, in June, 1996.

Children of Gilbert and Yula WIDMER:

E i Karen Kay WIDMER, b. 7 Jan 1940, Mt. Pleasant, Ia; m. Harvey CHANDLER 13 Jan 1968, Open Bible Church, Pittsfield, IL.
E ii Linda Cecile WIDNER, b. 3 Jul 1945, St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, MN; m. Orvil GROVES 14 Dec 1974, Little Brown Church, Nashua, IA.

D 47 iii Gladys ROSE, b. 13 Nov 1923, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA; m. Stanley BRECEISEN (b. 30 Sep 1922, d. 14 Nov 1987, Lakewood, CO) 20 Aug 1950; lived in Denver CO in 1975; d. 12 May 1992, Lakewood, CO.

Children of Stanley and Gladys BRECEISEN:

E i Judith Rose BRECHEISEN, b. 19 Apr 1954, Lakewood, CO; m. Michael E. Liddy; marr. disolved 1985; lives in Lakewood, CO, in June, 1996.
E ii John Owen BRECHEISEN, b. 8 Mar 1960, Lakewood, CO; m. Patricia A. KUENSTLE.

D 48 iv-a Maurice ROSE, b. 2 Jun 1925, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA; m. Mary Lousie OGAN(b. 19 Mar 1929, Indianola, Warren Co, IA, dau. of Eldon L. and Esther Shaw OGAN) 15 Dec 1956, Indianola, IA; lived in Cincinnati OH in 1975 and in June 1996.
From Mary Lou Rose letter 30 Jul 1996: Met in Des Moines, IA, in 1954 when Maury was with Meredith Publishing Company and Mary Lou with International Harvester Comany. Maury had graduated from University of Iowa with a degree in business in 1949. Mary Lou graduated from Simpson College in 1951 with a B.A. in English. They were married in Dec 1956 when both were working in Chicago. They moved to Glen Ellyn, a Chicago suburb, shortly after the twin girls were born in 1959. The third daughter was born in 1965. Maury sold advertising for farm magazines which took the family to Cincinnati in 1967 where joined Farm Quarterly as advertising magazine. The Rose girls attended Sycamore Schools. In 1977, while the twins were in college, Maury and Mary Lou purchased the local newspaper, the Sycamore Messenger/News (Mary Lou had written for the paper for five years previously). After "this project consumed the family energies for almost 10 years," the paper was sold in 1987 and Maury and Mary Lou retired. The family has always enjoyed traveling, annual trips to IA for memorable family Christmases, summer visits to Door County, WI, spending school breaks in FL.

Children of Maurice and Mary Lou Rose:

E i-a Catherine Ann ROSE, b. 13 Jan 1959, Chicago, IL; m. K. Thaddeus BARNEY (13 Aug 1958, Urbana, OH) 11 Oct 1986, Church of the Savior, ME Church, Cincinnati, OH.
From Mary Lou Rose letter 30 Jul 1996: Cathy attended Miami, OH, Oxford, OH. She became a news reporter, then editor and worked for the Sycamore Messenger/News, continuing as editor after the family sold the newspaper. She married Tad Barney, an artist, in 1987, and they live in the Cincinnati suburb of Milford in a 100-year old farmhouse. Tad, also a caricaturist, has his own business. Cathy is in marketing for Batesville, IN, casket company. One of their favorite activities is their annual Halloween costume parties...and now she can supply the props.
E i-b Carolyn Jane ROSE, b. 13 Jan 1959, Chicago, IL; m. Andrew E. Moore (3 Mar 1959, Hamilton, OH) 8 Aug 1981, Church of the Savior, ME Church, Cincinnati, OH. Children: Amanda Rose MOORE (b. 27 Jul 1987, Albany, GA) and Sarah Catherine MOORE (b. 17 Oct 1991, N. Charleston, SC).
From Mary Lou Rose letter 30 Jul 1996: Carolyn married Andy Moore in 1981 as soon as they graduated from college (Carolyn from Ohio University, Athens, OH). They met as members of the Sycamore High School band. Andy, a Purdue University engineering graduate, moved with a company to Albany, GA, where their first daughter was born. They then moved to Charleston, SC, where daughter No. 2 was born. Carolyn worked for the City of Albany prior to becoming a mother. Andy travels for the Schneider Company located in northern CA. In 1993 they returned to Cincinnati, to the suburb of Montgomery, where Andy and Carolyn were raised and just a mile from luck parents/grandparents.
E iii Elizabeth Ellen ROSE, b. 19 Jul 1965, Hinsdale, IL; m. Charles P. O'HANLON (b. 8 Dec 1960, New Bedford, NY) 27 Jul 1985, Church of the Savior, ME Church, Cincinnati, OH. Child: Devin William O'Hanlon (b. 30 Jul 1993, Washington, D.C.).
From Mary Lou Rose letter 30 Jul 1996: Liz graduated from the University of Maryland in 1987 having married, in 1985, the "boy next door," Charlie O'Hanlon, an engineer who had graduated from the University of Connecticut. Liz worked for the National Institutes of Health leaving shortly after the birth of their premature son, Devin, to take care of him. Charlie works at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. They live in suburban Maryland.

D 49 iv-b Marshall ROSE, b. 2 Feb 1928, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA; m. Billie Jo ANDERSON (b. 20 Jun 1938, Muscative, IA) 20 Jan 1957, Columbus Junction, IA; div. 8 Apr 1988; lived in Crawfordsville, IA in 1975, and in June, 1996.

Children of Marshall and Billie Jo ROSE:

E i Kevin ROSE, b. 10 Mar 1960, Mt. Pleasant, IA.
E ii Joi ROSE, b. 14 Jul 1963, Mt. Pleasant, IA.

C 20 iv Mazie Verlee FLETCHER, b. 11 Feb 1900; m. 29 Jan 1919 Ralph Wesley ROSS (b. 1894; d. 1966); Mazie lived in Winfield in 1974; d. 29 Mar 1989; bur. New Cemetery, Crawfordsville, Washington Co, IA.
Notes from Mazie Ross, received a copy from Violet Lowe, Aug 1996:
1. I remember Aunt Sarah Ann (Grandma Fletcher Sister). She had one glass eye. Something flew in her eye when she was shaking the rug.
2. I remember Uncle Joe and Aunt Rachel (Grandma Fletcher brother and his wife) Uncle Walt, Uncle Jake and Aunt Fannie. (These were Grandma'a brother and Fannie was Grandpa's sister). Uncle Jake and Aunt Fannie raised Uncle Ora - Aunt Fannie made me a book from Sunday School papers. Aunt Rachel was a Seventh Day Adventist. She wrote poems.
3. Of course, I remember Aunt Sue. She married Jean Lyon. They lived in Kansas. That is where the Fletchers got the Kansas land.

