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Marty Allred

In case you wanted it, you have my permission to post information about me, to include contact information, on the FHC tech specialist list or web pages. This is just so cool. I've picked up some good tips in only a day or two and I hope that I've been able to share some information as well.
Marty Allred
144 Bloomfield Way
Folsom, CA 95630

Home: 916-983-2574
Pager/voicemail: 916-866-2331

Folsom is on the east side of Sacramento. Our FHC should have about 12 PC's by the time we're done with our little work party on Saturday. They are all running Windows95, except the server is Windows98. All of the hardware and software has been donated. Our slowest machine is a 486-25, most are 486's in the 66-100 range and we have a few Pentium class machines, with the fastest running at 266. The server has 50G of HD space, which may soon be bumped up to somewhere in the 60-65 range, depending on how well we can pack things into the same drive letters. We do have a 10 client version of Windows NT Server 4, and we might install it, mostly to get the drive spanning capability and to give us a little more control over administration.