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The Life and Descendants of
William Webber
of Brimfield, MA and Bradford Co., PA

Later Generations

In the middle of the nineteenth century, news was circulated that the will of Wolfort Webber, said to be the grandson of King William "the Silent" of Holland (sic), and who had left his inheritance to the fifth generation, was to be opened. This precipitated an attempt by various American Webber families to trace their descent from Wolfort, and a representative was hired in Holland to investigate the claim. (This appears to be one of the scams that circulated such rumors in order to collect large investigators' fees from the unsuspecting families.)

As part of the attempt to make the connection between her grandfather, William Webber, a Revolutionary War soldier and early settler of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and colonist Wolfort, Mrs. Harriet E. (Webber) Chamberlain, Worthy Lecturer of the Wisconsin State Grange, wrote from Ripon, Fond du Lac Co., Wis. to her aunt, Mrs. Emeline (Haswell) Webber in Bradford Co. requesting information on William. She also sent letters to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., concerning his pension file. As a result of these letters, a followup letter was sent to Mrs. Webber by Mrs. Chamberlain on July 5, 1879. This letter gave a detailed account of the life and descendants of this William Webber, as she knew them at that time. The text of this letter was copied by Susan Webber, a granddaughter of Mrs. Webber and this copy is still in the possession of the family. From this letter, family records, and other sources, it has been possible to construct an accurate account of the life and family of William Webber.

The first record that we have of William WEBBER is at his enlistment in the Continental Army at Brimfield, Hampden Co., Mass. in 1775. The WEBBERs of Brimfield and neighboring Holland were the descendants of John2 (John1) WEBBER of Beverly, Essex Co., Mass., and it is likely that William belonged to this family. Later pension and census records consistently indicate a date of birth of 1757/8, and the Church Records of Brimfield record the baptism of a William and sisters, Elizabeth and Eunice, children of William Webber, on 7 October 1757. These, however, represent a delayed baptisms for another William, born 1750, and two sisters born later, children of William3 (John2) WEBBER and his wife, Esther HAYNES, and the births of each are recorded previously in the Brimfield records. Additional study of the records indicate several similar duplications, and since there is no evidence of there being two adult William Webbers in Brimfield at the time, each naming their first three children William, Elizabeth, and Eunice, it is more reasonable to consider the 1757 baptisms as duplicate entries for the earlier births. (The William4 born in 1750 married Catherine MIGHALL in 1775, and after serving in the Revolution, removed to Ontario Co., NY and then to Northumberland Co., Pa.)

Returning to our subject, he may have been baptized in what became Holland, also known as South Brimfield. Unlike Brimfield, which has complete records for the period in question, (but no record of this William,) the Holland records are not available, and therefore we must look to other sources. There is only one other William Webber found in a contemporary record and not otherwise identifiable. Tucked into the file containing the will of William3 (John2) WEBBER is a document dated 1772, in which William WEBBER, aged 16 (and hence born 1756, close enough to the 1757/8 predicted from later documents to merit intense scrutiny) son of Lydia ELLENWOOD of Brimfield, chose her brother Thomas ELLENWOOD as guardian. This family is very confusing, but it is likely that William was actually son of a third sibling, Phebe ELLENWOOD, who had married Benjamin3 (John2) WEBBER in 1750, but died in 1756, the same year this William was born, and that William was then adopted by Lydia, unmarried sister of Phebe. The solution of this problem awaits further study, but in the absence of additional evidence, this is the most likely origin for William WEBBER of Bradford Co.

William WEBBER enlisted November 1775, at Brimfield, a private in Capt. Joseph Thompson's (1st) Co., Col. Thomas Nixon's (4th) Regt. of Massachusetts Continentals. He served in the battles of Harlem Heights, Trenton and Princeton and was discharged at Morristown, NJ, January 1777. He again enlisted April 1779, at Brimfield, in Capt. Williams' Co., Col. Grayton's Regt., doing service in 'the highlands near the Hudson River,' NY, and was discharged there February or March 1780. He enlisted a third time April 1780, and was discharge January 1781, having done teaming service for the Quartermaster General at West Point. His name appears on regimental returns and pay receipts dating from the first term of service.

He married first, ca. 1785/6, probably in or near Otis (then Loudon), Berkshire Co., Mass., Lois BALDWIN, daughter of Benjamin4 (John3,John2,John1) and Ruth (PORTER) BALDWIN, baptized 18 October 1767 at Goshen, Lebanon, Conn. Although I have not found a contemporary record of this marriage, it is proved by the will of her brother, Daniel BALDWIN of Washington, Pa., which names his nephews Barnabas and Daniel WEBBER, and two later accounts of the family of Benjamin BALDWIN. (Also, a wealth of circumstantial evidence (geography, nomenclature, etc.) makes this conclusion unavoidable.)

William went to Claverack, now Sheshequin, Bradford Co., Pa. in the fall of 1786, owning Lot No. 11, but sold the land to John Newell the following year, 1787. He then had three children baptized in Otis from February 1787 to May 1790. He was not living at home when the 1790 census was taken, but his family, in Otis, was recorded as 013 (one male under 16 and three females). He is said to have spent time near Bennington, Vermont, and had a daughter born in New York in 1794.

William next appears in the 1796 tax list, from the Upper Sugar Creek, Wysox District, then Luzerne, now Bradford Co., Pa. In 1798, he was taxed $160 for an 18 by 18 house and 150 acres of land in what was then a part of Ulster Township, his property bordering that of Isaac Swain and Andrew McKain. He was in the same area in 1800, when he appears in the census, 11010-32010. By 1809, he was in what became Columbia Twp., Bradford Co., when, after the birth of son, Ira, he is said to have sold his land there to Col. Latterlee (Samuel Satterlee, or a brother) and received other lands in payment, a part of which he later sold to Thomas Spence. He then removed to Troy, Bradford Co., where he and his wife joined the Burlington (now Troy) Baptist Church on 22 Apr.,and appearing there in the 1810 census, 21101-32101.He remained there until 1812, when he returned to Columbia. As William Webber of Smithfield, (formed from Ulster in 1809) he is recorded paying a mortgage of $98.80 for ninety eight and eight tenths acres of land, purchased from the estate of Henry Drinker of Philadelphia, and bordering on the lands of Isaac and Moses Wheeler, Silas Smith, Joseph Wills, and Tina Dunbar. In 1815, he sold this land to Amos Alexander for five hundred dollars, but remained in Columbia Twp.

William and his son William Jr. appear in the list of residents upon the formation of the county, on 24 Mar. 1812, and in the county's first election returns, on 13 Oct. 1812, in Smithfield. They appear in the first tax assessment for Columbia Twp. following its formation from Smithfield, which was taken in the spring of 1814. He became a member of the Columbia Baptist Church, and spent the remainder of this life in Columbia Twp. He applied for a military pension in 1818, under the Pension Act of that year, aged 60, and appeared in the 1820 census, 011201- 12011. He again filed with the pension office in 1822, aged 64, with wife aged 54, very feeble, three daughters, underage, and a son, aged 13, infirm. His wife Lois died in 1824, and he married second, 6 May 1825, Hannah (GRANT) WHEELER, born 1761, Mass., widow of Thomas WHEELER, died 14 Nov. 1814, also a Revolutionary War pensioner. (They were married in Holden, Mass., 24 Nov. 1785, with children born there: Naomi, 8 Jul. 1792; Cyrus, 17 Nov. 1794; Samuel, 21 Jan 1797; Thomas, 18 May 1799; Hannah, 23 Mar. 1801; and Thomas, 8 May 1803, and possibly others born elsewhere.)

William has not been definitively located in the 1830 census, but in the tax assessment records from that year he is found beside his son, Barney. He died 25 Feb. 1831, aged 73. The location of his grave is not known. His widow Hannah was baptized into Troy Baptist Church in 1839. In 1840 and 1850 she was living with Naomi Wheeler, born 1810, probably a daughter-in-law, and she filed with the pension office in 1852 from South Creek, Bradford Co. She was dismissed from the Troy church in 1855, and moved to Southport, Chemung Co., NY. There she was investigated in 1859 for attempting to acquire a second pension. The investigation revealed that it was John T. PAIGE, husband of a granddaughter, who had been using a power of attorney to take her pension, as well as attempt to collect a second one. He previously had been imprisoned in Pennsylvania for bigamy, and on discovering the investigation, he left with all of her money. She was described as being 99 years old, nearly deaf, and senile, and as not likely to live long. It is said that she probably was completely unaware of the proceedings, even of having granted the power of attorney. The last record of her is a letter from October of that year dealing with the reinitiation of her pension payments.

