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Pioneer Sketches

Richard and William Kinnick Families
in Lawrence Co, IN

One of the Kinnick Family Sketches
of the North Carolina - Indiana Branch

Compiled by William L. (Bill) Smith

This page includes sketches I have compiled from my family history research for my own use. I am posting them on the Internet in the interest of sharing this information with interested parties. If you appear to be directly related, based on the information in the the sketches, or have comments to share with me about these sketches, I would be happy to hear from you. I do not do research for others, nor am I particularly interested in speculative relationships or unrelated surname discussions. There are many other worthy sites for these activities. I hope you enjoy reading some of these interesting stories.

Richard and William Kinnick Families in Lawrence Co, IN


What's New?

Introduction, based on Lawrence Co, IN, historical records

Richard Kinnick Family

William Kinnick Family

Notes and References

The George and Hannah Kinnick Family Moves West

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What's New?

20 Aug 1999: Added W.B. Kinnick historical Sketch

19 Aug 1999: linked new page for John Thomas Kinnick Family



Introduction, based on Lawrence Co, IN, historical records

We first find Richard and William in Indiana in what, in 1818, would become Lawrence County. In 1817, William (age 24) is listed [1] among the voters polled in Leatherwood Township, at the house of James Stotts (p. 67). In the section [1] discussing growth of the town of Palestine, Lawrence County, IN, Richard Kinnick is listed (1818) as among early residents (p. 130). We know he was age 18; we know not what he told them, of course.

Evidence seems to indicate that Richard probably returned to Rowan County, NC, and married Katherine Etchison in about 1820. They returned shortly to live in Indiana. It appears they had a son born shortly after their return, perhaps, 1821 or 1822. This son appears to have given them a grandson, John W., born in 1840 (presumed mother and child appear in Richard's household in the1840 census). It appears that this son had died before the census, certainly prior to Nov 1842, when Richard prepared his will, which stated that he had "three children now living." (The mother of the grandson appears to have remarried by then, to a Goodman, by whom she had Elizabeth, b. 1845, and John, b. 1848, listed as grandchildren of Katherine in her father's will in 1852.)

We currently still have a gap for William from about 1817 until 5 May 1829 when he married a young widow of 25 years with two young children, Mrs. Sally Clark Ross [3]. The two young children were Robert and Nancy Ross. Mrs. Ross, the widow of Richard Ross, was the daughter of Alexander Clark and Sally Glenn. They had a daughter, Sally Ann, born 23 Jan 1830. In the Federal census of 1830, this family is living in Pleasant Township, Johnson Co, IN. They are also there in the 1840 and 1850 census. The William Kinnick Family moved to Iowa in 1854.

In a historical sketch [2] of Johnson Co, IN, there is a note that the land owned by William Kinnick had earlier been a Pottawatomie encampment (p. 45). The encampment is thus described (in a first hand account, fifty-five years later): "Added to the gloom of this dismal place, away to the northwest was an Indian encampment, making the most of their privilege to hunt here." Later in the sketch [2], related to the development of Clark Township, it is noted that "In 1826, there moved into the settlement thus begun {by the first to settlers, Hugh McFadden and Glen Clark}, John L. McClain and Alexander Clark, from Kentucky...(p. 164)." They were therefore, the third and fourth settlers there. Alexander Clark was the father of Sally, who married William Kinnick, of course, a couple of years after this.

The Richard Kinnick family, by the way, was not included in The Kinnick Genealogy book, of 1952, but should have been. Richard died in 1847 and his wife, Catherine, before her father in 1852. Their children, however, carried on the family traditions.

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Richard Kinnick Family

Richard KINNICK, b. 1798; m. 5 Apr 1824 Katherine ETCHESON, Martin Co, IN; d. 1847, Lawrence Co, IN. Apparently, also adopted Sarah Black, an orphan. She married Bledsoe Goodman. They had children: Eliza (b. 1843) and John (b. 1848). Listed as grandchildren in estate of Katherine's father in 1852.

Children of Richard and Catherine Kinnick:

i. Mary Ellen KINNICK, b. 1825, m. 12 Apr 1849 Columbus Franklin PARKER, Bedford, Lawrence Co, IN.

ii. William John KINNICK, b. 1 Dec 1827, Lawrence Co, IN, m. 26 Apr 1849 Sarah Jane LEMONS.

iii. Nancy Ann KINNICK, b. 2 Sep 1830, Bedford, Lawrence Co, IN, m. 5 Apr 1849 John Andrew Jackson OWENS.

