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Fanny Blaine Elliott Family


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Highlights of Our Family Tree

Fanny Blaine Elliott Family

James Elliott (1782 - 1849)

Moses Elliott (1784 -1854)

Mary Elliott McKee (1786-1816)

Charles Elliott (1792-1869)

George Elliott (1798-1875)

Samuel Elliott (1800-1859)

Jane Elliott Boyd(1803-1886)

Thomas Elliott (1807-1879)

Carleton Family begins in New England (1620-1650)

Saunders (1662-1842) from England to Rhode Island

Saunders Family Moves West

Redmon (1755-1916)

Isgrigg (1680 -1887)

Isabella Blaine Elliott

Author: Earl & Virginia


Other information:
History of Fanny Blaine Elliott and her 13 children. The Elliott family lived near Keene, OH from 1816 to present. The female side of their family included Saunders, Redmon, Isgrigg and Carlton lines that settled and moved west through Ohio to Missouri.

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