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04-ID, Dawsons, 1928
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Identifications of some persons on the right end of the 1927-28 photo of a large group of Dawsons. Since Nancy "Nan" is holding flowers, the occasion may be on some special occasion for her. Also, all of her living children are near her. They are identified from another picture of Nan with her children. Identification of the Bibblecomes has been provided by Karen Meurer. Here are the identifications as we now see them:
1-Elmer Edwards, Nan's son born 1883
2-Estelle Edwards Brasher, daughter born 1887
3-Maude Edwards Martin, daughter born 1896
4-Nancy "Nan" (Dawson) Edwards, born 1854
5-Lydia Edwards Jenkins, daughter, born 1893
6-Iva Edwards Lynn, daughter, born 1890
7-Laura, wife of Artiemus "Art" Biddlecome
8-Eldon, son of Ralph, son of Art and Laura
9-Artiemus "Art" Biddlecome, son of Mary Jane Dawson
10-Ralph Biddlecome, son of Art and Laura.

NOTE: We welcome other identifications from this historic photograph, both others nearby those identified and the many persons on the left end of the full photograph.
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