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08-Dawsons, 1929
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The inscription on the back of this photo says, "Isom Dawson Grandchildren in front of home - Ford, Ks. about 1930 or 1929." In fact, several of his children are here also, as well as their children. These identifications were made by Jean (Karns) Ladd, with assistance from Berniece (Dawson) Lemmons, and Eileen (Dawson) Rollins, all granddaughters of Isom and Allie. Here are the names that go with each number: 1-Cliff Dawson, 2- Elmer Karns, 3- Wesley Warner, 4- Will Warner, 5- Lillie Warner, 6- Clarice Smith, 7- Iva Warner, 8- Gene Riley, 9- Harry Dawson, 10-Elta Riley, 11- Arthur Karns, 12-Elmer Dawson, 13-Nellie Warner, 14-Isom Dawson, 15-Allie Dawson, 16-Homer Dawson, 17-Jesse Dawson, 18-Edith Karns, 19-Metta Dawson, 20-Ethel Dawson, 21-Pearle Dawson, 22-Georgia Dawson, 23-Harry Dawson, 24-Clyde Dawson, 25-Carl Dawson, 26-Glenn Karns, 27-Helen Dawson, 28-Dorothy Dawson, 29-Bethene Karns, 30-Mildred Dawson, 31-Vernon Dawson, 32-Wilbur Dawson, 33-Nondus Dawson, 34-Verna Karns, 35-Berniece Dawson, 36-Don Dawson, 37-Melvin Dawson, 38-Marcene Dawson, 39-Paul Dawson, 40-Kenneth Dawson, 41-Jean Karns, 42-Colleen Karns, 43-Eileen Dawson, and 44-Dean Dawson. Two who were missing for this picture were Everett Dawson and Ferris Smith.
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