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Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Christopher Grant Tanner
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

Wells, Elbert Burton (b. 4 OCT 1873, d. 20 NOV 1944)

Note: As told to me by Bruce Wells November 10, 1995, Elbert B. Wells was the first Wells to move to Watkinsville. He was later joined by his younger brother Alford Moss Wells.
Source: (Birth Field)
census records/History of Franklin Co., Georgia/tombstone
Source: (Death Field)
Oconee Co., Georgia Cemetery Records
copies of Julia M. Wells Segars bible
Event: Type: Residence 2
Place: Watkinsville, Oconee Co., Georgia
Death: 20 NOV 1944 Watkinsville, Oconee Co., Georgia
Burial: Watkinsville City Cemetery, Watkinsville, Oconee Co., Georgia
Reference: 961

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Wells, John King (b. 19 DEC 1877, d. 3 MAR 1947)
Source: (Birth Field)
census records
Source: (Death Field)
notes from Bruce Wells
notes from Lena Wells Cook
copies of Julia M. Wells Segars bible
Death: 3 MAR 1947 Decatur, DeKalb Co., Georgia
Burial: Oconne Hill Cemetery, Clarke Co., Athens, Georgia
Reference: 962

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Wells, Freeman Wheeler (b. 10 AUG 1885, d. 8 AUG 1929)
Source: (Birth Field)
letter 47A Clarence Wells
Cemeteries of Oglethorpe Co., Georgia
Source: (Birth)

Title: GEDCOM from Janis Ellinor
Text: Ashburn, Barrow Co., Georgia
Source: (Death Field)
copies of Julia M. Wells Segars bible
Source: (Burial Field)
Cemeteries of Oglethorpe Co., Georgia
Death: 8 AUG 1929 Crawford, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia
Burial: Crawford City Cemetery, Crawford, Oglethorpe Co., Georgia
Reference: 963

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Wells, Samuel (b. ABT 1807, d. ABT 1864)
Note: Habersham Co., Georgia Court Records
Land Deed Records
Grantee Grantor Inst. Date Recorded
Samuel Wells Sarah Wells D Jan 15, 1856 Feb 12, 1856
Samuel Wells Sarah Wells bill of sale March 27, 1857 Apr 30, 1857

Grantor Grantee Inst. Date Recorded
Samuel Wells James Brady D Dec 5, 1846 Feb 3, 1847
Sarah Wells Samuel Wells Gift Jan 15, 1856 Feb 13, 1856
Sarah Wells Samuel Wells D March 27, 1857 Apr 30, 1857
Samuels Wells Russel Davis D Nov 7, 1846 Apr 26, 1867

Grantee:Wells, Saml., Location of Grant: Habersham, Grant Book: V, Page: 248, Acres Granted: 330, Year of Grant: 1845

Date: 1/21/01 10:46:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Herstoryan
To: CGTanner

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: 249)

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 11:24:42 -0700
From: "Orin R. Wells" <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: [WELLS-L] William Wells-Alamo Defender
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Here is the information I have on William Wells. I am excluding most of
what was provided by others earlier except to keep the train on the track.

William Wells was born 16 Aug 1798 in Hall County, Georgia. Note: I have
seen a reference to him being born in Tennessee but this does not seem to
be substantiated.
His parents were Charles Wells b: 16 Mar 1773 Yohogohia, Pennsylvania - d:
10 Oct 1836 Cole County, Missouri (blwt above) and Sarah "Sally" Lewis b:
07 Jul 1775 Franklin County, GA- d: 08 Nov 1857

The Bounty Land Warrant application filed by Sarah 01 Sep 1856 states: age
78 (implies a birth date of 1778 - not 1775 but the 1850 census implies
1773!). a widow of Charles Wells who was a Lieutenant in the company of
Capt. James McFern in regiment of Tennessee Volunteers commanded by Col.
William McFern (McFerrin) in the War of 1812. She was married to Charles
Wells on or about the 3 November 1795 in the County of Franklin, State of
Georgia and her name before marriage was Sarah Lewis and her husband died
in the County of Cole, State of Missouri 10 Oct 1836.