Children of Ralph and Mazie Ross:

D i Darlene Verlee ROSS
D ii Max Wesley ROSS, b. 27 Nov 1923; 1m. 20 Jul 1958 Laurita GRIGGS; no children; divorced; 2m. 15 Jun 1991 Lucy BRAUDON
D iii Mildred Ruth ROSS, b. 17 Mar 1928; d. 14 Nov 1928.
D iv Virginia Arlene ROSS, b. 10 Apr 1934

D i Darlene Verlee ROSS, m. 8 Apr 1941 Orleaf CAPAROOM

Children of Orlear and Darlene Caparoom:

E i Carol CAPAROOM, m. Rex Roush. Children: Rodney CAPAROOM, b. 3 Oct 1962; Phillip CAPAROOM, b. 7 Jun 1967.
E ii Wayne CAPAROOM, b. 7 Aug 1944; m. Barbara BROWN. Children: Lisa CAPAROOM, b. 29 Jan 1970; John CAPAROOM, b. 20 Oct 1972.
E iii Janice CAPAROOM, b. 7 Aug 1954; m. Robert CRITCHFIELD

D iv Virginia Arlene ROSS, b. 10 Apr 1934; m. Donald A. SWAMSON. Children: Danny SWAMSON, b. 11 Nov 1958; Kendall SWAMSON, b. 7 May 1961.

C 27 i Harry Arthur FLETCHER, b. 6 Feb 1892, Crawfordsville, Washington Co,IA; m. Hazel Pearl JONES (b. 21 Mar 1892, Columbus Junction, IA; d. 29 Nov 1965, Wapello, IA; bur. Wapello Cemetery) 17 Nov 1909, Columbus Junction, IA. The couple lived on a farm in the Spring Run and Cairo vicinity until 1946 when they moved to Wapello where he was employed by the U.S. Soil Conservation extension service. He was as assessor in Wapello township in Nov 1959 when they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. d. before Nov 1986.

Children of Harry and Hazel FLETCHER:

D i Geneva May FLETCHER
D ii Dorothy Marie FLETCHER
D iii Verlee Lucille FLETCHER
D iv Harriet Lorena FLETCHER
D v Harold Wayne FLETCHER
D vi Robert Jones FLETCHER
D vii Nelda Eileen FLETCHER
D viii Ronald Delbert (Jiggs) FLETCHER
D ix Feryl Lee FLETCHER
D x Ruth Joan FLETCHER

D i Geneva May FLETCHER, b. 1 May 1910, Columbus Junction, IA; m. John Harold SIMMONS (b. 20 Aug 1910, Cotter, Louisa Co, IA, carpenter, both graduated Wyman High School, 1928) 4 Feb 1929, Cairo, IA; div. Apr 1935; "Geneva and Harold never lived together. Ferm met her father approximately 1954. Fern was raised by her Fletcher grandparents on a farm until she was 11 years old. Moved to Burlington, IA, with her mother. Geneva worked in grocery store until Dec 1946. Worked at Schaeffer Pen Company at Fort Madison, IA, until she retired 31 April, 1975. had diabetes, 1967, cancer, 1986." She died 18 Mar 1987, Burlington, IA; bur. Aspen Grove cemetery.

Daughter of Harold and Geneva SIMMONS:

E i Fern Maxine SIMMONS, b. 12 Mar 1929, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. Herman David ALFRED (b. 13 Apr 1923, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; served in Air Force, 17 Oct 1942 to 11 Feb 1946, in South Pacific, WWII; millwright, General Motors Plant, Van Nuys) 9 Jun 1946, Burlington, IA. Children: David George ALFRED, b. 22 Jul 1947; Harry William ALFRED, b. 6 Jul 1948; Raymond Lyle ALFRED, b. 21 Jun 1949; Diana Lyn ALFRED, b. 20 Aug 1950; Joyce Ann ALFRED, b. 3 Aug 1953; Gail Sue ALFRED, b. 16 Jul 1961. (More details on these families available)

D ii Dorothy Marie FLETCHER, b. 22 Oct 1912, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. Edward L. HUMPHREY (b. 12 Mar 1911, Columbus Junction, IA; farmer; d. 26 Jan 1992, Mt. Pleasant, IA) 15 Jan 1936, Davenport, Scott Co, IA. One son: John Henry HUMPHREY, b. 23 Jul 1937, Wyman, Louisa Co, IA; 1m. Julie SCHRADER (b. 3 Jan 1945) 27 Aug 1966, div. 1974, one child, Johna Rea HUMPHREY, b. 3 Oct 1967; 2m. Genevieve KROUTH (b. 1 Jun 1946, Manilla, Crawford Co, IA) 12 Aug 1983, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Wapello, IA (more on this family).

D iii Verlee Lucille FLETCHER, b. 27 Mar 1915, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. John Harlan STEWART (b. 4 Aug 1914, Lake Park, DIckinson Co, IA, farmer, d. 24 Aug 1984, cancer, Wapello, IA) 20 Jan 1937, Wapello, Louisa Co, IA.

Children of John and Verlee STEWART:

E i Dean Edwin STEWART, b. 21 May 1937, south of Morning Sun, Des Moines Co, IA; 1m. Sonja CARTER (b. 5 Oct 1940, New London, Henry Co, IA) 9 Jan 1963, West Burlington, IA; children: Eric Bradley STEWART, b. 6 Nov 1964, Burlington, IA; Lee Daniel STEWART, b. 13 Nov 1967, Burlington, IA (more on this family). Dean STEWART was a green beret, service 1961-1963. b. 10 February 1969, Mediapolis, IA, accident at gypsum plant.
E ii Donna Jean STEWART, b. 21 Dec 1939, Louisa Co, IA; m. Marshall (Pete) PETTERSON (b. 7 Apr 1938, Louisa Co, IA) 25 Jul 1959, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; children: Jeffrey Wayne PETTERSON, b. 16 Aug 1960; Denise Kay PETTERSON, b. 28 Jul 1963 (more on this family).
E iii Dale Roger STEWART, b. 1 May 1944, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; 1m. Donna TOMPSON 10 Feb 1967, Wapello, Louisa Co, IA; div. Aug 196?. One daughter: Melissa Renee STEWART, b. 14 Aug, 1967, Burlington, IA; 2m. Linda JOHNSON (b. 26 Apr 1956, Muscatine, Muscatine Co, IA) 23 May 1977, Caldonia, Huston Co, MN. Children: Jamie William STEWART, b. 25 Jul 1977, Mt. Pleasant, IA; Jason John STEWART, b. 5 Apr 1982, Mt. Pleasant, IA.
E iv Doris Elaine STEWART, b. 7 Aug 1947, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; m. Ernest (Bud) HOWARD (b. 23 Nov 1942, Shenendoah, Fremont Co, IA) 4 Jun 1967, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA. Children: Michelle Renee HOWARD, b. 8 Nov 1968, Burlington, IA; Miranda Lynn HOWARD, b. 2 Mar 1972, Burlington, IA; Michael Steven HOWARD, b. 12 Aug 1973, Burlington, IA.