Although sources disagree as to the number and order of birth of the children of William and Lois, a satisfactory order can be derived using the order given in the 1879 letter and adjusting using the censuses. The only drawback of the order so derived is the juxtapositioning of daughters Louise and Lois. While it seems unlikely that there would be consecutive daughters named Louise and Lois (sometimes spelled Louis), census records seem to support the existence of a total of nine daughters, the ninth given the name Louise by the 1879 letter but not noted elsewhere. The simplest explanation is that the daughter called Louise in the letter, who died young and unmarried, but not until at least six years after the birth of the Lois, actually bore another name which has since been lost, the name in the letter resulting from confusion with her sister. The order here used can only be considered accurate with respect to those children with known birth or baptismal dates. It is now possible to proceed with an account of the descendants of William and Lois (BALDWIN) WEBBER.


        children of WilliamA and Lois (BALDWIN) WEBBER:

  1. Alice B, b. 19 Feb. 1787, Otis, Berkshire Co., Mass., m. Henry PARSONS.
  2. Lorenda B, b. 24 Jul. 1789, Otis, m. William D. CLARK.
  3. William B, b. 1 May 1790, Otis. m. Eliza Ann TERRY.
  4. Louise B, ?(see above).
  5. Lois B, b. 1793, NY, m. John BALDWIN.
  6. John B, d. unm.
  7. Sarah (Sally) B, b. 17 Mar. 1799, Pa., m. Colburn PRESTON.
  8. Daniel Baldwin B, b. 7 May 1800, m.1 Emily UTTER, m.2 Lucina (? BOND).
  9. Almyra B, m. William PRESTON.
  10. Barnabas B, b. 1802-1804, m. Lucinda PRESTON.
  11. Percis B, m. Heman Swift MATTSON.
  12. Ruth B, b. 17 Feb. 1806, Columbia Twp., m. Nathan Baldwin HASWELL.
  13. Ira B, b. 18 Jan. 1809, Columbia Twp., m. Emeline HASWELL.
  14. Abigail B, d. unm., of typhoid fever.



1.Alice B WEBBER, born 19 Feb. 1787, Otis, Berkshire Co., Mass. m. ca. 1804, Henry PARSONS, born 12 Jun. 1783, Enfield, Ct., died 29 Sep. 1845, son of Eli and Rebecca (ALLEN) PARSONS. After the death of Alice, Henry married Elizabeth WAKEFIELD, apparently daughter of Chester WAKEFIELD Sr., and had four sons and two more daughters. They lived in Springfield, Bradford Co.

        children, surname PARSONS:

  1. Amanda C, b. 25 Jun. 1805, m. Chester WAKEFIELD.
  2. son, d.y.
  3. Hulda C, b. 2 Jun. 1812, m.1, as his second wife, Chester WAKEFIELD. m.2 Timothy C. WHEELER.

2.Lorenda B WEBBER, born 24 Jul. 1789, Otis, married ca. 1811, William D. CLARK, b. 24 Jan. 1787, Vt. or NJ. They were in Caroline, then Tioga Co., NY in 1820, Spencer, Tioga Co., NY in 1830, and he lived in Van Etten, Chemung Co., NY from 1840 to at least 1855. Lorenda had died before 1840, and William remarried to Betsey _______, b. 1788, who died 3 May 1858. By 1860, William and daughter MaryC were with his daughter AliceC in Barton, Tioga Co., NY, but he was back in Van Etten by 1866, when he made his will, leaving all of his property to his unmarried daughter Mary LC. He died 11 Jan. 1872, and is buried at Westbrook Cem., Van Etten with his second wife.

        children, surname CLARK:

  1. Benjamin Baldwin C, b. 9 Nov. 1812, in Pa. or Tioga Co., NY, m. Phebe BEERS.
  2. Alice W. C, b. 20 Mar. 1817, Chemung Co., NY, m. George B. HOLLENBACK.
  3. William W. C, b. 24 Jul. 1819, NY m. Ann Eliza _______.
  4. Daniel B. C, b. 1822, Tioga Co., NY, m. Cassandara _______.
  5. Asa B. C, b. 6 Mar. 1824, NY, m1. Celenda _______. m2. Fanny _______.
  6. Heman H. C, b. 1828, NY. m. Nancy E. (? DIMON).
  7. Mary L. C, b. 17 Jan. 1832, NY, unmarried, with her sister AliceC in 1860 in Barton, and with her father in Van Etten in 1870. She died 11 Mar. 1895, and is buried with her father at Westbrook Cem.

3.William B WEBBER, born 1 May 1790, Otis. Died 4 July 1846, Harmony, Chautauqua Co., NY, having written his will the previous day. He was baptized into the Troy Baptist Church on 22 Sep. 1809, and is recorded as a single freeman in the first tax assessment of Columbia Twp. in 1814. He moved to Harmony shortly thereafter. He presumably joined a Baptist congregation there, having received a letter of commendation from the Troy Baptist Church in Feb, 1820, and he bought land in Harmony on 26 Oct. 1821 and 13 Mar. 1823. He was accepted into the Harmony Baptist Church 20 Jan. 1827. His wife, to whom he was married in 1819, was Eliza Ann TERRY, born Rutland, Vermont, 25 Jan. 1803, daughter of Elijah and Lorinda (PEMBER) TERRY, who had lived at Harmony from 1816, joining the Harmony Baptist Church on 30 Dec. 1837. She died 4 Dec. 1847. Both are buried at Blockville. William's estate, located just north of the town of Panama, was eventually sold by son ElijahC, who had bought out the interests of most of their other children. The Chamberlain letter gives them a child Levi, but he probably represents CorneliusC.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Sarah C, b. 1821, said to have died 1823 in Terry History, but a Sarah Webber was baptized into the Panama Baptist Church 24 Dec. 1837 (this may, however, refer to AlmiraC, who was later a member, but for whom no baptism is recorded). Sarah was dead before her father wrote his will.
  2. Lorinda C, b. 1822, m. Aaron RANDALL.
  3. Almira C, b. 5 Sep. 1824, m. James HENDERSON.
  4. William H. C, b. 17 Sep. 1826, NY. mi. Emily Amanda BUSH, mii. Mary Ann ALMY.
  5. Elijah C, b. 28 Sep. 1828, NY. m. Hannah M. WILCOX.
  6. Ira C, b. 3 Dec. 1830, NY. m. Caroline Cordelia BOWEN.
  7. Mariette C, b. July 1832, NY, m. Farley LONNEN.
  8. Cornelius C, b. 1834, NY, d. Pitthole, Pa., 1865. m. bef. 1860, Emeline ROWLEY, b. 1835, Pa., dau. of _______ and Militta ROWLEY of Harmony. He sold his rights to his father's land to brother ElijahC in Oct. 1855. In Harmony in 1860, he was in Panama, Chautauqua Co. in 1863, when he hosted a boy from the poor house. In 1866, shortly after his death, his widow, of Harmony, sold the land which they owned in Sherman, Chautauqua Co., and has not been located after that date.
  9. Daniel C, b. 1839, NY. m. Melvina BURT.
  10. Charlotte C, b. 30 Oct. 1842, NY. m. Addison BLOOD.

4.Lois B WEBBER, b. 1793, NY, m. ca. 1815, John BALDWIN, her second cousin, once removed, son of Jabez and Nancy (TILDEN) BALDWIN. She was baptized into the Troy Baptist Church 22 Sep. 1809, but does not again appear in the records. After their marriage they lived in New York until 1826, when they moved to Columbia Twp. There, due to poverty, their children were educated at the expense of the community. They were there until at least 1833, but by 1835, they had moved to Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., NY., where John owned 4 acres of land, one cow, and 5 pigs. John was still there in 1840, and he presumably died there. Lois was living with her sister SallyB PRESTON's family in 1850. She has not been located in 1860, but in 1870 was in Union Twp., Tioga Co. with her son Charles or Charleston Twp. with son William (she appears in both places in the census of that year).

        children, surname BALDWIN:

  1. Lydia C, b. 1819.
  2. Betsey C, b. 1820, m. Isaac RUNDELL.
  3. Abigail C, b. 1822.
  4. Ebenezer C, b. 1823, NY. m. Phitta _______.
  5. Lois C, b. 1824, m. Isaac RUNDELL.
  6. Sarah/Sally C, b. 1826, Pa., m. Levi W. GARDNER.
  7. Jabez M. C, b. 14 Jun. 1828, Pa. m. Caroline M. CARY.
  8. William W. C, b. 27 Feb. 1829, Pa. m. Sarah F. BARROW.
  9. Charles T. C, b. 1830, m. Jane _______.

5.Sarah/Sally B WEBBER, b. 17 Mar. 1799, Pa., m. 30 Nov. 1820, Colburn PRESTON, b. 29 Mar. 1792, Vt., son of Levi and Martha (MATTSON) PRESTON. He was a Pvt. in Capt. Knopps Co., NY Vol. in the War of 1812. They lived in Columbia and Troy Twps., and she joined the Troy Baptist Church in 1839, being a member until her death, 21 Aug 1863. Colburn was with his son DanielC in Union Twp., Tioga Co. in 1880, and died 30 May 1881. Both are buried at the Hunt Cem., Troy Twp.

children, surname PRESTON:

  1. William W. C, b. 20 Sep. 1821, Pa., m. Rosina Angeline _______.
  2. Daniel C, b. 8 Jun. 1826, Troy, Pa., m. Mary WYNNE.
  3. Martha C, b. 1829, Pa. m. Rufus BALDWIN.
  4. Levi Spruce C, b. 11 May 1833, Pa., m. his first cousin, Viola KnappC HASWELL.
  5. Lois C, b. 1835, Pa., m. Clement SMEAD.
  6. Colburn Johnson C, b. 16 Jul. 1837, Troy, m. Melissa M. WOODWARD.

