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Haswell Family of Durham & Northumberland,
England, Australia and Ohio
by Todd A. Farmerie

John HASWELL, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland and Heworth, Durham, England, he is perhaps the John, son of Robert (and Ann Turner, Robert being son of Chris) bap. 9 Jul. 1732, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  (The earliest part of this account is somewhat speculative, but the weight of evidence is suggestive.  This interpretation is confused by a second John Haswell of Newcastle, who starts having children just as this John apparently departs.)  He married three times.  First, 31 Dec. 1767 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Agnes Thompson.  About 1781, he went to Heworth, (presumably to mine) and there she died, being buried 5 Jun. 1784.  John then married 8 May 1785, Heworth, Durham, Margaret Linsey, who was buried at Heworth 11 Jun. 1789.  John's third marriage, 7 Feb. 1790,  Heworth, was to Elizabeth Nicholson. Four of his sons died in a massive explosion at Felling in 1812, and another son died in a mining accident the next year.

Children of John HASWELL and his first wife:
  1. Anne, bap. 1 May, 1768, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, m. 30 Jul. 1792, Heworth, John Hewison.
  2. Robert, bap. 20 May 1770, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
  3. Hannah, bap. 6 Dec. 1772, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, app. d.y.
  4. William, bap. 17 Apr. 1774, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
  5. Susannah, bap. 6 Oct. 1776, All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, m. 10 Feb. 1807, Heworth, Thomas Turnbull.
  6. Hannah, bap. 14 Nov. 1779, Heworth.
  7. Jane, bap. 7 Jul. 1782, Heworth.
  8. John, bap. 5 Jun. 1785, bur. 2 Aug. 1786, Heworth.

Children of John and Elizabeth (Nicholson) HASWELL:
  1. John, bap. 28 Nov. 1790, Heworth.
  2. Edward, bap. 27 Jan. 1793, Heworth, he was a coal hewer, killed in the explosion at Felling, 24 May 1812.  His body was not found and buried until the following 1 Aug.
  3. Henry, bap. 2 Nov. 1794, Heworth, he was a putter (they pushed filled baskets of coal dug by the hewers to the shaft for removal) who, like three of his brothers, was killed in the 24 May 1812 explosion at the Felling mine.  His corpse was found and buried 16 Jul.
  4. Christopher, bap. 5 Mar. 1797, Heworth.

Robert HASWELL (John), bap. 20 May 1770, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, he was of Byker, Northumberland when he married 13 Nov. 1790, Sarah Roberts, daughter of Ralph Roberts of Whickham.  He was killed in the 24 May 1812 explosion in the Felling coal mine, where he was a hewer.  His body was found and buried 25 Jul.

Children of Robert and Sarah (Roberts) HASWELL (incomplete):
  1. Agnes, bap. 15 Apr. 1792, Heworth, m. 31 Jan. 1816, Charles Burney.
  2. (perh) Ralph, bap. 6 Aug. 1797, Gosforth, Northumberland, "son of Robert".
  3. Hannah, b. 2 Aug., bap. 26 Sep. 1802, Gateshead.
  4. William, b. 2 Jul., bap. 16 Aug. 1807, Heworth.
  5. Robert, b. posthumously, 29 Jun., bap. 25 Jul. 1812, the day his father was buried.

William HASWELL, (John), bap. 17 Apr. 1774, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, he married 24 Nov. 1796, Heworth, Elizabeth Liddell.  He was overman at the mine at Felling when he was killed, 24 Dec. 1813 in an explosion there, nineteen months after his brothers had met a similar fate, and buried two days later at St. Mary's, Heworth.

Children of William and Elizabeth (Liddell) HASWELL:
  1. John, bap. 29 Oct. 1797, Heworth
  2. William Starkey, b. 22 Mar., bap. 9 Jun. 1799, Heworth.
  3. Sarah, b. 6 May, bap. 11 Oct. 1801, Heworth.
  4. Maria, b. 18 Jun., bap. 14 Oct. 1804, Heworth.
  5. Ann, b. 1 Jan. bap. 2 Aug. 1807, Heworth.
  6. John, bap. 26 Dec. 1813, Heworth.

John HASWELL, (John), bap. 28 Nov. 1790, Heworth, where he was a collier.  He married there 25 Feb. 1810, Sarah Pearson, daughter of John Pearson of High Felling, Durham.  He was killed on 24 May 1812 in the explosion at the Felling mine that also killed his brothers Robert, Edward and Henry.

Child of John and Sarah (Pearson) HASWELL:
  1. James, b. 7 Feb., bap. 3 Mar. 1811, Heworth.

Christopher HASWELL, (John), bap. 5 Mar. 1797, Heworth, he is apparently the Christopher who married there, 2 Jan. 1815, Anne Robson, and apparently left Heworth for Gateshead, Durham.  He is perhaps the Christopher who married 31 May 1847, Jane Olliver.