D iv Harriet Lorena FLETCHER, b. 27 Mar 1917, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. Albert Carsten BOYSEN (b. 18 Dec 1913, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; d. 15 Oct 1965, Morning Sun, IA, heart; bur. Columbus City Cemetery) 23 feb 1937, Cairo, IA (more on this family).

Children of Albert and Harriet BOYSEN:

E i Harold Edwin BOYSEN, b. 4 Oct 1937, Morning Sun, IA; m. Anne FORD (b. 12 Sep 1943, Fairfield, IA) 4 Aug 1968, Louisa Co, IA. One son: David Edwin BOYSEN, b. 27 May 1971, Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co, IA
E ii Hazel Marie BOYSEN, b. 26 Jul 1939, Winfield, Henry Co, IA; m. Ivan Gene ANDERSON (b. 20 Jun 1938, Conception Jct., Nodaway Co, MO; d. 13 Sep 1995, at Kalona Hog Buying Station had heart attack, taken to Washington Hospital, Washington, IA) 23 Nov 1963, Cairo, IA. Children: Rhonda Jean ANDERSON, b. 1 Jul 1964; Brenda Lynn ANDERSON, b. 14 Jan 1966 (more on this family). [Note: Hazel Marie BOYSEN ANDERSON gathered all the information reported here on the Harry Fletcher family]
E iii Larry Duane BOYSEN, b. 28 Nov 1941, Muscatine, Muscatine Co, IA; m. Mary Edith ERWIN (b. 2 Sep 1946, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA) 14 Mar 1964, Jefferson City, MO. Children: Aaron Robert BOYSEN, b. 12 Nov 1964, Burlington, IA; Duane Albert BOYSEN, b. 30 Jan 1967, Burlington, IA; Adam Wade BOYSEN, b. 3 Aug 1971, Burlington, IA (more on this family).
E iv Duane Albert BOYSEN, b. 24 Jun 1948, Burlington, IA; died, two days old, 26 Jun 1948; bur. Columbus City Cemetery, Columbus City, IA.

D v Harold Wayne FLETCHER, b. 31 Dec 1919, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; 1m. 14 Jun 1942 Bertha STEWART, Kahoka, Clare Co, MO; 2m. 26 May 1947 Marcella Dukek STORM, International Fall, Koochicking Co, MN; d. 8 Mar 1978, Wapello, IA (heart); bur. Oakville, IA, Cemetery. Harold served in WWII with the Army Air Force in Italy. He entered 19 Aug 1942, discharged in 1946. He was a Garage Mechanic and had his own shop, with his brother Robert, Wapello Service Shop.
From newspaper, 2 Oct 1943: Billy Wayne Fletcher, infant son of Cpl. Harold and Bertha Stewart Fletcher, died at 9 a.m. today at Hershey hospital, three hours after birth. Surviving are the parents, maternal grandmother, Mrs. Maude Stewart, Muscatine, and the paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fletcher of Wapello. The body is at the Fairbanks Home for Funerals pending arrangements for rites.

Son of Harold and Marcella Fletcher:

E i Gerald Wayne (Jerry) FLETCHER, b. 11 Jan 1948, Muscatine, Muscatine Co, IA; m. 12 Jun 1971 Judy CONDER (b. 12 Nov 1947, Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co, KY), Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co, KY. Children: Kelli Suzanne FLETCHER, b. 5 Mar 1970, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY; Kevin Wayne FLETCHER, b. 5 May 1975, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY.

D vi Robert Jones FLETCHER, b. 11 Dec 1921, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. 29 Oct 1942 Idella DUKEK (b. 12 Feb 1924, Mentor, MN), Muscatine, Muscatine Co, IA; d. 2 Dec 1967, Wapello, IA (Heart); bur. Columbus Junction, IA, Cemetery.
From wedding announcement in newspaper: Robert is a graduate of Wapello high school and both he and his bride worked for a number of months at the ordinance plant near Burlington and also at the defense plant at Grand Island, NE. He expects to be called soon to join Uncle Sam's rank of defenders.

Children of Robert and Idella Fletcher:

E i Judith Ann FLETCHER, b. 5 Feb 1946, d. 18 Feb 1846, Bellevue hospital, Muscatine, IA.
E ii Thomas Robert FLETCHER, b. 29 Mar 1947, Muscatine, Muscatine Co, IA; 1m. 5 Jun 1965 Katherine GERST, Wapello, IA (div.); 2m. 27 Mar 1983 Cheryl DAMERON (b. 5 Mar 1961). Children of Thomas and Katherine Fletcher: David Lynn FLETCHER, b. 28 Sep 1965; Rovert Lynn FLETCHER, b. 12 MAy 1967; Kenneth Lynn FLETCHER, b. 27 Apr 1968. Daughter of Thomas and Cheryl Flether: Samantha Jo FLETCHER, b. 31 May 1984, Muscatine, Muscatine Co, IA.
E iii Danny Eugene FLETCHER, b. 8 Nov 1949; m. 4 Sep 1980 Brenda Moss BELSHE (b. 29 Jan 1953, MO), Osage Beach, Miller Co, MO. Children of Danny and Brenda Fletcher: Heather Danielle FLETCHER, b. 17 Feb 1982; Kyle Dustin Fletcher, b. 3 Mar 1983. Brenda had two children, Kelly and Kaisty, by a prior marriage.

D vii Nelda Eileen FLETCHER, b. 20 Feb 1924, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; 1m. 1 Jan 1946 John L. ROSS (b. 12 Sep 1914; d. 31 Oct 1971, Burlington, IA; bur. Memorial Park Cemetery), Burlington, IA (div. 1960); 2m. 13 Jun 1964 Robert Lowell BREWER (b. 18 Apr 1925, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; d. 15 Apr 1985, Burlington, IA, Aspen Grove Cemetery); d. 16 Jun 1970, Burlington, IA (Cancer); bur. Aspen Grove Cemetery. John L. Ross served in WWII, South Pacific, wounded in Guam and received Purple Heart. Robert Brewer had three children, Wade, Sally, and Terri, by a prior marriage.

Children of John and Nelda Ross:

E i Beverly Ann ROSS, b. 26 Oct 1946, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; 1m. 28 Aug 1965 Robert Lee LAUE (b. 27 Jul 1944), Burlington, IA (div. 1971); 2m. 15 Nov 1975, Burlington,IA. Children of Rober and Beverly Laue: Chad Lee Laue, b. 15 Sep 1967, Burlington, IA; Cory Reid LAUE, b. 17 Feb 1969, Burlington, IA; Christy Eileen LAUE, b. 15 Jan 1972, Burlington, IA.
E ii Dennis Lee ROSS, b. 3 Jan 1948, Burlington, Des Moines Co, IA; 1m. 2 Aug 1973 Linda (div); 2m. 21 Mar 1981 Patricia ZURMEHLEN (Patricia had two children, Tricia and Tonja, by prior marriage). Children of Dennis and Linda Ross: John Lee ROSS, b. 12 Mar 1975; Bealinda Lee ROSS, b. 15 Sep 1977.