6.Daniel Baldwin B WEBBER, b. 7 May 1800, died, Union City, Branch Co., Mich., 25 Jan. 1887, bur. Riverside Cem. m1. 24 Nov. 1824, Columbia, Emily Abiah UTTER, b. 10 Dec. 1805, dau. Joseph and Betsey (RUSSELL) UTTER, and in that year is reported to have been part-owner of the first sawmill in Canoe Place, now Port Allegheny, Liberty Twp., McKean Co., PA., where he was still living in 1830. Between this date and 1833, when Daniel is again in Columbia Twp, he and his wife appear to have separated. He was in Union Twp., Branch Co. Mich. from 1834, and he m2. bef. 1838, Lucina B. _______, b. Windham Co., Vt. 1808. (She might be the Lucina BOND, daughter of Phineas and Hannah (RICE) BOND, born 5 Jul. 1808 at Wardsboro, Windham Co., Vt. This Lucina BOND married Horatio N. MUNROE, who received six Michigan land grants from 1837 through 1840. Unless the latter of these were posthumous, this identity would imply a divorce.) As Daniel Baldwin Webber, he was named in the will of his uncle Daniel Baldwin of Washington Co., Pa. in 1841. Lucina d. Feb. 1891, Petoskey, Emmet Co., Mich., and was bur. in Union City. Daniel's first wife, Emily, went to Wis. in 1841, married secondly, 19 Jun. 1842, Richmond, Walworth Co., Wis., Caleb KENDALL, and is found with him, as well as their children and her daughter HarrietC in Ceresco, Fond-du-Lac Co., Wis. in 1850, and next to her daughter Charlotte in Ripon Twp., Fond-du-Lac Co., in 1860, as a widow in 1870 with her son Henry KENDALL, and again with daughter CharlotteC in the city of Ripon in 1880.

        children of first marriage, surname WEBBER:

  1. Charlotte Alice C, b. 17 July. 1825, Columbia, m. John S. INGERSOLL.
  2. Harriet Elizabeth C, b. 22 Aug. 1829, Liberty, McKean Co., m. Oramel H. CHAMBERLAIN.
  3.     children of the second marriage, surname WEBBER:

  4. Augenitte (Ann) C, b. 1838, Ind, or Ill. m. _______ Tyler.
  5. Cordelia D. C, b. 6 Nov. 1841, Mich., d. 27 Jul. 1863, bur. Riverside Cem.
  6. Emma E. C, b. 1846, Mich.
  7. Daniel Baldwin C, b. 1848, Mich. m.1 Ann MARTIN, m.2 Elizabeth HOWLAND.

7.Barnabas(Barney) B WEBBER, b. 1802-1804, m. 13 Feb. 1825, (by Samuel Strait, Esq.) Lucinda PRESTON, b. 1809, Pa., daughter of Levi and Martha (MATTSON) PRESTON and sister of Colburn and William, husbands of SallyB and AlmyraB WEBBER, Barney's sisters. He lived in Columbia, on land bordering Troy Twp., and was named in the will of his uncle Daniel Baldwin in 1841. Lucinda married second, by 1850, Chauncy CHASE, b. 1818, Oh. They appear to have moved to Iowa to join her son CharlesC in 1861, and in 1862 accompanied him to Contra Costa Co., Cal. They appear there in 1880, at which time he was a peddler.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Roseina Lucinda C, b. 17 Jul. 1827. m. (Roswell) Philetus ANDREWS.
  2. Lois C, b. 1825-30, d. unm. bef. 1850.
  3. Charles R. C, b. 1832. m. Lucy (BALDWIN) GROAT.
  4. Martha C, b. 1835. Living with mother or sister RoseinaC in 1850 (enumerated with each). Possibly preceeded her sister SarahC to Oregon.
  5. Adelaide Anne C, b. 13 Oct. 1837, Pa. m. Thomas B. LAKE.
  6. William C, b. 1838-40, d. unm. bef. 1850.
  7. Sarah/Sally Ann C, b. 8 Apr. 1843, Troy. She lived with sister RoseinaC (WEBBER) ANDREWS in Candor, NY from 1853 through 1855, with cousin AliceC (CLARK) HOLLENBACK in Barton, NY in 1860, with sister Adelaide C (WEBBER) LAKE in Candor in 1865, and later followed her mother and brother Charles to Cal., where she lived with cousin Jabez M.C BALDWIN. She then followed a sister to Oregon, where she m. 25 Nov. 1873, Lane Co., Ore., James WARNICK, and died at Eugene, Oregon.

8.Percis B WEBBER, m. 1825, Heman Swift MATTSON (MATSON,MATTISON), b. 1 Nov. 1802, Pittsford, Vt., son of James and Amanda (BARNES) MATTSON of Pittsford, Vt., Columbia Twp., Pa., and Harmony, NY, and cousin of Colburn, William, and Lucinda PRESTON, spouses of SarahB, AlmiraB, and BarneyB WEBBER. Heman was a single freeman in the tax list of Columbia Twp. in 1825, but by December he appearently had married, for at that time he bought land in Harmony, Chautauqua Co., NY, having accompanied his father and family, and settled near his brother-in-law, WilliamB WEBBER, Jr. Percis joined the Harmony Baptist Church 26 Aug. 1826, on a letter of recommendation from the Columbia Baptist Church. Heman S. was baptized into the congregation 5 Jul. 1828. At some point (presumably by 1838), Persis having died, Heman remarried to Polly (? WELLMAN), b. 1805, Vt. Heman and wife (Polly?) requested letters of dismissal from the Harmony church 6 Feb. 1836, and moved to Meadville, Pa., and it was presumably there that his daughter Mary was born in 1838. The stay was short, however, and on 7 Apr. 1838, Heman and Polly were given a recommendation from the Meadville Baptist congregation, and returned to Harmony. By 1840, Heman was back in Harmony, and on 27 Sep. 1842, he entered the Chautauqua Co. Alms House with Polly and infant son Eli Chester, on account of Heman's blindness. They were discharged the following 13 Jul. On 1 Jan. 1848, they were readmitted to the Harmony Baptist Church, based on their 1838 letter from Meadville. In 1850, they were living with Adam(sic) WELLMAN, aged 78, perhaps Polly's father. In 1853, Heman moved to Hanover, Chautauqua Co., where he worked as a toll gate keeper. The same year is the date given in 1870 for when Heman became bedridden. By 1860,he was back in Harmony, where he remained until his death. Heman and Polly are recorded in the will of their son Stephen in 1873, Heman by name. However, Heman had died 18 Feb. 1872. In 1875, as well as 1880, his widow Polly was living with his daughter Annis(C) LADDS. It is not clear which wife was the mother of Heman's daughters, but there are two reasons to suppose that James was the only child of Percis. One account of the family shows her with only this child, while the large gap between his birth and that of the next identified child, Persis is indicative of a remarriage (it was not uncommon at the time to name a child after a deceased previous spouse. Also possible, but less likely, is that they are all progeny of Percis, with her death preceding the birth of Eli C.

        children, surname MATTSON:

  1. James C.
  2. (dau)
  3. (Percis C, b. 1832, NY, living with Holland Blackmer in 1850. She married by 1855, Reuben GAGE, b. 1826, VT, and had Francis Eugene (D), b. 1856, Charles (D), b. 1858, and a dau. b. 1860, when they were in Hanover Twp. She appears to have died by 1870, at which time Eugene (D) was living with James and Annis (C) LADDS, with whom he continued to live until the death of the latter.)
  4. (Annis C, b. 1834, Chautauqua Co., NY. She was living in Hanover with Elias Harrington in 1855, and by 1860 had married her first husband, who has not been identified. Her second husband (his third marriage) was James LADDS, who died by 1870. She hosted her (?step-)mother Polly MATTSON in 1875 and 1880, and also her nephew Francis Eugene (D) GAGE from 1865 until the time of her death. Sometime after 1881, she married _____ KAY, who had died by 1900. She last appears with her nephew in 1910. She had no children.)
  5. (Harriet C, b. 1836, NY, with _____ in 1850, she was back with her parents in 1855.)
  6. (Mary C, b. 1838, Pa.)
  7. ((Eli Chester, b. 17 Jul. 1841, (certainly son of Polly) d. 1865, Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washington, DC, having been a prisoner of war, and buried at Blockville. m. Harriet E. _______, b. 1846, living with his parents in 1865. She remarried to a HODGES, and in 1814 applied for a pension on the basis of Eli's service.))
  8. ((Stephen, b. 1845, son of Heman and Polly, d. 15 Jul. 1873. m. Mary L. _______, and had children Chester, Jessie, and Lillian.))