Children of Christopher and Anne (Robson) HASWELL:
  1. Elizabeth, bap. 3 Dec. 1815, Heworth.
  2. Mary, b. 29 Apr., bap. 18 May 1817, Gateshead.
  3. Anne, b. 29 Aug., bap. 27 Sep. 1818, Gateshead.
  4. Henry, b. 27 Feb., bap. 22 Apr. 1821, Gateshead.
  5. Joseph, b. 8 May, bap. 1 Dec. 1822, Gateshead.
  6. John, b. 18 Jun., bap. 2 Oct. 1825, Gateshead.
  7. Christopher, bap. 23 Sep. 1830, Heworth, perhaps the Christopher, a miner, who went to America in 1849, aged 19.

William HASWELL, (Robert,John), b. 2 Jul., bap. 16 Aug. 1807, Heworth, m. Jane, b. ca. 1802, Heworth (as they gave son Charles the middle name of Mason, she was perhaps the Jane Mason, b. 4 Nov. 1802, Heworth, daughter of Christopher and Margaret (Pringle) Mason, who had a son Charles Turnbull Mason).  He was a coal miner, and they were still living in Felling in 1881, but were living with their son-in-law in East Murton in 1891.

Child of William and Jane HASWELL:
  1. Charles Mason, bap. 26 Apr. 1829, Heworth.
  2. Sarah, bap. 9 Jun. 1832, Heworth.
  3. Margaret, bap. 26 Jan. 1835, Heworth.

Robert HASWELL, (Robert,John), b. posthumously, 29 Jun., bap. 25 Jul. 1812, the day his father's body was found and buried.  He married 29 Feb. 1836, Gateshead, Sarah Wilkinson.

Children of Robert and Sarah (Wilkinson) HASWELL
  1. Agnes, bap. 28 Jul. 1836, Heworth, perh. the Agnes, aged 26, m. 21 Sep. 1861, Gateshead, William Pattison.
  2. John Wilkinson, bap. 25 Oct. 1837, Heworth.
  3. Sarah, bap. 24 May 1839, Heworth.

James HASWELL, (John,John), b. 7 Feb., bap 3 Mar 1811, Heworth, Durham, he was a miner, and was living in Walker, Northumberland with his family in 1851. He married 26 Jul. 1830, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Catharine Mason, b. ca. 1813, Heworth (apparently the Catherine Mason b. 3 Sep. 1812, daughter of Samuel Mason and Hannah Turnbull).  On 22 Nov. 1862, just over a half-century after the death of his father in a mine explosion, he was working as a deputy, the person responsible for placing and maintaining the wooden supports within the mine, when he was killed in an explosion at the Walker .

Children of James and Catharine HASWELL:
  1. Elizabeth, bap. 16 Oct. 1831, Heworth.
  2. John, b. ca. 1835, Bentley, Durham, who emigrated to Ohio.
  3. James, b. ca. 1843, Long Benton, Northumberland.
  4. Ann, b. ca. 1850, Long Benton.
  5. Jane, bap. 21 Sep. 1851, Walker (Long Benton).

John HASWELL, (Christopher,John), bap. 2 Oct. 1825, he is apparently the John, b. Durham, aged 55 in 1881, a railway engine driver in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.  That John married Annie, b. ca. 1841, Warwick, apparently the Annie Grimes married, term ending Dec. 1873, Solihill District, Warwick, recorded on the same page as John.

Child of John and Annie HASWELL:
  1. John Frederick W., b. term ending Jun. 1874, Aston District, Warwick.

James HASWELL, (James,John,John), b. ca. 1843, Long Benton (Walker), Northumberland, he married Jane, b. ca. 1840, Blaydon, Durham, and was a commercial clerk in Elswick, Northumberland in 1881.

Child of James and Jane HASWELL:
  1. James Vallans, b. ca. 1861, Blaydon.

James Vallans HASWELL, (James,James,John,John), b. ca. 1861, Blaydon, he married in the term ending Dec. 1889, Castle Ward Reg. Dist., to Elizabeth Donking, b. ca. 1866, Ponteland, Northumberland, and was living in Ryton, Durham in 1891.

Child of James and Elizabeth (Donking) HASWELL:
  1. Sydney Vallans, b. Sep. term, 1891, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham.

Charles Mason HASWELL, (William,Robert,John), bap. 26 Apr. 1829, Heworth, he left England for Australia, living in several towns in Victoria.   There he married in 1860 to Isabella Murdock/Hume (she is called both in the birth records of her children, and it is not certain if one represents a maiden name and the other that of a prior husband, or if the family used two surnames).