D viii Ronald Delbert (Jiggs) FLETCHER, b. 6 Jul 1926, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. 1 Jun 1947 Gloria Joy SHAFFER (b. 28 Sep 1928, Lead, Lawrence CO, SD). Ronald served in Army Air Force, Jan 1945 to Sep 1946.

Children of Ronald and Gloria Fletcher:

E i Terry Lee FLETCHER, b. 1 Jun 1948, Muscatine, Muscatine Co, IA; m. 6 Oct 1973 Denise Rae PLACEWAY (b. 19 Aug 1943, Lansing, Eaton Co, MI), Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, New Mexico. Son of Terry and Denise Fletcher: Matthew Ray FLETCHER, b. 21 Oct 1975, Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, New Mexico. Terry is a graduate of University of New Mexico, an electrical engineer.
E ii Ronni Glad FLETCHER, b. 3 Sep 1949, Deadwood, Lawrence Co, SD; m. 3 Sep 1967 Billy J. GOALSBY (b. 7 Oct 1944, Gallup, McKinley Co, New Mexico), Grants, Valencia Co, New Mexico. Children of Billy and Ronni Goalsby: Cara Lorraine GOALSBY, b. 17 Sep 1977 (adopted), Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, New Mexico; Jared Scott GOALSBY, b. 16 Apr 1978, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
E iii Keith Roy FLETCHER, b. 21 Apr 1951, Deadwood, Lawrence Co, SD; 1m. 12 Feb 1971, Cynthia Annette ROMERO, Grants, Valencia Co, New Mexico; 2m. 15 Aug 1981 Kathie TAGGERT (b. 4 Jul 1952, Salt Lake City, Tooele Co, UT), Douglas, Converse Co, WY (Kathie had two children, David and Margie, from a prior marriage). Daughter of Keith and Cynthia Fletcher: Jacey Annette FLETCHER, b. 26 Sep 1974, Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, New Mexico.
E iv Mitchell Scott FLETCHER, b. 29 Aug 1957, San Manuel, Pinal Co, AZ; m. 20 Sep 1980 Rita Louise CAMPBELL (b. 26 Aug 1946, Saffor, Graham Co, AZ), Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZ (Rita had two children, Will and Warren, from a prior marriage). Mitchell is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, an electrical engineer.

D ix Feryl Lee FLETCHER, b. 14 Nov 1928, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. 17 Nov 1951 Lola NIMMICK. Feryl served inthe Army, 1945. Daughter of Feryl and Lola Fletcher: Sharol Lee FLETCHER, b. 24 Jun 1952, Davenport, Scott Co, IA.

D x Ruth Joan FLETCHER, b. 4 Feb 1933, Columbus Junction, Louisa Co, IA; m. 8 Jul 1954 Shelby KELLER (b. 28 Feb 1934), Wichita Falls, Wichita Co, Texas. Shelby served in the army air force.

Children of Shelby and Ruth KELLER:

E i Debra Lea KELLER, b. 18 Jan 1956, Spokane, Spokane Co, Washington; m. 21 Oct 1972 Gerry ROSSBURG. Children of Gerry and Debra ROSSBURG: Jeremy Cole ROSSBURG, b. 27 Oct 1977; Shay Ryan ROSSBURG, b. 26 Aug 1984; Cejay Rene ROSSBURG, b. 25 May 1986.
E ii Steven Joe KELLER, b. 20 Apr 1958, England; d. 25 May 1958; bur. Wapello Cemetery, Wapello, IA.
E iii Pamela Jo KELLER, b. 29 Dec 1959, Great Falls, Cascade Co, MT; d. 27 Aug 1982 (Auto Accident), Great Falls, MT; bur. Highland Cemetery.
E iv Terri Ann KELLER, b. 8 Feb 1963, Anchorage, AK; m. Terry LEE. Children of Terry and Terri LEE: Michael Edward LEE, b. 31 Oct 1981; Taryn Tichelle LEE, b. 6 Oct 1986.

C 28 ii Pearl M. FLETCHER, b. 3 Dec 1896, Hoosier Bend Community south of Wyman, IA; d. 25 May 1939, bur. Columbus City Cemetery, m. 2 Dec 1919 Hilton A. GIPPLE.
Pearl attended school at both Wyman and Crawfordsville and was a resident of Spring Run and its surrounding communities practically all her life. She was a member of the Spring Run Ladies Aid and served as Secretary-Teasurer in it for a number of years. Also being a great lover of flowers, she took an active part in the Spring Run Flower club of which she was a member.

Son of Harold and Pearl Gipple:

D i Robert Hilton GIPPLE, b. 16 Apr 1925; m. Norma BUSOR.

Son of Robert and Norma Gipple:

E i Richard Eugene GIPPLE, b. 14 Dec 1947, m. 23 Feb 1972 Janice Diane HILFMAN.

Children of Richard and Janice Gipple:

F i Kendre Dawn GIPPLE, b. 23 Feb 1972; m. 16 Jan 1990 Robert SURRATT (b. 16 Jan 1967). One daughter: Katie Jane SURRATT, b. 23 Nov 1992.
F ii Dori Lynn GIPPLE, b. 2 May 1973.

C 29 iii Hazel Alice FLETCHER, b. 15 Jun 1905, Louisa Co., IA; d. 3 Nov 1986, Henry Co. Health Center, Mt. Pleasant, IA, a resident of Winfield, IA; m. 23 Dec 1925 Fred E. KLOPFENSTEIN, Washington, Washington Co., IA, d. 15 Aug 1989, Winfield, IA.
Hazel was graduated from Columbus Junction High School and taught in the Wyman school system for several years. She was a Sunday School teacher at the Winfield United Methodist Church and was a member of the United Methodist Women and the American Legion Auxiliary as well as the Order of Easter Star, Federated Women's Club and 4-C Club. She was a member of the Winfield United Methodist Church.
Fred E. Klopfenstein (from his obituary) was the son of Joe and Anna Stout Klopfenstein. He graduated from Washington High School in 1920 and was a member of the Winfield United Methodist Church, Good Faith Masonic Lodge 235, a former board member of the People's State Bank in Winfield, and a former Winfield and Henry County school board member. He was a farmer and had operated Klopfenstein Feed and Grain in Winfield from 1960 to 1969. Fred died at the Sunrise Care Center, Winfield. Interment in the Winfield-Scott Township Cemetery.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
After high school, Fred spent some time in California. When he returned to Iowa, he married Hazel (who grew up on her parent's farm east of Wyman). She received her teaching certificate from Iowa State Teachers' College, and taught school at Wyman, IA, for a few years before they were married. After they were married, they farmed with Fred's father for four years before they bought a farm north of Winfield, IA. They raised livestock, primarily feeding cattle, hogs, and at times feeding lambs. Their agricultural aspirations launched one of the first farms to raise a commercial turkey flock. Their success came, but not without the pitfalls of disease, storms, and market losses.
Fred saw farm life as an opportunity for education. He spent his spare time finding ways to increase the success of the farm. He was an avid reader devoting his attentions to mechanical, business, and agricultural magazines. The little time he had left for hobbies was spent golfing and playing cards. In 1953 Fred and Hazel built a new home less than a half mile west of their original homestead house. As their sons took over the farms, Fred and Hazel started the feed and grain business. In their retirement years, they spent several winters in Winter Haven, FL.
Hazel enjoyed farm life not so much for the typical homemaking experiences, but more for the beauty of the land. She watched birds, collected rocks, raised a beautiful flower garden and carried an extensive knowledge of nature. She also collected stamps, enjoyed reading, playing cards and working word puzzles. Later in life, Hazel took up painting. She continued educating young people by teaching Sunday School and Bible School, but her pleasure in teaching children shined through in her four children and twelve grandchildren. All four of Hazel's children raised their families near Winfield. Hazel and Fred encouraged all their children and grandchildren to attend college and pursue their own interests. Their crowning achievement was in all of their grandchildren graduating from college. In pursuit of their own interests each of their children and grandchildren found a common thread in Hazel and Fred's interests.