9.Ruth B WEBBER, b. 17 Feb. 1806, Columbia Twp., m. Wells, 15 Jan. 1829, Nathan Baldwin HASWELL, 2nd b. 17 May 1805, Bennington, Vt., son of Anthony Johnson and Lucy (Hicks) Haswell. In Columbia Twp. to 1837, they then moved to Hocking Co. Ohio. Ruth died 15 Nov. 1841 at Falls Twp., Hocking Co. Nathan returned to Bradford Co. where he remarried, 3 Oct. 1843, to Harriet (SOPER) (HAVENS) HOWLAND, widow of David William HOWLAND. They were in Bradford Co. in 1850 and 1860, and living in Eagle, Harrison Co., Mo. from 1870. After 1880, he went with daughter EmmaC to Eureka Springs, Ark., and Date City, Pasco Co., Fla. He applied for a pension in right of his son, but died at Date City, Fla. at the home of his daughter EmmaC in 1894. He was a printer, farmer, and teacher.

        children, surname HASWELL:

  1. Emma C, b. 22 Apr. 1831, Troy, Pa. m. Col. Horace FITCH.
  2. Viola Knapp C, b. 26 Sep. 1833, Columbia Twp., Pa. m. her first cousin, Levi SpruceC PRESTON.
  3. Amanda Wakefield C, b. 13 Jan. 1836, Columbia Twp., Pa. d. 4 Jun 1843, bur. Bennington, Vt.
  4. Anthony C, b. 3 Jan. 1838, Starr Twp., Hocking Co., Oh. d. there Oct. 1839.
  5. James M. C, b. 4 Feb. 1840, Swan Twp., Vinton Co., Oh. Lived with his aunt/cousin, Emeline (HASWELL) WEBBER following his mother's death, and later with his father in Pa., and with his brothers-in-law in Clinton and Jackson Cos., Iowa. He enlisted 1 Jul. 1861 in Co. B, 6th Iowa Inf., and died of disease, Lamine Bridge, Mo., 26 Jun. 1862.

10.Ira B WEBBER b. 18 Jan. 1809, Columbia, died 25 Apr. 1868, Columbia. m. 27 Apr. 1837, Troy, Emeline HASWELL, b. 18 Oct. 1815, Columbia. Died, East Troy, 20 May 1898, daughter of David Russell and Lucinda (BEAMAN) HASWELL, and first cousin of Nathan Baldwin HASWELL, husband of Ira's sister, RuthB. They lived on her father's land in northern Columbia.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Susan Eliza C. b. 27 Jul. 1838, Columbia. m. Levi C. PRESTON.
  2. Benjamin Franklin C, b. 12 Mar. 1840, Columbia. m. Mary Melvina HICKOK.
  3. William Russell C, b. 19 Jan. 1846, d. 18 Sep. 1848.


11.Amanda C PARSONS,(AliceB) b. 25 Jun. 1805, m. 25 Dec. 1826, Chester WAKEFIELD, Jr., b. 3 Jun. 1800, son of Chester WAKEFIELD, Sr., and apparently brother of her step-mother Elizabeth (WAKEFIELD) PARSONS. They were in Springfield Twp. in 1830, with her sister HuldaC in the household, and presumably his father Chester, Sr. She died 25 Feb. 1832. He remarried to her sister HuldaC PARSONS.

        children, surname WAKEFIELD:

  1. Alice D, b. 5 Feb. 1828, m. Stephen Rice PALMER.
  2. Alvin Pease D, b.c. 1829, d.c.1840.

12.Hulda C PARSONS, (AliceB) b. 2 Jun. 1812, m.1, after the death of her sister, AmandaC, Chester WAKEFIELD, Jr. In 1830, she was living with her sister and brother-in-law/future husband in Springfield Twp. Chester made out his will at Springfield, 14 May 1839, and was dead by 6 Sep. 1842. Hulda m.2, as his second wife, Timothy C. WHEELER, b. 1 Dec. 1797, NY, whose first wife Sarah CLARK, daughter of John Theophilus and Cynthia (CAMPBELL) CLARK, had died 1 Apr. 1845. They lived in Ulster Twp. in 1860, and Smithfield Twp. in 1870. She died 16 Nov. 1878, and is buried at Wetona. Timothy is buried with his first wife and their sons James and Clark at Luther's Mills, having died 3 Mar. 1890.

        children of first marriage, surname WAKEFIELD:

  1. Amelia D, b. 1833-5.
  2. Philander Parsons D, born 1837, Pa, m. Minerva Lorena HUBBARD.
  3. Aurelia D, b. 1839.
  4. Julietta D, b. 2 Jul. 1840, m. John Durfey KILLEY.
  5. Chester D, d.y.
  6.     child of second marriage, surname WHEELER:

  7. Marietta D, b. 23 Sep. 1846, d. 17 May 1865, bur. Luther's Mills, Pa.

13.Benjamin Baldwin C CLARK, (LorendaB) b. 9 Nov. 1812, Pa., or Tioga Co., NY. He married bef. 1837, Phebe BEERS, b. Aug. 1818, Thompkins Co., NY, daughter of _______ and Anna Beers of Danby, Thompkins Co. They settled in Catlin Twp., Chemung Co., NY in 1850, where he farmed. He was still living there in 1880, but died 25 Jan. 1881, being buried in the Millport Cemetery. In 1892 Phebe was at Catlin with her granddaughter FlorenceE CROSS, and was joined on the farm by her daughter AnnD CROSS in 1900.

        child, surname CLARK:

  1. Ann E. D, b. Aug. 1837, Thompkins Co. m. David J. CROSS.

14.Alice W. C CLARK, (LorendaB) b. 20 Mar. 1817, Chemung Co., NY, m. George B. HOLLENBACK, b. 30 May 1814, Greene Co., NY. They moved from Chemung Co., to Barton, Tioga Co., NY in 1848, (appearing in a 1849 assessment roll for Waverly), and were joined, by 1855, by her sister Mary L.C CLARK. By 1860, they were joined by her father William D. CLARK, and by her cousin Sarah A.C WEBBER. Alice died 17 Nov. 1878, while George he lived to 27 Jun. 1887, both being buried at Westbrook Cem., Van Etten.

        children, surname HOLLENBACK:

  1. Heman C. D, b. 1 Feb. 1842, Chemung Co., NY, m. Miama S. GILLETT.
  2. Loretta A. D, b. 31 Jul. 1846, Chemung Co., NY, m. Charles BROWN.
  3. Permelia E. D, b. 8 Jun. 1849, Tioga Co., NY, d. 23 Sep. 1862, bur. Westbrook Cem.

15.William W. C Clark, (LorendaB) b. 24 Jul. 1819, Chemung Co., NY, m. Aneliza (Ann Eliza) _______, b. 24 Jun. 1827, Tioga Co., NY. They were members of Baptist Church at Van Ettenville, where he was a retail grocer in 1880. William was died 21 Jun. 1889. In 1892, his widow was living with her widowed daughter EmalettaD (CLARK) BARTHOLEMEW, where she continued to live presumably through her death, 25 Nov. 1904, when she was buried with her husband at Westbrook Cem.

        children, surname CLARK:

  1. Luther D. D, b. Jul. 1848, Chemung Co. m., 1873, Isabelle _______. Adopted a dau. Isabella, b. 1878, who was a teacher in 1900. He was a farmer in 1880, and through 1900, and ran a poolroom in 1910.
  2. Viola Mary D, b. 1849, Chemung Co., m. (? George) HANSON.
  3. John D, b. 1852, Chemung Co. He was probably the John C. Clark who was Town Clerk of Van Etten in 1877.
  4. Emaletta D, b. 1856, NY. m. William BARTHOLEMEW.
  5. Nellie D, b. 1858, NY, d.y.
  6. Roscoe D, b. 1869, NY.

16.Daniel B. C CLARK, (LorendaB) b. 1822, Tioga Co., NY, m. Cassandara _______, b. 1830, Chemung Co., NY. He was the prime mover in the formation of the Baptist Church of Van Etten in 1841. He served as Postmaster of Van Ettenville from 1861 to 1881, (with a brief time off in 1873), and Supervisor in 1873 and 1874, A retail merchant in 1880, he died in 1898. He left behind a farm where his wife was living with daughter LidaD in 1900. She died 1907.

        children, surname CLARK:

  1. Owen S. D, b. Aug. 1853, Chemung Co., m. Ida M. _______.
  2. Mary Lida D, b. Jan. 1856, Chemung Co. With mother in 1900, alone as a department store saleslady in 1910, and a post office clerk in 1920, dying in 1923.

17.Asa B. C CLARK, (LorendaB) b. 6 Mar. 1824, Tioga Co., NY, m1. 1849/50, Celenda _______, b. 6 Jan. 1826, Chemung Co., NY, d. 30 Jan. 1868. m2. Frances _______, b. 1840, NY. He had an adopted son, Solomon WHITE, with him in 1865, and a step-daughter Lizzie in 1870. He was Trustee of Van Ettenville in 1876, and was a retail merchant in 1880. He died 13 Sep. 1880, when his widow was with her daughter Lizzie BECKER.

        children of first marriage, surname CLARK:

  1. Frederick D, b. Jan 1857, Chemung Co., m. Violetta K. _____, b. May 1845, liv. Tioga, Tioga Co., NY in 1900. (Called an adopted son in 1865, but this is probably an erroneous repetition of the status of Solomon.)
  2. Lottie D, b. 1859, Chemung Co.
  3.     child of second marriage, surname CLARK:

  4. Asa B. D, b. Apr. 1870, NY.

18.Heman H. C CLARK, (LorendaB) b. 1828, NY. He married Nancy E. (prob. DIMON, dau. James and Cynthia), b. Mar. 1832, NY. By 1855, they were in Ill., living at Dement, Ogle Co., Ill. in 1860, Heman being a merchant. By 1870 they were in Hardin Twp., Hardin Co., IA, where he was a dealer of agricultural implements. He was dead by 1880, when his widow was in Iowa Falls, Hardin Co. She remained there at least through 1900, living with her daughter AliceD.

        children, surname CLARK:

  1. Avery D, b. 1855, Ill. He was still living in 1900.
  2. Adella C. D, b. Apr. 1857, Ill. m. Homer C. MORGAN.
  3. Alice D, b. Sep. 1859, Ill. She was an unmarried school teacher in Iowa Falls.