Mary Shannon KINNICK, b. 1834, IN; m. Columbus Franklin PARKER (b. 1829, NC) 12 Apr 1849, Bedford, Lawrence Co, IN.

Children of Columbus and Mary Parker:

i. Ellen PARKER, b. 1858, KS
ii. James PARKER, b. 1860, KS
iii. John PARKER, b. 26 May 1866, Doniphan, Doniphan Co, KS
iv. Ulysses PARKER, b. 1868, KS

William John KINNICK, b. 1 Dec 1827, Lawrence Co, IN; m. Sarah Jane LEMONS, 26 Apr 1849, Lawrence Co, IN; d. 16 Jan 1899, bur. Breckinridge Cemetery, Shawswick Township (includes Town of Bedford), Lawrence Co, IN.

Children of William and Sarah Kinnick:

i. Ellen KINNICK, b. 1850, Lawrence Co, IN; m. 10 Feb 1870 Robert E. McKNIGHT

ii. Armilda KINNICK, b. 1852, Lawrence Co, IN

iii. George KINNICK, b. 1857, Lawrence Co, IN; m. 1877 Virginia Florence EDWARDS (b. 1855), Lawrence Co, IN. One daughter known: Emma KINNICK, b. 1878, Lawrence Co, IN.

Nancy Ann KINNICK, b. 2 Sep 1830, Bedford, Lawrence Co, IN, m. 5 Apr 1849 John Andrew Jackson OWENS (b. 21 Mar 1830, Martin Co, IN; d. 4 Feb 1903, Mercer Co, MO); d. 26 Jan 1912, Mercer Co, MO.

Children of John and Nancy Owens:

i. William Greene OWENS, b. 22 Jan 1850, Martin Co, IN; d. 15 Apr 1912, Mercer Co, MO.
ii. George OWENS, b. 1852, Martin Co, IN; d. 1898.
iii. Amanda OWENS, b. 11 Mar 1853, Martin Co, IN; d. 1946, in Kalispell, Montana
iv. Robert OWENS, b. 17 Feb 1855, Martin Co, IN
v. James F. OWENS, b. 20 Feb 1857, Mill Grove, Mercer Co, MO; d. 1943
vi. J. Wesley OWENS, b. 18 Jun 1859, Mill Grove, Mercer Co, MO; d.1933
vii. Mary Ellen OWENS, b. 1861, Mill Grove, Mercer Co, MO; d.1863, in Mercer Co, MO
viii. Jefferson OWENS, b. 1863, Mill Grove, Mercer Co, MO; d. 1876, in Mercer Co, MO
ix. Jane OWENS, b. 24 Feb 1866, Mill Grove, Mercer Co, MO; 30 Nov 1947, in Kalispell, Montana.
x. David J. OWENS, b. 16 Feb 1869, Mill Grove, Mercer Co, MO
xi. Martha Ann OWENS, b. 1869, Mercer Co, MO; d. 1869, in Mercer Co, MO.

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William Greene OWENS, b. 22 Jan 1850, Martin Co, IN; m. Sarah Elizabeth GOLDSBY.

Children of William and Sarah Owens:

i. Mary Ellen OWENS, b. 29 Apr 1868, Mercer Co, MO; d. 1939

ii. Emily J. OWENS, b. 12 May 1870, Mercer Co, MO; d. 4 Jan 1930

iii. Andrew J. OWENS, b. 29 Jul 1873, Mercer Co, MO; d. 1938, MO.

iv. Armilda A. OWENS, b. 23 Dec 1876, Mercer Co, MO

v. Dora Isabelle OWENS, b. 24 Jun 1878, Mercer Co, MO; m. 22 Sep 1895, Mercer Co, MO, Charles A. ROSS; d. 9 Jun 1935, Medicine Twp, Mercer Co, MO.
(See more on this family at The Ross Clan)

vi. Viola M. OWENS, b. 8 Jul 1881, Mercer Co, MO

vii. Bertha Elizabeth OWENS, b. 2 Jan 1884, Mercer Co, MO; m. 29 Sep 1913, MO; d. 18 Jan 1966, Unionville, MO.

viii. Anna L. OWENS, b. 20 Apr 1888, Mercer Co, MO

Andrew J. OWENS, b. 29 Jul 1873, Mercer Co, MO; m. Sarah B. DEAN (B. 1874; d. 1954, MO); d. 1938, MO.

