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Bob Rebo

Kaiserslautern Germany

Family History Center

E-mail contact:
Kaiserslautern Family History Center, Lauterstr. 1, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Director: Debi Rebo (yes, my wife is the director)

I am a Family History consultant, volunteer, computer specialist, and Stake High Council representative for the Kaiserslautern FHC. I grew up in the church and first caught the bug when taking a genealogy class at BYU. I served a German speaking mission in Switzerland, graduated from BYU with a BS in Computer Science, and from AFIT with an MS in Computer Science. I have worked with computer systems for 20 years in the Air Force and have taught programming and networking at the college level.

My wife and I also owned and operated our own computer business in San Antonio, Texas before moving overseas with the Air Force. Recently, I wrote applications in Microsoft Access to help manage the large volume of films and fiche that are used in our center.

In Kaiserslautern, we have 7 film readers, 2 fiche readers, a film/fiche reader/copier, and a good supply of books.

Our computing resources include:

One AMD K6-II 400MHz / 32MB / 61.2GB (three 20.4GB drives) running Windows 98
Two AMD K6-II 400MHz / 32MB / 4.0GB running Windows 98
One AMD K6-133 / 32MB / 1.6GB running Windows 98
One Gateway P-75 / 24MB / 800MB running Windows 98
One HP Laser Printer
One Epson Action Laser 1100
One Epson 24 pin printer

All the computers are networked at 10Mbit via an internal hub using NetBEUI protocol in a Windows 98 peer to peer network. All the FamilySearch CD-ROMs are loaded onto two 20.4GB drives. The third will be used for the 1881 British Census. Finally, the HP Laserjet printer is shared by all systems on the network.

We also installed FamilySearch normally to act as a backup using CD-ROMs.

I installed and maintain the environment.

Contributed: A FamilySearch Networking Solution Using Windows 98 added 10/18/99