19.Lorinda C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. 1822, m. 1847, as his second wife, Aaron RANDALL, 1809, NY, who had been living in Fairfield Twp., Huron Co., Oh. prior to the death of his first wife, leaving him with children Ann, Eveline, Charlott, and James. They were in Harmony Twp., Chautauqua Co. for the 1850 census, but had returned to Fairfield Twp., prior to her death on 3 July 1850. (Her name appears as cograntor on a deed dated 5 Mar. 1851, granting rights to her father's estate to her brother ElijahC, but it was presumably executed prior to her death.) Aaron had moved to Eldred Twp., Warren Co., Pa., by 1860 and remarried 3 Jul 1861, Grand Valley, Warren Co., Pa., to Ortensia (DAVIS) YORK, b. 1834, New York to English parents, widow of Dennis Y. He was enrolled, 8 Aug. 1862 in Co. B, Capt. Charles Baldwin's militia, and was discharged at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, 28 Aug. 1862. In 1871, he sold his land in Warren Co., and moved to Mecosta Co., and then Osceola, Osceola Co., Mich. He died of a ruptured bladder, perhaps accentuated by diptheria, and was buried 19 Mar. 1881 at the Forest Hill Cemetery, Evart, Osceola, Co. By Ortensia, he had children William, George, Charlie, Emma, Henry, Fred and Juddy RANDALL. She remarried 1 Oct 1881 to Joseph A. J. WHEELER, and applied for a pension on her own behalf, and for their children, but only the minor's pension was granted.

        children, surname RANDALL:

  1. Aaron Mortimer D, b. Dec. 1848, NY. m. Sarah McCALLUM.

20.Almira C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. 5 Sep. 1824, NY, d. June 1855. She was removed from the Harmony Baptist Church 19 Sep. 1840, although the nature of her trespass is not stated. By 1 Feb. 1845, on which date she was readmitted to the congregation, she had married James HENDERSON, b. 1812, Canada, a tanner and currier. They were in Harmony in 1850, hosting her sister MarietteC Webber. James and Almira sold their interests in the estate of her father to brother ElijahC in Nov. 1851. He was in Chautauqua in 1860, and was living with his daughter Mary JaneD MOSES in Clymer, Chautauqua Co., in 1880.

children, surname HENDERSON:

  1. Mary Jane D, b. Sep. 1846, NY. m. Chauncey B. MOSES.
  2. Charles D, b. 1849, NY. He was presumably living with his sister Mary JaneD MOSES when he died of typhoid fever, Jan. 1865, at Clymer, NY.
  3. Martha Adele D, b. 1854, NY.

21.William H. C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. 17 Sep. 1826, Chautauqua, Chautauqua Co., NY, m. 1 Nov. 1846, Emily Amanda BUSH, b. Aug. 1824, Geneseo Co., NY, dau. of Daniel and Sarah (ANGELL) BUSH of Chautauqua. Moved to Chautauqua in 1847, and was still there in 1855, when he hosted sister MarietteC. He was in Harmony in 1860, and Chautauqua again in 1887. Emily died 10 Apr. 1889 at Stedman, testate. William remarried by 1900 to Mary Ann ALMY. William died 3 Nov. 1907, Chautauqua, and his widow died testate, 15 Jul 1915. William and Emily are buried in North Harmony Twp.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Frank William D (originally William Frank), b. 1 Feb. 1850, Chautauqua, d. 16 Sep. 1870.
  2. Samuel Albert D, b. Feb. 1853, Chautauqua, m. Mary A. _____.
  3. (John William CALICOTT, b. 1861, PA, an adopted son, who lived in Chautauqua, with sons Merle, Donald, Otto, and Jerald WEBBER.)

22.Elijah C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. 10 Sep. 1828, Harmony. m. Harmony, 20 Jan 1853, Hannah M. WILCOX, b. 1 Oct. 1831, NY, of Busti, NY. He was a farmer on land to the west of Watts Flats, owning 60 acres in Harmony in 1855, hosting his sister MarietteC. He was baptized into the Harmony Baptist Church on 15 Nov. 1856. Throughout the 1850s, he bought out the claims of most of his siblings to their fathers estate, before selling it to P. Robinson. He was still in Harmony in 1860, 1865, and 1870, but by 1880 was in Ellery. He died intestate 16 Nov. 1882, and is buried at Blockville. His widow Hannah remarried, to G.W. ROWLAND, who died at Watts Flats 7 Apr. 1899. She joined her son, SeymourD in Belpre, Edwards Co., Kan., and died 15 Nov. 1924.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Seymour B. D, b. 25 Dec. 1854, Harmony, m. 17 Jan. 1875, Stockton, Anna MATHER, b. Nov. 1854, Chautauqua Co., dau. of Nathaniel Oliver and Harriet (HUNTER) MATHER. They lived at Browns Grove, Pawnee Co., Kan., and by 1900 were in Belpre, Edwards Co., Kan., where he worked as a blacksmith, and he later worked at a grain elevator. While they had no children of their own, they adopted a son, Frank.
  2. Clara Bell D, b. 10 Dec. 1860, Chautauqua Co. m. Vernon E. GUEST.

23.Ira C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. 3 Dec. 1830, NY. m. Beloit, Rock Co., Wis. 20 Aug. 1863 Caroline Cordelia BOWEN, b. 1846, Ill., dau. Franklin and Parmelea BOWEN. He was 5'10", with a light complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair. He sold his interests in his father's estate in Dec. 1851, and went west, arriving in Marengo, McHenry Co., Ill. in 1855, passing on to Minn., then returning to Coral, McHenry Co. in 1859. He spent two years in Durham, Mich., returning to Coral in 1861. He enlisted 22 Sep. 1864, as private in Co. E 95th Ill. Inf., and was mustered out 17 Aug. 1865. He came down with a severe case of poison ivy while in the trenches around Spanish Fort, Alabama, and would received a pension due to the resulting disability. He died in Coral Twp. 14 May 1910, his widow 24 Oct. 1914.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. - iii. three children, died young.

24.Mariette C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. July 1832, NY, d. Mar. 1858. She was living with her sister AlmiraC (WEBBER) HENDERSON in 1850, and is enumerated twice, with brothers WilliamC and ElijahC, in 1855. Before Oct.1855 (at which date they sold to brother ElijahC her rights to her father's estate), she married Farley LONNEN, b. 20 Feb. 1820, son of Orrin LONNEN, and lived in Chautauqua. He remarried by 1860, Lucy COMSTOCK, and they continued to live in Chautauqua, having children Lewis, Orrin and Arthur. He died 16 Feb. 1896. Farley and Lucy are buried with his daughter at North Harmony.

        child, surname LONNEN:

  1. Mary J. D, b. 25 Mar. 1857. She was a domestic servant with Samuel Wilcox in 1875. She d. unm. 5 Nov. 1893, her father being her only heir. She is buried at North Harmony.

25.Daniel C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. 1839, NY m. 15 Jan. 1860, Busti, Melvina BURT, b. 19 Aug. 1840,  Harmony, dau. of Elijah B. and Arsena (ALLEN) BURT of Harmony. He was in Chautauqua in 1855, working as a hired hand, and in Nov. 1859 sold his rights to his father's property to his brother ElijahC. He was with her parents in Harmony in 1860. He went west and was slain by Indians ca. 1867. His widow and children were again with her parents in Harmony in 1870, but she died 29 Jul. 1870.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Orlin O. D, b. 29 Jan. 1861, NY. m. Jennie S _______.
  2. Willard Ransom D, b. 25 Jun. 1867, NY. m. Angeline SCHOLTON.

26.Charlotte C WEBBER, (WilliamB) b. 30 Oct. 1842, NY. d. 19 Nov. 1880, Richland Co., Wis. Named in the probate of her father's will, she was hired help with Hiram Manley in 1855. She accompanied him to Richland Co., Wis., before 1860, and there m. 16 Sep. 1862, Addison BLOOD, b. 11 Jul. 1844, Chatauqua Co., NY, son of Marvin G. and Samantha BLOOD. They settled in Bloom Twp., Richland Co., Wis. Following her death, he remarried, bef. 1884 to Amy L. WARD, who d. 16 Aug. 1899, and had additional children: Samuel Martin, Etta, Royal Addison, and Eunice Columbia "Cummie" BLOOD. He d. 11 May 1913, and is bur. Bloom Twp., Richland Co., Wis.

        children, surname BLOOD:

  1. Henry Harrison D, b. 2 Jul. 1865, Richland Co., Wis. m. Emma Jane NICKS.
  2. Lucy Ester D, b. 19 Sep. 1867, Richland Co., Wis. m. Hamilton W. MILLER
  3. Luden Leandore D, b. 6 Feb. 1870, Richland Co., Wis. m. Mattie MATHES
  4. Alice Almira D, b. 5 Mar. 1872, Richland Co., Wis. m. William Wesley MOSHER
  5. John D, b. 1874, Richland Co., Wis., d. 1874
  6. Harriet L. D, b. 13 Dec. 1875, Woodstock, Richland Co., Wis. m.1 Adam CRATSENBURG, m.2 James SCOTT
  7. Emma May D, b. 1877, Richland Co., Wis. m. _______ RHINEHART