Children of Andrew and Sarah Owens:

i. Harley L. OWENS, b. 1898; d. 1967; 1m. Lillian AMBER (b. 1908; d. 1953); 2m. 15 Dec 1920, Mercer Co, MO, Alta L. MILLER (b. 1900; d. 1941). Child: Robert Jackson OWENS (one known son, Mike OWENS, m. Linda)
ii. Alta Olave OWENS, b. 1899.

Bertha Elizabeth OWENS, b. 2 Jan 1884, Mercer Co, MO; m. 29 Sep 1913, MO, George Earnest ROBB (b. 1 Nov 1886, Lucerne, Putnam Co, MO; d. 15 Dec 1955, Putnam Co, MO); d. 18 Jan 1966, Unionville, MO.

Children of George and Bertha ROBB:

i. Ruby Robb
ii. Hallie Robb
iii. Anna Lee Robb
iv. Opal Maxine Robb, b. 27 Mar, Putnam Co, MO; d. 19 Oct 1930, Putnam Co, MO.

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William Kinnick Family

William KINNICK, b. 20 Mar 1793, NC; m. Mrs. Sarah CLARK ROSS, 5 May 1829, IN (b. 6 Feb, 1804; d. 28 Jan 1891); d. 8 Apr 1863.

Children of William and Sarah KINNICK:

i . Sally Ann KINNICK, b. Jan. 23, 1830, IN
ii. Infant son, b. & d. 15 Mar 1831, IN
iii. Infant son, b. 14 Mar 1832, IN; d. 15 Mar 1832, IN
iv. Infant daughter, b. & d. 18 Jan, 1833, IN
v. Mary Jane KINNICK, b. 14 May 1834, IN; d. 18 Feb 1851.
vi. Rebecca KINNICK, b.15 Mar 1836, IN; d. 30 Sep 1837, IN
vii. Catherine (Kate) KINNICK, b. 16 Aug 1837, m. James Comly MICHENER
viii. William Alexander KINNICK, b. 10 Aug 1839, IN; d. 27 Apr 1845, IN
ix. John Thomas KINNICK, b. 16 Mar 1841, IN
x. Susan Elizabeth KINNICK, b. 8 Jan1843, IN
xi. Richard Ross KINNICK, b. 1 Mar 1846, IN
xii. William Butler KINNICK, b. 20 Mar 1849, m. Mary Jane STUMP, 3 Mar 1875. One known son, Nile Clark KINNICK, b. 1874 (father of Nile KINNICK, of football fame)

Catherine (Kate) KINNICK, b. 16 Aug 1837, Franklin Co, IN, d. 16 Aug 1897; m. James Comly MICHENER (Dr.) 2 Oct 1870, Adel, Dallas Co, IA.
(If you have more informtion on this family, we would like to hear from you!)

Children of James and Kate MICHENER:

i. Kate Comly MICHENER, b. 24 Aug 1871, Adel, Dallas Co, IA; m. MOORE.
ii. James Barak MICHENER, b. 4 Oct 1872, Adel, Dallas Co, IA.
iii. Martha MICHENER, b. 2 Feb 1876, Adel, Dallas Co, IA; m. NELSON (lived in Anderson, MO - in 1939).
iv. Harriet Comly MICHENER, b. 15 Nov 1880, Adel, Dallas Co, IA.

John Thomas KINNICK, b. 16 Mar 1841, IN; d. 1867, Van Meter, Dallas Co, IA;
1m. Annise GRAHAM (b. 1841, IL; d. 28 May 1878, Dallas Co, IA) 1867, Van Meter, Dallas Co, IA.
2m. Jennie E. WICK (or WINNERY), b. Feb 1851, NJ.
(More Information available on this family)

Children of John and Annise KINNICK:

i. William Graham KINNICK, b. 14 Dec 1868, Van Meter, Dallas Co, IA
ii. James Edward KINNICK, b. 20 Jun 1871, Adel, Dallas Co, IA
iii. Olive Annis KINNICK, b. 30 Mar 1873, Adel, Dallas Co, IA
iv. Nellie May KINNICK, b. 24 Apr 1877, Adel, Dallas Co, IA

Children of John and Jennie KINNICK:

i. Helen Lucile (Lucile) KINNICK, b. Feb 1886, IA
ii. John Clark KINNICK, b. Sep 1887, IA; m. Francis UNKNOWN
iii. Carlton Van KINNICK, b. Sep 1889, IA; m. Lillian NELSON
iv. Forest G. KINNICK, b. Jan 1895, OK

