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02-Everett descendants at Don's burial
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Here is a group of descendants of Everett Dawson taken at the Fort Logan National Cenetery, Denver, Colorado, where the ashes of Donald "Don" Eugene Dawson, 1922-2005, are buried. Don served in the military during WW II. See the accompanying shadow photo for identifications. (Photo courtesy of Janet Dawson in May 2006.) The numbered shadow photo gives the identifications for the full-color photo.
1 Roger Dawson, Don's son
2 Albert Dawson, Wilbur's son
3 Candye Dawson, Roger's wife
4 Robert Dawson, Wilbur's son
5 Judy Dawson, Leroy's wife
6 Jack Dawson, Wilbur's son
7 Jackie Scheuerman, Herb's daughter
8 Leroy Dawson, Herb's son
9 Thelma Dawson, Don's widow
10 Janet Dawson, Don's daughter
11 Margaret Dawson, David's wife
12 David Dawson, Wilbur's son
(Identifications courtesy of Janet Dawson.)
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