27.Betsey C BALDWIN, (LoisB) b. 1820. m. (since she would have been 36, this may well have been a second marriage) 1856, following the death of his first wife, her younger sister LoisC, Isaac RUNDELL son of Abraham and Mary Ann (ELLIOT) RUNDELL, b. 1 Sep. 1823, Bradford Co., Pa. They lived in Union Twp., Tioga Co., Pa., until her death in 1860. Prior to the census of that year, Isaac remarried to Hannah (PRATT), widow of his brother B. J. RUNDELL, and their combined households were living together in Armenia Twp., Bradford Co. While he is credited with children, Fanny, David Wilmot, Jefferson, and Mary, these, along with a son Arthur appear to have been children of Hannah's earlier husband, B. J. RUNDELL. In 1870, Isaac and Hannah were back in Union Twp., and while they have not been found in 1880, Isaac had died by 1900, when Hannah was living with her daughter Mary (RUNDELL) BROOKS in Canton Twp., Bradford Co.

        child, surname RUNDELL:

  1. Jabez O. D, b. 1857, Pa.

28.Ebenezer C BALDWIN, (LoisB) b. 1823, NY. m. Phitta _______. Living in Springfield in 1850.

        child, surname BALDWIN:

  1. Francis D, b. 1846, NY., perhaps the Francis M. BALDWIN b. 1846, who d. 1922 at Canton, a Civil War veteran of Troop F, 2nd U.S. Cav.

29.Lois C BALDWIN, (LoisB) b. 1824. m. Isaac RUNDELL son of Abraham and Mary Ann (ELLIOT) RUNDELL, b. 1 Sep. 1823, Bradford Co., Pa. She died in 1855, and Isaac remarried to her sister BetseyC.

        childen, surname RUNDELL:

  1. Louisa Fidelia D, b. 1846, Pa.

30.Sarah/Sally Ann C BALDWIN, (LoisB) b. 1825, Pa., m. aft. 1850, as his second wife, Levi W. GARDNER, b. 1808, Conn., in LeRoy in 1860, in Troy in 1879.

children, surname GARDNER:

  1. Wesley L. D, b. 1856, Pa.
  2. Jabez William D, b. 1860, Pa.

31.Jabez Monson C BALDWIN, (LoisB) b. 14 Jun. 1828(6), Troy, died 8 Feb. 1902, bur. Rockville Cem., Solano Co., Cal. m. 11 Sep Nov. 1864, Carson City, Carrie M. CARY, b. 1844, NY, dau. of Levi and Catharine (WAGER) CAREY. He left for Cal. on 16 Oct. 1852, arriving at San Francisco, via New York, according to a later biography, on 18 Nov 1852 (This may be in error for 10 Nov. , when a J. Baldwine is listed arriving on the steamer Winfield Scott, from Panama via Acapulco). He settled as a carpenter in Sacramento through 1853, mined in Amador Co. for three months and worked as a carpenter in Placerville, El Dorado Co. In May 1854, he went to Oregon, staying for two months, and in July, went to Mormon Station, Nev, operating a grist and saw mill. He next was one of the operators of the Belcher Mine, Comstock Lode, and also operated a farm and ranch in Carson Valley, where he was assisted by his brother William W.C BALDWIN for a time. Following his marriage in 1864 he bought and settled the Suisun Valley, at Rockville, Green Valley Twp., Solano Co., Cal., remaining there until his death on 8 Jan. 1902, and where his widow remained in 1910.

        children, surname BALDWIN:

  1. Kate Carrie D, b. Jun. 1865, Cal. m. William L. BURBECK.
  2. Bertha E. D, b. Apr. 1867, Cal. m. Arthur L. CUNNINGHAM.
  3. Jay (Jabez) Monson D, b. 1870, Cal. m. Rosa L. MARKHAM.
  4. Carrie Louise D, b. 1874, Cal. m. Alden ANDERSON.
  5. John Clarence D, b. 1879, Cal. m. Louise M. _______.

32.William W. C BALDWIN, (LoisB) b. 27 Feb. 1829, Pa. Died 2 May 1909, Wyalusing, Bradford Co. m. 30 Nov. 1854, Sarah F. BARROW, b. 19 May 1837, Union Twp., dau. of William and Hannah (MAXWELL) BARROW. He was a carpenter who worked on the trans-Panama railroad in 1852, but malaria forced his return. Later, in the 1860s he spent time on his brother Jabez M.C BALDWIN's Nevada ranch, (perhaps accompanying his cousin Colburn J.C PRESTON when he went there in 1864) before returning to Pa. to farm. He was in Union Twp., Tioga Co. in 1860, in Charleston, Tioga Co. Pa. in 1880 and Mansfield, Tioga Co. in 1900.

        children, surname BALDWIN:

  1. Lelia M. D, b. 1855, Pa., d. 15 Dec. 1880, of tuberculosis, Cherry Flatts, b. North Union.
  2. Ida D, b.1857, Pa., d.y.
  3. James Clark D, b. Feb. 1860, Pa. m. Minnie WYNN.
  4. Mary D, b. 1867, Pa., m. Edgar McKINNEY.
  5. Genevive B. D, b. 1869, Pa., m. Howard P. SHUNK.
  6. Lewis D, b. 1871, d. 1879, bur. Charlestown.
  7. Charles M. D, b. Aug. 1873, Pa. m. Lillian HAIGHT.
  8. Bessie R. D, b. 4 Apr. 1874, Cherry Flats (Pa.). Died 2 Mar. 1923, Dacor, Cal.
  9. Freddie D, b. 1875, d. 1879, bur. Charlestown.

33.Charles T. C BALDWIN, (LoisB), b. 1830, Pa. He m. Mary Jane _______. He was with his mother in the residence of his aunt SarahB (Webber) PRESTON in 1850, and was in Union Twp. in 1860 and 1870, and died in 1874. His widow, in 1890, claimed that her husband had served in the Civil War, but could provide no details. She was still in Union Twp. in 1900, with her son WilliamD, and with her son HarrisonD in 1910.

        children, surname BALDWIN:

  1. Harriet D, b. 1859, Pa.
  2. William H. D, b. Apr. 1860, Pa. m. Lydia () NEWELL.
  3. John D, b. 1863, d. 1865, bur. Union Twp.
  4. Louis D, b. 1864, d. 1865, bur. Union Twp.
  5. Jabez D, b. 1867, Pa., d.bef. 1874.
  6. Harrison D, b. Jan. 1869, Pa. m. Ida _______.
  7. Fanny D, b. 1871, Pa.

34.William W. C PRESTON, (SarahB) b. 20 Sep. 1821, Pa., m. Rosina Angeline _______, b.16 Dec. 1828, Pa. Baptized into the Troy Baptist Church in 1839, he was later excluded from the congregation. Living in Springfield from 1850 (at which date he is enumerated with his family in Troy also), he was farming next to his parents in Troy in 1860. He died 29 Nov. 1883, his wife 9 May 1895, both being buried at Porter Rd. Cem.

        children, surname PRESTON:

  1. John H. D, b. 1849, Pa.
  2. Elisha D, b. 1851, Pa.
  3. Martha D, b. 1853, Pa.
  4. Mary A. D, b. 1856, Pa. m. Louis WOOD.
  5. Laura D, b. 9 Aug. 1858, Pa., died 5 Nov. 1890.
  6. Wreseville D, b. 5 Nov. 1860, Pa., died 9 Jul. 1876.
  7. Marshall D, b. 18 Nov. 1863, Pa., died 23 Oct. 1899.

35.Daniel C PRESTON, (SarahB) b. 8 Jun. 1826, Troy, Pa., died Dec. 1895. m. 1853, Mary WYNNE, b. 20 Jul. 1833, Longford, Ireland, dau. Patrick and Mary WYNNE, died, 4 Aug. 1912, Canton, Bradford Co. In Union Twp., Tioga Co. in 1880. Mary was in Canton Twp. in 1900.

        children, surname PRESTON:

  1. Sarah A. D, b. Mar. 1854, Pa. m. Augustus GRAY.
  2. Michael Colburn D, b. 1855, Pa. m. Naomi WILCOX.
  3. William D, b. 14 Jan. 1857, Pa., m. Lottie ELLSWORTH.
  4. Martha D, b. 1858, Pa., m. Elvin W. JAQUISH.
  5. Daniel L. D, b. Dec. 1859, Pa., m. Bertha WHITEHEAD.
  6. Mary D, b. 1862, Pa., died unm. betw. 1880 and 1912.
  7. Francis P. D, b. Aug. 1863, Pa., m. Mary DeCOURSEY.
  8. Andrew D. D, b. 1866, Pa., m. Mary MESTOR, b. 1867, Pa. They were living in Blossburg in 1910 (when they were hosting their niece EvaE PRESTON) and in 1920.
  9. Joseph H. D, b. 1868, Pa., m. Grace WHITE.
  10. Christina D, b. 1870, Pa., m. Joseph S. JAQUISH.
  11. John J. D, b. Aug. 1873, Pa., m. Eva J. SHARPE.