Children of Fred and Hazel KLOPFENSTEIN:

D i Phillip Lee KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 5 Jan 1927, Washington, Washington Co, IA; m. Lavonne Christine SEXAUER (b. 5 Jul 1929, Des Moines, IA) 10 Sep 1948, Chicago, IL; a farmer, graduated from Iowa State University in 1950, he served in the Navy during World War II and was a member of the United Methodist Church and American Legion Post No. 643; d. 10 Jan 1974, at University Hospital, Iowa City, IA; bur. Winfield, IA, cemetery.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
The oldest of Hazel and Fred's children, Phil left high school in the middle of his senior year of high school to serve in the United States Navy during World War II. While in the service, he schooled in electronics. After he left the service, Phil attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering. Phil returned to Winfield to farm near his father and brothers. He served on the school board like his father. He died at the age of 47 from Lymphoma cancer. Two of Phil and Lavonne's three sons carry on the family legacy of caring for turkey and livestock along with managing the soil on a much larger scale than their predecessors. Steve, Kim, and Ned all graduated from Iowa State University (ISU).

Children of Phillip and Lavonne KLOPFENSTEIN:

E i Steve Alan KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 28 Oct 1950, Mt. Pleasant, IA; m. Dixie Lou DAVISSON (b. 24 Jun 1956, Fairfield, IA) 30 Dec 1977. Children: Kenton Phillip KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 24 Aug 1980; Vince Andrew KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 25 Sep 1981; Derek Steven KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 12 Aug 1984.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Steve graduated from ISU with a degree in engineering and continued farming the family farm after his father Phil's death. He also followed in his father's and granfather's footsteps by serving on the Winfield school board.

E ii Kim Curtis KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 11 Jan 1953, Mt. Pleasant, IA; m. Laurie Beth OVERTON (b. 24 Sep 1958) 18 Jun 1988. Children: Grant Fredick, b. 8 Sep 1991; Jon Phillip, b. 30 Apr 1993.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Kim graduated from ISU with a degree in Biology and Secondary Education. He came back to farm with his mother and brother. He spent some time in the Winfield school system as a substitute teacher and coach.

E iii Ned Brian KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 14 Oct 1954, Mt. Pleasant, IA.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Ned received his Bachelor of Science in Botany and Doctorate degree in plant pathology following his grandmother's love of nature. Ned continued his work at ISU after graduation, and has now moved his work to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

D ii Joe Roy KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 6 Nov 1929, Washington, IA; m. Ruth La Van JOHNSON (b. 22 Nov 1931, Spirit Lake, IA) 14 Jun 1953; lived in Winfield in 1986.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Joe served in the United States Army during the Korean conflict, however, his 28th Division spent most of their time in Germany. Joseph attended ISU for five quarters after returning from the service. He returned to Winfield and has been farming and expanding the home place with his brother, William. He retained his father's deep respect for the land, his mother's reserved, easy-going nature, and both parent's interest in grandchildren. Joe and Ruth's children all started their schooling at ISU.

Children of Joe and Ruth KLOPFENSTEIN:

E i Baby Girl, stillborn, 7 Jul 1954;
E ii Paul Michael KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 1 Dec 1955, Mt. Pleasant, IA; m. Carrie Joann Reschly (b. 8 Nov 1954, Washington, IA) 3 Jul 1995. Children: Tristan Kade KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 12 Sep 1995.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Paul graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, Paul worked in Lakota, IA. He moved his practice to Crawfordsville, IA, in 1989. Once settled in southeast Iowa, Paul has also continued in farming by raising pigs.

E iii Rex Wayne KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 2 Jul 1957
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Rex has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a degree in Electrical Engineering. Rex stayed in Ames for several years, but now has moved to Golden, CO. Like his grandmother, Rex enjoys many activities including biking and collecting stamps. He also spent several hours on the golf course with Fred.

E iv Betty Jo KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 14 Sep 1959, Mt. Pleasant, IA; m. Gary METZ (b. 18 Apr 1958, Indianola, IA) 22 Aug 1981. Children: Andra Lynn METZ, b. 11 Feb 1986; Victor Andrew METZ, b. 25 Aug 1988; Conrad Joseph METZ, b. 25 Feb 1991.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Betty started college at ISU, and finished with a degree in Accouting from the University of Colorado. Betty and her husband Gary moved to Denver after Gary graduated from ISU then moved to Colorado Springs. Most recently they have moved to Red Oak, IA, where Betty works for the Red Oak school system as a teacher's aid. Betty enjoys flower gardening and golfing like her grandparents.

E v Sarrah Ann KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 4 Oct 1963, Mt. Pleasant, IA; m. Timothy Lee TUSHEN (b. 27 Nov 1963, Sioux Falls, SD) 5 May 1990. Children: Kala Leeann TUSHEN, b. 25 Oct 1991; Nick William, b. 25 Jul 1993.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Sara graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a minor in English. She moved to Omaha, NE, after she graduated to work as a technical writer for a software company. Now, she stays at home with her children. As one of Fred and Hazel's younger grandchildren, Sara spent many hours with her grandparents as babysitter. She developed an interest in word puzzles, reading, and Grandma's air conditioning.

D iii William Dale KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 4 Dec 1930, Washington, IA; 1m. Lenore Marie SANDER (b. 13 Dec 1931, Keokuk, IA; d. 17 May 1991) 15 Nov 1953; 2m. 11 Feb 1995 Carol Elaine EARNEST LIECHTY (b. 11 Dec 1937, Henry Co, IA); lived in Winfield in 1986 and June, 1996.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Bill served in the United States Army during the Korean Conflict. His time in the service was spent in Okinawa, Japan and Korea with the 40th Division and 3rd Division. William earned the Combat Infantry Badge while he was in the service. Bill also attended ISU for five quarters. After returning from service, he started his career in farming. Lenore taught grade school for 29 years, 2 years in Washington, IA, the remaining years in Winfield. Bill and Lenore's children both attended ISU.
Added Sept 1996 (by Bill and Carol): Bill and Carol met while he was researching Klopfenstein genealogy. He found she knew all about his family history, and she still married him anyway. They are looking for a wonderful retirement together.