Sally and Charles were married 03 Nov 1795 in Franklin County, Georgia
(Bounty Land Warrant #65267-160-55 filed by Sarah in 1856) where they lived
until they moved to Rutherford County, Tennessee in October 1805. This may
be the reason for the likely mistaken reference to William being born in

In 1818, William obtained 25 acres in Rutherford County and in the 1820
census it shows he lived near his mother Sarah Wells who was over 45 years
old and living with her children. Charles had gone to Missouri so Sarah
was head of the household. In 1824 Williams was surety for the marriage of
John Tabor to Unice Bullard in rutherford County. Possibly some relation
of William's wife. William was married as "his wife died" and his infant
son, William Wells, was taken by grandmother Sarah Wells to rear. I have no
source for this statement.

The 1820 Census shows :
Sarah Wells over 45
1 female 16 - 26
2 males and 2 females 10-16
2 males and 1 female under 10 years of age

William Wells
1 male 26-45 years
1 female 16 - 26 years

William Wells
1 male 16 - 26 (the subject of this article)
1 female 16 - 26 years
1 male under 10 years

Charles and Sarah's children in addition to William are given as:
Sally Wells b: Cir 1804 m: 1822 Rutherford County William Eades
Samuel Wells b: 1805
Hannah Wells b: 1806 m: _____ Cheek
Andrew J. Wells "who was given a gift by Sarah Wells" (again no source)
Note: These dates look estimated. I would have set them to 1804, 1806,
1808 and 1810 respectively. In the 1820 census Sally was probably the
remale over 16, Samuel, Andrew and Hannah were probably three of the four
children 10-16. I do not have any information on the other 4 children.

I also am curious as to who the other William Wells was who was present in
the 1820 census.

An 1808 deed says they were "moving to Tennessee" so they sold the Franklin
County land to Sarah's mother. Charles shows up in rutherford County to
about 1815 and then went to Missouri. "where he stayed for 10 years" (a
quotation attributed to an old neighbor according to a Mrs. Isbell who
provided this information many years ago to Florence Montgomery.).

Charles built the first house in Montgomery County, Missouri but couldn't
get Sarah to move to such a "primitive home". She moved back to her mother
in Georgia and Chalres sold the house in Missouri and returned to Georgia
to live in Habersham County. He acted as attorney for Mary Lewis, mother
of Sarah, in land sales.

Sarah Wells is in the 1877 census aged 77 born in Georgia living with her
daughter Hannah. I have seen one report that this was Samuel, but this is
not what is in the census:

Page 309, Dwelling 51, Family 51 - 17 Dec 1850
Sarah Wells 77 b: GA - property valued at $2,000
Hannah Cheek 44 b: GA
S. J. Cheek 12 b: GA
?. N. Cheek 07 b: GA

Samuel is also in Habersham County:
Page 306, dwelling 14, family 14 - 14 Dec 1850
Samuel Wells 43 b: TN farmer - property value $700
M. Wells 36 b: TN
W. Wells 13 (m) b: GA
G. Wells 11 (m) b: GA
T. Wells 10 (m) b: GA
A. Wells 8 (f) b: GA
E. Wells 7 (f) b: GA
S. Wells 4 (f) b: GA
M. Wells 1 (f) b: GA

I hate it when the enumerators just write the initials!! Does anyone have
the names of these children and Samuel's wife? This shows Samuel was most
likely born in 1804 and not 1805. But census records have been known to be

Note too that Samuel is shown as born in Tennessee. The family was
supposedly in Georgia in 184/5 when he was born. This would indicate that
he was born in 1805 and NOT 1804 as the census indicates. BUT HOW DO WE
KNOW WHEN THEY MOVED TO TENNESSEE? Is this someone's guess based on Samuel
being born in Tennessee?

William Wells, Jr. (or William F. Wells as he is sometimes shown) was
living in Franklin County in 1850. I was surprised to see this as I
expected to see him in Texas. Does anyone know 1) when he went to Texas
and 2) when he and sister Margaret claimed the bounty land for his father's

Franklin County, GA - page 329, Dwelling 9, family 9
William Wells 32 b: GA farmer property worth $150
Amy A. Wells 27 b: GA
Amelia F. Wells 08 b: GA
Sarah L. Wells 05 b: GA
William F. Wells 03 b: GA
Mary E. Wells 01 b: GA

Curious. 1) that William was still in Georgia. 2) that there is no middle
inital shown for him while all the others in the household have middle
initials - what is the source of the "F" for his middle initial? 3) Amy was
supposedly Amy M Roe but the census shows Amy "A".