Children of Charles Mason and Isabella (Murdock/Hume) HASWELL (probably incomplete):
  1. Jane, b. 1865, Smythsdale, Victoria, m. 1886, Smythsdale, William Henry Haggerty..
  2. Sarah, b. & d. 1868, Scarsdale, Victoria.
  3. Isabella, b. 1870, Scarsdale, Victoria.
  4. William, b. 1873, Scarsdale, Victoria.
  5. Ann, b. 1875, Scarsdale, Victoria.
  6. Frances Louisa, Melbourne, Victoria.

John HASWELL, (James,John,John), b. ca. 1835, Bentley, Durham, England, he married first Ann, by whom he has his son, and then Elizabeth, b. ca. 1838, Billingham, Durham, and was the driver of an engine at a coal mine in Emma Ville, Ryton, Durham in 1881. He was living with his son James in Gateshead in 1891, and in 1901 he was mining in Pegswood, Northumberland, in 1903 emigrating to America and settling in Belmont County, Ohio. Elizabeth had died by 1910, and John died within the next decade.

Children of John and Ann HASWELL:
  1. Martha Livingston, bap. 7 Aug. 1859, Walker, Northumberland, Eng., dead by 1910.
  2. James, bap. 22 Feb. 1863, Walker.
  3. another child, dead by 1910 (and probably by 1881).

James HASWELL, (John,James,John,John),  bap. 22 Feb. 1863, Walker (parish of Long Benton), Northumberland, Eng., he was a coal miner, living with his parents in 1881, and a general laborer in 1891. He had married (registered June term 1888, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England) to Sarah Gaynor, b. ca. 1851, Greenside, Durham, daughter of widow Eleanor Gaynor (1881), and already single mother of at least two children, Ralph, b. ca. 1875, and Ada Maggie, b. ca. Feb. 1871, and perhaps others, d.y. (in 1910, Sarah had given birth to five children, two still living). Like his father, he was a miner in Pegswood, Northumberland, England in 1901. They all emigrated in 1903, and settled in Bellaire, Belmont Co., Ohio, where he was a coal miner in 1910, and was the same in Mead Twp., Belmont Co. in 1920, becoming a coal inspector by 1930.

Child of James and Sarah HASWELL (perhaps with others, d.y.):
  1. William Parsons S., b. 9 Nov. 1889, Felling, Durham.

William Parsons S. HASWELL, (James,John,James,John,John), b. 9 Nov. 1889, Felling, Durham, England, he came to America with his parents and grandfather, and worked in an enamel works in 1910 in Bellaire. About 1913, he married Evelyn Vogt, b. 24 Jan. 1893, West Virginia, daughter of Charles Henry Vogt and Minnie M. Yocum. He was mining, and living in Mead Twp. in 1920. He was a laundry truck driver there in 1930, but he eventually settled in Benwood, Marshall Co., W. Va., where he died Nov. 1974.

Children of William Parsons S. and Evelyn (Vogt) HASWELL:
  1. Juanita M., b. 17 Jan. 1914, m. James McBee.
  2. William C., b. 4 Feb. 1916, d. 26 Dec. 1976, Marshall Co., West Va.
  3. James H., b. 4 Oct. 1918.
  4. Homer L., b. 7 Nov. 1922, d. Mar. 1985, Marshall Co., W. Va.

James H. HASWELL, (William,James,John,James,John,John), b. 4 Oct. 1918, Belmont Co., Ohio, he lived his life there, serving in the Army. He married and had children, dying 7:02 PM, 15 Feb. 1994.

Children of James H. HASWELL:
  1. Linda Evelyn.
  2. Cheryl Sue.
  3. Anthony.
  4. Lori Jane.

Christopher HASWELL, b. ca. 1830, perhaps identical to Christopher (Christopher,John), b. 23 Sep. 1830, Heworth.  He arrived in New York City, 3 May 1849, on the Royal William having departed from Sunderland, at the time being a pitman (miner).  He was mining coal in Kanahwa Co. (now West) Virginia in 1850, and on 22 Jun. 1852 married there Elizabeth Grogan, daughter of John and Elizabeth Grogan.  By 1860, he was mining in Syracuse, Miegs, Co., Ohio, and was working in a saltworks there in 1870.  He left there, by 1880, for Danville, Vermilion Co., Ill., where he again mined coal.  Elizabeth was still living in 1880, but Christopher was a widowed in 1900, living with his son-in-law and daughter.  (Note, in this census he is given a Dec. 1823 birthdate, which differs from the Heworth date, but this differs enough from earlier censuses of Christopher that it cannot be relied upon as accurate.)

Children of Christopher and Elizabeth (Grogan) HASWELL:
  1. Elizabeth, b. ca. Mar. 1860, Ohio.
  2. Mary A., b. ca. 1867, Ohio.
  3. Cassie, b. Jan. 1880, Ill., m. 22 Dec. 1897, Thomas Russell.