Susan Elizabeth KINNICK, b. 8 Jan1843, IN; d. 1924; m. Charles Wesley CURTIS 12 Sep 1866
(More Information available on this family)

Children of Charles and Susan CURTIS (among others):

William Hedrick CURTIS, b. abt 1870
Charles Clyde CURTIS, b. abt 1874, IA

Story (in part) written by Eva Coonrod June 7, 1987, provided to the compiler by Gail Payne, March, 1999: "They {Susan and her family} migrated to Iowa and settled in an area not far from the Nebraska Border. Susan Kinnick's brother, John, served in the Civil War on the side of the north. During the war he met a young man named Charles Westly Curtis and became friends. Charles Wesley Curtis was injured, becoming shell shocked. He was dismissed on a medical discharge. John brought him to his home to recuperate, since Charles had no home to go to. He fell in love with Susan. They were married and lived near her people there in Iowa.

"Charles Clyde was born there - the 7th son with one sister. Sometime after Charles Clyde was born, they moved over into Nebraska. As far as we know never came back to see the Kinnicks but Susan E. brought the two youngest children, Will about age 11 and Clyde about age 7 to visit her mother."

Richard Ross KINNICK, b. 1 Mar 1846, IN; m. Rachel ADAMS, 13 Nov 1865.

Children of Richard and Rachel KINNICK:

i. Richard Bertrum KINNICK, b. 1884, m. Bessie Ada BENTLEY

Children of Richard and Bessie KINNICK:

i. Muriel Leora KINNICK, b. 1915, m. Marion Park COVERDELL

Children of Marion and Muriel COVERDELL:

i. May COVERDELL, m. VANCE [4]

William Butler ( W.B.) KINNICK (Sketch), b. 20 Mar 1849, m. Mary Jane (Jennie) STUMP, 3 Mar 1875.
(More Information available on this family)

Children of W.B. and Jennie KINNICK:

Frank Butler KINNICK, b. Nov 1875, IA; m. Mabel VAUGHN
ii. Mary B. KINNICK, b. Mar 1882, IA
iii. Ruth KINNICK, b. May 1891, IA
Nile Clark KINNICK, b. Apr 1893, IA; m. 14 Dec 1916 Francis A. CLARKE, Adel Christian Church, Adel , Dallas Co, IA (parents of Nile C. KINNICK, Jr., of football fame)
v. Marguerite KINNICK, b. Oct 1895, IA

Frank Butler KINNICK, b. Nov 1875, IA; m. Mabel VAUGHN (b. 1885, IA; d. 1961, Oakland, CA)
(More Information available on this family)

Children of Frank and Mabel KINNICK:

i. William Butler KINNICK, Jr., b. 1907, IA; d. 9 Feb 1974
(OBIT), Oakland, CA; m. B. Jo UNKNOWN.
ii. John Barak KINNICK, b. 1912, Adel, Dallas Co, IA; m. Kathleen Unknown, Las Vegas, CA.
iii. Louise KINNICK, b. 1917, Adel, IA; m. WILSON.

Nile Clark KINNICK, b. Apr 1893, IA; m. 14 Dec 1916 Francis A. CLARKE, Adel Christian Church, Adel , Dallas Co, IA (parents of
Nile C. KINNICK, Jr., of football fame)
(More Information available on this family)


William Butler KINNICK, Jr., from the Oakland, CA, Tribune, 11 Feb 1974:

William Butler KINNICK, Jr., (died) in Oakland, 9 Feb 1974, beloved husband of B. Jo KINNICK; loving father of Martha Jo KINNICK, Paul Clayton KINNICK and the late Karl William KINNICK and a foster son, Stephen Michael HOCKNEY; brother of Louise WILSON of Citrus Heights and John B. KINNICK of Berkeley; uncle of Nile KINNICK; also survived by many nieces and cousins. A native of Adel, IA; aged 66 years. A member of Beta Theta Phi Fraternity. Private funeral services were held Saturday. Memorial contributions to the Fred Finch Youth Center, 3800 Coolidge Ave., Oakland, or to Plymouth Church, 777 Oakland Ave., will be deeply appreciated.

Sketch: W.B. Kinnick


From: Wood, Prof. R.F. "Past and Present of Dallas County, Iowa." Chicago: The

S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1907, pp. 425-426.