More distress. Note that William indicates he was born in Georgia. But,
we "know" that the family was in Rutherford Tennessee supposedly from 1808
to 1820 and it appears William was born about 1818. Could it be that he
was so young when they moved back to Georgia he simply assumed he was born

Another question. Where did the "H" come from that I have seen on the
Genforum board postings for William Sr.? I don't think there is any proven
source for this, is there?

Getting back to the dialog. There is a deed (date not given) recorded
later (also date not given) in which Sarah gives land and slaves to Samuel,
Andrew and Hannah (no county named). Question. Why only these three
children? What of the other 5 children? Possibly these three were the
only ones who hung around "home". I could not identify Andrew in the 1850

According to Florence Montgomery, "it is possible" that this Charles was a
son of Capt. Samuel Wells b: 1734 Stafford County, Virginia to Charles
Wells (1708-1764) and mary Edwards (died 1768). I am afraid that this "it
is possible" has been extrapolated to "was" by someone and down the road we
went. Where is the proof of this?

Consider this. In 1773 Capt. Samuel Wells was already showing up in
Jefferson County, KY on an named in a bond with Ezekiel Hickman. In 1774
he is on a deed in Washington County to Benjamin Wells of Westmoreland
County. 1000 acres on Racoon Creek. In 1775 and onward he was settling a
part of Kentucky.

Several records indicate that in or about 1779, Carty Wells, another
brother of Col./Gen. Samuel Wells and Capt. William Wells, came from
Virginia with his younger siblings and his young family and helped build
Wells Station near Shelbyville. No mention is generally made of a son
Charles in the lists attributed to Capt. Samuel Wells. BUT the following
from a letter from a Mrs. Luthur Isbell DOES:

"I looked up Charles Wells pension (you'll think I am crazy and I am, but
which box of papers I have mistakingly put it I do not know but if I do not
I shall order again). But according to what I had made notes from it (if I
quoted correctly) "in my infancy my parents moved to Bear Grass Ky." After
looking at this again I said Samuel's wife was living and that perhaps she
took her boy with her but left the two other children (maybe on acct of
school or just thought it best) with Carty Wells."

Does anyone have a copy of this 1812 pension record? From what Mrs. Isbell
writes she must have obtained it from the archives in Atlanta, Georgia. If
this pension record does exist then it surely indicates a link to this
family which is the family that settled in Bear Grass, Kentucky.

The following does not carry any source documentation but supposedly came
from a special book on the Alamo put out by the DAR (I do not have the
title) thus we have no clue where it originated nor the authenticity of it.

Willilam Wells, Sr. died at the Alamo on 06 Mar 1836 at the age of 37.
William was married to 1) Jane Nichols and 2) Nancy (Kelton) Craft. There
was one child of the first marriage, William Wells, Jr. and two of the
second marriage, Hiram Wells and Margaret Wells. His son William F. Wells
(b: 1820, Tennessee; d: 1882 Texas) married Amy M. Roe. Their son Samuel
Joshiah Wells (b: 1856 Georgia, d: 1890 Smith County, Texas). Samuel's
daughter was Pearl D. Wells (b: 1889 Texas, d: 1945 Texas) m: Almer Floyd
Wells b: 1881, d: 1946 Smith Co. Texas (son of Hansel Floyd Wells and May
Hitt - a DIFFERENT Wells family)./

This is the family of Mrs. Payne, mentioned earlier.

Orin R. Wells
Wells Family Research Association
P. O. Box 5427
Kent, Washington 98064-5427
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End of WELLS-D Digest V00 Issue #249

This next bit is on Samuel the father of Charles.

>Hey Orin, can you give me a little more info about General Samuel Wells?
>Thanks very much,

It took us quite a time to finally confirm that he was indeed comissioned a
General, although it was in the Kentucky Militia. He never rose above
Colonel in the regular Army but was apparently quite a military officer.