Children of William and Lenore KLOPFENSTEIN:

E i Neil Ray KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 15 May 1956, Mt. Pleasant, IA.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Neil has a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. He continued his education at the Massechusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Masters degree in Urban Planning. Neil is employed with the United States International Service, which is in charge of the United States diplomatic service. Neil has spent three years in Bangkok, Thailand, and three years in San Paulo, Brazil. He is fluent in five languages. Neil has taken his grandmother's appreciation of nature and expanded it to an international level.

E ii James Glen KLOPRENSTEIN, b. 3 Nov 1957, Mt. Pleasant, IA; m. Susan Jean KEIL (b. 26 Jan 1961, Waukesha, WI) 20 Mar 1982. Children: Amy Lynn KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 12 Jul 1988, Cedar Rapids, IA; Heidi Marie KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 5 Sep 1990, Cedar Rapids, IA.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Jim has a degree in Electrical Engineering from ISU. After graduation Jim worked with E. F. Johnson in Waseca, MN. Jim and his wife Sue moved to Cedar Rapids, IA, where Jim works at Rockwell Collins. Jim received the Engineer of the year award in 1995 for his division in this international company. Honoring his grandmother, Jim has devoted much of his spare time to the church.

D iv Alice Anne KLOPFENSTEIN, b. 8 Apr 1936, Henry Co, IA; m. Alan Vern TREES (b. 23 Apr 1935) 23 Mar 1957; lived in Winfield in 1986.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Alice attended ISU after graduating high school. She earned her degree in Home Economics and Secondary Education. She taught school at Radcliff, IA, while her husband, Alan, finished college. They moved to Wisconsin after Alan's graduation. Returning to Winfield in 1963, Alan worked for his father-in-law, Fred for a brief period of time. Alice continued teaching at Washington, IA, while Alan worked for Agri-Builders. Eventually, Alice and Alan started two of their own businesses. Trees Agriculture Engineering Service (AES), a design and construction of farm structures such as grain bins, sheds, and equipment buildings, and CounTreeStore, two convenience stores in Winfield and in Crawfordsville, IA, featuring groceries, gasoline, and other necessities.

Children of Alan and Alice TREES:

E i Carla Anne TREES, b. 2 Nov 1959, Fort Atkinson, WI; m. Brian Douglas HAYMOND (b. 7 Nov 1962, Winterset, IA) 20 Jun 1992. One son: Brennan Lee HAYMOND, b. 4 Mar 1994.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Carla started college at ISU and eventually earned her degree in art from Iowa Wesleyn College. Carla worked with her parent's at CounTreeStore. Her husband, Brian, and she spent time in Ohio where Carla worked at strain glass enterprise. Carla and her family have moved back to Winfield, and are living in the house built by her grandparents in 1953. Both Carla and her husband are working with her parents at CounTreeStore. Carla's talen for art inspired Grandma to take up painting in her seventies.C 36 i Vernon Guy FLETCHER, b. 18 Apr 1908, Crawfordsville, Washington Co., IA; d. 7 Apr 1980, Crawfordsville, Washington Co., IA; m. 2 Nov 1940 Ruthe Austin HAMMOND, Ft. Madison, IA. Mr. FLETCHER, known as "Cup," lived most of his life in Crawfordsville and Washington County. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Crawfordsville, the KAAB Shrine of Davenport, Order of Eastern Star of Crawfordsville, the Crawfordsville American Legion, of which he was the past commander, the Rural Mail Carriers Association of Washington, and the Old Threshers Board of Mt. Pleasant. He had served as a deacon of the Presbyterian Church in Crawfordsville, school board member of the Crawfordsville and Waco and for many years worked with the youth in Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball. He was a member of the United Church of Crawfordsville. He was a farmer for ten years and a rural mail carrier retiring in 1977.

E ii Chris Alan TREES, b. 2 May 1962, Fort Atkinson, WI.
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Chris earned a degree in Electrical Engineering at ISU and moved to San Jose, CA, after graduation. Chris has spent a lot of time expanding and exploring his life's work in computer engineering.

E iii Carol Lynn TREES, b. 9 Oct 1965, Mt. Pleasant, IA; m. Bradley Alan FLETCHER (b. 24 Feb 1966, Mt. Pleasant, IA, the son of Larry and Donna FLETCHER, grandson of Cleo FLETCHER) 28 Jun 1986. One son: Clinton Alan FLETCHER, b. 1 Jan 1995; a great-great-great grandson of John and Catherine FLETCHER by both parents)
Added notes from William D. Klopfenstein and Sara Klopfenstein Tushen:
Carol graduated with a degree in Food Management at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). After graduation, she continued work at UNI with the university's cafeteria and catering businesses. The youngest of Hazel's grandchildren, Carol took her grandmother's maiden name when she married Brad Fletcher, a distant cousin.

C 36 i Vernon Guy FLETCHER, b. 18 Apr 1908, Crawfordsville, Washington Co., IA; d. 7 Apr 1980, Crawfordsville, Washington Co., IA; m. 2 Nov 1940 Ruthe Austin HAMMOND, Ft. Madison, IA. Mr. FLETCHER, known as "Cup," lived most of his life in Crawfordsville and Washington County. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Crawfordsville, the KAAB Shrine of Davenport, Order of Eastern Star of Crawfordsville, the Crawfordsville American Legion, of which he was the past commander, the Rural Mail Carriers Association of Washington, and the Old Threshers Board of Mt. Pleasant. He had served as a deacon of the Presbyterian Church in Crawfordsville, school board member of the Crawfordsville and Waco and for many years worked with the youth in Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball. He was a member of the United Church of Crawfordsville. He was a farmer for ten years and a rural mail carrier retiring in 1977.

Children of Vernon and Ruthe FLETCHER:

D i Gary Wayne FLETCHER, b. 12 Aug 1942; m. 29 Dec 1965 Sharon KULUPA; of Iowa City in 1980. Three children: Michael John, b. 26 Oct 1964; Sarah Marie, b. 11 May 1968; Margaret Ruthe, b. 4 Nov 1971
D ii Stephen John FLETCHER, b. 7 Jun 1946; m. 15 Oct 1966 Janet Kay WHITE; of Crawfordsville in 1980. Two children: Tracy Jenice, b. 19 Mar 1968; Paula Christine, b. 10 Feb 1970.
D iii Glen Allen FLETCHER, b. 1 Jun 1951; m. 27 May 1970 Jean BURKHOLDER (divorced); of Canton, IL, in 1980. Their children: Casandra Rnee, b. 29 Sep 1970; Jennifer Christine, b. 15 Oct 1971.
D iv Stanley Keith FLETCHER, b. 28 Jun 1954; m. 26 Mar 1977 Ann WILSON; of Crawfordsville in 1980

C 37 ii John Lyle FLETCHER, b. 9 May 1910, Crawfordsville, IA; d. 2 Jan 1987, Sherrard, IL; 1m. 5 Nov 1932 Grace FITZGERALD (divorced); 2m. 18 Jun 1955 Ione FROST. Lyle spent his early years in the Crawfordsville community and graduated from Crawfordsville High School in 1928. He farmed in the Ainsworth area before moving to Moline, IL, where he worked at the John Deere Wagonworks until his retirement in 1972. HILLIGROSS; lived in Coin Center, IL, in 1987.