William B. Kinnick, one of the most extensive landowners of DalIas county and vice-president of the Adel State Bank, has manifested in his business career the spirit of enterprise and progress which has gained him a distinctive position in business circles. He was born in Johnson county, Indiana, March 20, 1849, his parents being William and Sarah (Clark) Kinnick. The father was born in North Carolina, March 20, 1793, and the mother in Kentucky, February 6, 1804. They were married in Indiana, in which state Mr. Kinnick followed the occupation of farming until 1854, when he came to Iowa, settling in Adel township among the pioneer residents of Dallas county. He first built a log house and broke the wild prairie with ox teams, bringing the land under a high state of cultivation, so that he annually gathered rich harvests as the result of the care and labor which he bestowed upon his fields. At the time of his death he owned five eighty-acre tracts of land and his prosperity was due to his own labors and careful management. His political support was given to the democracy until after the election of Franklin Pierce as president, and upon the organization of the new republican party he became one of its stalwart advocates. He belonged to the Christian church and his life was a most honorable and upright one. He died in April, 1863, while his wife passed away at the advanced age of eighty-six years. In their family were twelve children but only four are now living: Ann, J. T., R. R. and William B.

In taking up the personal history of William B. Kinnick we note that he was but five years of age when he came with his parents to Iowa, so that his education was acquired in the district schools and he was reared amid the wild scenes and environments of pioneer life. He early became familiar with the duties and labors that fall to the lot of the agriculturist and when about twenty years of age he began farming on his own account. He has since followed the business and has attained a position as one of the most prominent and successful agriculturists of this part of the state. When he started out on his own account he had but forty acres of land of his own but he rented the remainder of the old homestead, thus having charge of one hundred and sixty acres in all. He carefully managed his finances, made the best use possible of his opportunities and as the years passed by was enabled to purchase more land from time to time until he now owns twelve hundred and forty-five acres. He has not only successfully tilled the fields but has also raised many hogs and has been an extensive buyer and feeder of cattle and hogs. He has also bought and sold about five thousand acres of Canada lands in the past few years. In 1902 he was elected vice president of the Adel State Bank, which office he is still filling.

On the 3d of March, 1875, Mr. Kinnick was married to Miss Mary Jane Stump, who was born in Indiana, August 6, 1851, [but her tombstone in Oakdale Cemetery says 20 October 1852] and who died on the l5th of April, 1896. She was the daughter of Jacob and Mary (Dunn) Stump, both natives of Indiana. [But other sources say Jacob's wife's name was Mary Troxel]. Her father was a farmer of that state and removed to Iowa in the early '50s, settling in the eastern part of Dallas county. He aided in reclaiming the region for the purposes of civilization, breaking the wild prairie and otherwise aiding in the early development of this part of the state. He also kept a station on the old stage line between Des Moines and Council Bluffs. At one time he owned between five and six hundred acres of land but later he sold his first home and bought near Van Meter. In 1902 he took up his abode in that town, where he is now living in the enjoyment of well earned and honorable retirement from labor. He has acted as a member of the county board of supervisors and has been active in township affairs, serving at one time as township trustee. He exercises his right of franchise in support of the men and measures of the republican party. In his family were nine children, three sons and six daughters, of whom seven are now living. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Kinnick has been blessed with eight children, of whom five survive, namely: Frank B., Mary B., Ruth, Nile C. and Marguerite.

Mr. Kinnick votes with the republican party and has been called to some local offices. He has filled the position of township trustee and at the present time is one of the county commissioners. He has also been a member of the city council of Adel and he exercises his official prerogatives in support of many movements and measures for the public good. He belongs to Adel lodge, No. 80, A. F. & A. M., and also to the Knights of Pythias fraternity. In business life he has made an excellent record for success and for honorable methods which he has followed. He may truly be called a self-made man, for he had little assistance when he started out in life on his own account. Gradually, however, he has worked his way upward until he occupies a foremost position among the leading agriculturists of this section of the state, his life proving conclusively that success may be attained by determination and honorable methods.



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Notes and References

[1] History of Lawrence County, IN. Goodow. Orange & Washington Co. 1884.

[2] A Historical Sketch of Johnson County Indiana by D. D. Banta, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co. 1881.

[3] The Kinnick Family: A Genealogical History of the Kinnick Family in America, by Nettie Edna Kinnick Waggener, Franklin, IN, 1953.

[4] Lineage from May Vance, Nov 1999.

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