He was a son of Capt. Samuel Wells who was born in, or at least was a
resident of, Stafford County, Virginia; lived for a time in Pennsylvania
and then moved to the area of Shelby County, Kentucky at a place called
Beargrass where he established what was known as Wells Station. Capt.
Samuel Wells was killed in an Indian raid on the settlement of Squire Boone
and his son Samuel killed the Indian who killed his father before the
Indian was able to scalp Capt. Wells.

Among the children of Capt. Samuel Wells were
General Samuel Wells
Capt. William Wells (the one who was captured by the Miami Indians and
later was a scout for the army and was killed at Ft. Dearborn in 1812),
Carty Wells
Hayden Wells
Yelverton Peyton Wells (also a military officer and may have been a
General as well but I have not seen the proof of this as yet)
Charles Wells (some doubt here but the son of Charles was the William
Wells who died at the Alamo in 1836),
Elizabeth Wells who became a nun.
Margaret Wells
In addition to becoming a General in the Kentucky Militia Samuel Wells, Jr.
was also a Legislator in both Kentucky and Missouri where he spent his last
years in St. Charles County.

Are you fishing for something to connect to your family? If so what clues
are you working with?

Orin R. Wells
Wells Family Research Association
P. O. Box 5427
Kent, Washington 98064-5427
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Subj: Re: Question
Date: 1/21/01 11:39:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Orin R. Wells)

At 09:36 PM 1/21/01 -0500, wrote:
> I would like to know the children of Charles WELLS (son of General
Samuel). You have listed that his son may have been the Wm WELLS that
died at the Alamo.<<

The reason I said "may" is that different researchers have attached Charles
to two different fathers. One was Capt. Samuel Wells, Sr. who is known to
have been in Pennsylvania about the time Charles says he was born and
Charles said in his penison papers that his parents took him to Beargrass,
KY when he was young. This matches Samuel Wells. But, others believe he
was a son of a Benjamin Wells who may have been a brother to Samuel Wells.
I have yet to see any proof. Unfortunately, Charles did not identify his
parents and while he shows he served under Capt. Samuel Wells (later
General), Capt, Hayden Wells and Capt. William Wells (all brothers) and his
pension was witnessed by Carty Wells in Missouri not once does he mention
his relationship to any of them.

The children I have seen for Charles Wells (b: 16 Nov 1773 Jacobs Creek,
Yohogahia, PA - d 19 Oct 1836 Cole Co., MO and Sarah Lewis b: 07 Jul 1725
GA, d: 08 Nov 1857 GA)
William Wells b: 18 Aug 1798 Hall Co., GA d: 06 Mar 1836 at the Alamo
Andrew Jackson Wells b: 1804 d: 1822 Rutherford Co, TN
Samuel Wells b: 1805, m: 05 Jan 1836 Elbert Co., GA (don't know wife)
Hannah Wells b: 1806 m: _____ Cheek
Sarah Wells m: 1822 Rutherford Co, TN William Eades

There may have been other children as the 1820 census shows 4 females and 4
males in Sarah's household and William was married and living nearby. Who
the others were I do not know. But there are two males and two females
unaccounted for in this list.

I have now seen the second e-mail. All of this is a repeat of that. I had
forgotten about it.

Orin R. Wells
Wells Family Research Association
P. O. Box 5427
Kent, Washington 98064-5427
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Death: ABT 1864
Reference: 964

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Scales, Mariah (b. ABT 1814, d. AFT 1880)
Note: I have only made a long shot quess as to the maiden name of Mariah. This quess is based on two finds. The first find is second born sons name is Thomas Scales Wells and it is often seen that a child is given either a first or middle name from that of the mothers family. The second find is that
an Elizabeth Scales resides right next to the Samuel Wells family in the 1860 Census.

Subj: Re: Scales family
Date: 11/18/98 9:56:57 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dianne Miller)