Children of Keith and Janet MANLEY:

E i Sally Ann MANLEY, b. 13 Sep 1952; m. Dennis RINGSTAFF. Children: Christie MANLEY, b. 16 Jul 1969; Joseph RINGSTAFF, b. 16 Sep 1971; Tanya RINGSTAFF, b. 28 Jul 1974; step-daughter, Judy RINGSTAFF.
E ii Patty Ann MANLEY, b. 29 Jul 1954; 1m. Greg YOUNG (divorced); 2m. Eddie RODRIQUEZ. Children: Justine MANLEY, b. 6 Mar 1973; Jesse RODRIQUEZ, b. 29 Dec 1975.
E iii Nancy Lee MANLEY, b. 25 Jun 1955; m. Scot LONG. Children: William LONG, b. 24 Jul 1974.
E iv Jerry Lee MANLEY, b. 10 Sep 1956; m. Nancy Jo RICHARDSON.

D i Roberta Ann FLETCHER, b. 8 May 1937; m. Clyde DAVIS (b. 22 Apr 1941); lived in Rock Island,IL, in 1987. Children: Michael Allen DAVIS, b. 19 Aug 1959.

C 39 iv Clarence Arthur FLETCHER, b. 6 Feb 1915, IA; d. 12 Dec 1972; m. 3 Sep 1937 Olive Jean KELSEY (b. 5 Nov 1917, of Ainsworth), Washington Co., IA. He had been employed at International Harvester in Moline for 29 years.

Children of Clarence and Jean FLETCHER:

D i Diane Marie FLETCHER, b. 21 Jun 1939; m. 25 Sep 1959 Kenneth WATTS (b. 14 Jun 1940); lived in Rock Island, IL, in 1972. Children: (See below, also, Daniel Lee, b. 1 Mar 1958, adopted by Diane's parents) Kenneth Allan, b. 3 Aug 1960; Keven Arthur, b. 6 Jul 1962; Kraig Arnold, b. 13 Aug 1964; Tonya Faith, b. 28 Aug 1965; Kurtis Aaron, b. 26 May 1966; Tara Lynn, b. 23 May 1972.
D ii Linda FLETCHER, b. 24 Dec 1941; 1m. Dorrance CARLSON (divorced); 2m. 14 Feb 1972 George "Sonny" STEELE (1 Nov 1937); lived in San Jose, CA, in 1972. Children: Rancy Lee CARLSON, b. 28 Dec 1959; Troy Donavon CARLSON, b. 20 Mar 1962.
D iii Barbara Joan FLETCHER, b. 22 Nov 1944; m. 27 Nov 1970 Ted SHANEY (divorced), lived in Carmel, CA, in 1972.
D iv Carol Elaine FLETCHER, b. 24 Jun 1945; lm. Lyle POST (divorced); 2m. 19 Apr 1975 Joe DEBAKER; lived in Moline, IL, in 1972. Children: Walter Lewis POST, b. 21 Jun 1970.
D v Daniel Lee FLETCHER, b. 1 Mar 1958 (grandson, son of daughter Diane, adopted by Clarence and Jean); lived at home in 1972

C 40 v Lois Fern FLETCHER, b. 8 Aug 1920, IA; m. Dell Phillip FARRIER (b. 3 May 1920).

Children of Del and Lois FARRIER:

D i Patricia Lynn FARRIER, b. 4 Jun 1941, m. 27 Feb 1960 William MAY (b. 27 Oct 1940). Children: Roger Allen, b. 28 Jan 1962; Melisa Lynn, b. 26 Feb 1963.
D ii Michael Dell FARRIER, b. 17 Feb 1946, m. 25 Jun 1966 Catherine Ann ARNOLD (b. 1 Dec 1946). Children: Michael Allen, b. 20 Sep 1967; Matthew Dell, b. 10 May 1971; Mark Arnold, b. 24 May 1977.
D iii Ronald Lee FARRIER, b. 20 Dec 1951, m. Julie EDWARD (b. Nov 1956). Children: Timothy Lee, b. 1 Mar 1978.
D iv Phillip Todd FARRIER, b. 19 Jan 1959; m. 14 Apr 1979 Kathy EDGAR.

C 41 vi Violet May FLETCHER, b. 1 May 1924, Crawfordsville, IA; m. 23 Jan 1947 Delbert C. LOWE (b. 24 Dec 1921); Washington Co., IA.
From Violet Fletcher Lowe in 1996: Violet graduated from Crawfordsville High School with the class of 1941. After graduation she worked as postal clerk in Crawfordsville until she married Delbert C. Lowe in the Methodist parsonage in Brighton by Rev. E.E. Voss on January 23, 1947.
Delbert Lowe was the son of Clarence and Tillie Farrier Lowe. Since his mother died when he was a small boy his Dad remarried Alice Wieneke who is 91 and resides at Washington Care Center. Delbert was a World War II veteran, was with the 96th Division Field Artillery in the Pacific Campaign.
Delbert and Violet were in partnership of farming with his Dad from January 1947 until January 1950 when we bought 120 acres and moved to our present farm east of Brighton in Brighton Township in Washington. Delbert had the misfortune of falling into the corn picker on Oct. 29, 1949, losing his left hand just above the wrist. In 1964 we added the Wieneke farm of 75 acres and in 1966 we added John Lowe farm of 75 acres making a total of 275 acres.
We were members of the Brighton Presbyterian Church of which Violet was as Elder and Delbert a Trustee. In 1978 the Methodist and Presbyterian yoke together and in 1983 we united to form the Brighton United Church of which we are members. We have a family of 3 sons - William, Terry, and Randy. All 3 graduated from Washington High School.