36.Martha C PRESTON, (SarahB) b. 1829, Pa. m. Rufus BALDWIN, b. 1829, Pa., son of Rufus BALDWIN, of Springfield, Pa., Mich., and Bloomfield, Clinton Co., Iowa, by his first wife (who was dead by 1830), who may have been his cousin, Phebe BALDWIN. (Phebe was daughter of Jabez BALDWIN, and sister of John BALDWIN, husband of Martha's aunt, LoisB WEBBER, and of Lucy BALDWIN, wife of Martha's uncle Ebenezer PRESTON.) Martha followed her brother LeviC to Brookfield about 1854, presumably marrying her husband shortly after that time at that time. They returned to Pa, and were with her parents in Troy in 1860. In 1867, they sold their land in Farmer's Creek Twp., Clinton Co. Iowa in 1867. They appear to have died by 1870, when their daughter was with Richard Hanscom in Canton Twp.

        children, surname BALDWIN:

  1. Sarah (Sally) Phoebe D, b. 1857, Iowa, was presumably the Sally Baldwin, aged 13 and born in IA living with Richard Hanscom in Canton in 1870.
  2. Rufus D.

37.Levi Spruce C PRESTON, (SarahB) b. 11 May 1833, Pa., m. his first cousin, Viola KnappC HASWELL, (RuthB) b. 26 Sep. 1833, Columbia Twp., Pa. He went to Brookfield, Clinton Co., Iowa. in 1852, and was living there with his sister MarthaC (PRESTON) BALDWIN in 1856. Levi and Viola were married 17 Nov. 1858 in Clinton Co., by Robert Campbell, Minister of the Gospel. They continued to live in Clinton Co. until he sold his land in 1865, and was in Marquetta, Jackson Co., Iowa in 1869. By 1880, he was farming near his brother ColburnC in Twp. #5 (Point of Timber), Contra Costa Co., Cal. in 1880, and was in Marsh Creek, Cal. in 1885. In 1900, he was in Santa Rosa Twp., Sonoma Co., Cal. He died 14 Oct. 1908 at Redwood City, Cal., and she at Stockton, Cal. 4 May 1918.

        children, surname PRESTON:

  1. Irvin Stacy D, b. 21 May 1861, Jackson Co., Iowa, m. 4 Jul. 1894, San Francisco, Annie S. KRUSE.
  2. Sarah Emma D, b. 29 Nov. 1862, Jackson Co., m.1 Philip BURGESS. m.2 Worner O. PORTER.
  3. William Haswell D, b. 25 Aug. 1864, Jackson Co. m. Bessie McCALLY.
  4. Warner N. D, b. 27 Apr. 1869, Contra Costa Co., Cal.
  5. Lucy Sophia D, b. 5 Jul. 1872, Cal. m.1 John Boe ANDERSON. m.2 Sidney Armstrong WINSOR.
  6. Susan Elmina D, b. 13 Jul. 1873, Cal. m.1 Edgar D. DAVES. m.2 Hardy Devere BACON.
  7. Levi S. D, b. 12 Mar. 1875, Contra Costa Co. m. Elta ERWIN.

38.Lois C PRESTON, (SarahB) b. 1835, Pa. m. Clement SMEAD, b. 1830. They were farming in Troy Twp. in 1860.

        children, surname SMEAD:

  1. Frank D,died young.
  2. Ella D, died in infancy, of diphtheria.
  3. Martha D, b. 1858, m. Charles CANADY.

39.Colburn Johnson C PRESTON, (SarahB) b. 16 Jul. 1837, Troy, Bradford Co., Pa. He married, Oct. 1859 Melissa M. WOODWARD, b. Dec., 1844, Pa. In 186, he went to California via Panama, going on to Nevada, presumably to work on the ranch of his cousin Jabez MC BALDWIN, He then went to Solano Co., Cal. In 1865, he crossed the bay to Contra Costa Co., settling near the community of Point of Timber (Twp. #3 in 1870, Twp. #5 in 1880). There he bought 320 acres, primarily producing wheat. He appears there in 1880 and 1900. Colburn d. 17 Mar. 1925, Oakland, Alameda Co., Cal., bur. 19 Mar., Union Cem., Brentwood, Contra Costa Co., Cal., outliving his wife, Melissa, who d. 1 Feb. 1917 (bur. 4 Feb.), Contra Costa Co.

    children, surname PRESTON:

  1. Francis Marion D, b. 23 Jan. 1861, Pa. m. Ida O. BURRESS.
  2. Eva Sarah D, b. 23 Oct. 1869, Contra Costa Co. m. Frank Morris MAY.
  3. Rosa May D, b. 13 Feb. 1872, Cal. m. George G. DAUNT.
  4. Ida D, b. 20 Nov. 1873, Cal., d. 20 Jan. 1950, Alameda Co., Cal. m. Mar. 1825, Oakland, Alameda Co., William H. ENGLE, b. 1872, d. 1942.
  5. Jenny C. D, b. 10 Nov. 1875, Contra Costa Co., d. 5 Sep. 1902, near Byron, Contra Costa Co.
  6. Bertha A. D, b. Mar. 1879, Cal., m. Leslie Vernon RICHARDSON.
  7. Mott C. D, b. 16 Jul. 1882, Contra Costa Co. m1. Winifred I. SHAFER, m2. Bess RICHARDSON.

40.Charlotte Alice C WEBBER, (DanielB) b. 17 July. 1825, Columbia, m. 19 Jun. 1842 (the same day as her mother's second marriage) at Richmond, Walworth Co., Wis., John S. INGERSOLL, b. 1814, NY, of Winnebago Co., Ill. They moved to Winneconna, Winnebago Co., Wis., where they were in 1850, and in 1860 near her mother in Ripon Twp., Fond-du-Lac Co., Wis. On 15 Aug. 1861, he enlisted in Co. B, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, from which he transfered to Company K, 1 Jan. 1862. He died of typhoid fever 13 Nov. 1862, at the 5th Street Hospital, being buried at Wesleyan Cem., St. Louis, his wife receiving a pension based on his service. Charlotte then moved from Madison into the city of Ripon, where she was joined by her mother sometime between 1875 and 1880.

        children, surname INGERSOLL:

  1. Emily A. D, b. 1845, Wis., m. Cornelius L. FERO
  2. Amelia H. D, b. 1847, Wis.
  3. Ira Burch D, b. 1850, Wis., probably the Ira Ingersoll who married 8 Oct 1867, Winnebago Co., Wis., Clarissa SKINNER.
  4. James Orimel D, b. 18 Mar. 1852, Wis.
  5. Ida May D, b. 4 Apr. 1854, Wis.
  6. Eugene A. D, b. 7 Aug. 1857, Plever, Wis.
  7. Effa G. D, b. 4 Sep. 1862, Wis.

41.Harriet Elizabeth C WEBBER, (DanielB) b. 22 Aug. 1829, Liberty, McKean Co., Pa. m. 1 Feb. 1852, Ceresco, Fond du Lac Co., Wis., Oramel H. CHAMBERLAIN, b. 5 Jul. 1822, Sparta, Livingston Co. NY, son of Harlem G. and Anna CHAMBERLAIN. He was a farmer and teacher, and was in Fond du Lac Co. from the fall of 1849, where he served as Superintendent of Schools, Magistrate, and Justice of the Peace. They were in Ripon Twp., Fond-du-lac. Co., Wis. through 1880, where she was Worthy Lecturer of the Wisconsin State Grange. They moved to Flint Co., Iowa, where he died 28 Dec. 1888. In 1895, she was living at Hancock, Waushara Co., Wis., and was still there in 1900, dying Dec. 1909, Boise, ID.

        children, surname CHAMBERLAIN:

  1. Oscar Harry D, b. 1853, m. Kate FAIRFIELD.
  2. Fremont C. D, b. 6 Oct. 1856, Wis. m.1 Ethel G. HAMBLIN. m.2 Henrietta _______.
  3. Francis A. D, b. Sep. 1865.
  4. Albert O. D, b. Sep. 1865, Wis. With mother in 1900.

42.Augenitte (Ann) C WEBBER, (DanielB) b. 1838, Ill. or Ind. m. _______ TYLER, b. Pa., d. by 1880. Ann was living with her parents in 1880, but she was in Petoskey, Mich. by 1891.

        children, surname TYLER:

  1. Burt D, b. 1862, Mich.
  2. Nellie D, b. 1868, Mich.
  3. Maud D, b. 1873, Mich.
  4. Artie D, b. 1875, Mich.

43.Daniel (Ira) Baldwin C WEBBER, (DanielB) b. 28 Nov. 1848, Mich., m. first, in Gerard Twp., Branch Co., Mich., 1 Nov. 1865, Ann MARTIN, b. 25 Sep. 1849, daughter of William and Mary MARTIN of Burlington, Calhoun Co., Mich. She d. 10 Nov. 1875, of stomach cancer and is bur. Riverside Cem., Union City. He m. second, 1878, Elizabeth A. HOWLAND, b. 1853, Mich., daughter of George Oliver and Martha (HARRIS) HOWLAND, of Almena, Van Buren Co., Mich. Daniel and Elizabeth had moved to Boulder, Col. by 1879, when they were charter members of the Seventh-Day Adventist church there. In 1880, they were , hosting her brother George 'Ellsworth' HOWLAND. In 1885, they were living just south of Boulder, (so the 1885 Michigan birth of their son George would appear to be in error) and were still there in 1887, but in 1888 had a son born in Steamboat Springs. By 1900, they were in Salubria Precinct, Washington Co., Idaho, where he farmed. In 1910, they were in Cambridge Pct., where Daniel died, 7 Nov. 1915. Elizabeth was living alone there in 1920.

        children of first marriage, surname WEBBER:

  1. Franklin D, b. 1868, Mich. He appears to have died between 1880 and 1885.
  2. Elmina A. D, b. 19 Apr. 1871, Mich. m. Alfred Arthur CAVINESS
  3. child of second marriage, surname WEBBER:

  4. Martha Elizabeth D, b. Dec. 1878, Col. m. Edward RANDOLPH.
  5. Lucina D, b. Aug. 1881, Col. m. Palmer ROLLINS.
  6. Emma D, b. 24 Oct. 1883, Col., m. Anker AMONSON.
  7. George Ivan D, b. Jun. 1885, Mich., m. Minnie _______.
  8. Henry Burr D, b. Jul. 1888, Steamboat Springs, Col., m. Lucinda LEE.

