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Bill & Sue Houghton

Lompoc California Stake FHC

Contributions: Virus Software - fprot ver 3.06 now available

Family History Center: Lompoc California Stake FHC
Current Position: Stake Computer Specialist (4+ years) and FHC Director (6+years)
Personal Web Page:

I am the stake computer specialist (4+ years) and FHC Director (6+years) so I have a vested interest in this list also.

I do not have any networking experience. I have not successfully installed the FamilySearch CDs on a FHC computer even with your (Rick's) help several months ago, I just gave up. But now you all have inspired me to try again. Don't know about doing a network in the FHC (5 computers) since it appears that it would take WIN 95/98 on all machines, but alas they are all but one 486's with DOS. That sounds like it would take a lot of cash, and since budget funds can't be spent this way the only way is to pay for it myself and well.... Oh well. Anyway, I would be willing to help others with all other computer problems. I started out as a computer tech in 1961 and have been doing it off and on ever since. I have also done computer programing with Fortran & COBOL (sort of dates me doesn't it ).