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Haswell of Hardinsburg, Kentucky
by Todd A. Farmerie

James Gibbs Haswell, who arrived in Hardinsburg, Kentucky before 1842, was the son of James Coleman Haswell of Circleville, Ohio, a member of a family derived from the Horswell family of Rhode Island .  He was followed by his brother John P. Haswell.  James Gibbs and John P. Haswell were nephews of John West Haswell , who with wife Anne moved to Louisville.

James Gibbs HASWELL ( James Haswell , Philip Horswell ), b. ca. 1816, R.I., he moved to Ohio with his family, and then to Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co., Ky. He first married 8 Feb. 1842, Miriam White Taylor, b. 1 Jun. 1823, Hardinsburg, daughter of Rev. James and Sally Taylor.  She died 11 Aug. 1844, and he was a saddler in 1850.  He then married 24 Apr. 1854, Elizabeth Ann Bowden, b. ca. 1822, daughter of John and Ann Bowden, but she died 18 Feb. 1855, aged 33.  He remarried to Fanny H. Bassett, b. ca. 1835, Conn., and became a lawyer, and a respected member of the community.  He was a preacher at the time of his death, 12 Sep. 1890.

Children of James Gibbs and Miriam White (Taylor) HASWELL:

  1. Josephine, b. ca. 10 Jul., d. 4 Aug. 1843.
  2. Henry Theodore, b. 28 Jul., d. 9 Sep. 1844, Hardinsburg.

Children of James Gibbs and Fanny H. (Bassett) HASWELL:

  1. child, d.y.
  2. Hattie, b. ca. 1862.
  3. Linny, b. Oct. 1864, she was unmarried in 1900.
  4. Clarence, b. ca. 1867.
  5. James, b. Sep. 1869.
  6. John P ., b. 7 Oct. 1871, Ky. 
  7. C. Wilbur, b. ca. 1875, Ky, he married ca. 1897, Doris, b. ca. 1876, Kan., and was living in Chicago in 1910.
  8. Fred, b. ca. 1877, Ky

John P. HASWELL (James Haswell , Philip Horswell ), b. ca. 1835, Oh., he moved with his brother James to Kentucky, where he married 19 Jan. 1858, Rebecca Pool.  She appears to have died shortly thereafter (if this record is not in error), for by 1860, his wife was Letitia Eskeridge (a later co-resident was brother-in-law Eskeridge), b. ca. 1838, Ky.  He was a saddle and harness maker.

Children of P. John and Lettitia (Eskeridge) HASWELL:
  1. Ernest, b. ca. 1859, Ky.
  2. Francis, b. ca. 1861, Ky.
  3. E. Coleman , b. Oct. 1863, Ky.
  4. T. Bettie, b. ca. 1867, Ky.
  5. Godfrey William , b. ca. 1869, Ky.
[1870 Census]

John P. HASWELL (James ), b. 7 Oct. 1871, he entered the legal profession, and served as a member of the Kentucky Legislature, as U.S. Assistant Attourney for the Western Kentucky District, and as Circuit Court Judge.   He married 5 Aug. 1919, Avis Westcott, b. ca. 1865, Clay Co., Ky, daughter of L. C. and Gertrude (Secor) Westcott, and in 1920 was in Louisville.  They had no children.

E. Coleman HASWELL, (John ), b. Oct. 1863, he married ca. 1888, Emma, b. Aug. 1862, and was a sales manager in Hardinsburg in 1900, he moved to Louisville by 1920.

Children of E. Coleman and Emma HASWELL:
  1. Ernest Bruce , b. Jul. 1888, Ky.
  2. Arthur, b. Aug. 1890.
  3. Vivian, b. Aug. 1892.
  4. child, d.y.
  5. Robert, b. Jul. 1897.
  6. James G., b. Sep. 1898.
  7. Emma H., b. ca. 1903.
  8. Coleman E., b. ca. 1907.

Godfrey William HASWELL, (John ), b. Sep. 1869, m. Armitta McCubbins, b. ca. 1878, Ky, dau. George Washington and Melissa Ann (Roberts) McCubbins.

Child of Godfrey William and Armitta HASWELL:
  1. Georgia McCubbin, b. 4 Sep. 1901, Ky.

Ernest Bruce HASWELL, (Coleman , John ), b. Jul. 1888, m. Leona H., b. ca. 1887, Ind., and moved to Cincinnati, Oh. by 1920, he achieved notoriety as an artist, specializing in sculpture.
Child of Ernest Bruce and Leona HASWELL:
  1. Evelyn B., b. 1920, Ky.