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10-Wincel Karns
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Wincel was a daughter of Irvin Karns of Crawford County, Kansas. Irwin descends from Phillip Karns Sr. through his son Jacob. He descends from Johann Peter Heft through Jacob's wife Margaret Heft. He descends from William Hixson through his grandfather's wife Rachel Hixson. He descends from Hans Peter Shaffer and John Amick, Martin Brill and Hans Maurer (Mower) through his mother Maria Shaffer. Thus, Wincel is related to our branch of the Karns family through multiple connections. Wincel was born in 1915 and married Earl "Jack" Donaho. Wincel and Jean (Karns) Ladd are cousins through most of these lines, and in one respect are second cousins and in another respect are third cousins. (Photo courtesy of Sandra Brink via e-mail in 2003.)

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