Hi Christopher,
It is always a welcome sight to see an e-mail on the Scales family. Let me
tell you right up front that this is an ongoing search and has been for
about 11 years. I hope we can say that progress has been made, but not as
much as I would like.
I am a descendant of Aaron Scales, b. 1785 in Virginia, probably
Pittsylvania Co. He married Anna Harbin, dau. of William Harbin, Sr. and
Sarah Stubblefield, 28 Nov 1808 in Elbert County, GA. I am not 100 per cent
sure who Aaron's father was, but he either came from John Scales, Sr., who
lived in Elbert County, GA. after moving from Union Co., SC., or he came
from George Scales, Sr., who died in Union Co. SC. According to the book
1800 CENSUS OF PENDLETON DIST., SC, by Stewart, the Scales family were from
Pittsylvania Co., VA prior to Rockingham Co., NC. Our Scales bunch came on
down into Union Co., SC, and then over to Elbert Co. GA. about 1790-.
I have seen the marriage record of your Mariah Scales to Samuel Wells, but
I am not sure where she fits in. I am looking right now at my data base for
the Elbert County Scales.
Yes, all those Scales names you mentioned sound familiar, but I am not sure
how they all fit. A Willis Scales lived in Franklin County, GA, just over
the line from Elbert Co. in 1830, married Zella. He could be the son of
Thomas Scales, Sr., who died in 1799 Elbert County. He had a son William,
but I have seen the name also referred to as Willis. A Simeon Scales is
listed as a son of John Scales, Sr., and John Sr. also had a William. John
also had a son John and daughter listed as Marthy. John Sr.'s wife was
Elizabeth, so this could be a connection for you. Its hard to be sure
though. This Scales family is a mess to try to figure out.
Hope I have helped and not confused.
Write soon.
Dianne Miller
Death: AFT 1880
Reference: 965

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Wells, Thomas Scales (b. 5 JUN 1839, d. 31 MAY 1922)
Note: Index to The Headrigt and Bounty Grants of Georgia 1756-1909
Grantee: Wells, T.S., Location of Grant: Habersham, Grant Book: A-D, Page: 162, Acres Granted: 138 Year of Grant: 1904
Source: (Birth Field)
Cemeteries of Habersham Co. Georgia
Death: 31 MAY 1922 Banks Co., Georgia
Burial: Level Grove Cemeterey Habersham Co., Georgia
Reference: 966

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Wells, William J. (b. ABT 1837, d. ?)
Note: Subj: Wells in GA
Date: 6/9/99 10:30:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Trav71
To: CGTanner


I found your email address on the Franklin County GA Surname search. I am looking for information on William J. WELLS [born around 1830 (?)] who married Parthena MARTIN [born May 19, 1834] on 25 Nov 1856 in Franklin GA.

Please if you have any information on these people or any family members I would love to hear from you.

I am anxiously awaiting your reply..........this has been a "brick wall" for so long....

Thank you,

Subj: Re: Wells in GA
Date: 6/22/99 12:20:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Trav71
To: CGTanner

WOW! I am so glad you wrote me back! That is the information I needed. I had no idea what county to search in for William.............and William Wells happens to be a pretty common name.

Here is my line:

Me - Kelly
Father - Milton Scott WELLS
Grandfather - Horace Vaughn WELLS
g-grandfather - Ottis Oscar WELLS
g-g-grandfather - Samuel Micajah WELLS
g-g-g-grandfather - William J. WELLS

Here's the story, maybe you can help me put it all together.

A year ago last April, my father and I made a trip to East Texas, Cass County area to settle my grandparents' estate (deceased since 1991). We had heard that Horace's family had lived in Cass Co. for a while so we went record hunting and cemetery searching. Ottis Oscar was born in Hughes Springs, Cass County TX on 6 Aug 1896. He died 20 Jan 1980. His father Samuel Micajah was born in Macon County GA on 21 Oct 1859. Samuel is buried in Cass Co. TX. Next to Samuel is his mother, Parthena Martin WELLS. She was born 19 May 1834 (birthplace unknown) and died 10 Jan 1918 in Cass Co. TX. They are buried in Cave Springs Cemetery. However, William was no where to be found. Since Samuel's death certificate said that he was born in Macon GA in 1859, I figured that the family had migrated from GA to TX. Samuel married his wife Ida Luetta LATHEM in Cass Co. TX on 30 Jan 1894. So between 1859 and 1894 Samuel and his mother had to have migrated from GA to TX. My question is "Did William come with them?" If he did, where did he go after he got here and why is he not buried with everyone else in Cave Springs Cemetery?

