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08-Karns Kar celebration, Everett, Pa., 2003
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Chelsea Dunkle, a high school student in Everett, Pa., wrote a research paper on the Karns Kar. Chelsea's Karns ancestry is this: Chelsea < Debra (Hall) Dunkle < Homer Hall < Maude (Snyder) Hall < Emmaline (Steele) Snyder < Mary (Karns) Steele < David "Adam" Karns < Peter Karns < Philip Karns Sr. The car was developed by William Chester Karns, Sr. He was the son of Alexander McNeal Karns, and descended from Philip Karns, Sr. through his son Peter. This group of pictures was produced in connection with a celebration in which the car was brought back to Everett and the inventor's son, rode in it as part of a parade. (Photo courtesy of Jane Martin in the spring of 2003.)
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