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04-Karns at Simon's, identification
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F1-Max Barney, s/o Joseph & Alice(Karns)Barney   F2-"possibly Robert Akers" ?   F3-Florence Karns, d/o Lester & Mary(Grubb)Karns, m Geo Higginbothan
F4-Ethel Snyder, d/o Wm & Nettie(Karns)Snyder, m Percy Akers   F5-unidentified   F6-Marie Karns, d/o Lester & Mary(Grubb)Karns, m Elmer Burket
F7-Floye Akers, d/o Hixon & Hattie(Karns)Akers, m W.A. Winecoff   F8-Arbella Karns ?   F9-Edith Snyder, d/o Wm & Nettie(Karns)Snyder, m Tom Gorsuch
F10-Nancy Akers, d/o Hixon & Hattie(Karns)Akers, m Fred Oliver   F11-Bertha Akers, d/o Hixon & Hattie(Karns)Akers, m Paul Koontz
M1-Albert Chamberlain, hsbd of Emma Talitha Mearkle   M2-"Lester Karns Child," ?  
M3-Simon Hixon Karns, 1847-1913, s/o John Heft and Rachel(Hixon)Karns
Marshall Karns and Marita Emmerick Karns listed next; Marshall s/o Simon, born 1896, m Agusta Marieta Emerick in 1920
M6-Englebert "Bertie"(Mearkle)Karns, 1852-1912, m Simon Karns 20 July 1871   M7-"Snyder Children" ?
M8-Thomas Ferguson, m Lovis "Mattie" Mearkle, sister of Englebert and Emma Talitha
M9-Lena Ferguson, who married Mr. May ? (maybe granddaughter of Thomas & Lovis)
M10-Lovis "Mattie"(Mearkle)Ferguson, m Thomas Ferguson   MU1,2,3 placed close to Simon are unidentified, but not Marshall & wife Marita
MU4-10 unidentified; Glenn Barney is not in our records   B1-Harry Barney, s/o Joseph and Alice(Karns)Barney   B2-unidentified
B3-Elizabeth(Sponsler)Karns, wife of Albert, s/o Simon   B4-unidentified   B5-Albert Karns, s/o Simon, m Elizabeth Sponsler
B6-Ira Karns, s/o Simon, m Luretta McCall   B7-Mary(Grubb)Karns, m Lester, s/o Simon   B8-unidentified   B9-Lester Karns, s/o Simon, m Mary Grubb
B10-Infant son/dtr of Lester and Mary   B11-William Henry Snyder, m Nettie Karns, d/o Simon   B12-"another Karns," ?
B13-Nettie["Metti"](Karns)Snyder, m Wm Henry Snyder   B14-Loretta Karns ?   B15-Hixon Akers, m Hattie, d/o Simon
B16-Charles Chamberlain, s/o Emma Talitha(Mearkle) m Albert Chamberlain   B17-Hattie(Karns)Akers, d/o Simon, m Hixon Akers
B18-Walter Karns, s/o Simon, m Jennie Fletcher   B19-Cromwell["Crummel'] Snyder, m Rachel, d/o Simon   B20-unidentified
B21-baby, probably Lucy Snyder, d/o Cromwell & Rachel   B22-Rachel(Karns)Snyder, d/o Simon, m Cromwell Snyder   B23-unidentified
B24-Joseph S. Barney, m Alice, d/o Simon   B25-Ethel Barney, d/o Joseph & Alice(Karns)Barney   B26-Alice(Karns)Barney, d/o Simon, m Joseph Barney