This issue of mental illness intrigues me. William and Parthena were married in Franklin County GA on 25 Nov 1856. Remember Samuel was born in 1859, so he had to be around until then.(or at least nine months prior to) When was the date of this probate that you mentioned? Do you recall what type of mental illness it might have been? Did Bruce remember any of the symptoms? Do you think it was a genetic affliction or could it have been a result of some childhood illness like Scarlett Fever that he and Newton could have contracted as children? How do we go about finding this out? Did the probate record go into this issue very deeply? Do you have any idea when or where William may have died?

Okay, enough already..........I know. I just love this stuff, sorry. If you would like anymore information on the WELLS descendents in TX, I have lists of brothers and sisters and cousins, etc. There aren't many, but there is a handful.

Thank you so much for the information you have provided thus far. It knocked down my brick wall.......I can start on that side of the family again. I would be thrilled to keep in touch. Two people working on the same line goes a lot faster than one.

However, I should tell you that my husband and I are expecting our first child this Sat. June 26th by induction. Therefore, I don't know when I am going to get around to all this again. I have been on bedrest for the past 10 weeks so I have had a lot of time. I hope that I will be up and about again real soon. I hope my son will learn to like libraries at a young age! What are the chances of that happening, right?

Anyway, the point is even though it may take some time I can't wait to start researching this line again.

Keep in touch. Sorry I am a little wordy.


And tell your wife her long distant cousin says "HI!"
Source: (Name)

Title: 1860 U.S. Census Banks Co., Georgia
Media: Book
Page: p.280
Text: abt 1835
Source: (Individual)

Title: These Men Wore Grey Volume VI Bank County, Georgia p.164
Event: Type: MILITARY
Date: 1863
Place: Civil War
Reference: 967
Census: Date: 1860
Place: Banks Co., Georgia p.280
Census: Date: 1870
Place: Habersham Co., Georgia p.170

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Wells, Frances Serepta (b. 15 JUN 1847, d. 28 SEP 1893)
Source: (Birth)

Title: History of Franklin Co., Georgia
Page: 705
Death: 28 SEP 1893 Franklin Co., Georgia
Burial: Pleasant Grove Baptist Cemetery, near Lavonia, Franklin Co., Georgia
Reference: 968

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Wells, Marka V. (b. ABT 1853, d. ?)
Reference: 969

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Wells, John M. (b. ABT 1855, d. ?)
Reference: 970

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Wells, Berton E. (b. ABT 1857, d. ?)
Reference: 971

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Wells, Jasper (b. ABT 1840, d. ?)
Reference: 972

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Wells, Alpha Taber (b. 20 FEB 1843, d. 9 AUG 1897)
Source: (Birth)

Title: History of Franklin Co., Georgia
Page: 641
Death: 9 AUG 1897 Franklin Co., Georgia
Burial: Double Branches Baptist Church Cemetery, near Cannon, Franklin Co., Georgia
Reference: 973

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Wells, James (b. ABT 1860, d. ?)
Reference: 974

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Burt, Susannah (b. ABT 1797, d. ?)
Source: (Name)

Title: e-mail from Bill Adams (October 24, 1998)
Text: refers to the followning:
Deedie K. McIntire, Five Early Settlers of Palo Pinto &
Parker Counties Texas, Bearden, Burt, Carter, Daves & McEntyre Family
History in no series (San Angelo, TX: Deedie K. McIntire, 1988)
Reference: 975

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Burt, Sarah (b. 31 OCT 1800, d. 1 JUN 1882)
Source: (Name)

Title: e-mail from Bill Adams (October 24, 1998)
Text: refers to the followning:
Deedie K. McIntire, Five Early Settlers of Palo Pinto &
Parker Counties Texas, Bearden, Burt, Carter, Daves & McEntyre Family
History in no series (San Angelo, TX: Deedie K. McIntire, 1988)
Death: 1 JUN 1882 Carroll Co., Georgia
Burial: Old Poplar Springs Church Cemetery (now Horsley), Bowden, Carrol Co., Georgia
Reference: 976

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Wilson, Nathaniel (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 977

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Davis, Jabel Bruce (b. 1849, d. ?)
Source: (Birth Field)
History of Franklin Co., Geogia
Reference: 978
Census: Date: 1870
Place: Banks Co., Georgia p.319

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Burt, Grace (b. ABT 1861, d. ?)
Reference: 979

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Burt, Eli (b. ABT 1858, d. ?)
Reference: 980

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