Children of Delbert and Violet LOWE:

D i William Glenn LOWE, b. 25 Dec 1947; m. 11 Jan 1969 Eileen Sue DICKINSON (b. 25 May 1949). Children: Scott Charles, b. 16 May 1970, m. Cynthia FRIEBERG; Billie Sue, b. 2 Feb 1975.
D ii Terry Clarence LOWE, b. 10 Jul 1950; m. Victoria Louise BENGE (b. 8 May 1953). Children: Joshua Charles LOWE, b. 16 Mar 1973; Adam Dean LOWE, b. 19 Nov 1978; Stefanie Louise LOWE, b. 28 May 1981; Megan Elaine LOWE, b. 8 Jan 1986.
D iii Randy Lee LOWE, b. 11 Jan 1958.
From Violet Fletcher Lowe in 1996: William, known as Bill, married Sue Dickinson at St. Mary Catholic Church in Fairfield. Sue is a graduate of Van Rurean High School and Missouri State Teachers College. They live on a farm near Birmingham, Iowa, and both work in Fairfield. They have 2 children. Scott Charles graduated from Buena Vista. He married Cynthia Frieberg in 1996. She also graduated from Buena Vista College. Bill and Sue's daughter, Billie Sue, is in her 3rd year of college at the University of Northern Iowa. Bill retired from the National Guard after 23 years of service. He was in Germany during the Gulf War.
Terry married Vicky Benge who graduated from Washington High School. They live on their farm near Wayland, Iowa. They both work in Washington. They have 4 children. Joshua graduated from WACO High School and Southeastern Community College. He took courses in Agriculture. He lives near Wellman, Iowa, working as a farm hand. Adam, Stefanie, and Megan all go to school at WACO. They attend Cottonwood United Methodist Church in rural Wayland. Terry and Vicky were married at this church.
Randy Lee is still single and works at Wilson Concrete in Washington. He live in Washington.

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BOYSEN, Aaron Robert
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BOYSEN, Albert Carsten
BOYSEN, David Edwin
BOYSEN, Duane Albert
BOYSEN, Duane Albert
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FARRIER, Michael Dell
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FLETCHER, Barbara Joan
FLETCHER, Bradleyl Alan
FLETCHER, Carol Elaine
FLETCHER, Casandra Rnee
FLETCHER, Clarence Arthur
FLETCHER, Clark Eugene
FLETCHER, Cleo Clinton
FLETCHER, Clinton Alan
FLETCHER, Daniel Lee
FLETCHER, Diane Marie
FLETCHER, Doris Irene
FLETCHER, Elizabeth
FLETCHER, Fannie Ann
FLETCHER, Fannie Catherine
FLETCHER, Frank William
FLETCHER, Gary Wayne
FLETCHER, Glen Allen
FLETCHER, Hannah Jane
FLETCHER, Hazel Alice
FLETCHER, Inez Nellie
FLETCHER, Jennifer Christine
FLETCHER, John Thomas
FLETCHER, John Townsend
FLETCHER, Joseph Allen
FLETCHER, Knowlton
FLETCHER, Margaret Ruthe
FLETCHER, Max Eugene
FLETCHER, Michael John
FLETCHER, Nicholas
FLETCHER, Paula Christine
FLETCHER, Roberta Ann
FLETCHER, Ruth Hazel
FLETCHER, Samuel Clinton (Clint)
FLETCHER, Sarah Marie
FLETCHER, Stanley Keith
FLETCHER, Stephen John
FLETCHER, Tracy Jenice
FLETCHER, Vernon Guy (Cup)
FLETCHER, Violet May
FLETCHER, William A.
FLETCHER, William Virgil (Dutch)
FORD, Anne
GUSTIN, Frances Jane
HALL, Rose Ella
HAYMOND, Brennan Lee
HAYMOND, Brian Douglas
HEWEY, Lovina
HOWARD, Ernest (Bud)
HOWARD, Michael Steven
HOWARD, Michelle Renee
HOWARD, Miranda Lynn
HULL, Blanche
HULL, Charles Franklin (Frank)
HULL, David
HULL, Delia Anna
HULL, Moses
HULL, Walter
HUMPHREY, John Harry
JOHNSON, Ruth La Van
KEIL, Susan Jean
KINNICK, Amanda Elenora
KINNICK, Catherine
KINNICK, Fanny Susan
KINNICK, George Butler
KINNICK, Jacob James
KINNICK, Jessie H.
KINNICK, John Leach Cook
KINNICK, Margaret Susana (Maggie)
KINNICK, Margaret (Maggie)
KINNICK, Mary Eppenetes (Mate)
KINNICK, Sarah Ann
KINNICK, Walter W.
KINNICK, Walter Watson
KINNICK, William Walter
KELSEY, Olive Jean
KLOPFENSTEIN, Kenton Phillip
KROUTH, Genevieve
KUENSTLE, Patricia A.
KULUPA, Sharon
LIDDY, Michael E.
LIECKTY, Carol Elaine Earnest
LONG, Scot
LONG, William
LOWE, Adam Dean
LOWE, Arlene
LOWE, Billie Sue
LOWE, Delbert
LOWE, Joshua Charles
LOWE, Randy Lee
LOWE, Scott Charles
LOWE, Terry Clarence
LOWE, William Glenn
LYON, William Eugene (Gene)
MANLEY, Christie
MANLEY, Jerry Lee
MANLEY, Justine
MANLEY, Nancy Lee
MANLEY, Patty Ann
MANLEY, Sally Ann
MAY, Melisa Lynn
MAY, Roger Allen
MAY, William
MERCER, Rachel Ann
MERCER, William
METZ, Andra Lynn
METZ, Conard Joseph
METZ, Gary
METZ, Victor Andrew
MITCHELL, Jessie Luella
MOORE, Andrew E.
OGAN, Eldon L.
O'HANLON, Charles P.
ORR, Edward Jacob
ORR, Velma Dorothy
PALMER, Martha H.
PETTERSON, Jeffrey Wayne
PETTERSON, Marshall (Pete)
POST, Lyle
POST, Walter Lewis
READY, Susannah (Susan)
REEDER, Richard
REEDER, Richard H. II
RESCHLY, Carrie Joann
ROSE, Carolyn Jane
ROSE, Catherine Ann
ROSE, Elizabeth Ellen
ROSE, Gladys
ROSE, Kevin
ROSE, Marie
ROSE, Marshall
ROSE, Maurice
ROSE, Spencer
ROSE, Wilbert
ROSE, Yula
SANDER, Lenore Marie
SEXAUER, Lavonne Christine
SHAW, Esther
SIMMONS, Mary Estelle
STEELE, George (Sonny)
STEWART, Dale Roger
STEWART, Dean Edwin
STEWART, Donna Jean
STEWART, Doris Elaine
STEWART, Eric Bradley
STEWART, Jamie William
STEWART, Jason John
STEWART, John Harlan
STEWART, Lee Daniel
STEWART, Melissa Renee
TREES, Alan Vern
TREES, Carla Anne
TREES, Carol Lynn
TREES, Chris Alan
TUSHEN, Kala Leeann
TUSHEN, Nick William
TUSHEN, Timothy Lee
WATTS, Kenneth
WATTS, Kenneth Allan
WATTS, Kevin Arthur
WATTS, Kraig Arnold
WATTS, Kurtis Aaron
WATTS, Tara Lynn
WATTS, Tonya Faith
WEEDEN, Lovina
WIDMER, Gilbert
WIDMER, Karen Kay
WILES, William
WHITE, Janet Kay
WHYTE, Carrie May

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