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When viewing the Table of Contents, you can click on one of the person or family names to go to the associated album. In that associated album, below the title and subtitle you will see links to the Table of Contents or to others in that family. The small pictures you see in the album are called "thumbnails," or "thumbs" for short.

To shift to viewing a slide show of enlarged photographs, with accompanying family information, click on either the photo itself or the small title just above the photo--it makes no difference which. When viewing an enlargement, above the picture will be a brief identification for that photo. Below the picture will be the words [previous] [index] [next], with variations for the first and last pictures in the album. If you want to return to the album and the small pictures, click on [index]. To the right will be family history information about that picture and the persons in it.

To go on to the next enlarged picture, click on either the image itself or the word [next]--it makes no difference which. This allows you to control your own slide show, with accompanying information for each picture, through that entire family group.

To return to the Table of Contents, you must be viewing the album (thumbnails) screen. Then click on the link Table of Contents to return. From the Table of Contents you can proceed to another album or the home page. For some albums there are links in the introductory comments, so watch for them.

I know it's confusing, but after you've gone through the process a few times it will work easier, and you can control your own slide show with comments for each group of pictures.

Return to the Table of Contents