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19-Dawson coat of arms
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This is one version of a Dawson coat of arms. Since we have no direct Dawson lineage beyond Martin H. Dawson in Texas, we can't claim that our direct ancestors used a crest or coat of arms similar to this one, but we include it as a matter of interest for Dawson families world-wide. We have viewed other versions of this crest, and find similarities in the presence of the knight's head armor, the three birds, the star, the three downward-pointing arrow heads, and the symbols (flowers?) on the inverted-V band. We do not now know the source of this image, so we beg forgiveness if it is copyrighted, and will be happy to give credit if so notified. Also, we hope that one day the ancestry of Martin Dawson is wo well documented that this crest can be realistically considered as applying to his family.
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