44.Roseina Lucinda C WEBBER, (BarnabasB) b. 17 Jul. 1827, Pa. m. (Roswell) Philetus ANDREWS, b. 27 Aug. 1823, son of Miles and Electa (WARNER) ANDREWS of Candor, Tioga Co., NY. They lived in Candor where he d. 8 May 1911, and she 4 Dec. 1912, both being buried on Anderson Hill.

children, surname ANDREWS:

  1. Frank Webber D, b., d. 15 May 1851, bur. Anderson Hill.
  2. Celestia Adelaide D, b. 21 Jun. 1854, NY. m. Dana Delbert BIRCHARD.
  3. Miles Barney D, b. 4 Jun. 1857, d. 4 Aug. 1858, bur. Anderson Hill.
  4. Dana Herrick D, b. 7 May 1860, NY. m. Laura E. MORRISON.
  5. Adela D, d.y., bur. Anderson Hill.

45.Charles R. C WEBBER, (BarnabasB) b. 1832, Pa. Charles was with his sister RoseinaCin 1850, and went on to Brookfield Twp, Clinton Co., Iowa, joining his cousins Levi S.C PRESTON and MarthaC (PRESTON) BALDWIN. There he married 10 Apr. 1856, by Bethuel Henderson, Justice of the Peace, to Lucy (BALDWIN) GROAT, b. Nov. 1831, Pa., dau. Rufus and Mary (DYER) BALDWIN, and previously wife of John Henry GROAT (who she married 8 Feb. 1851 in Clinton Co., Iowa, and divorced 1854. He was brother of William GROAT, who married Rhoda BALDWIN, Lucy's half-sister and widow of Charles' uncle Chester PRESTON, and of Thomas GROAT, who married Phebe PRESTON, the daughter of Chester and Rhoda (BALDWIN) PRESTON). They were still in Clinton Co. in 1860, but moved on to Contra Costa Co., Cal., in 1862. There he was farming in 1870 in what was then Twp. #3, near Point of Timber. He died there 7 Jan. 1873. His widow remarried, on 30 Dec. of that year, to Ira D. CARD, b. 1820, Canada East (Quebec), but Lucy was again widowed by 1880. She lived with sons BarneyD and CharlesD in 1900.

        children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Roseina D, b. 1857, Iowa. m. George Andrew HUDSON.
  2. Barney Royal D, b. Sep., 1859, Iowa. m. Emily Elmira (HUDSON) HARLAN.
  3. Carrie D, b. 1862, Nevada or Cal.
  4. Charles Albert D, b. Jan 1867, Cal. m.1 Belle CARLTON, m.2 Mary L. EDWARDS.

46.Adelaide Anne C WEBBER, (BarnabasB) b. 13 Oct. 1837, Pa. m. bef. Dec. 1858, Thomas Benham LAKE, b. 1836, NY, son of Augustus and Adelaide LAKE of Candor, Tioga Co., NY. He died 17 Sept. 1918. They were in Candor at least through 1865, when they hosted her sister Sarah A.C WEBBER, and also in 1870, but were in Owego, Tioga Co., by 1880. She died 13 Feb. 1916, while he lived until 17 Sep. 1918.

        children, surname LAKE:

  1. Egbert Charles D, b. 31 July 1860, Candor. m.1 Lillie WHITE, m.2 Bertha EMERY.
  2. William Augustus D, b. 4 Dec. 1863, NY. m. 22 Dec. 1885, Anna B. KENYON of Owego. He died 10 Jun. 1899, at Owego.
  3. Mary A. D, b. 1865, NY., died 5 Dec. 1922.
  4. Arthur E. D, b. 1869, NY, of Warminster, Pa, 1928.
  5. Sarah E. D, b. 1871, NY, of Owego, NY, 1928.
  6. Grace E. D, b. 14 Aug. 1874, d. 11 May 1875, Owego.
  7. Helen L. D, b. 1877, NY, of Owego, NY, 1928.

47.Emma C HASWELL, (RuthB) b. 22 Apr. 1831, Pa. m. 25 Jul. 1854 at Elmira, NY, as his second wife, Col. Horace FITCH, b. 24 Jun. 1824, Milton, Conn., son of Samuel and Hannah (FITCH) FITCH. In 1850, he was in Bradford Co., Pa., with his first wife Harriet (who was b. 4 Aug. 1827, and died 29 Sep. 1852) and daughter Cynthia J., and was in Canton, Bradford Co. at the time of his second marriage. Horace and Emma moved to Jackson Co., Iowa, where they hosted her brother James M.C HASWELL, but moved on to Eagleville, Marion Twp., Mo., where Horace became Lt. Col. of the 35th Mo. Inf., stationed at Helena, Ark. during the Civil War. Some time after 1880, he was in Eureka Spring, Ark. when joined by his wife, father-in-law, daughter, and oldest son, and prior to Oct. 1888, they moved to Date City, Fla., where he died testate, 2 Jun. 1889. The next year, she applied for a pension based on his service, and died at Date City, 28 Sep. 1907.

        children, surname FITCH:

  1. Emma Augusta D, b. 7 Nov. 1857, Eagleville, Mo., d. 22 Jan. 1862.
  2. Clarence Boardman D, b. 22 Jan. 1860, Eagleville, Mo., m. Ella RAY.
  3. Alice Viola D, b. 27 Nov. 1861, d. 26 Dec. 1863.
  4. Samuel Haswell D, b. 22 Dec. 1867, Eagleville, Mo., m. Lula SUMNER.
  5. Ruth Emeline D, b. 20 Aug. 1869, Eagleville Mo., m. Samuel SLAUGHTER.

48.Susan Eliza C WEBBER, (IraB) b. 27 Jul. 1838, Columbia. m. 26 Feb. 1857, Troy, Levi Chester PRESTON, b. 24 Apr. 1824, Troy, died 23 Aug. 1884, Troy, son of Ebenezer and Lucy (BALDWIN) PRESTON, and nephew of Colburn PRESTON, husband of Susan's aunt SarahB, of William PRESTON, husband of her aunt AlmiraB, of Lorenda PRESTON, wife of her uncle BarneyB, and of John BALDWIN, husband of her aunt LoisB. They farmed in Troy Twp., presumably from the time of their marriage. Levi and Susan were in Troy Twp. in 1870. Susan died 21 Apr. 1879 and is buried in the Porter Road Cem.

        children, surname PRESTON:

  1. Mary Emeline D, b. 29 Nov. 1859, Troy. m. Charles Erwin WHEAT.
  2. Frances Amelia D, born, Troy, 14 Dec. 1862. m. Albert H. HICKOK.
  3. Elizabeth Hunt D, born, Troy, 12 Jul. 1868. Died 15 Mar. 1946, and buried at Porter Rd. m. 2 Feb. 1924, New York, Dr. A. S. McEEWEN. Lived in Ogdensburg, NY, 1926-1930.
  4. Lucy Belle D, born, Troy, 19 May 1872. m. Harold C. BROWN.
  5. Edwin Jabez D, twin, born, Troy, 29 May 1875. m. Agnes TUTHILL.
  6. Ella Louise D, twin, b. 29 May 1875. Died 3 Aug. 1879, bur. Porter Rd.

49.Benjamin Franklin C WEBBER, (IraB) b. 12 Mar. 1840, Columbia. m. 16 Sep. 1868, East Troy, Mary Melvina HICKOK, b. 13 Nov. 1845, d. 7 Jun. 1925, Troy, daughter of Heman R. and Clarissa Maria (GREENOUGH) HICKOK. In Troy in 1879, died 22 May 1901, Troy.

       children, surname WEBBER:

  1. Adeline D, twin, b. 20 Apr. 1870, Columbia. m. William Snover BULL.
  2. Emeline D, twin, b. 20 Apr., died 8 May 1870, Columbia.
  3. Mary Louise D, b. 22 Oct. 1871, Columbia. m. George Ernest WEBSTER.
  4. Susan Ethel D, b. 22 Feb. 1874, Columbia. Died 21 Jun. 1937, Mainesburg, Pa.
  5. Arthur Eugene D, born, Troy, 11 Mar. 1880. m. Carrie L. ANDERSON.

Later Generations
Chart of Intermarriages